Home TV Series Queen Sugar: Season 4, Episode 6 “By The Spit” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Queen Sugar: Season 4, Episode 6 “By The Spit” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

While some are making strides recovering from Nova’s book, Aunt Vi begins to really feel the effects and Nova, herself, is dealing with the dark side of her new success.

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Director(s)Bola Ogun
Writer(s)Felicia Pride
Air Date7/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Pastor Angel MartinezArmando Leduc
Lady GenevieveGinnie Randall

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Recovery Is A Slow Process: Aunt Vi, Ralph Angel, Blue, Darla, Hollywood

It seems the effects of Nova’s book, and seeing her ex-husband, has led Aunt Vi to journey further towards rock bottom. Which, for her, is her libido being off, maybe even a sense of depression. Two things which have nothing to do with Hollywood but, lest we forget, he has had a wife before, and in that relationship, he did nearly everything he could and was leaned on. So with that not being the case with Aunt Vi, naturally, he is a bit lost and bewildered as to what can he do. Especially when Vi says she needs space. A request Hollywood honors but it’s clear that Vi being alone may not help her move past her issues.

If anything, she may need counseling like Darla has setup for Blue. Someone who, by the end of the episode, seems a bit like his old self since he got to talk to someone. You know, a professional and not just his parents or his doll. But, as this all happens, there comes the need to ask if maybe Ralph Angel might need counseling too. For between the book, Blue’s reaction, the farm being threatened, and him trying to move on from his past, maybe he could use someone to talk to that isn’t family, an ex, or someone he is dating? Granted, being self-employed means he has to pay out of pocket, assuming he doesn’t have insurance, but it could be a good investment.

What Fed You Once Can Bite You Later: Nova, Octavia

Dr. Octavia Laurent (Cree Summer) as Nova says she has outgrown her.

Dr. Octavia Laurent (Cree Summer)

From what we see, Octavia’s place in Nova’s life is born out of a few things. One is likely a sense of loneliness since it seems whatever itch Nova knows how to scratch, Octavia never found another woman who could do the same. Also, there is the issue of not being that shiny new thing anymore. Dr. Laurent has been in academia for 20 years and, understandably, for someone, her own student, to get further with less to say is astounding. After all, aren’t we all mad about what Nova has said? So imagine someone like Dr. Laurent who has studied what Nova boasts her book to be and her knowing it is BS.

Think about that for a second. Similar to how social media comics get roles that stand up comics can’t get despite their legacies, or how musicians and models get acting roles despite no training, that’s what Dr. Laurent feels. She is a notable academic who can, at most, get to write a foreword while Nova is asked to be a noteworthy writer in a potentially prestigious book.

Now, does that excuse her blocking some of Nova’s blessings? No. Yet, it does remind you one of the reasons Nova has such a hard time in relationships. Everyone wants Nova to be something for them, an escape, a stepping stone, someone to mold into their image, but never Nova. There isn’t one ex that we’ve seen that didn’t push her to be someone, and maybe that’s why, for a hot minute, she pursued Remy. He was the only one who seemed to get her and accepted the person presented to him.

Getting back to the good doctor, with Nova catching the shade and being told Dr. Laurent made her, it becomes clear they are at an end. Not because of Dr. Laurent trying to get a come up, putting Nova down, or trying to manipulate her. It’s just that Nova has clicked into the mindset of realizing that all she could get from Dr. Laurent as a total person has been given. So, at this point, the only thing she is now is convenient. Which isn’t what Nova needs right now so, in her mind, she has outgrown Dr. Laurent, and while insulted, it seems Dr. Laurent agrees. Leading to her leaving in grace.

Your Focus Can’t Only Be On The Opposition, But Those You Have To Win Over: Romero, Pastor Martinez, Charley

With Charley running to represent the parish, so comes a bit of a reality check. Yes, in her world, the one which is predominately Black, she has support. However, the parish isn’t only Black. It is also Latinx and while dating Romero may have inspired her to brush up on her Spanish, even gives her a peer into his culture, it isn’t lost on many she is just now taking note they exist. One person in particular, Pastor Martinez, isn’t really that impressed by Charley’s sudden interest in him, his congregation, or the local Latinx community. In fact, in so few words, he calls out her pandering.

