Ready To Love: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Trouble In Paradise” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As the numbers dwindle, and Melinda doesn’t become the sole woman to eliminate herself, there is a need to question if anyone may find love?

Air Date 12/1/2018

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Um, We Got A Problem: Shea, Michael, Alexx, Tiffany, Ashlee, Shatava

With it coming down to the wire, as you would expect, the women don’t necessarily want to keep playing this elimination game. They want to be claimed, date their man, and begin looking at long-term goals. Problem is, with Michael and Shae, though she is setting down the policies which could lead to her getting pregnant, which Michael respects, he wants to be sure of his choice. Because, you know, when a show pushes options your way, what else are you going to do?

Thing is, when it comes to Shatava, while she may have opened up to us a bit in her interviews, Michael still feels like there is a wall up. Plus, and he is frank about it, while physically appealing, unlike Shea, it Michael doesn’t feel a push to figure out a way pass, around, under, or through her walls. Her challenges and prerequisites don’t entice him.

Yet, don’t think Shea is home free now. With a mixer showing how close Ashlee and Alexx are, Tiffany is ready to check out Michael. Something she does in front of Shea with no care that he has been claimed since day 1. After all, she was too and look what Ashlee is doing.


Tiffany realizing Alexx is still exploring his options.
Tiffany: Oh, this dude ain’t working on Tiff and Alexx.

That mixer seemingly was purely made to start some mess. Like, at this point, what is the point of a mixer? Everyone knows each other and they meet up with or without Tommy orchestrating an event. But, I gotta say, as I do each week, this show has to be retooled if it gets a second season. Watching these women go through it because they are dating a man who they know is seeing other people? It seems messed up on so many levels. Especially since these women are coming on looking for love, marriage, kids, but only Michael has really talked about all that – consistently. Aaron ain’t even ready to love. He ready to play the field and anything beyond that leaves him dumbfounded.

Then, as for Alexx? Well, it’s like @SashaLG said:

When it comes to this show, it seems most of the men don’t like being challenged. Aaron sure as hell don’t like it and Alexx? As soon as compromise and hard conversations hit with Tiffany, he is ready to dive into Ashlee because she fun. Guess what partner, she probably has her own issues but because you’ve barely gotten to know her, she isn’t comfortable revealing them. That is, as opposed to Tiffany who was willing, able, and in the process of showing you what it means to be with her full time. Not just for when the good times are rolling.

I’m Getting Tired of Your s***: Aaron, Courtney, Stormy, Angel

Aaron is not going to end this show finding love. While Ashlee got saved, it is only because she seems to be the only one who put up with his BS. Which includes him being consistently late for dates (which the real Angel said wasn’t just something she dealt with). However, when it comes to Courtney and Stormy? His goose is cooked. For Courtney, she tired. She peeps game, knows he is a player, so Aaron continues to be the only dude who pushed a woman to quit the show.

But peep this, the man tries to push the idea, while on a double date that includes Stormy, he tried to give every woman a fair chance. That is, even the ones who he’d never date. Something he puts out there in a way that makes you wonder, “Does this dude realize he is on camera?” And someone thought bringing up his fears of letting his guard down could help his cause but… I think it’s too little too late. If a girl is interested in him and googles him, it’s over.


Courtney deciding to quit the show.
Courtney: I think it’s probably best if I end the journey.

I don’t, can’t, won’t probably ever understand Aaron. Yet, I’m happy Stormy can see clearly now since the BS is gone. Leaving the need to question, if no woman wants Aaron anymore, will he get replaced or eliminated? Granted, Angel still, on the show anyway, seems like she is willing to go to bat for Aaron but if she eliminates herself before the finale, what happens then?

Two Can Play That Game: Alexx, Rita, Michael, Tiffany, Shea,

Things are about to get messy. Not because Alexx breaks up with Rita, thus sending her off. More so it is Tiffany being extra aggressive with Michael and talking about how she wants to keep things on the low. Meaning, what goes on is only their business and she adds to damn girl code and bro code for what is going on. Which Michael accepts, but mind you this is Michael we’re talking about.


Tiffany and Michael deciding to have a secret relationship.
Tiffany: You’re here with me now.

While Shatava has stirred the pot a bit, most of the ladies seemingly weren’t out for themselves. There was a certain amount of respect for each other. I think Tiffany just ripped that document up. Which, naturally, I want to find a way to justify by noting how she is tired of being on the ropes and waiting around. Yet, there is this desire to hold her accountable like she does Alexx. Yes, everyone is single on this show but there is a need to note you are brand spanking new to Michael and am trying to make up for lost time.

I’m not calling her desperate, but I will say that it would probably be better for her to just quit than take this path. For while I doubt Shatava or Shea will fight over Michael, this is some reality TV star kind of drama. But, I guess when you’re ready to love, sometimes you got to fight to get it.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

An unsure man is a dangerous man.
— Courtney


  1. Michael showing himself as the only honest and consistent dude on this show.
  2. Aaron being told off repeatedly, even if he still seems blissfully ignorant about why he is having so many problems.

Low Point

  1. Tiffany jumping into the Michael situation and pushing extra hard.

On The Fence

  1. This show doesn’t seem like it will ultimately have three couples and fulfill its purpose. It seemingly just made their contestants open themselves up for entertainment and expose them in ways I don’t think they were ready for.

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