When it rains, it pours, and while it seems some may have learned to swim, others may pass out from the struggle and drown.

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When it rains, it pours, and while it seems some may have learned to swim, others may pass out from the struggle and drown.

Director(s) Deborah Kampmeier
Writer(s) Valerie C. Woods, Chloé Hung
Air Date 8/7/2019

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Deesha, Darla, and The Review Board: Ralph Angel, Deesha, Darla

With Ralph Angel’s farm grant in flux, Deesha finds herself doubling down in pro bono work for Ralph Angel. While this happens, Darla checks in for she hears about Charley’s mill and it shakes her up a bit. Especially since Ralph Angel isn’t responding how she would like him to – hence her popping up and Deesha meeting Darla. Which, say what you will about RA, doesn’t lead to him saying Deesha is his lady or nothing like that. She’s his friend, and Deesha feels the sting a little bit but doesn’t say anything. She’s not that kind of woman. Plus, while Darla and Ralph Angel have history, considering the investment Deesha has made, she’s the one who has a future with this man.

The Demon Formerly Known As Frances And Calling In Old Favors: Frances, Charley, Sam, Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Nova, Ralph Angel

With the mill burnt beyond any quick repairs, since it was on fire for 30 minutes and hit from multiple points, clearly arson, Charley is in a rage. One which makes Nova’s return like adding a log to the fire but Nova, thankfully, is smart enough to back off rather than end up bald. However, one person not so lucky is Frances. Someone is accused of causing the fire but doesn’t admit it. But, what she does do is say Charley should be humbled and show her whole ass. Don’t ask why this is done, her showing she is racist and possibly worse than Sam, if not just uncouth, but she lets it be clear she ain’t manure.

Unfortunately though, while she does insult Charley, even brings up she is mixed, what she doesn’t do is confess to arson. So while Ralph Angel recorded everything, Deesha says they don’t have what they need to file any charges. Making it so all that can be done is letting the insurers do their thing, and Aunt Vi decides to do something as well. Specifically, she calls in Hollywood to bring the family together, and also “summons” Sam.

Why? Well, apparently he owes her a favor. One I can’t recall how Aunt Vi gained, throughout 4 seasons, but maybe I’ve forgotten something? Either way, he seems beholden to it, and while he makes it seem he is unsure of his reach, Aunt Vi presses him, and Sam seems like he will try to get whoever is coming so hard at Vi’s family to stop.

The Past Is A Struggle With or Without You: Darla, Deesha, Ralph Angel, Romero, Charley, Micah, Keke, Calvin, Nova, Aunt Vi

Despite how things were, the mill fire puts things into perspective and actually brings Keke back into Micah’s world. In fact, she is talking about prom and also prom night. But, while Micah is in a good place, including with Nova, upon meeting Calvin things sour a bit. In fact, they don’t just sour for him but Nova when she is coerced to ask Calvin questions she avoided before. The first being whether he ever used excessive force, and the second is whether he turned a blind eye to other cops using excessive force – especially against Black and Brown people.

To the first question, he says he never used excessive force, but for the second question, he admits he has turned a blind eye. With that confession, so comes the need for Nova to process. Not just what he said but considering she doesn’t have anyone but her nephew, can she afford to lose Calvin over this?

And we should note, while Charley and the rest aren’t keen on Nova, Aunt Vi does miss her. Not enough to reach out at this time, but that was her baby, for all intents and purposes. But, honestly, what Aunt Vi may need to do is just keep focusing on Charley. Not just because of the mill and backlash for her running for office, but also because Romero has learned about the migrant workers killed on Ralph Angel’s farm due to them being pushed to work. That sends him in a tailspin and makes him question if he knows Charley? At least the real one.

But while Charley may have drama in her relationship, Ralph Angel is cool. Yes, Darla is acting like an ex who can sense someone is moving on, but Deesha seems comfortable. She opens up about how Joie’s father left her high and dry and has a real deal conversation with Ralph Angel. Not the kind which puts out there, “I don’t want to be hurt again,” but does say she is trusting him with her time, energy, and she also trusts him with her body too.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Prosper reveals Ernest didn’t kill anyone. Did beat a man within an inch of his life, but what Nova saw Ernest bury was his pain and, metaphorically, his ability to kill.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was the favor Aunt Vi did for Sam?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Your feelings are real, it don’t mean they’re always the truth.
— Deesha



Keke and Micah Back Together

While many may see Hollywood and Aunt Vi as the couple of the show, I’d submit Keke and Micah give them a run for their money. If only due to their longevity and because they don’t have much in the way of drama. Not to downplay Micah’s transformation, in due partly to Nova, hasn’t made the relationship a bit more difficult to be in for Keke. But, clearly, she wants Micah to, if not be her forever, at least her first.

Deesha Not Feeling Insecure About Darla

Could Deesha have caught a case about being introduced as a friend? Especially considering all she is doing for RA and his family? Yes. She would even be in her rights to do so. Yet, she didn’t. She is so secure in what she has that she doesn’t say a word about it, and when Darla did step towards Ralph Angel, she seemed more than willing to give them space.

That’s maturity right there. That is recognition that Darla will be in that man’s life always for she is the mother of his son. So it is best to let them have their space when needed, trust Ralph Angel, than to act a fool.

Frances Showing Her True Face & Sam Showing A Different One Of His

Sam’s family has always been trash, and Frances has been a snake in the grass since we’ve met her. Even with her whole thing about being the passed over girl, it doesn’t change the fact she never really did much to help Charley take down Sam or really get any footing. Charley still needed a private investigator and was often left on the defensive. But now with Frances showing her true face, oh – it is on like Donkey Kong.

But, question is, with Sam owing a favor to Vi, coming off far nicer than he has ever seemed before, has he turned over a new leaf? If not, is trying to portray himself as the lesser of two evils? I get the idea of speaking from business person to business person but is there a real difference between him wanting to end the mill financially and the possibility his sister played a part in destroying it by arson?

On The Fence

Darla Presenting That Old “I Can Feel My Ex Moving On” Vibe

I don’t see Darla and Ralph Angel as end game. The way this show is written could make that happen, but I feel they have grown and should move on. Which is something Ralph Angel has, admittedly, had a much more easier time doing than Darla. For even with Leo in the picture, while that was cute for an episode or two, Leo has not had any of the consistency of Ralph Angel’s past love interest. Leo fell off quick so, in a way, you can understand why Darla has this look when it comes to Ralph Angel yet you have to enjoy Ralph Angel not sending no sign, signal, or flag that he is trying to retread that road.


While I still support Nova’s book, in terms of how it shook up the show, it does feel like now that the drama is dying down, she is back to where she once was. That is trying to jump on another character’s storyline since she doesn’t really have much worth noting of her own. Because this Calvin thing? I get they feel, Nova and Calvin, what they had didn’t really get resolved properly, but there is no chemistry there. History, yes, they have, but there isn’t something which brings entertainment value, lessons, or #RelationshipGoals. Calvin doesn’t even feel like a placeholder for something better. He just seems like someone for Nova to consistently play off of since bigger things might be planned for Micah than checking on his aunt.

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Frances Showing Her True Face & Sam Showing A Different One Of His - 80%
Deesha Not Feeling Insecure About Darla - 86%
Keke and Micah Back Together - 85%


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