Ready To Love: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Ultimatums” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

We end up down to three men and women this episode and only one woman leaves without frustration.

We end up down to three men and women this episode and only one woman leaves without frustration.

Air Date 12/15/2018

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Exiting With Grace and Dignity: Shatava, Shea, Mike

After the blowup that ended the last episode, Mike goes after Shea and talks things through. Leading to, similar with the Alexx and Tiffany situation, things cooling down and chilling out. Yet, unlike Ashlee, Shatava looks at the situation and realizes Mike isn’t the one for her. He hasn’t been putting in the same effort as he did before and with him and Shea having a public fight and him go after her like that, what else does she need to see? The writing is on the wall.

So, she decides to eliminate herself, say bye to Mike and the rest of the ladies, and even leave the cabin.


Shatava explaining why she is eliminating herself.
Shatava: I can’t break that connection, and I can only respect that.

I think, after a certain point, you could break down some of the choices to be someone who’d make a good friend vs. someone who could be a wife. Well, at least for Mike. For Alexx and Aaron? Well, maybe it was who is easy to deal with and who requires work? If not who is an easy target and who would hold him accountable.

But, as said before, we’ve come to the point where it only made sense for people to eliminate themselves. It has been a couple of weeks and I think most people have shown who they are and who they are interested in. Mike never really strayed away from Shea. Yes, there was that random thing with Tiffany, and Shatava who was actively competing, but neither held much sway. The main, and only issue, has been Shea having another child. Which, in the pursuit of a definite answer, it seemed her saying she would if secure in the relationship went out the window.

The Storm Tries To Wash Away The Bull****: Stormy, Aaron, Angel

Like Angel, for a little bit, Stormy saw the good in Aaron. He seemed like a nice guy, fun to be around, but then his mask started to slip. He started to say stuff which raised red flags and like most women on this show, there came a point where his BS couldn’t be tolerated. So, when Tommy asked her to lay it all out on the table, she brings up the Shanta and Melinda conversation, what he said about Angel, and Aaron gets defensive. In fact, he, like Alexx and Mike did before him, insults what was his top pick at one time.

However, unlike Mike and Alexx, there was no apology soon after. He lets it go and this leads everyone, as Aaron justifies not going, even when Tommy says he should, side-eyeing him. Well, except Angel. Like Debra on Dirty John, ole girl ready to come up with every excuse in the book. It even leads the remaining ladies to have a come to Jesus meeting. One which Angel makes seem isn’t necessary but there still seems to be a slight need to worry.


Tommy trying to advise Aaron to apologize to Stormy.
Tommy: This is when a man go down there and apologize.

If you decide to head over to Aaron’s Twitter Page you may notice something interesting. Mostly that any and all criticism isn’t addressed at all. Which, in a way, you understand. After all, what can really be said? That the editing was made to make him into some kind of villain? Perhaps his words were taken out of context? If you check out some of the ladies’ Twitter profiles, their replies to what fans say, it doesn’t necessarily seem there is a whole lot of nice things to say about Aaron – so is this just a publicity thing? That is, in terms of any free press which could further his various aspirations is good press?

A reunion show has been confirmed, might have even been tonight, so it is going to be interesting to see what the women say.

This Man Is Not Clay, He Has Already Become Stone: Tiffany, Ashlee, Alexx

Ashlee has been pushing the idea she and Tiffany are very different women. It has also been noted there is an age difference between them which separates their attitudes and personalities. However, Ashlee hits the nail on the head as to why Alexx and Tiffany have the issues they do: She, Tiffany, wants to change and mold him while Ashlee wants to know and appreciate who he already is.

Hence why Alexx is so at ease with Ashlee yet is combative with Tiffany. Leading to him, once more, say “That’s why you’re single” and go back and forth to the point she has to eliminate herself. For at this point, she feels like she is being played. Now, as for how Ashlee feels? Well, she is upfront about not getting to have real conversations with Alexx to the point of learning where there is or might be conflict. So, with Tiffany gone, he tries dating her a bit more seriously.


Tiffany looking at Alexx, trying to figure out what will be the next thing she says or does.

In general, this show was not made for women of Tiffany’s age or mindset. It just isn’t. Seeing the man you are interested in flirt with another woman in front of you? Much less, you knowing that is part of the show and you are supposed to accept it since the man is on a “journey?” Get the f*** out of here.

But that is the problem with the show, the wording of what the men are doing, women too, to a point, is being on a journey despite the idea being “Ready to Love” means you should be at the end – not the beginning. At least on a quest for love. Hence why some women, like Tiffany and Melinda, acted the way they did. They came in with a goal, thought they accomplished it early on and then was stunned when the guy wasn’t acting like he was in a relationship. That is, despite them doing all the things a man would do in a relationship.

Really pushing you to wonder, as is questioned every week, if this gets a second season, how and will they retool it?


Miscellaneous Commentary

Who Will Make It To The End?

I honestly see Aaron leaving this show single and Alexx and Tiffany perhaps just being friends. For while they made progress, I feel like him and her meeting each other’s family in the next episode is a bit too soon and is going to throw things off. For Alexx said in this episode, when it came to Tiffany, things got hot and heavy too soon and that’s what messed them up. Now, while Ashlee is a bit more adept to what this show is about, and not rushing into anything, there is still the possibility of this going sideways since Alexx hasn’t seen Ashlee mad or anything. It has just been goofy and fun Ashlee. He wasn’t there when she was breaking down in front of Mike, Aaron, and Dr. Lexy. If I’m recalling correctly.

Shea saying she likes Mike.
Shea: I kind of like you.

As for Shea and Mike? They were end game from the get-go. Mike just found himself a bit distracted because of the weird elimination process this show began with. Thus leading him to make a friend he wasn’t sure if they should have been something more.


  1. Stormy going off on Aaron and Tiffany’s speech about honesty, which was a dig at Alexx, maybe, but could also apply to Aaron.
  2. Ashlee’s take on why Tiffany and Alexx weren’t working out.

Low Point

  1. This show’s flaws really are hard to ignore and makes you wonder if it is worth a second season unless it has major changes.
  2. Aaron who I want to try to understand but it is just so difficult.

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