Pastor Angel Martinez (Armando Leduc) having a conversation with Charley about gaining his support.

Pastor Angel Martinez (Armando Leduc)

Yet, it is made clear by the time she officially announces that he is willing to come to the table and have discussions. After all, while Black Americans built America, it is the Latinx community that does the jobs no one else want to maintain it. And if the builders and maintenance folk are fighting, that means the people upstairs can keep counting their money and elevating a few of the minorities to keep their own kind from causing trouble.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. With it being revealed Calvin is making a return, what’s the chance of Dr. Dubois coming back? Was he in the book?
  2. So between what Aunt Vi said about Lorna and Dr. Laurent, who has a more negative impact on Nova’s ability to form healthy relationships?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“I can’t remember the last time a man added to my life without taking from it or tried to change me.”
— Charley



The Shift For Prosper & Aunt Vi

The beautiful thing about Aunt Vi’s character is she brought on the rare representation of a woman a certain age who was vibrant, sexual, had life to her, and was anything but meek. Making this shift in her person enjoyable. Not in a bad way, but we’re beginning to understand how she was able to be that kind of person. It wasn’t from accepting her past, learning from it, and moving on. She suppressed it. To survive, thrive even, she packed away all those feelings and put them under the bed. Dealing with how they’d, on the rare occasion, wake her up from her sleep.

So with Nova opening that suitcase and letting the monster out, I’m looking forward to seeing Vi’s process. For, in this case, there is no cathartic release to help her move on. She can go off on Nova over and over, vent about her too, but that isn’t going to fix things. The demon she has strapped down is now affecting her marriage, her libido, and may have her feeling depressed. Thus really pushing you to wonder if Vi may let this consume her or will she seek out help. Which, essentially, may have been what Nova wanted her to do all along.

Lady Genevieve (Ginnie Randall) greeting Prosper.

Lady Genevieve (Ginnie Randall)

Switching to Prosper, what you have to love about how things have shifted for him is that he is now being seen as more than a mentor. Be it Charley or Ralph Angel, he sort of stepped into Ernest’s role. Not as a father, but as someone who could give them the personal attention they needed when it came to farming that only someone who is, or is like, family could. So with him now being given a personal life, a possible girlfriend in Genevieve, it’s like getting to see him reach the same level Aunt Vi has long enjoyed. Which is his age not limiting him to what role he can play on this show, or in life.

Nova & Octavia

While Octavia, in some ways, gave Nova a taste of karma, in terms of her being used for a potential come up, the thing we really have to focus on is the idea of outgrowing a person, recognizing when someone is a crutch, and taking note of people who invest in order to seek a return. Breaking that down, I think it is best to begin with the crutch statement. In my mind, Nova, similar to Charley, has always had an issue finding a sense of belonging. Whether it is because of her skin tone, perhaps the way she was before Octavia “spit-shined her up” or just feeling out of place, I’d submit many of her relationships, romantic or otherwise, were crutches.

Primarily in the form of her being willing to set aside her morals, maybe even who she is as a whole, to become what that person wanted. She may have done that with Aunt Vi and became the daughter Aunt Vi never had. Nova likely did that with every man and woman she ever dated, and it could be one of the reasons why she has such a hard time with criticism now. Despite how Nova may seem so consistent since season 1, to the point of you questioning if she has developed or evolved much, maybe it is because her turning point happened within a few months or years from the series premiere?

Maybe that is when she started to realize she made herself small or cut pieces away of herself to fit into other people’s lives? Heck, thinking about how she treats Ralph Angel and Darla at times, maybe her lashing out at them is because they have things she has long craved but never found. Validation from another human being. A child, or a young person, who sees the best in them. That is, rather than a bunch of people who may give a methadone shot to her insecurities or loneliness.

