Queen Sugar: Season 4, Episode 13 “I Am” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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In the season finale for Queen Sugar, while many find peace, unfortunately for Charley, it seems she just keeps swapping who she is at war with.

Director(s) Ayoka Chenzira
Writer(s) Anthony Sparks
Air Date 9/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Parker Amirah Vann

Recap/ Review (with Commentary & Spoilers)

Something From Our Past | Nova, Ralph Angel

Forgiveness takes months, if not years when it comes to Ralph Angel. Even when it came to Darla, it took Ralph Angel having a whole ho phase, and two relationships for him to get back to where they were. Making you wonder, who is Nova? Yes, they share a mother and father, and both of those people are dead. However, Nova is the reason Ralph Angel’s son is in therapy and the mother of his child, love of his life, relapse. How can you forgive that?

Well, manipulation. Nova pulls out the journal of their mother True and uses that to reconnect with her brother and remember old times. In fact, it eventually leads them to discover where their mother was buried, and with that, Nova has seemingly won back her family and now has what she needs to start her next book.


Ralph Angel embracing Nova.

All I’m saying is, compared to all Nova had to do with Charley and Aunt Vi, this seemed a little quick. I know Darla pushed for reconciliation, and this was also done for Blue but, Ralph Angel is as stubborn as the rest and is probably the most sensitive one of them all. Are you going to tell me he wouldn’t call out Nova manipulating him with stories of their mother?

But, with that said, I really hope, beg even, this show does a flashback next season featuring True. We got a handful of scenes of the past this season, so could we get a few more? I understand the point is True lives on in her children, but I’d love to really get to know the source. After all, we got to know Ernest and Lorna, so why not True?

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. When is Ralph Angel going to meet Miss Martha?

A Love Renewed | Ralph Angel, Nova, Darla, Calvin

After all their trials and tribulations, it seems Darla and Ralph Angel are back together. Not as before, due to things changing, but better since Ralph Angel is no longer a child, or childish, and Darla has seen the worst of him and his family and may have found renewed acceptance. The kind I don’t think could weather another scandal, because they close rank quick, but at least it seems there won’t be any side eyes or cold shoulders for a long time.

Which can also be said when it comes to Nova and Calvin. Despite him being married when they first dated, someone who enabled bad behavior from cops, and making Nova seem like a fetish at times – they end up together. She even introduces him to her family during election night, and only Micah reacts in a way that could make him feel unwelcomed.


I will forever be stuck on wondering why Dr. DuBois didn’t show up since we saw Nova’s other exes. Not that I have anything against Calvin, per se, but I do feel like he is the token white guy we often see on Black majority program. The one who isn’t like the rest, who gets the invite to the cookout and, just like tokenism sucks when it is one Black, gay, Indian, or etc character on a white predominate show, the same shall be said when things are flipped. But hey, maybe having a relationship may force Nova to confront her issues head-on. Be it through not storming out when she is arguing a foolish point or using this new book to explore herself rather than her shallow perception of others.

As for Darla and Ralph Angel? I’m sorry, but they built up Deesha too good to let that go. Leo, if that’s his name, the guy Darla was dating, he was trash, and I’m good with his exit. Deesha, on the other hand, after she did all that work for the grant, and was the first women with some serious melanin we saw Ralph Angel with? Oh, him pushing her aside for Darla gives me pause.

Which isn’t to say I don’t understand Ralph Angel’s need to make sure the mother of his child, and his most consistent friend, is alright. It’s just, I feel like their relationship is more so based on the familiar than what’s good for them. The same goes for Nova and Calvin. When it comes to Ralph Angel and Nova, I feel they both pick partners who they have some realm of control over and who won’t push back much when they exert it. Hence why Nova backs away from anyone who challenges her and the one time Ralph Angel had a woman with her stuff together, his insecurities sent him to a woman that more so needed than wanted him.

Here is hoping, one day, the show explores the relationship issues Ralph Angel and Nova have and what is the source.

I Am My Father’s Daughter | Aunt Vi, Frances, Parker, Charley, Sam

Long story short, Charley wins the election and thanks to Sam returning his favor to Aunt Vi, is able to put Frances away in jail. However, the celebration is short-lived. For not too long after watching a Black officer take Frances away, Charley arranges a meeting with the illustrious Parker who we learn is Sam long lost daughter who will be Charley’s opponent in season 5. Also, here is a kicker, she is mixed like Charley so this time she is going up against a Black woman! There is no race card to play here, it is just all about who has more ambition and is willing to bend things and people to their will.


Parker (Amirah Vann) and Charley facing off, with Sam in the background.
Parker (Amirah Vann), Sam, and Charley

I just want to know the entire backstory. How did Vi get involved in Sam’s relationship, hid the baby momma, and when did Sam reconnect with Parker? Also, considering what Vi did for him, why did he come down on Charley so hard? I don’t think Parker and Charley are the same age but did he not see a bit of his daughter in her? You’d think between that, and out of reverence for Vi, he’d leave the family alone without a favor being called in. But, I guess to re-establish him as the show’s villain, they had to have this reveal of him being the puppet master’s father?

Which does make you wonder, what happened to her mom? How does she feel about Sam, her daughter’s relationship with him, and what she plans to do?

Also, can Charley catch a break? Between Micah not going to Harvard and now yet another opponent, is this woman going to give her life over to the community? Get gray hairs and eventually succumb to a heart attack or stroke? Seriously. No boyfriend, no hobbies, no friends beyond Prosper – yes Charley is a strong woman, but she needs something or someone to lighten this load, and clearly she isn’t much for therapy, or she’d still be going.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Are we going to see Lorna again?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Be accountable, but still good to yourself.
— Ralph Angel

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Blue opens up his gift from Ernest, and it is a beach ball. One he honors for it holds Ernest’s breath in it.
  • Aunt Vi talks about Hollywood opening up a wing spot.
  • When Charley won the election, she hugged Darla – the last friend we’ve known her to have made herself.


