Quinta Vs. Everything: Season 1/ Episode 5 “Quinta Vs. Humanity” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s all fun and games until Quinta has to wonder whether she should just accept the awkward moment or fight back against it.

Director(s) Zack Evans
Writer(s) Quinta Brunson
Air Date 1/8/18
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Characters Introduced
Petty Fairy Nyla Wissa

You Can’t Satisfy Everybody: Quinta

Quinta is a nice person who likes to keep things simple. A person in a wheelchair cuts her off? Better to let it go than address it. People talking politics and things of that nature? Go with the flow of the conversation. Three different things to donate to? Okay, that’s it and you’re testing her too far. There is a reason most places do one jar and that’s it.



Dipping A Toe In What It Means To Do Unlikable Things

Nyla Wissa as the Petty Angel letting Quinta know: Everyone has the power to be petty.
Nyla Wissa as The Petty Angel

Pettiness, in all its forms, is a balancing act. When can you be petty and not only get away with it but do so safely? Can a person, a Black person at that, just admit they are just not that into politics and you are asking the wrong one about current events? Can someone not be “woke?” Much less, who in their right damn mind gives you choices when choosing a charity?

In a way, Quinta Vs. Everything, while largely comical, is also addressing the question of what is and isn’t okay in society. Can you address a person in a wheelchair, especially if they are abrasive or is it because they are in a wheelchair, you just let whatever they say and do slide? Before, when Quinta addressed something, like her not liking kids, it was just funny. Now, however, it’s getting a little bit real and she is slowly treading toward questioning things which could make some feel the wrong way.

You can especially see this in her doing things like trying to lick her elbow with friends vs. keep up on current events. Does this make her dumb or carefree not knowing Trump’s latest blunder? Is it wrong to not try to maintain ignorant bliss? Must everyone know what is going on and be upset and agitated? Who has time and the energy for all that?

And then the charity bowls. Making people feel guilty to give money to services which are underfunded because our tax dollars go to war, seems mean. Is it wrong Quinta wants the luxury of a $5 cup of coffee? Yes, they may have some at work, but coffee for many determines how their day goes. Why get some every day, better than nothing coffee, when you can get some which puts a pep in your step?

Considering the issues Quinta has with her hair, dating at times, and keeping herself happy, can’t humanity give her a break and just let her be?

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