In this episode, so begins the need to question if Disney buying Marvel, and now having the X-Men, might have affected Raven’s Home.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Jody Margolin Hahn
Writer(s) Jacqueline McKinley, Antonia March
Air Date 9/21/2018
Characters Introduced
Dr. Sleevemore Brian George
Leslie Mia Sinclair Jenness
Miles Faly Rakotohavana
Serenity ?
Jasmine Kylie Cantrall

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The Problem With Being A Twin/ Freeze: Booker, Nia, Levi

Though fraternal twins, not identical, the association still leads to moments in which Nia and Booker are forced to share. If not accidentally saying, doing, or having the same thing. It begins with how they dress, then what they want to do, inspired by their dad, and when they are forced to share doing morning announcements, it seems to become a bit much for Booker.

I’m talking to the point where, when Booker has a vision, it seems his mind is so clouded by the arguments his vision freezes. Which is a problem for Levi since he is seen levitating in this vision and that’s kind of scary.


Raven finding her twins wearing the same thing cute.
Raven: I love it when my little twinsies dress alike.

Um, Raven was flipping out nearly every episode of That’s So Raven yet never had vision problems? Could it be visions get weaker with each generation or, as sort of hinted to, since Booker is a twin, it makes his visions are not as strong as they perhaps should be? This is all quite curious.

Meet Dr. Sleevemore: Dr. Sleevemore, Raven, Leslie, Miles, Nia, Booker

Apparently, back in San Francisco, Raven went to a psychic doctor. Yeah, despite all the secrecy around having powers, there is a man who either finds, or advertises, him helping psychic children. Not just of the vision variety either. We see kids who can freeze water, have power of suggestion, like Miles, can manifest electrical currents, and can levitate things like Leslie.

Yeah, Raven’s Home goes full-on sci-fi. However, what matters is Dr. Sleevemore’s experience doesn’t help him explain what is going on with Booker. So the only thing he figures can be done is some testing for now.


Brian George as Dr. Sleevemore.

One of the things I’m increasingly not liking about Raven’s Home is that it will introduce kids like the ones we see in this episode, and I can guarantee we won’t ever again after this three-episode arc. But, unlike the kids before, who could be friends or love interest, this episode pretty much introduces the X-Men. Making me wonder, is this a backdoor pilot of some kind? A quick Google search doesn’t show anything but it wouldn’t be surprising for Disney Channel to eventually have a live-action comedy, on the Disney Channel, featuring members of the X-Men. They did buy the property and they could develop these kids into any one of the hundred of mutants already established. Just with them taking a lighter approach to these particular characters.

Not to pretend like this likely wasn’t written long before the deal went through but things change. You never know.

Swapping: Dr. Jasmine, Levi, Raven, Booker, Nia, Dr. Sleevemore, Serenity, Leslie

I don’t know what exactly Chelsea is willing to do, but I think everyone could agree Levi needs to learn boundaries and how to listen. For between him deciding to enter a room with a loud noise, causing Raven to rip a piece of art, and him destroying a sculpture, the boy is asking to be yelled at. To make matters worse, as Dr. Sleevemore’s granddaughter, Dr. Jasmine, is trying to clean Booker’s visions, because you can apparently drain visions out of someone’s head, Levi decides to play with some glass containers. Which was fine, at first, but despite being told to stop repeatedly, it even being yelled, he continues to do so. Leading to Leslie having to lift him up to get him to stop.

Problem is, the damage was done and Serenity, who has limited control over her electric powers, ends up shocking Raven’s metallic shoes, she bumps into Leslie, she flings Levi into the beaker which has Booker’s powers, and the beaker breaks. Leading his powers to fly all over until they enter Nia.


Levi playing with glass beakers and making music.
Levi: Look, I am musically inclined.

Levi is adorable but sometimes it’s easy to forget how annoying he can be. Then again, look at his mom. Chelsea is the kind of mom who placates her son and we’ve seen how Levi, to Raven, will occasionally mouth off. Almost to the point of making it seem Raven’s Home has a few ethnic jokes in play. Take for instance, as mentioned before, how proper Nia and Booker are yet Tess is kind of hood. The fact Chelsea and Raven are single mothers, Raven a single mom of two, yet look at how much more behaved her two Black children are compared to Levi?

I’m not saying someone is trying to slide these ideas into play but I’m not saying this isn’t a thought either. But, back to the big picture: How in the world did they discover a way to suck powers out of someone, that you can filter it, then put it back in? This is why this seems like a backdoor pilot for Dr. Sleevemore’s work really can’t get its justice if given a small arc and then he goes POOF.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering they are in Chicago now, and Dr. Sleevemore began practicing in San Francisco, how many psychics are there?
  2. Is this show secretly part of the Marvel universe? Of the ilk that Cloak and Dagger and The Runaways are? Not part of the larger MCU, but made where it could be integrated?

On The Fence

  1. While meeting other kids with powers different from Raven and Booker is cool, the issue of this likely only going to be addressed for a few episodes and never again sucks.

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