Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 8 “All Work, No Play” – Episode Recap/ Review

In a slightly uneventful episode, Zadia begins to realize Cameron may not have time to date as the other ladies continue to go through the motions.

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Plot Recap

It’s Starting To Sound Like You Don’t Wanna Be Here – Zadia, Cameron

As established and becoming more and more an issue week to week, Cameron has multiple things competing for his focus. He has multiple businesses and plans that need to be executed so he can have more time, and when it comes to Zadia, he doesn’t have the time for her, so he has to make it.

But, with the push that she isn’t a priority but is someone he is trying to hold onto, Zadia struggles to accept that Cameron is pretty set on what he is doing, with minimal flexibility.

An Unnecessary Blast From The Past – Mizell, Verneashia, Tabari

For Veneashia, Tabari is doing well. He cooks for her in his home, is always a good time, but this is a process, and she is expected to go on dates. What she didn’t expect is Mizell being given a second chance with her.

This isn’t welcomed after the fiasco that led to Shareese dropping him, but she does give him enough grace to explain himself. Likely, he won’t be able to say anything that will lead to Tabari getting knocked out of the competition, but Verneashia is kind enough to let Mizell attempt to dig himself out of trouble.

Just Trying To Find Someone Real – Donald, Ashlee, Shareese, Will, Nick

Ashlee and Donald are trying to re-engage, but one of the struggles for her is learning Donald was married. It was a short, potentially impetuous marriage that only lasted a year, but not being revealed previously does give her pause.

After all, Ashlee is trying to be vigilant about any and all red flags, and whether or not this is something to be worried about haunts her a bit. Though, for Shareese, her issue becomes less about red flags and more about catching up.

Right now, everyone has a keeper but her, and it can be submitted that, while she goes on a date with a man named Will and someone from the first mixer named Nick, she has been on this road before of meeting someone with potential and it not fanning out. So, while hopeful, you can see things coming to a point where she is just ready to catch up rather than be happy for the others while annoyed with herself.

New Character Description(s)


“Nick,” Ready To Love: Make A Move | Season 1/ Episode 8 “All Work, No Play” | 2023 | OWN

Strangely, we don’t get the usual age and occupation with Nick, so we don’t learn much about him beyond the fact that he likes to work out.


Community Rating: 75% (1 votes)


Things Are Shifting In A Way That Feels Less Routine

The show feels less routine with the mixer and decision not ending the episode, or us ending on cliffhangers. By ending things in the middle of the casts doing their blind dates, it shifts towards a format that feels meant to be binged rather than episodic, and the switch-up makes things feel fresh.

It pushes the idea you are watching high-production vlogs, and things end when you hit pause rather than the episode being over.

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Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 8 “All Work, No Play” – Episode Review


While it is recognized that “Ready To Love: Make A Move” recalibrates things in the ladies’ favor and gives them the experience they wanted in their original season, it feels like the stakes are too high and time too short for them to reach their goal of finding the type of relationship they desire.

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  • Things Are Shifting In A Way That Feels Less Routine


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