Multiple bombshells are dropped as Ralph Angel, and Darla make a decision with Blue, and Nova discovers something that could end her relationship with Calvin.

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Multiple bombshells are dropped as Ralph Angel, and Darla make a decision with Blue, and Nova discovers something that could end her relationship with Calvin.

Episode Title In The Summer Time To Simply Be
Director(s) Lauren Wolkstein
Writer(s) Ava DuVernay, Anthony Sparks
Aired (OWN) 4/13/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Andre Nixon Anton Clifford

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Has Time Healed Everything? – Davis, Charley

While there is not a single conversation about getting back together, Davis has made a case for it. He, for multiple days, has taken care of Charley, laughed with her, showed his loyalty, and she has taken notice. Also, despite all they’ve gone through, the only memories brought up are the good ones, and even when it comes to trying moments, like Davis’ being hard-headed, there is a laugh at the end of the tale.

Leaving you to wonder, since Davis says showing up for Charley is an automatic response if she needs him, could this mean a romantic future for them or just their friendship has healed?

You Thanked Him In Your Book – Andre, Nova, Calvin

With Nova finishing one article comes the next, and with all that is happening with George Floyd, she looks into Andre Nixon’s case. Now, who is he? Well, he was a young man who, after being caught by the cops for stealing, wasn’t just arrested, and that be the end of it. No. He and his friends were beaten, and Andre, specifically, his back was broken.

Andre Nixon (Anton Clifford) talking to Nova
Andre Nixon (Anton Clifford) talking to Nova

This story brings Nova to tears, but what especially gets her is learning, of the men who beat Andre, Calvin was one of them, AND he is the one who landed the blow which broke Andre’s back.

The Closest Thing To A Child I Had – Aunt Vi, Micah, Darla, Blue, Ralph Angel

Despite Darla and Ralph Angel seeming firm on Blue not going anywhere, and even Blue agreeing, since it would mean sacrificing time with his family, Ralph Angel has a change of heart. Why? Well, because conversations with Aunt Vi and even hearing Blue speak, it presented the idea that either Blue may end up a farmer or the best thing he could be is manage a local supermarket.

Mind you, Ralph Angel isn’t putting down what he does for a living or others, but his kid is exceptional, dreams of being an astronaut, potentially president, yet he seems ready to settle into what his dad and grandpa did. Blue has already begun to create a bit of a ceiling for himself, based on the realities of his environment, and that doesn’t sit well with Ralph Angel.

So, he starts to seek validation. Darla and Aunt Vi won’t give it, Nova co-signs the idea of how terrible it is that the best and brightest often are exported and have to live the life of an “other” to find success. But then Ralph Angel speaks to Micah, and with Micah, who was born into privilege, went to schools where he was the minority, presenting both sides, Ralph Angel finally hears what he needed to. There is the issue of feeling excluded and alone, but also there are the wealth of opportunities he has had. And what better thing is there for a young Black person than to have a choice?

So, with that in mind, Ralph Angel presents Blue with a choice, guilt-free, with realistic expectations of what he can be. Thus, with the feeling he is allowed to speak his truth, bring his dreams into reality, it is agreed that he’ll head to DC and spend weekends and holidays in Louisiana.

Which leads to Aunt Vi blowing up on Ralph Angel. Mind you, not in a way that fully conveys her own fears, insecurities, or worries. Rather, we get that old Aunt Vi, the one who has no issue dredging up someone’s past, getting into the mud, just because you offended her. Hence why, in the previews for this episode, Ralph Angel took things as far as he did. For when a woman you love brings up not just your past, which is Ralph Angel going to prison, but your wife’s too? Darla going through hell? Oh, love and respect aside, you got to check people.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, could this mean Blue is going to become a guest star or reoccurring role next season, or we’re going to dive deeper into Darla’s life in DC and her foundation?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I made my choices, and I’m happy with them. […] I see that it was a privilege to have a choice to even make.
— Micah

What you say matters, but it’s not the final word.
— Ralph Angel



Davis, Charley, and Micah

Davis reaffirming his love for Charley
Davis reaffirming his love for Charley

From what we’re told by Davis, Micah has started to gain some traction in Minneapolis. He is creating protests, marches, speaking out, and showing himself to be Charley’s son. Though, as much as there is a need to praise Micah, all the attention can’t be on him. There is the need to turn up an eyebrow to Davis and Charley, for it isn’t clear what the long game is here.

