The second part to Ready To Love: Season 2’s reunion special has just as much drama, if not more, thanks to Christina asking the real questions.

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The second part to Ready To Love: Season 2’s reunion special has just as much drama, if not more, thanks to Christina asking the real questions.

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Aired (OWN) 12/28/2019

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

You Know You Wrong: Reva, Tondy, Mario, John

John, you remember John, the dude who looks like Keenan Thompson’s brother, or a character he would play, he is married. He has been for around 4 weeks, and the show only began 3 months ago. So, with a little digging, it is discovered he was seriously dating this unseen and unnamed woman for a while and the show just helped him finalize his decision.

Outside of that? When it comes to the Tondy, Reva, and Mario situation, let’s call it what it seems like: Reva and Tondy may have been associates who competed a long time, maybe even their kids as well. This whole situation could very well be based in Reva looking for a win and showing off because she got one. Because, similar to the Brent and Alexis situation, there is this vibe that people ended up with each other due to ego and not because they found love.

Handling This Love Box: Christina, Nephew Tommy, Alexis, London, Brent

Christina putting her lawyer hat on and getting for viewers some clarity.

Let’s begin by saying Nephew Tommy deserves respect for hosting the show, but the problem is with him is that the other aspects of a person this show needs, he isn’t good at. Probing questions, like Christina asked, he isn’t good at that. Counseling? Absolutely not. Yet, he has the name recognition so here he is. Having someone who honestly just showed up for a good time asking Brent and Alexis if they are really together and making one of the most awkward moments of the night.

Now, as for the whole London situation? Well, Devyne put it best – For the majority of the time she was pressing London, they weren’t together. There wasn’t a mutual commitment. She believed she found her choice, but London was still exploring. So all that Alexis brings up that happened before she was given commitment, it is just drama. The kind that, with the way they speak, seemed more for the cameras than was an exhibition of any real kind of beef between the two women.

Heck, if anything, once it appeared the camera weren’t filming and they weren’t on break, Devyne made sure there was no beef or issue just because she wasn’t feeding into Alexis’ narrative. One that, we should add, had many co-signers, ranging from Brent to Tondy, and Ashima. However, what was done was done, and it seems Devyne would rather move forward than dwell on London’s questionable past.

Taking Account Of Who Is With Who

So in the end, the following people found love.

  • John, with an unnamed woman, are married.
  • Mario and Reva, who may not seem like a real deal, “We in love!” couple, but Mario seems to believe once he got over Reva’s wall, he found what he wanted.
  • Devyne and London: A couple that may still raise an eyebrow, due to London’s past actions, but with Devyne saying what was said and done before he committed to her isn’t something to dwell on, it seems they will go strong.
  • Alexis and Brent: With them taking things slow, and no titles, there is the need to question will this last? It seems Brent being grilled by Christina caught him off guard and led to a true statement Alexis wasn’t prepped for. Yet, considering Brent wasn’t ready for the clip he saw or how passionate Alexis got about proving what London did, it seems conversations need to be had.
  • Terrell and Nina: A surprising new couple that was only discovered by the reunion. However, being that we don’t know if Nina is aware Terrell likes to give gifts to everyone, who knows if they are still a thing.

Mika and Ieashia, revealed as a couple.

  • Mike and Ieashia: Thanks to behind the scenes footage, we’ve learned these two got reconnected not too long after being eliminated and are most definitely a couple. If not one of the cutest ones to emerge from season 2.
  • Jimmy and Kimber: Due to consistent pressure from Nephew Tommy, this toxic coupling might be back on.
  • Ashima and Darin: The one endgame couple that made it are in love and going strong.

The Single Folk

  • Chika: Due to his argument with Ashima, which raised so many red flags, Chika left without making any connections.
  • Tondy: After Mario being a dog and Reva, well showing her true face, she is single, still ready for love, but wanting to make sure she finds someone who loves her for who she is and not who they want her to be.
  • Kerry: With Textgate ending his journey with Reva and Alexis choosing Brent, Kerry is assumed to still single.
  • Christina: The person who showed up to have a good time didn’t note if they found anyone, but did make sure her presence was known.
  • Angie: With very little said by her, and no segment dedicated to her person, we’re left assuming she has yet to find love.

Plot Synopsis

  1. John was seriously dating someone before the show, and it took getting eliminated to know she was the one.
  2. A handful of the men, Jimmy amongst them, didn’t think Mario did anything wrong – because they are trash.
  3. Christina auditioned for Nephew Tommy’s job and honestly seemed like, at the very least, she should handle the reunion specials.
  4. Michael and Ieashia were revealed to be a couple.
  5. While London and Devyne are going strong, with there being a conversation about her having space in his new home, Alexis and Brent are still dating without titles.




With being a lawyer, in multiple fields of law, Christina was able to hit Brent and Alexis’ relationship with the probing questions many were wondering. Leading you to wonder, is she available for the season 3 reunion? Heck, for the ladies next season, can she talk to them if they can’t find someone else?

Ieashia and Michael

Being that we didn’t get to see much of them, Michael and Ieashia suddenly became one of the top couples of the season. Mind you, due to us not seeing any of their drama, for they got together off-camera. But, with all said and done, they are only second to Darin and Ashima.

Low Point

How Much You Are Forced To Realize They Twisted Things

Editing is a mother******. It has led many to seem corny, perverted, undesired, and yet look at them now. Heck, it has also left some people looking horrible because some things either weren’t caught or didn’t fit the narrative desired. Thus really pushing it may not always be the people who are wrong, but those who are trusted with these people’s public personas.

On The Fence

All The Drama

Brent looking rather uncomfortable as Alexis has her hand on his knee.

Between the Alexis v. London stuff, Brent in his feelings, and so much more, as said in a recent episode of “Getting Ignorant With It,” this show can be disheartening. For if people in their 40s are still playing games like this, what faith should you have in love? Especially if they are willing to do people dirty on camera and be strangely open in public about what they did and not prepping the other person at all in private?

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Christina - 85%
Ieashia and Michael - 84%
How Much You Are Forced To Realize They Twisted Things - 65%
All The Drama - 75%
Devyne's Statement About Letting London's Past Actions Go - 86%


Trajectory – Decline: “Ready To Love” proves itself to be stuck in its ways, and while some can figure out how to work the system, it is honestly questionable what is for the cameras and what is real.

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