Ready To Love: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Hot and Bothered” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Melinda realizing she is being curved.

Aaron reaches peak f***ery as Michael and Alexx continue to play the game because… well, it is what the show calls for.

Aaron reaches peak f***ery as Michael and Alexx continue to play the game because… well, it is what the show calls for.

Air Date 11/10/2018

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What We Learned This Week: Rita, Stormy, Michael, Aaron

So, for the most part, Alexx was low key and thus his dates don’t seem worth mentioning. However, Aaron and Michael’s? They clue us into who some of these women are more. For example, Rita and Stormy who have been around but, like Ashlee, haven’t been focused on in a while. Now, during Rita’s date with Michael, she does rehash what we already know in terms of her on again and off again relationship. The only difference is, now one of the guys know and, assuming they talk, it is not public knowledge. That and they are off and on every three months and they have been off for two – which means it’s almost that time.

As for Stormy? Well, she continues to prove you can’t judge a book by their social media. Despite being a DJ, tatted up, looking like Songs In A Minor Alicia Keys, that is but one side of her. Perhaps explaining why she dug Pastor Chris so much. Like him, the person people see and who they really are – two different people. I say that about Stormy because it seems she digs the domestic life. That includes building a close relationship with step kids, if the man has his own. She even notes, in her past marriage, the kids were one of the reasons she tried to work it out. It didn’t, but she is still close to the kids.


Stormy continuing to reveal misconceptions about her make dating hard.
Stormy: Cause people don’t ask me that question.

I think a minority of the cast thought they were ready for love, but really just wanted to be. Like, don’t get me wrong, 2 months can be enough time to move on from somebody, but not if you’ve been off and on for years. Especially considering one of the prominent issues is her wanting a child. Granted, I don’t know these people, but there is definitely a vibe from Rita that she is testing the waters here. Perhaps trying to see if she is ready to move on more than ready to love again.

As for Stormy? First and foremost, she is too good for Aaron – I’m sorry. With the way she comes off, I honestly don’t think any of these dudes might be a good match. Pastor Chris might have been the best for he understood the dichotomy she lives. Her expression may seem alternative, free-spirited, etc, but she is just a woman who likes tats, her hair a certain way, and that’s it. All the other things which correlate with that? You got the wrong one. Something I think only Pastor Chris really got for he was the same way. He may have this title, may enjoy preaching, but he wasn’t a square. Hence why they may not have physically looked complimentary but, personality wise, they were.

We Gotta Talk About Aaron: Angel, Aaron, Melinda

Tommy getting tired of Aaron's games.
Tommy: And we know “Good Night” don’t mean no damn “Good Night.”

The ladies are starting to peep Aaron’s game and when it comes to his main girls, on camera and off, red flags are being raised. For Angel, it is Aaron being unable to give her a straight answer when she asks direct questions. Then for Melinda? Wooo. Let’s just say, she took the premise of this show seriously and went all in. Which, I get, throws some people off. But once you take into account the face timing, good night texts, and him probably doing all she wanted from a man, you get it. He has her feeling like a teenaged girl again. Unfortunately, that was all a fantasy.

Elimination Time: Aaron, Tommy, Alexx, Michael, Angel, Melinda

At this point, it seems pretty clear Alexx is into Tiffany and unless something goes wrong there, they are set. Michael is a little stuck between Shea and Shatava, but he has pretty much no interest in the rest. Aaron? That dude still is playing the field. Something Tommy isn’t that fond of and calls him out on. After all, he is messing up the goal of the show being as he is. So, since Alexx and Michael have seemingly narrowed things down, Aaron is forced to pick the woman who is going.

Which, ultimately, he doesn’t even have to say goodbye. You see, his choice was between Angel and Melinda. Angel he had a weird few dates with, but she seemingly was willing to work with Aaron. Deal with the BS and issues which come from a handful of women going after one guy. It’s Atlanta, she’s used to it. However, with Melinda? Taking note how in her feelings she got, Aaron not saying the same stuff he did off camera to her is a problem. Him trying to act like a little weasel is a problem. Basically, him not saying what he means and meaning what he says is a huge f***ing problem.

