TV Series Quinta vs. Everything: Season 1/ Episode 4 "Quinta vs. Vanity" - Recap/...

Quinta vs. Everything: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Quinta vs. Vanity” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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You know how you generally look good but want to take it to the next level, that is what Quinta struggles with this episode.

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Director(s) Zack Evans
Writer(s) Quinta Brunson

Don’t Trust YouTube Gurus: Quinta

Quinta vs. Everything Season 1 Episode 4 Quinta vs. Vanity - Quinta having a bad hair day

You get what you pay for right? You listen to someone about how to do your hair and unfortunately have to either listen to them sell something or talk about their personal life – skip. Problem is, they put essential details in there and leave you scrambling the next day BECAUSE YOU TRUSTED THEM!

Same goes for makeups. You don’t know what you’re doing. They got you buying this product, from their affiliate link, you think because they are a person of color you can trust them and what happens? Well, they assumed you knew what the hell primer was and that you should have put that on. Like, why don’t you love me huh? Are you not making a living AND getting free stuff because of me? This is now 2018, do better.

I Have No Time For Embarrassment: Quinta

Quinta vs. Everything Season 1 Episode 4 Quinta vs. Vanity - Quinta having no time for embarassment

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You know what, life is all about learning things right? Make sure you blow dry your hair before certain styles. Primer, yeah, maybe that is something you are expected to put on before you do anything. I mean, it’s like Malcolm X said:

Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because [s]he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think or as fast. There was a time you didn’t know what you know today.
— Malcolm X (as per Maya Angelou) – All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes (Page 140)

You didn’t know, so what right do other people got to judge you. Ain’t you trying to be your best self? You are right? So why be embarrassed? Take a selfie because, makeup or not, you still cute and sexy.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Quinta vs. Everything Season 1 Episode 4 Quinta vs. Vanity - Quinta getting tired of this YouTuber going off track


There’s A Message, Without There Being a Direct Message

I fully admit that the way I write these recaps may borderline be ridiculous. However, the show in itself is kind of ridiculous too. Yet, when you really look at it, Quinta Vs. Everything isn’t just about jokes and highly relatable moments, there are messages in there too. Such as the one pointed out in the second topic.

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It was noted in the episode how when Quinta barely had makeup on she was cute, and she was still cute when she had went through a whole tutorial. Also, the other message was to always make the best of an awkward, if not bad to some, situation. You messed up your hair girl? Well, hey, that is what hats are for and a cute outfit to go with it. Hey, don’t got a cute hat or can’t wear one at your job? Grab a wig.

Don’t look at anything and breakdown, just look at it as an opportunity to get creative. See what can happen. Heck, look at Quinta. Her makeup getting messed up at the club kept her from getting hit on and dealing with trying to lose a dude all night. So, is that really a fail or did Quinta just discover

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