Ravens Home Season 1 Episode 8 Vending the Rules Raven and Chelsea 7 years ago selling the SchmopAs Chelsea is forced by Raven to face what Garret did to her life, we learn Levi is walking in his father’s footsteps.

In Pursuit of Virtual Goggles and BFF Sneakers: Nia, Booker, Raven, Chelsea, Levi, Tess

Between Levi being used to the finer things in life and Booker just being a normal kid, both want these $600 virtual reality goggles. Of which neither Raven nor Chelsea, have the money for so they laugh. Especially as these two talk about money that is owed to them for chores and the mom decides to flip that idea and note the womb rental, among other things.

Leading to Levi to take note of a situation at school. One in which there is a broken vending machine and how he, and his friends, can take advantage of that. It begins by taking advantage of Tess, who likes having a snack before she takes a nap during math. However, it evolves into a mini-crime ring. One in which the girls join only because they want matching sneakers.

But, with time, Coach Spitz (Anthony Alabi) learns that the ring exists. He isn’t able to catch the kids, but Raven and Chelsea find out eventually.

Dealing With The Mess Garret Left: Raven, Chelsea, Levi

Ravens Home Season 1 Episode 8 Vending the Rules Chelsea and Levi having a heart to heart

As we have seen, Chelsea tries to keep things upbeat and positive. After all, if someone stole all your money, the lifestyle you had, and damn near made you destitute, you have to keep positive to stay sane. But while Raven understands that, Chelsea lying to Levi about who his dad really is, that’s a problem. Then when Chelsea uses Raven’s fully government name when trying to get her to back down, she realizes anger is also something Chelsea is trying to mask.

So, with that in mind, she looks for a few different ways to get Chelsea to release the tension. One way is role-playing, the other was going to be breaking dishes, until Raven learned they were $300 a pop. But, in the long run, it ends up yelling at the kids and having a heart to heart with Levi about his father.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Raven is scared of Tess’ mom because?


Learning About Chelsea’s Past and How Garret Affected Her and Levi

There seems to be a real honest shift now with Chelsea. Almost to the point, it is like what we saw in the first 6 episodes was all her still dealing with Garret robbing her blind and cheating on her. As if her erratic and perplexing nature was just some sort of means of her brain coping with all the sudden changes in her life. Yet, I think that school dance, in the last episode, sort of brought her back to center. She was able to take control of something in her life again and though Raven’s push may have been sooner than she liked, I think Chelsea was ready.

Ravens Home Season 1 Episode 8 Vending the Rules Levi facing off with Coach Spitz Anthony Alabi
Levi facing off with Coach Spitz (Anthony Alabi)

Especially as it was becoming clear that her trying to lie to deal with Garret isn’t doing Levi any favors. For while Levi has shown he is a smart kid, he is still a kid. Chelsea making it seem like he was a good guy sort of erases all he did. Plus, as seen, it made Levi think his dad’s business practices were appropriate. Hence why he was capable and willing to do some underhanded things to get what he wants.

Making that scene where Levi is told the truth a bit heartbreaking yet so necessary. Not just in terms of Levi knowing the truth, but also Chelsea saying that to someone besides her sole confidant – Raven. Now, with the truth out there, there is no hiding. All that is left is the healing process and trying to help Levi reconcile with the idea that man he loved did a really bad thing which negatively affected his, and his mom’s, life.

The Fact The Episode Was Able To Balance Something Heavy With A Good Amount of Comedy

I know the writers of this show aren’t associated with other shows, likely, but I do feel that there is a lot of synergy, for a lack of a better term, on the Disney Channel. If only because, I think they all are learning from past episodes what to do and not to do. Also, how to handle this new landscape where shows have arcs and storylines which aren’t just running gags.

Ravens Home Title CardNo, instead we are dealing with people who allow us to explore the pain behind their comical nature. Leading me to really press the need to meet Tess’ parents for I can just sense a breakdown coming from that character. For with everything we have learned thus far, I honestly feel like that will be a bigger moment than when Raven learns Booker has visions.

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