Leading to the idea of a return in investment. From Calvin, Dr. DuBois, Octavia, even Chantal, you saw people invest in Nova seeking something in return. Calvin wanted an excuse to leave his wife in a way which wouldn’t put all the guilt on him. Dr. DuBois wanted a sparring partner, and someone on his arm, to elevate his platform. Chantal saw Nova as a leader who she could influence and maybe use for her own interest. Then, with Octavia, she saw someone who could renew her relevance so that she wasn’t just respected, but sought out. It’s toxic relationships like this which help you further understand Nova’s book and her need to call out everyone. Basically, she is lashing out, in a calm, pseudo-intellectual way. For how else can she deal with her demons is everyone else doesn’t deal with their own? You can be as clean as you want to, but all it takes is one filthy person to taint your sense of purity all over.

Nova (Rutina Wesley) breaking up with Dr. Laurent.

Nova (Rutina Wesley)

Bringing us to the idea of outgrowing people, which perhaps is the most complicated of them all. Mainly due to points Dr. Laurent brings up in the belief that if Charley wasn’t Nova’s family, would she be her friend? And while their conversation ends with Nova saying she outgrew Octavia, so comes the question if she is hanging onto some of her family members strictly because they are family? Not because she looks up to them, values, them, still learns from them, but simply out of familiarity or convenience?

Aunt Vi, for example, I think Nova has outgrown. She was a maternal figure when her mom died, and some could say did the best she could, and her best wasn’t necessarily what was good for an impressionable child. Making me wonder, if healing ever does come for Nova and her family, will it lead to them reevaluating their relationships and noting that blood shouldn’t be the end-all to be all unless it is time to close ranks? Since, as seen from both sides, there is a lack of consideration and inability to have a certain amount of empathy for one another. Be it in the good times or bad.

Blue In Therapy

Therapy is something we’re increasingly seeing Black women take part of, but when it comes to Black men, it’s still more an exception than a rule in media. Charlemagne Tha God pushes himself to be an example, and challenges guest to speak out or seek counseling, but in fictional media, it isn’t as big of a thing. That is why Blue being in therapy, and how Ralph Angel is pushed to really deal with his emotions, beyond talks with family members, is of such great importance. Not to say it is going to lead to a bunch of converts and a spike in Black men going to therapy. However, there is always something about seeing someone else do it, even if in a fictional narrative, that may click something. Maybe dispel a prejudice or fear, and lead to a sense of curiosity. Which, in many ways, is needed for suppressing feelings is how so many ended up in the problems they are currently facing.

Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk

Charley’s storyline is experiencing a bit of an uptick thanks to this political role she is taking on. But, what is of greater interest is the new challenges it is presenting. Primarily in the form of challenging her to step out of her comfort zone. Which is a big deal since Charley has spent most of her life feeling like she hasn’t belonged and has just recently felt like she found, if not earned, her place in St. Jo’s Black community. So to now challenge herself to find acceptance amongst the Latinx community is going to be a sight to see. Especially since, off the bat, she is presented with caution and skepticism. Romero isn’t allowed to be some sort of pass, nor the former representative.

What I love about that is that it reminds you, and calls out politicians, from touting out having a Black, Latinx, and etc. friend when entering spaces not made for you. When you go into communities you’ve never stepped in before and are clearly the outsider of. It’s not necessarily on your friend to show you are one of the good ones, down for the people, or what have you. That’s your job. One person can’t speak for the many, and their word can’t compensate for your actions, or previous lack of actions.

After all, lest we forget, things weren’t necessarily the best for the Latinx community when they started working with and for the Bordelon family. So considering Nova’s book, Charley may find herself answering for much more than suppressing and paying off someone Davis was messing around with.

On The Fence

Micah and Keke

Keke (Tanyell Waivers) talking ot Micah.

Keke (Tanyell Waivers)

Being that Keke has been around forever, it is a bit frustrating she has never grown past being Micah’s girlfriend. We were told she does a lot outside of dating him, in terms of volunteering and so much more, but after that whole pageant thing was over, that got dropped. So here is hoping with her being single, or appearing to be, maybe as Micah gets dialed back a bit, Keke may get the chance to shine solo.

