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As Nia pursues trying to see if she may have powers to, the boys are trying to show their moms they are appreciated.

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What’s So Special About Me?: Nia, Tess

Ravens Home s1e12 2

As we have seen, with Raven mostly paying attention to Booker, it does leave Nia having a bit of a complex sometimes. For while, yeah, she has Tess, she’d like to feel special too. So when she gets a D on a paper for her science class, for extra credit she writes about genetics. Leading her to try to figure a way to maybe trigger psychic abilities. Which she doesn’t, but her paper is so good she is encouraged to take honors classes though.

Mom Appreciation Day: Levi, Booker, Raven, Chelsea

Ravens Home Season 1 Episode 12 Dream Moms

The boys, between a snake and a school project, remind you why they get all the attention. Without it, they would be lost and probably end up doing something to make Raven and Chelsea lose custody. But, when not doing something like, say, breaking into the backstage area and knocking out singers, they are just causing a mess at home – and not helping to clean any of it hope.

So, with some help from Devon, they try to show their gratitude by getting their moms tickets to a group named La Dee Da. Which, despite some complications, doesn’t end up a terrible gesture. But, in the long run, all Chelsea and Raven want is for Booker and Levi to help around the house more. Leading to the question, is Nia not part of that conversation because she doesn’t make big messes or because she already helps?


You Don’t Have To Do Grand Gestures To Show Appreciation

Ravens Home s1e12 1

You got to love when little gems are dropped and hopefully, if kids are as impressionable as everyone says, maybe they’ll learn from them. Such as Devon using grand gestures to apologize and show Raven she is appreciated when really, a thank you or just doing some of the work he pushed on her would have sufficed.

A Reminder of Nia’s Neglect

Ravens Home Season 1 Episode 12 Dream Moms 2

Okay, Nia doesn’t directly name Raven in terms of her not feeling special. However, I doubt that the occasional talk really makes up for all Raven does for Booker and not her. Like Raven doing Booker’s project, without him. Though she doesn’t say anything, it seems clear to me that just because something isn’t said in an episode, doesn’t mean it isn’t noticed.

Heck, Nia hasn’t really talked about wanting powers or being jealous Booker has them that much. Yet she really pushes that maybe her powers are latent and ignores everything else she is good at. Be it playing basketball or, when she really sets her mind to something, she is usually good at it. But, despite her latent abilities and those she knows she has, there seems to be this underlying question of, “What makes Booker so special?”

Season 2 confirmed

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