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Will Zadia and Cameron come to an end? Will Shareese welcome Maurice back? How about Ashlee choosing between Donald and Kirston? As familiar faces return, we’re left to wonder how serious is anyone about long term love?

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Plot Recap

Am I Wasting My Time Here? – Zadia, Verneashia, Cameron, Tabari, Mizell, Richard

At this point for Zadia, is she fully committed to Cameron? Absolutely. The problem is that Cameron has to make time for her when he has no time, and he is giving her a time frame of up to two years to be fully committed as she may want and need. That’s a lot for her.

Mind you, he is trying to make a way but it is increasingly becoming clear that him being upfront is starting to rub Zadia the wrong way, Tamica the wrong way, and the rest of the ladies as well. Leading to Richard, who Zadia hasn’t seen since the first mixer, seeming like a good alternative, but certainly not a first choice.

But it isn’t just Zadia who is questioning their keeper. After wasting her time with Mizell, Verneashia goes on a date with Tabari and enjoys herself as usual since he is a good time. Add in he shows a serious side and she is happy – in that moment.

However, him not contacting her as expected the day of the elimination mixer gives her pause. Mind you, could she have contacted him? Of course. But with a desire to be pursued, even with them having something established, she is still upset he didn’t hit her up until 6 PM, and that was by text. Yet, with the only other option being Mizell, she keeps Tabari around.

It’s Hard To Process When Both Are Showing Improve – Ashlee, Kirston, Donald

Ashlee is in a perpetual state of going back and forth and making comparisons. Donald is her keeper, and he has shown great improvement, but Kirston is back, and he is doing all the things he should have done the first time around.

With this in mind, she is torn and not only making comparisons in her head, but verbally pushing Donald to want to compete or fight for her. Donald, being the grown man he is, doesn’t take well to the idea, but knowing Ashlee as he does, he lets it slide since he knows she doesn’t take well to being called out and making it seem she is playing games.

Because of this, it seems he survives another episode.

Going Back To What’s Familiar – Maurice, Shareese, Nick

Is Nick attractive? Yes. However, Shareese can’t get past Maurice. Why? It isn’t made clear. Maybe it is his profession, his earning potential, how snazzy of a dresser he is? What is that “It” factor is hard to say, since the man doesn’t say all that much.

But, it appears, based on previews for the next episode, Shareese rather go back to what is familiar than start something new with someone who is cute and all, but maybe not enough.



The Challenge Of Balancing Personal Development and Professional Development

“Zadia,” Ready To Love: Make A Move | Season 1/ Episode 9 “Don’t Call It A Comeback” | 2023 | OWN

Here is the thing, just like there is rarely a perfect time to have a child, for many, there isn’t a perfect time to be in a relationship. It is a job, as Zadia said, and it is one with fluctuating benefits but far more consistent headaches, depending on the person. So, if you are like Cameron and are really in the flow with your professional development, is it the best time to pursue a relationship? No.

However, you are still human. You want affection, someone who cares about your well-being, and the sense that your worth goes beyond how much money you can make. But, to prove that in dating requires time, and as has been the curse for this franchise, the amount of time expected to be spent and the time someone has to offer doesn’t always link up.

Does that make Cameron a bad person or someone wasting Zadia’s time? No. The man has never led her on. He told her that he wasn’t moving and wouldn’t have much time to visit DC. He has made it clear that he has a lot going on, but, as she has said, he makes time for her. Plus, he has made it clear that if she feels like his timeline doesn’t work for her, he understands.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like her, but he has other things competing for his time, and, like her, he isn’t necessarily trying to drastically alter his life based on a few weeks of getting to know someone. To me, Zadia and Cameron likely have the most realistic relationship of anyone, and it is sad it is probably going to end because of unrealistic expectations.

On The Fence

Verneashia Testing Tabari

Considering we’ve heard Verneashia say she isn’t for games, her having an issue because Tabari didn’t text first seemed off. I get with having options and wanting to be pursued, the ladies don’t like having to be the aggressor, take the initiative, and what have you. However, sometimes it does seem like the ego is getting in the way of what could be, and this is a prime example.

Questioning If Ashlee Is Good At Having So Many Options

There is no doubt that Ashlee is constantly questioning her decisions and worried about repeating mistakes. Hence she finds it challenging to enjoy her time with anyone, for she is always awaiting the shoe to drop. But what makes things worse is that, with so many options in front of her and having a new one weekly, it seems like committing to someone is difficult.

To make it worse, with this being a competition series, she wants guys to compete and really go after her, as if they don’t have options too. Don’t get me wrong, Ashlee seems wonderful, but I feel like there is too much of a push for the men to do everything and have it be beyond an 80/20 that it makes you wonder, with the precedent set, where could any of these relationships really go?

Discussion Items

Let us know your thoughts in the comments:

  1. Do you think that Ashlee and Verneashia are playing games or, in their desire to be pursued, they are setting standards that are acceptable?

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Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Don’t Call It A Comeback" - Episode Review


“Ready To Love” as a whole remains unrealistic in its pursuit of the kind of romances that are rare to find and are an instant.

  • Questioning If Ashlee Is Good At Having So Many Options - 73%
  • Verneashia Testing Tabari - 74%
  • The Challenge Of Balancing Personal Development and Professional Development - 83%


  • The Challenge Of Balancing Personal Development and Professional Development


  • Verneashia Testing Tabari
  • Questioning If Ashlee Is Good At Having So Many Options

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  1. Thanks for posting! I did not watch the episode, therefore this read was perfect! I agree with the challenges of the show and how the time and setting can hinder finding love. All in all, I wish the ladies well, whatever the outcome!

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