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Queen Sugar - Episode List

Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 4, Episode 13 “I Am” [Season Finale]In the season finale for Queen Sugar, while many find peace, unfortunately for Charley, it seems she just keeps swapping who she is at war with.
Director(s)Ayoka Chenzira
Writer(s)Anthony Sparks
Air Date9/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
ParkerAmirah Vann
  • Something From Our Past | Nova, Ralph Angel
  • A Love Renewed | Ralph Angel, Nova, Darla, Calvin
  • I Am My Father’s Daughter | Aunt Vi, Frances, Parker, Charley, Sam
Season 4, Episode 12 “Here”

Just a Nova seems to be recovering her place in the family, Charley might be ready to cut them all off.


Pratibha Parmar


Anthony Sparks, Alison McKenzie

Air Date


Introduced This Episode


Kei'Undrea Turner

  • Let’s Not Repeat The Mistakes Of The Past: Darla, Nova, Aunt Vi, Blue, Ralph Angel
  • Destroying The Path I Laid Down: Aunt Vi, Jimmy Dale, Nova, Layla
  • If It Isn’t One Thing, It’s Another: Charley, Micah, Keke, Aunt Vi, Nova, Prosper, Frances
Season 4, Episode 11 “I’m Sorry”As a rainstorm sweeps through St. Jo, many find themselves with someone who forces them to slow down and think about their future.
Director(s)Stacey Muhammad
Writer(s)Valerie C. Woods, Mike Flynn
Air Date8/28/2019
  • A Prom Night To Remember: Micah, Keke, Asha
  • I Should Be With The One I Love: Deesha, Ralph Angel, Darla
  • A Change Gon’ Come: Nova, Calvin, Hollywood, Aunt Vi, Charley, Jacob
Season 4, Episode 10 “Oh Mamere”The night Blue was conceived is talked about, as well as many past trauma that still shakes characters to the core.
Director(s)Cheryl Dunye
Writer(s)Chloé Hung, Felicia Pride
Air Date8/21/2019
Introduced This Episode
JordanAmanda Tavarez
  • Charley, Nova, Aunt Vi | Hurt People Hurt People
  • Micah, Blue, Prosper, Ralph Angel, Hollywood | Boys & Men
  • Jordan, Darla, Aunt Vi, Ralph Angel | Darla Talks About The Night She Conceived Blue
Season 4, Episode 9 “Stare At The Same Fires”As Nova comes to terms with what she did, and tries to atone, Darla struggles in isolation. Also, the men challenge themselves to open up to one another.
Director(s)C. Fitz
Writer(s)Lisa Morales
Air Date8/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Miss MarthaCarol Sutton
  • Oh Mother, Mother Of Mine: Miss Martha, Nova, Darla, Ralph Angel, Blue, Leo
  • Not All Boys Become Men: Micah, Keke, Ralph Angel, Hollywood, Aunt Vi
  • Gather Together & Share The Burden Evenly: Prosper, Charley, Nova, Micah
Season 4, Episode 8 “All The Borders”When it rains, it pours, and while it seems some may have learned to swim, others may pass out from the struggle and drown.
Director(s)Deborah Kampmeier
Writer(s)Valerie C. Woods, Chloé Hung
Air Date8/7/2019
  • Deesha, Darla, and The Review Board: Ralph Angel, Deesha, Darla
  • The Demon Formerly Known As Frances And Calling In Old Favors: Frances, Charley, Sam, Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Nova, Ralph Angel
  • The Past Is A Struggle With or Without You: Darla, Deesha, Ralph Angel, Romero, Charley, Micah, Keke, Calvin, Nova, Aunt Vi
Season 4, Episode 7 “Of Several Centuries”As the dust begins to settle from Nova’s book, the Landry and Bourdeux family decide to hurt destroy what the Bordelon family has built. Either physically or its bonds.
Director(s)Tchaiko Omawale
Writer(s)Anthony Sparks
Air Date7/31/2019
  • The Ghost Of My Past Continues To Haunt Me:Leo, Darla, Nova, Calvin
  • Learning To Be Strong On My Own: Aunt Vi
  • And It All Falls Down: Ralph Angel, Charley, Deesha, Jacob
Season 4, Episode 6 "By The Spit"While some are making strides recovering from Nova’s book, Aunt Vi begins to really feel the effects and Nova, herself, is dealing with the dark side of her new success.
Director(s)Bola Ogun
Writer(s)Felicia Pride
Air Date7/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Pastor Angel MartinezArmando Leduc
Lady GenevieveGinnie Randall
  • Recovery Is A Slow Process: Aunt Vi, Ralph Angel, Blue, Darla, Hollywood
  • What Fed You Once Can Bite You Later: Nova, Octavia
  • Your Focus Can’t Only Be On The Opposition, But Those You Have To Win Over: Romero, Pastor Martinez, Charley
Season 4, Episode 5 “Face Speckled”Nova’s book continues to devastate her family and extended family. But, we also learn of someone who was omitted who takes offense to the book.
Season 4, Episode 4 “Skin Transparent”On the eve of Nova’s book release, another secret comes out, and Darla confronts Nova about bringing her narrative to her story.
Season 4, Episode 1 “Pleasure Is Black” [Season Premiere]Despite being warned, Nova went full steam ahead with her book, and we only get a taste of the fallout this episode.
Season 4, Episode 2 “I No Longer Imagine”As more people read Nova’s book, we learn it comes just on the cusp of the storm ending for some and one colossal storm on its way.
Season 4, Episode 3 “Where My Body Stops Or Begins”As the drama Nova brought to everyone’s life continues to ramp up, Charley is faced with issues with the Landry family and Micah.