Now, Timon Kyle Durrett is still noted as a guest star, so Davis becoming a series regular and dating Charley doesn’t seem to be in the card. However, what is becoming clear is that, with Charley forced into stillness, to slow down, she has had a chance to look at how far she has come, especially with her loved ones. And considering the ability to stop has allowed her to reflect, there is a need to question if she may come back even stronger, perhaps make moves in a way that isn’t to the detriment of her health, or decide to shift her focus?

Aunt Vi

While she isn’t anyone’s mother, there is no denying the influence Aunt Vi has had on her brother’s children. Be it their sense of family or knowing what to say to cut someone till it hurts, you can see a bit of Aunt Vi in each and every one of them. Hence why seeing a reminder of her darker side was a highlight.

Aunt Vi going off on Ralph Angel
Aunt Vi going off on Ralph Angel

Why? Well, while we know Aunt Vi is imperfect, the occasional reminder of to what extent is sometimes necessary. So when it comes to her throwing up Ralph Angel AND Darla’s past? That reminded you that while water might be under the bridge, it is still running and could be heard despite how many paces away you are. And it also acts as a recall to when Aunt Vi was hesitant about giving up Blue while Ralph Angel was away and Darla getting her life together, which was only a few years ago.

Add in the thought that, for most of Aunt Vi’s life, she was either with an abusive husband or living vicariously, raising Blue on her own, with Hollywood’s support, that was the closest thing to having a child she has got and will get. So as much as you want to look at her and think, “THE AUDACITY!” there is a pain there you have to recognize and forgive. For just as Aunt Vi finally has a man worth the time and pain of raising a kid, she can only raise someone else’s child, and for the betterment of his life, she had to give him up so he could have something close to normal.

The End of Calvin

I mean, Calvin served his purpose. He presented the conflict of being pro-Black, in a multitude of ways, yet the heart wanting what it wants, and so you figure a way to make it work. However, can Nova, both in her heart and mind push past this? Bad enough Calvin was there, but him breaking a young man’s back, putting him in a wheelchair, and altering his life in a way that there can be no real justice?

RIP to Calvin x Nova, for I just don’t see anything about this, leading to their relationship continuing – unless she is pregnant.

Nova and Aunt Vi’s Points About Blue Not Going To The DC School

There have always been conversations about “Finding a way out,” which usually follows the idea of not coming back, turning back, or perhaps leaving the people you came up with behind. The reason being, if you don’t, the situation Mr. Nixon ended up in might happen. Which is you trying to live in both the world of the prestige, yet hang with the wrong homies, and pay the price.

Yet, as Nova said, there is something about pride over prestige, and while what Micah said about access and opportunity is right, so is the issue of always looking elsewhere but home. After all, take Nova’s journalism. She could go back to something more corporate, maybe climb the ladder to a prestigious paper, but she has learned that it isn’t worth it. All that glitz and glamour doesn’t instill pride. Yes, it does give opportunities, but after a certain point, fighting for opportunities never meant for you gets to be a lot. Especially if you end up with imposters syndrome, amongst other things.

But, getting to the point, one of the things not consistently approached is the idea that you always have to leave to do better, and between Aunt Vi and Nova, while their argument for staying wasn’t the best, it is nice to have that counter. It just made me wish between local tutors or mentors, they would have brought a credible means to keep Blue in St. Jo beyond what was presented.

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Nova and Aunt Vi's Points About Blue Not Going To The DC School - 87%
The End of Calvin - 82%
Aunt Vi - 85%
Davis, Charley, and Micah - 83%


In the penultimate episode of the season, I wouldn't say there is the best build to the finale, but with Queen Sugar being a seasoned show, it no longer needs those kind of gimmicks and seems to know it. Rather, as this less intense season has shown, it can skip the grand fights and just focus on personal drama and be just as good, if not better.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine Nova’s relationship with Calvin continuing after that just confirms Nova’s fear of him being one of the bad guys, she always had her suspicions and frankly breaking a kid’s back and ruining his life is just unforgivable. Aunt vi hit below the belt and so Ralphie’s response was justified even though i had wished he exercised a little more restraint as a man and not unload on her like that.. but they are family and they’ll settle it. Great episode and I’m glad they took the right decision on Blue even though it was hard. It’d be unfair to not give that boy options. They can still do alot to impart alot of things into him and he doesn’t necessarily have to be in St. Jo for them to do that…..

  2. I do hope they find a way to keep Calvin on the show. I love his and Nova’s relationship and hope that there was a mistake in the identification. I hope they won’t vilify one of the best guys on the show who truly loves his woman and is willing to be a better person for her. Please keep him.

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