Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 13 “The Final Word” – Episode Recap & Review

In part 2 of the reunion, fully expect the kind of mess the mainline series has, especially when it comes to the men.

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Tamica and Tanika welcoming viewers back to the reunion

Plot Recap

Starting On A Happy Note – Shareese, Maurice

As anyone who watches “Ready To Love” knows, it isn’t until the reunion that people’s true colors are exposed and whether they came looking for love or not. In the case of Shareese and Maurice, luckily for her, things have been going strong.

Now, he hasn’t gone to Miami yet, but they did go to the Essence Festival together, in style, so it seems something could come of this.

That Hurt My Feelings – Zadia, Stormy, Cameron, Ashlee, Tabari, Kirston, Verneashia, Kamil, Jabari

Now, in terms of everyone else? For Ashlee, there is a maybe regarding Donald, but you can tell there are still some issues there. His friend shows up, and they hash out what happened. The gist? Donald didn’t necessarily disagree with his friend but didn’t want Ashlee to feel double-teamed, and that is why he didn’t get involved. This, of course, doesn’t make things better in Ashlee’s mind, but at least with the friend seeing a more fun side to Ashlee, she recognizes that she isn’t as self-absorbed, “This is all about me,” as Ashlee initially let on.

But regarding Verneashia and Zadia? It’s a no. But, while Verneashia’s no is from her rejecting Tabari and Jabari, though she is still friends with Jabari, Cameron is the one who shuts down Zadia.

Kirston making it clear he isn't going to add anything to the conversation
“Kirston making it clear he isn’t going to add anything to the conversation” Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 13 “The Final Word”

In fact, he pushes the idea that, like Kirston, he showed up at the reunion because he was contractually obligated and had better things to do. Which, you know, for Zadia is frustrating since she denied so many men for Cameron, only for him to ultimately make it seem she was a lesson that he doesn’t have time to date right now but wanted to be as nice as possible because she kept chosing him.

This leads to talking about the friends who showed up: Now, Kamil is there, and all she presents is the idea that she and Zadia would have a real comical show. I’m talking about yet another spin-off, but Kamil is filtering the guys instead of Tamica to find Zadia who could be the one.

Kamil aside, Stormy is also on the couch, and with replaying the date Ashlee, Kirston, and her had, she learns how Ashlee truly felt about that date, nearly two months after. This is a bit devastating to her since Ashlee didn’t say anything, and now Stormy is looking at this edit, which made her look bad.

Ashlee’s response? Stormy should have noted how quiet she got or shouldn’t have dressed like she was going on a date. It’s a lot of blaming Stormy for being Stormy and not taking note of who Ashlee invited or that she didn’t speak up in the moment. Which is something Zadia notes is an issue Ashlee has to work on.

Final Say – Tamica

But, overall, while there was only one match, a few new friendships, and additional lessons learned, it is believed that there was some success in this journey. Many reaffirmed who they are and what they will not tolerate or compromise on, and while many walk away single, they are no less ready to love.

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January 5, 2024


Luke Terbieten



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Notable Performances or Moments

Shareese’s Shade

Shareese noting, as Stormy and Ashlee fight, why she doesn't have female friendships
“Shareese noting, as Stormy and Ashlee fight, why she doesn’t have female friendships” Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 13 “The Final Word”

While the first half of the reunion had everyone coming for Shareese, the second half, with Maurice by her side? Oh, she was having some fun. Whether it was shading Mizell and noting he is the eldest of his siblings, yet the only one not married, to making jokes about Stormy and Ashlee having issues? While you could say she showed a bit of the mean girl side others see in her, you can’t blame her for the jokes she made or say they weren’t funny.

Low Points


Throughout “The Process,” I gave Cameron a lot of grace since it seemed like he was genuinely trying. However, he low-key showed his behind at the reunion. Mind you, by no means on the same level as Kirston, but there was this feeling of “I showed up so I wouldn’t get fined.” Because what he said, his attitude? Zadia didn’t deserve that.

Now, could you take note, as Kamil said, that Zadia was ignoring the red flags because they were light and damn near pink? Yes. But just as much as Zadia could have cut Cameron loose, he could have, before the season ended, have not just put everything in Zadia’s court but just removed himself and became something similar to Jabari and Verneashia or LJ and Shareese.

That is, recognizing that, if things were more ideal for one side, it could work, but even though things wouldn’t work romantically, there is a recognition that, as friends, you two can enjoy each other’s company.

On The Fence

How The Rejected Men Acted

Tanika reacting to one of the men saying something triggering for her
“Tanika reacting to one of the men saying something triggering for her” Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 13 “The Final Word”

I get there is a contract involved, but unless that penalty for not showing up at the reunion is astronomical, I can’t fathom why Kirston showed up and made an ass of himself? I get he wasn’t chosen; maybe he felt he was put in a bad light and has no desire to defend himself. But showing up and acting like that will only double down on what you may perceive as a misconception.

Then, with Tabari, again, I get it. He felt embarrassed. These ladies all got embarrassed as well during their original seasons, even if they made it to the end with someone. But, again, I don’t understand the goal of showing up and trying to make it seem you were wronged or are the victim. In the position he was in, that’s an uphill battle.

After all, the show is about Ashlee, Verneashia, Zadia, and Shareese. You may not like how weird the power dynamics are, where this is their show, but you are supposed to do a notable amount of the work, regarding dating them, but this franchise isn’t new. The first season came out in 2018, and it is one of OWN’s biggest shows; hence it having damn near two seasons a year.

So, while you may not like what happened, it is better to be like Jabari, admit your lifestyles just didn’t align, and keep it cool than go on television and act like you were wronged when, in the case of Verneashia, she made it clear in her original season, and this one, she does not like nor want to take the lead in her relationship – especially regarding communication and making someone feel attractive.

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Ready To Love: Make A Move: Season 1/ Episode 13 "The Final Word" – Episode Review


“Ready To Love” is the type of show where you have to say, “It is what it is” because, as shown, even when they simplify it, make it so only one side can get eliminated, dating is tough, and for some, once the cameras are no longer holding them accountable, they stop performing in such a way that makes them likable.

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