Season 1/ Episode 4 "The Darker Sooner"

Ralph Angel takes a back seat as the focus is on Charley’s business acumen and Nova’s journalism.

Season 1/ Episode 5 "By Any Means"

So it seems, the past familiarity of storylines was just to draw you in, get you comfortable and settled, and while there isn’t some huge surprise or shock in “By Any Chance”, there are veers to paths perhaps not surely expected.

Season 1/ Episode 6 "As Promised"

Perception is everything. It is what allows a person to trust another and it determines how we are going to handle another person. Especially when it comes to our secrets, as well as our time. Yet looks can be deceiving so even at our best mistakes can be made. As seen in this episode.

Season 1/ Episode 3 "Thy Will Be Done"

Everyone grieves differently and the pain isn’t consistent. There are good days and bad days, but it is the things left behind which matter most. So when those things are being ravaged through or taken from you, naturally it can lead to you being left a bit messed up. Which with what everyone is grieving, be it Ernest or their marriage, it seems there is always but one straw before the camel’s back ends up broke.

Season 1/ Episode 2 “Evergreen”

Family. Be it by bonds created by blood or choices we made, it gets complicated. But no matter the bond it always takes two or more to maintain that connection and keep it beneficial. Which can be hard when ego, our own inability to communicate, and distrust gets in the way.

Season 1/ Episode 1 “First Things First”

OWN is a slept on channel. Granted, starting things off with a slew of Tyler Perry productions didn’t begin its scripted foray with the best reputation. However, since branching out to different visionaries OWN arguably has gained the type of programming you’d have expected the decades old BET to have had years ago. So with their newest addition, Queen Sugar, arguably Oprah Winfrey and her team have created a solid launch pad for new talent, seasoned talent who deserve steady work, and those in between who may be familiar faces but never got the roles they deserved.

Season 1/ Episode 7 "In No Uncertain Terms"

Freedom lies across the field of the difficult conversation. And the more difficult the conversation, the greater the freedom.
—  “Chapter 11: Yes to No, Yes to Difficult Conversations.” Year of Yes

Season 1/ Episode 8 "Where With All"

A storm comes to the area and forces everyone to Aunt Vi’s house, included some people Aunt Vi would never willingly invite in. No matter how strong the storm is.

Season 1/ Episode 9 "Next to Nothing"

The storm has passed and with that comes a calm. Not a calm before the storm because this show isn’t about such things. It’s the type of calm which is healing. For while there are uprooted trees and fallen branches, yeah there maybe some tears. But in rebuilding, you are reminded of who is there for you through thick and thin, and not just family either.

Season 1/ Episode 10 "So Far"

There are quite a few setbacks, for everyone, in this episode, but there is always one person who creates some sort of silver lining. In that person, there is hope.

