Raven’s Home: Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Bearer of Dad News” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Devon officially moves to Texas and one of the things the twins have to remember him by gets thrown out and destroyed — by Chelsea.

Goodbye Devon: Devin, Nia, Booker, Raven

Devon is officially off to Texas and it is a bitter sweet moment. Sweet because everyone is proud of him, but Raven is a little bitter since she now won’t have a weekend to herself every now and then. As for the kids, they’re sad but between texting, video chats, and an eventual visit, they’ll be fine. Plus, they have Admiral Snuggles.


I found it pleasantly mature how the twins handled Devon leaving. Though, all things considered, with the way technology is, the only thing missing will be his physical presence. After all, with video calls in existence, it isn’t like they can’t say they haven’t seen him in weeks or months. Plus, while it may not be in person, he can still see and be part of important moments.

But, with all that said, I wonder if Raven may end up dating anyone on the show? For with her being one of the rare, though I doubt first, single parents of the Disney Channel, much less divorcée, it would be interesting to break ground. For while kids have dated and fallen for people on Disney, we haven’t gotten to see adults date. Which could help set precedents and create blue prints in young kids’ minds. For it is one thing to see what life is like after the dating is done and the ring is on the finger, but what comes before that? What makes someone husband or wife material? I think that could be interesting.

Momma Daddy: Nia, Booker, Raven

With Devon leaving on his weekend, the first he ever missed, Raven is trying to make up for it. She eats the chili Devon makes, despite not liking spicy foods. Raven watches a scary movie, despite not liking scary movies. She also gets onto this air drop ride, even though both she and Devon seemingly aren’t that fond of heights. However, her dislikes can never trump the love she has for her kids so she does it all. Not with a smile all the time, but it isn’t just about the thought but effort here.


Being that divorce isn’t something Disney touches much, it gives Raven and the cast a lot to explore. Leaving me to wonder if the absent Tess may end up in the situation. That is, having us see what a kid goes through when their parents’ divorce and how it affects them? A topic occasionally seen on TV, more so in movies, but not handled in a Disney environment. So here is hoping maybe Tess gets put to the test and is given what could be a meaty storyline.

As for Raven’s attempts to keep her kids happy? It was cute and admirable. However, I’m starting to believe I’m too old for her style of comedy. That or too tainted by vulgarity and innuendo.

Hence why Devon’s comment before leaving probably got a smile out of me.

I Could Never Take The Place of Admiral Snuggles: Chelsea, Nia, Booker

Admiral Snuggles is one of the main things we are presented as a memento from when Devon was in Chicago. Yes, there are pictures and other memories, but Admiral Snuggles represents a special one. So with Chelsea throwing it out and accidentally beheading it, this is a problem. One which no one discovers thanks to her winning, more so stealing, a new one.

However, not too long after she wins a new one the twins rip off its head fighting over it.


Would it be too much to ask for Chelsea’s IQ to be raised a little bit? Being odd, absent minded and things of that nature I can forgive. However, with how Levi dupes her and how idiotic she seems on a normal basis, it’s hard to see her as a real person. Especially one you can’t use the excuse of some sort of neural disorder to explain what is going on with her 1.

But I guess while Raven has evolved, some things have to stay the same. Though I’m trying to understand what Chelsea was talking about with paying half of the rent. I’m still under the impression she doesn’t work and is dead broke.



  • How the separation of Devon and the kids was Especially in terms of the kids understanding the opportunity Devon has yet still, of course, being sad to see him go.

Low Points

  • Chelsea being solely being comic relief.

What's Your Take?

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Things To Note

  1. Which I hope isn’t messed up to say
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