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“Ready To Love” still has the issue where it seems more about people “Ready To Date” and that continues to complicate the show’s overall goal.

Network OWN
Creator(s) Will Packer
Aired 10/5/2019 to 12/28/2019
Genre(s) Reality-TV
Noted Cast
Herself Kimber
Himself Jimmy
Himself Mario
Herself Tondy
Herself Reva
Herself Devyne
Herself Alexis
Herself Angie
Herself Nina
Herself Christina
Herself Ieashia
Himself John
Himself Nephew Tommy

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Season Synopsis

Once again, we are introduced to 20 single people but, unlike season 1, it is an even mix of men and women. However, like season 1, despite the youngest being 33 and oldest at 51, we still get the same issues of the last season. Be it the women feeling the men are too indecisive, the concept of “Being on a journey,” which is complicated by seeing who your potential bae is dating, and the eliminations. Of which, like season 1, aren’t due to no one wanting that person but a majority not liking them.

Then when you add on the drama of people trying to expose each other and switch who they are with when they are challenged, it becomes a hot mess. Yet, it is reality TV and between how people truly are and editing, what do you expect?



The Drama – 85

Kimber calling Jimmy a clown.

Let me put it to you this way, between Jimmy thinking he exposed Kimber for not talking about her ex publicly, to Mario leaving Tondy one week to, days later, be with Reva, there is a whole lot of drama on this show. The kind that, if you love messy reality TV, this is so for you. It features older people being as immature as the 20 somethings you are used to seeing, and it is glorious.

Granted, for some, it may make you feel that, if a 40 something-year-old person with a job, a home, and who seems financially stable can’t get someone, what hope is there for you? Yet, at the same time, if you are around that age, there is some solidarity in knowing you aren’t the only one struggling.

Which we see the women have. For as much as Devyne and Alexis may have words, it becomes clear that it is out of frustration due to the men they have an interest in driving them nuts. Also, they often pair up due to the men saying some whacked out things. For example, “Black Men Don’t Cheat” is becoming a popular catchphrase and Kimber and Angie, while on a group date, make it clear it is because Black men don’t commit.

So as much as the drama can be fighting and bickering, it is also due to people addressing the BS as they see it and some, plainly, not being honest.

Low Points

You Have To Question Why Casting Chose Certain People – 66

Tommy asking which of the men are ready to love?

The format of the show is honestly terrible. It requires you to be aware that someone you have interest in is also dating other people, which isn’t the norm for most. Also, for those like Nina and Angie, who are used to the traditional way of things, in being chased, it puts you at a disadvantage. Yet, at the same time, if you are too upfront on what you want, like Christina, or too aggressive in some people’s opinions, like Ieashia, it is held against you. Also, if there is anything off about you like John being celibate, that is a potential reason for being eliminated too.

And mind you, this eliminating thing is all very superficial. As noted, you can be eliminated just because the majority of people don’t want you. Making it so, sometimes it is less about making a connection and more so the idea of making it to the end. After all, who wants to be the first one to go or be rejected, by multiple people, on national television? Hence why you can see, over the three month period, many of the couples not seeming that strong, not lasting to the reunion, and ultimately not having longevity.

Nephew Tommy Needs A Co-Host Who Has A Psychology Degree – 64

In season 2, Nephew Tommy seemed to be out of his depth more than ever. Especially during the reunion show, as he tried to push Kimber and Jimmy together, despite it being clear Jimmy wasn’t ready to love, date, or anything beyond therapy. But, in general, as the women reveal more of their past trauma, and these guys seem like triggers, it makes you wish that Tommy had a co-host. For as much as you can appreciate him trying to get things going, or instigate drama, it makes you wish someone was also there to provide couples and personal therapy to these people. Someone who isn’t a media personality but a licensed and educated professional. Not on the level of Iyanla Vanzant, but someone who wouldn’t challenge these people but help that person, and viewers, understand them.


Met Expectations – 80

Tondy making a side eye look.

We’re not big reality TV fans, hence why the genre is few and far between in terms of postings. However, what “Ready To Love” provides, on top of a sense of entertainment, is an establishment of the struggle. The struggle to be loved, to be firm in what you need, and compromising when necessary. For it is that last part, knowing when it is necessary, that gets a lot of people and becomes harder when you get older. Yet, while, for two seasons, we have yet to see much compromise, it has become increasingly clear what “Ready To Love” provides is a real depiction that, no matter how old you are, dating is difficult and if you bring baggage and insecurities into each situation, it will only be more of a challenge.

Trajectory: Declining – 65

Rating: Mixed (Stick Around)

The main issue with “Ready To Love” is that its premise of finding three solid couples who are ready to love hasn’t become laughable but seems unlikely. For between the competition element, people openly dating others, and how triggering or difficult that is for some, the entertainment factor seems so much invested into than people making genuine connections. Leaving many cast ill-placed and those who make it to the end being who seem to know how to play the game rather than who are ready to love.

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