Season 1/ Episode 11 "All Good"

The importance of a connection with another human being, especially one which is dependable and trying to do right by you, is such a beautiful and strengthening thing. Though it isn’t always stable and with that comes fear.

Season 1/ Episode 12 "Far Too Long"

Almost everyone is trying to prove something to themselves or others. Either proving they can move on, triumph over adversity, or that they deserve to be loved.

Season 1/ Episode 13 "Give Us This Day"

Charley’s various manipulations are tested, as Nova learns of the complications which will come dating Calvin again and Ralph Angel looks for some respect from Charley.

Season 2/ Episode 1 “After The Winter”

One of the hardly arguable highlights of Black media returns. And, as always, you find yourself smiling because of the family dynamics, crying tears over certain struggles they have, and end up triggered as well. To say the least, Queen Sugar remains an emotional roller coaster ride that as soon as it is over, you want to get right back on.

Season 2/ Episode 2 “To Usward”

Grieving isn’t something just for the dead. A loss of innocence, relationships, these are worth mourning over. But from the dead, the richness of once was life, blooms something new. Something we see quite a bit of in “To Usward.”

Season 2/ Episode 3 “What Do I Care For Morning”

“What Do I Care For Morning” is an episode of growth and recognizing the needs of another person. Be it Charley recognizing the needs of Davis or Ralph Angel to be a role model in their son’s lives. Perhaps recognizing the greatness and intellect in another person as Nova does. If not something as simple as Hollywood recognizing the type of woman he has in Aunt Vi and that he needs more of the loving she gives.

Season 2/ Episode 4 “My Soul’s High Song”

What is the dream? Who or what inspired it? How can you obtain it? In “My Soul’s High Song” the focus is on what makes a person feel happy or whole. Especially in times when you aren’t necessarily thriving but surviving. Sometimes due to compromise.

Season 2/ Episode 5 “Caroling Dusk”

Investing in something bigger than yourself is the main focus in episode 5 “Caroling Dusk.” Be it investing in your kids and making sure they know you, know that you will consistently be there, or investing in someone else. Trying to make it so, in the long run, you can say you did more than became a success and can show it through property or a bank account. For the true success is perhaps the people you lifted up as you were climbing to the top and reached it.

Season 2/ Episode 6 “Line of our Elders”

If I may sort of rant, I really don’t understand how and why this show doesn’t get major accolade notoriety. For while, I get, as a Black person, we should uphold the NAACP awards, maybe BET awards, and all that, it isn’t like all of your peers recognizing you, you know? Plus, with this argument amongst entertainers, and something I bring up in reviews at times, where they don’t want to be pigeonholed because of their race/culture, it makes our award shows nice but still limited.

But, in the long run, all that truly matters is that whenever this show wraps for a season, or as a series, everyone doesn’t have a gap in employment. For that is truly what matters in the long run.

So, with that said, let’s talk about Episode 6 “Line of our Elders” and how this show consistently makes you cry.

Season 2/ Episode 7 “I Know My Soul”

With the rich characters we have been given on Queen Sugar, naturally, there is this desire to know of their past. To maybe get an episode featuring them as kids, teens, young adults. Get to see their interactions with their parents at those ages, and perhaps even Aunt Vi. However, that may not be as necessary as it once was. For in “I Know My Soul,” the complicated relationship both Nova and Charley have with Ernest and Ra is dug into, alongside how Aunt Vi has played, at least for Charley, a role in it. Thus helping us understand the complexities of this family.

Season 2/ Episode 8 “Freedom’s Plow”

The midseason finale deals with all the fallout for what has happened since the season began. Be it where Remy and Charley stand, with what happened to Micah, alongside Ralph Angel’s big reveal and how he handled it.

Season 2/ Episode 9 “Yet Do I Marvel”

Based off what was seen, and the little synopsis on Wikipedia, it seems the focus for 2B is going to primarily be family. For this episode, it is Charley’s mother Lorna joining the series and us being prepped for Darla’s parents.

Season 2/ Episode 10 “Drums at Dusk”

Love is in the air for Nova and Micah but sadly, as sweet as things are going for them, the opposite is true for Ralph Angel and Darla.

