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I’ve come to accept Raven’s Home as is. Like many post-Girl Meets World programs, there are certain mature elements but while Andi Mack made a leap, Raven’s Home make careful baby steps. Which you can learn to appreciate. Even if it leads to the handling of some topics or jokes being pursued in a corny way.

From Pauper To King of the 4th Grade: Levi, Booker

Being that Levi is in the 4th grade and the twins, as well as Tess, are in the 6th, he is isolated for most of the day. Which is kind of okay until gym comes along. Especially because they are playing dodgeball. So, to help his unofficially adopted brother, Booker sneaks into Levi’s gym class. Which, due to a sub being in there, allows him to keep Levi safe.

However, Booker gets a little too into the game, which isn’t helped by the sub egging him on, to the point he almost pounces on Levi. But, during his moment of hesitation, Levi gets him. Thus making it where Levi has become kind of popular.


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Booker and Levi’s relationship is cute and sort of reminds me of Raven and Chelsea, if Chelsea wasn’t portrayed like she had brain damage. Making me wish this was the type of show that would allow us to see how this friendship evolves as Booker and Levi become teenagers. But, with this being on Disney, likely we’ll hit somewhere around 100 episodes and then this will be over.

The Twin… Dogs: Raven, Paisley

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Being that Raven was no longer fresh out of fashion school, and was competing against some young thing, she lied about the twins when interviewing with Paisley. She said she had twin dogs. A lie she keeps up this episode but the karma for that is now Paisley wants Raven to babysit her dog for the summer, and early fall.



Raven’s lie, and Chelsea and her having to report a creep who was watching them get mani-pedis, are some examples of how the show is making careful baby steps. For Raven’s lie addresses two things, one being ageism and maybe also the difficulty of being a working mom. Neither of which are dived into, but the show isn’t trying to present them as after school special topics but more so the way the world is. Which I kind of appreciate.

You Gon’ Get It: Nia, Tess, Raven


While Nia isn’t a baby, that doesn’t mean Raven supports the idea of her wearing makeup. If only because she thinks her daughter is young, beautiful, and doesn’t need it. However, Nia wants to look older and with Tess kind of egging her on, she decides to take some of Raven’s makeup and put it on at school.

Leading to her being noticed by Shannon Reynolds (Lexi Underwood), an 8th grader, who Tess and Nia note is like the Beyoncé of their school. She likes how Nia does makeup and with Nia learning from tutorials such things as blending, it seems she may have a real knack for makeup. Though, with her disobeying Raven about not putting in makeup, she ends up in trouble. It is just being grounded, but who wants that?


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A little rebellion, it being established there are rules in the household, and us getting to see them enforced. The only thing missing would be Raven staying mad her kid disobeyed her. But, being that Raven isn’t seemingly the type to hold a grudge, maybe that was too much to expect?

But what may matter most about this episode is that Nia found something she is good at and enjoys. Making for what could become a career for her. Plus, after Raven learns Booker has visions, makeup could be how Raven and Nia have their own personal connection.

Leaving the need to talk about Tess: Can we please meet her parents and see her household? There is this insatiable desire to try to understand if this kid is only this ghetto outside of the home or if she got it from her parents? Much less, is she adopted, perhaps bi-racial, or what? Because there is just something way too weird about Tess’ persona.

Other Noteworthy Moments

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Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Before making dog clothes, what did Raven do for a living?



  • Nia found something she is good at and likes. Something that could become a career.
  • We see how far Booker will go for his little buddy.

Low Points

  • Paisley – period.

On The Fence

  • Raven’s lie about the twins still alive.

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