As this group’s story comes to an end, and the next begins January 28th, we’re reminded that maybe you can find love on this show.

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As this group’s story comes to an end, and the next begins January 28th, we’re reminded that maybe you can find love on this show.

Aired 1/21/2022
Network OWN
Directed By TBD
Written By TBD


Tell The Truth Corey – Corey, Tisia, Courtney

Sabrina noting she said mean things about Corey

Corey is put to task over his “Copy-Paste” method of dating, and this consumes both Tisia and Courtney’s time on the couch. This leads to why Corey is this way, and it seems he simply wants the same relationship his parents have. Some, like Sabrina and Kamil, who got to know Corey, get this and see him as misconstrued. However, even with this tearful confession, Tisia and Courtney are unmoved and looking for what’s next.

How Can You Be Number 1 Yet Feel Like Number 2? – Mumen, Sabrina, Walter

Walter remains sure he did pursue Sabrina, but she remains firm in him having a tepid reaction to her when the cameras weren’t on or they weren’t in each other’s presence. This comes as a shock to many, including Mumen, who felt like Walter’s second choice. Yet, in Sabrina’s mind, with how Walter was, it seemed while there was chemistry for friendship, there wasn’t for romance, and both have seemingly come to accept that. Though, for Walter, he wishes it was spoken before being denied at the show’s end.

I Don’t Know About Ya’ll, But We Good – Aisha, Donta, Zadia, Nai’im

Add Zadia and Nai’im and Aisha and Donta to the ones who made it past the reunion. For while Zadia had to switch focus, between Nai’im not listening to the other men and the red flags they raised, to him defending her on stage, they are solid.

As for Aisha and Donta? While he didn’t speak up when Nai’im was coming for everybody, he and Aisha are good, flirty, and very much in love. Maybe not to the point of walking down the aisle, but it’s part of their discussions. Just not something that is planned to do tomorrow.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, the show wasn’t going to address Courtney huddled up on Tyrone?
  2. I guess they didn’t feel like addressing Mumen’s comments towards Sabrina about her being a negative influence of some kind?



Walter Called Out

Sabrina calling out Walter

I don’t know why Walter and Sabrina seemed so perfect on-air but apparently dead behind the scenes? Could it be he was used to being chased by the younger women he dated? Maybe him wanting love but, due to various reasons, not needing it led to him not playing an active role? It’s hard to say, but I appreciated Sabrina calling him out publicly and the show making it clear why others didn’t pursue her as well.

For Sabrina noted, during the only time she could have been eliminated, other guys weren’t hitting her up as well. Which, granted, could have been because she was done with having kids, while most of the men seemed to have wanted what would have been their first one. Never mind, with locking in with Walter early, you can see a certain level of respect there since they didn’t have something iffy but could be described as intense. I mean, they were crying together at the mixer.

But, who knows, maybe there is more to this than meets the eye? Either way, I appreciated how their relationship reminds you that the real work is about handling things when the cameras are off, be it for a show or social media.

Corey Being Held Accountable Yet Also Given Grace

I don’t see Corey as a playa as much as someone who is lazy. He wants the love of his life and wants to have certain memories with her, but he isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel with each woman. That’s a problem, especially on a show like this, because, as Courtney said, the ladies talk. So while his original idea for dates is good, having everyone share that experience lessens its value.

But, that is sort of the problem with growing up with parents who have an ideal relationship. It makes it so, with you knowing it is real, so comes the question, after a certain age, why don’t you have it? So, you get desperate, tired, and while we don’t excuse what Corey did, you can recognize why some may see him as a playa for his methods. Especially if he is dating, seemingly with intention, to craft an ideal rather than craft a unique reality for himself and his potential partner.

Aisha and Donta Being The Cutest Couple Ever Produced On Ready To Love

Aisha and Donta being asked about getting married

Ready To Love doesn’t really produce a lot of swoon-worthy, #CoupleGoals, type matches. A lot of the couples seem to end once the filming is done or seem cute for a moment, but you can’t imagine it lasting forever. I would say Aisha and Donta could be an exception. Never mind body language, but the playfulness, them matching up regarding kids, and his willingness to play that role of a provider, financially? It seems we finally may have a match that goes beyond high school, shallow attraction, and means something for real.

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Tanika welcoming people to the Ready To Love DC reunion
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Walter Called Out
Corey Being Held Accountable Yet Also Given Grace
Aisha and Donta Being The Cutest Couple Ever Produced On Ready To Love

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