Season 2/ Episode 11 “Fruit of the Flower”

Everything you knew about Lorna and Ernest’s relationship seemingly is completely wrong and that seems to change everything for Nova. Alongside that, Remy playing a paternal figure changes things for Ralph Angel and Darla.

Season 2/ Episode 12 “Live in the All Along”

As one door closes, and another gets locked, it makes the few happy relationships that remain a welcome focus.

Season 2/ Episode 13 “Heritage”

Darla’s parents come about and like when Lorna came to Louisiana, we are led to believe everything we were told is not true.

Director(s)Liesl Tommy
Writer(s)Monica Macer & Davita Scarlett
Notable Guest Stars
DarleneMichael Michele
QuincyRoger Guenveur Smith

Season 2/ Episode 14 “On These I Stand”

As Darla and Aunt Vi deal with the revealing of their secrets, Nova and Charley find themselves having to really think about the next step of their careers.

Director(s)Christina Voros
Writer(s)Jason Wilborn & Anthony Sparks
Characters Introduced
Mother BrownBeverly Todd
MiaNaomi Mack
RidDominic “Tax” Alexander
MartinShawn Parsons

Season 2/ Episode 15 “Copper Sun”

Nearly everything goes to hell. The Mill is in trouble, due to slander, the Blue paternity situation rocks everyone and, even Micah is in trouble.

Director(s)DeMane Davis
Writer(s)Monica Macer & Dana Greenblatt
Characters Introduced
LizyDanielle Lyn

Season 2/ Episode 16 “Dream Variations”

Do not expect resolutions to any of your pressing questions in the season 2 finale of Queen Sugar. Hold onto them until season 3, unfortunately.

Director(s)Kat Candler
Writer(s)Ava Duverney

Season 3/ Episode 1 “A Rock, A River, A Tree”

Queen Sugar returns with Charley laying out her plan, Blue’s paternity results in, Nova making major moves, and Blue starting to act up a little bit.

Season 3/ Episode 2 “Of Their Sojourn Here”

Nova and Aunt Vi find strength and inspiration through each other as Charley takes note of Micah’s personal needs than she wants for him.

Season 3/ Episode 3 “Your Distant Destiny”

As Nova reminds us how tactless she can sometimes be, Ralph Angel decides to put his son before tryst and Micah adjusts to the changes in his life.

Season 3/ Episode 4 “No Haven in My Shadow”

As we come up on a year since we joined the story of the Bordelon family, as much as there is growth there remains secrets to reveal.

Season 3/ Episode 5 “A Little Lower Than Angels”

The writers of Queen Sugar have seemingly decided to provide many gifts with a few poisoned apples in a slightly polarizing episode.

Season 3/ Episode 6 “Delicate and Strangely Made”

Giving yourself permission to be happy is the first step and then asking, or taking it the second, as seen in this episode.

Season 3/ Episode 7 “Study War No More”

The focus of the episode is figuring out what you want and what compromises you may have to make to get it. If not tough conversation so people understand why you want something.

Season 3/ Episode 8 “Come, Clad in Peace”

After long struggling on their own, many begin accepting and asking for help. Thus showing how far some characters have come.

Season 3/ Episode 9 “The Tree and the Stone Were One”

Trust is a major focus as many become shocked by what is asked of them, whether understandable or just a Grade-A insult.

Season 3/ Episode 10 “Here Beside the River”

The nuclear button gets tapped a few times and while it’s mostly by Vi, it isn’t like she wasn’t provoked.

Season 3/ Episode 11 “Your Passages Have Been Paid”

As Micah’s decision makes the pending jail vote all the much more pertinent, Darla and Nova are forced to also be accountable for their actions.

Season 3/ Episode 12 “The Horizon Leans Forward”

While we get some semblance of a silver lining, Queen Sugar remains unrelenting. No matter how hopeful each episode’s title is. 

Season 3/ Episode 13 “From On The Pulse Of Morning”

The season finale of Queen Sugar gives you all you could want and more, making it seem like the clouds are gone and the storm might be over – for now.

Micah and Keke - 75%
Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk - 84%
Blue In Therapy - 85%
Nova & Octavia - 90%
The Shift For Prosper & Aunt Vi - 83%


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