One that, considering the life she has had, the age she is at, the fact this is all being filmed, and surely other valid reasons, she tells him off and leaves. Oh, but not before Aaron talks about her attitude being why she is single. You know, rather than guys like him who don’t want to take responsibility for why said “attitude” is being used in conversation.


Melinda calling Aaron out.
Melinda: You manipulate women.

I really do think, considering the past these women have had, it would have been better if they got narrowed down to three and were the ones experiencing all the attention. Isn’t that the problem in Atlanta? Not enough men for them to choose? So wouldn’t it have been nice to flip things so they could be the ones pursued vs. doing the pursuing? Because Aaron is the epitome of what these women seemingly are trying to get away from. Either the guy who doesn’t know what he wants, has a difficult time being honest, or has potential but can’t provide the commitment these women need.

Not to forget this is an elimination show but, these women aren’t dumb. They know some guys have their favorites already. The problem is, Aaron may favor Angel a bit, but then you got Melinda looking like she is claiming you just because ya’ll locked eyes. What woman is going to want a man who makes her look foolish on national TV?

Making me wonder, what in the world are these women thinking as they watch this show? Especially if they did match up with someone. Because, if you live-tweet this show, they will like and retweet you, add in their own two cents. And while they likely are contracted to not reveal how things end up, some, like Christina, don’t seem fond of the camera tricks and how the producers/editors are trying to tell a story.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Next To Be Eliminated Prediction

At this point, it seems Tiffany, Stormy, Shea, and Shatava are safe. I think Rita’s off and on relationship puts her towards the forefront. I might follow her up with Courtney since it feels like she, alongside Ashlee, were forced to fall back. Though, I gotta admit, sometimes I wonder if these dates didn’t happen within the same week. That maybe they rearrange the dates to accommodate when someone is on the chopping block. That thought aside, my official top 3 to be eliminated are:

  1. Rita: Due to her off and on relationship.
  2. Shanta: Because she is as serious as Melinda, but has no intention of putting rose-colored She is going to call out these men, as soon as something is up, and I don’t think none of these dudes got the ego or maturity for it. At least to the point of admiring her being upfront for real and not just because the cameras are on.
  3. Ashlee: I feel like Ashlee is an evolved form of Christina. She seems kind of goofy and someone the guys may think of more in a friend kind of way. Not to say she can’t be serious, certainly more than Christina. It’s just, considering her name is barely brought up, and it has been two episodes since she had a prominent role in front of the camera, it isn’t looking good.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who or what crafted Aaron to be this way? I mean that without trying to sound shady or meanspirited. A part of me wonders if he is still recovering from breaking up with his ex and is using this opportunity to get his mojo back. If not, maybe as a kid he didn’t get much attention from girls, bulked up, got abs, so now he is making up for lost time whenever possible.


  1. Aaron being told off multiple times.

On The Fence

  1. The show consistently feeling uncomfortable. You have these women, in various states of being ready to love, having to relive the drama they are either past or trying to get past.

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One Comment

  1. On your last comment about Aaron, you summed him up, nicely. He MAY want love but these ladies is not it. He has a HARD time speaking real talk – too worried about hurting feelings and that is because he lies and says all of them are “special” and then back tracks when they pull him on the carpet. What i do appreciate is how the sister-hood came out of this. The ladies, for the most part, respect one another, but at the same time going after what they want – a MAN!
    When the ladies were questioning the men on why they did this or said this to another female, they must remember this is a game and they have to get to know each one until they get to the end, which they have. Alexx and Tiffany would be a nice match, but she is too STRONG for her own good. Take a chill pill, girl. if it is meant to be it will be. Rather he calls you that night or the next. Until he is official your man, you can not DEMAND him to call; let him FIND YOU! Not you chase him and make him see ALL that YOU feel he has done wrong.
    i have learned and learning much from this show. It has in some ways surpassed “The Have and the Have Nots.” for the moment (only); thats BIG!


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