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Characters Introduced This Episode

Parker Campbell (Amirah Vann)

Parker (Amirah Vann) meeting Charley for the first time.
Parker (Amirah Vann)

Character Introduction

A member of the Beckington Group, who handles Community Relations, she is the child of Sam Landry and a woman named Betty. Sam, ages ago, was with Betty, got her pregnant, and somehow Aunt Vi got involved and was able to help Betty leave town and protect Sam’s future and the family’s reputation. But, years later, the two reconnected, behind Frances back, and now are the ones controlling the highway which will run through St. Jo and Parker herself will be Charley’s next target.


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Ernest’s Final Gift To Blue Being A Beach Ball & How Blue Treasures It - 89%
Charley Winning The Election - 85%
Parker Seems Like An Excellent Foe For Charley - 86%
Finding True’s Grave, And Nova’s Speech At The End Of The Episode - 90%
Seeing Frances Taking By A Black Cop - 88%
Charley’s Unending War - 71%
Ralph Angel & Nova’s Current Relationship With Each Other & Their Significant Others - 70%


What Would Your Rating Be?


  1. I need them to stop playing with Darla and let that girl live. Especially with the season trailer noting she got laid off and major obstacles like that can threaten a person’s sobriety.

  2. Hey Amari, we are so close to the new season! I don’t know if you have seen this yet but I wanted to get your thoughts on this small little sneak peek that OWN put out of RA, Darla, and Blue (who is sooooo big now wasn’t he just 5 like yesterday lol) Some people in the comments are speculating that Darla may be pregnant…… I don’t know how to feel about that right now but knowing this show Darla may have some real struggles throughout her pregnancy.

    Also peep Ms. Ava’s word’s “We get to see RA and Darla happy for a little while”…….. ?


  3. Well, Amari it has been a long time, but the trailer for season 5 of QS is out and boy, do we have tears, tears and more tears. My faves Charley and Darla still seem like they will be dealing with a lot lol Although B looks really good in the trailer. I really hope for good things for Darla and Charley this season, they have had to deal with a lot of shit. Still not over Nova writing that book about her family so it will be very interesting to see Nova meet Calvin’s family. Seems like they know that Nova was the other woman, I wonder if the show will bring in Calvin’s children as well. Blue is so big now, he is 10 now which is insane! We’ve watched him go from 5 to 10 in the last 5 years lol He has literally grown up on this show. RA looks good, he really has settled down a lot since the show first started lol Seems like they are hinting at someone possibly dying!?!? Can’t wait to read about your thoughts.


    1. 1. Darla and Ralph Angel having a full on relationship is going to be fun, and seeing how she maintains sobriety considering losing her job and likely struggling for a new one – an issue I’m sure multiple people are going through
      2. Charley as a politician is going to be so fun to watch, especially as the Landry trial progresses
      3. Nova meeting Calvin’s family and the dirty ass looks? Child, ain’t enough love in the world
      4. Blue getting nightmares from getting the talk is going to be interesting, especially since, unlike his cousin, he hasn’t experienced anything but with not too many child actors having prominent roles like Blue does on adult shows, this could be a prime opportunity to see how Black kids are traumatized early on to build a tolerance for what may come
      5. I gotta admit, the losing or taking the land storyline is starting to feel a bit old now. I know the struggle is real but, will it ever get better?
      6. Micah in a frat is a storyline I quite like. I forgot if he went to an HBCU or not though. Imagine, without the COVID storyline how interesting things could have been.

      I think, overall, I’m happy it’s back but I wish there was something beyond the promise of seeing people struggle. If not, survive despite the struggle. It makes me glad some shows are outright sidestepping what went down in 2020 and wanting to maintain the reality their shows were in than bringing in what’s happening.

  4. I’d love for his perspective to start coming into play. It isn’t clear if this show may last long enough for us to see Blue as a teenager and have a full on rebellious stage, but seeing him learn the truth about his parents, and how Aunt Vi treated them would be interesting. There is also the question of whether he got to stay friends with RA’s ex’s daughter.

  5. Color me shocked when the actor who play’s Micah on Instagram lol I did not see that coming lol no I don’t think it’s weird. If the writers could make it work to have M go through his own sexually awakening if you want to call it that lol Him and his bf are cute though. What more do you think the writers can write and give the characters. Baby Blue is 9 now and will be 10 in September they can give him so much more now.

  6. Hope your doing alright during these rough time’s. No season 4 wrap up? What are your expectations for the characters for the upcoming season whenever it finishes filming and comes out. Also I no i’m let with all of this but I can’t believe that BL is 41 years old lol

    1. The stack of season reviews I know I should do, and could do, but sadly have little time to do… Though, with every binge series I drop, I’m certainly tempted to head back and do wrap ups.


      Is it wrong that, with Charley’s son in real life coming out, I want him to be bi or gay?

  7. Their relationship is built off of what the show writers write, not what you feel. Its a TV show, not real life. He literally explained why he was in love with Darla and you still gotta make things up? In real life I’d think a man choosing to be with his childs mother is awesome and not be mad because he chooses his light skin family over the dark skinned girl.

  8. Very well addressed and excellent points raised by you on a great show that simply isn’t being viewed in huge numbers. This season finale was as usual high on drama and brilliantly acted. Looking forward to next years Season 5 premiere.

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