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As things begin to come down to the wire, the women grow tired and weary of the men dating around – they want a decision made.

Air Date 12/8/2018

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Not Trying To Repeat Past Mistakes & Lessons: Stormy, Aaron, Angel

Though it may not be the story of every woman on this show, the majority have experienced being cheated on. So, when it comes to the way the men act, it can be a little triggering. After all, on top of trying to open up to these dudes, they are doing it on camera. Meaning, while they are having a cute moment with them, later on, they can be with someone else all googly eyed and the world is looking at them thinking, “I’m going to pray for you girl.”

Stormy talking about being cheated on by her ex-husband and how Aaron is triggering old feelings.
Stormy: Because I was lost for about 12 of those 15 years.

That is sort of the case with Stormy. She reveals in her last marriage, she was cheated on. She even lost herself. Yet, here she is in another situation where she isn’t sure if she is being lied to or maybe overthinking things. You know, signs that something is wrong but you are hoping it’s just your insecurities. That aching fear that because someone mishandled your heart that it means it wasn’t just that person but something about you which draws ass*****. You don’t even know what it is but it makes you so hyper-aware that you feel letting your guard down is just opening you up for the same BS with a different person.

Come & Talk To Me: Alexx, Tiffany, Ashlee, Mike, Shatava

Things are getting to the point where people are in their feelings. Yes, the women are aware the men are dating multiple women but they want to ultimately feel like the one. That’s what Shatava wants with Mike and what Ashlee and Tiffany want with Alexx. Problem is, there is no such thing as dating someone part time and both parties being happy. Especially in this situation where, as Mike notes, the women know each other so it makes it extra awkward.

Take Tiffany and Ashlee. It would be one thing if Ashlee was a stranger and Tiffany didn’t know her, talk to her, and wasn’t repeatedly around her. Yet, with seeing Alexx and Ashlee all cute and close? That’s bothersome. Add in she has passionate arguments with Alexx and it makes it seem he is running off to be with what is easy rather than hash out their issues.

Yet, there comes the problem of, if he is working on reconciling after a nasty argument with her, what does that make you? Lest we forget, Ashlee played that side chick role before and if Alexx runs to her when things are bad with Tiffany, what does that say? Who is she then?

Ashlee getting a bit jealous of the attention that Alexx is giving Tiffany.
Ashlee: Like, hey, did you forget there’s another woman here?

Switching to Mike and Shatava, one of the things you really have to take note of is that these women have everything they want but someone to share what they have with. They have friends, family, money, but no one to share those good and bad times with. I’m talking, like Kevin Hart said, someone whose bull**** is theirs and vice versa. For there is a certain line friends and family can’t cross. Friends will be there for the hard times, but what happens when they are the one getting on your nerves or in trouble? Same with family, in this case, Shatava’s grandmother who has cancer. Yes, we met her friends and I’m sure they are there for her. However, when you get emotionally invested in someone like a partner, you want them to be your go to. For them to call you up, almost sensing something is wrong,

And while you could argue that Shatava could have picked up the phone, let’s remember that one issue these women have is they want to be chased a bit. They want someone trying to get their attention and show they are willing to work for it. Because this bending over backwards, trying to be seen as the better option? It is getting old and it is getting old fast!

You’re Running Out Of Time: Shea, Mike

Shea is the best example of this. Like Tiffany, Shea has been ready to love, found someone she believes she could, and let him date a little so he’d come back without a need to question anything. However, how long you gotta wait is an issue? When does waiting become outright embarrassing? As noted, these women are of a certain age, this is on TV, and they know the other woman their man is dating. Also, no one wants to be an option. They are trying to be the only one.

Luckily, there are only two more episodes before we learn who is the one.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why was mad people acting like the door being locked was a big thing when there was a camera person in there? You think they going to do something-something with a camera on them?


Alexx and Tiffany Making Up

Alexx and Tiffany had one nasty fight. Yet, they lived up to the idea that no one fights with someone they don’t eventually want to reconcile with. It’s just both sides need time to sort out what was said, when they put their egos aside, and then try to see things from the other person’s point of view. In this case, Alexx understanding Tiffany needs to be loved a certain way and Tiffany realizing she is dealing with a man who has to learn how to do so. Especially since it seems he never had to the way she wanted before.

On The Fence

Emotions Running High

Shea making her position clear.
Shea: Mike and I Already talked about my expectations.

We can all agree this show is problematic right? It takes everyday women, many still healing from past relationships, and basically puts them in the position of being the other woman. From Ashlee to Stormy, even Tiffany and Shea, you can see these women recognizing old situations coming back into their lives they thought they learned from and would henceforth avoid. Yet, here they are playing things out on national television.

All of that makes for interesting television but this is not a scripted drama. These are real people who are sharing their journey not to entertain but inspire. At least that is how I see it. The point here is to show that you can be strong, goofy, seem hard, yet still find the love you deserve. It’s essentially about representation. Well, if you look at it through a positive lens anyway.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Who May Get Eliminated Next?

At this point, people are eliminating themselves. These guys probably won’t make another choice and honestly, I think Stormy and Angel may walk out of this situation. Stormy seems triggered and wishing Pastor Chris was still around and Angel? Well, if you take note some of the things she has said on Twitter, it appears she and Aaron didn’t find love. The only question is, did that realization he isn’t the one come before or after the season ended?

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