Queen Sugar: Season 3/ Episode 6 “Delicate and Strangely Made” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Giving yourself permission to be happy is the first step and then asking, or taking it the second, as seen in this episode.

Director(s) Christina Choe
Writer(s) Channing Godfrey Peoples
Air Date 6/27/2018

The Word Is Out: Charley, Micah

Davis’ affair is big news and even earns him Donkey of the Day. Which, as you can imagine, him being exposed effects Micah and Charley more than anybody. Especially Micah since everyone is talking about it at school and while Keke would love to console him, it seems he’d rather hang with his new friends more. An issue which surely is going to strain their relationship.

As for Charley? Well, since Micah still doesn’t want to talk and Nova didn’t when Charley needed her, she redirects all her focus back to the Landry situation. Of which Vicky has some new information about. However, taking note Charley isn’t necessarily on her A game right now, she focuses more on her friend than her co-conspirator.


Charley rejecting Nova's sympathy and telling her to go home.
Charley: Just go home

Micah is going to screw things up with Keke, I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES! Because I am really coming to the idea that there can only be one happy couple at a time here. And, let’s face it, Micah maybe into Keke but also Keke was the first girl to approach him after all the drama back west. Sad to say, she may have helped him heal from that embarrassment but now there comes the question if she is still chosen or just convenient? Maybe even someone he is with because she was the safe choice. However, with Micah clearly desiring to be a bit more militant, so comes the question if Keke can be part of that growth or not.

Which really makes you wonder do they even talk anymore? We see text messages, yeah, but what about actual conversations about how he feels, where his head is at, and hers too? Whenever Micah brings her up, reminding us she exists, she is always busy. So could it be he outgrew her and she became too busy for him? And not outgrew as in she hasn’t evolved too, but more so he took a different path and didn’t invite her along.

As for Charley, thank goodness she has this vendetta against the Landrys to pour herself into. Yet, at the same time, you know she is one failure from a nervous breakdown. Which is sad because, Vicky seems willing to listen and be a friend, but Charley, like the rest of her stubborn family, make it seem that if you aren’t blood or a love interest, you can’t be there for them like they need you to be. Really making me wonder, since this show has pursued explaining why certain characters are screwy as they are, what is with this family being unwilling, or able, to have close platonic friendships? Especially the kind which aren’t like Nova’s where you see them when you see them, but like how Micah has with his friends? Why is this show so void of strong, platonic, adult, friendships?

You Just Got To Give Yourself Permission: Nova, Aunt Vi

When Aunt Vi says do something, you do it. That’s the power of the matriarch and as shown by Charley helping Prosper or Aunt Vi calling on Nova to bake pies, ain’t not but this or that, bring that ass! Jokes aside, after a few episodes of being a character who you need to give the side eye too, we get reminded that Vi grew up a woman raised to just be a wife in a traditional home.

So, all the stuff she goes through, good, bad, or ambiguous, it isn’t like she was raised with the tools to handle them. Having her own business? A dream. Dealing with her nieces and nephews having drama from getting with addicts, men cheating on them and all that? While she went through hell with her first husband, we saw how Ernest was the one who handled that.

Making it where, having control over herself may not be completely new, nor taking care of Ernest’s kids, but the stuff they are going through? A lot of it is foreign. Yet, just because Vi has been around the block doesn’t mean she can’t learn a few things and venture across the street. Take for instance her being offered the chance to expand her empire farther with Mr. Rawlings, who wants to invest in her. Yeah, it is a scary unknown but she seems down for it.

As for Nova? Well, hanging out with Vi all day may have originally been an obligation but became a welcome distraction from Remy. Nova, from what it seems, understands the weight of the situation and while Vi speaks on giving yourself permission to dream and be happy, there is also the push for her, Charley and Ralph Angel to stop being so hard headed and be there for one another. Two thoughts which current conflict for Nova.

But, despite their issues, Nova rather have her sister than a man. Especially one who seems good now but it isn’t like Nova isn’t scared of love a bit. Never mind him being Charley’s ex and while she is mostly over him, it isn’t like she has shown she has moved on. However, considering Nova got pushed away by Charley when she tried to check on her, that may just push her towards Remy’s arms. Either out of spite, indifference, or figuring Charley will get over it eventually.


Aunt Vi, as she talks to Nova, noting she never dreamed big enough.
Aunt Vi: I never dreamed big enough.

I fully believe this Nova x Remy thing isn’t over and previews point to that being true. But, you know, as much as I hate the idea of Nova always relying on pissing someone in the family off to have a storyline, I low-key kind of would like her to get with Remy. It’s an idea which is growing on me for reasons I can’t fathom just yet. For while I’d prefer Nova getting with her ex or a whole new person, a woman even, I’m starting to think Remy would be good for her if just for the sake of finishing her book.

Yeah, maybe not a relationship but I think Nova could use the same kind of support Charley got to get to the point she did. After that, I hope she drops Remy like a scalding pan and the man just leaves the women of the family alone. Then, with Ralph Angel, he appears as much as Ralph Angel’s friends from high school – as in rarely if ever.

Now, in terms of Aunt Vi? While I may never get over whatever in her mindset makes her so hateful towards certain people, at the same time I recognize she is a victim of an upbringing which messed her mind up terribly. She was set to be on autopilot for a life which should have been good to her and it just made things hell. So, as noted, anything which comes off foreign, be it Lorna or Darla, she pushes them away from her as far as they can go. Makes them also feel unwelcomed to stay the hell back.

Maybe not because she hates them but she has had to adjust her life so much already that, at this point in time, she hasn’t the time or energy to give people chances over and over anymore. As, sort of, shown with Darla, you got one good chance to not screw up but, once you do, no more chances. Though she doesn’t like bringing up her age much, Aunt Vi is truly getting too old for some s***.

Making The Switch: Darla, Ralph Angel, Blue, Benny, Trinh

For about three years Darla has been getting herself together and during that time Ralph Angel may not have been a single parent but he certainly has been one of Blue’s main caretakers. So, with Darla back and really trying to be a mom to Blue, it means he has time to himself a bit. It means he can go on dates with young women like Trinh and maybe really help guys like Benny without worry. What it means, overall, is that as Darla had time to work on herself, he can have time to work on himself past the obligations of being a parent.

So, considering Darla is able to breakthrough to Blue and get him to talk about why he has been acting up in school and the chaos which is Ralph Angel’s life, is it so bad for Blue to live with her? Granted, no idea how she has such a nice home, with a backyard, and even the ability to go to school for accounting, but apparently she has the means. Plus, as seen by how quick Ralph Angel was to kick out Blue and flip out on him, it seems like Ralph Angel needs a break now, don’t it?


I mean this in the kindest way, while Blue is a wonderful child, Blue is a handful. The attention he requires makes it where no adult he has been with, Aunt Vi or Ralph Angel, found time to pursue their own thing while taking care of him. So, for Ralph Angel to truly find a life, a career, maybe love, he needed to let Blue be with Darla. For, let’s not forget, Ralph Angel didn’t get much of a recovery time after getting out of jail. Like Vi, from his childhood he was kind of on autopilot that the farm would be his life and it made it so doing track, maybe being an Olympian, became foreign and so it was pushed away. He got his fun before he knew he’d be trapped/inherit his father’s work.

And mind you, when it comes to trying to understand how Ralph Angel and Vi are, I’m not trying to form excuses. If anything, this show makes it clear there are a lot of patterns, generational even, and to get how things came to be, you have to look at the influences which were around. Nova’s issues with relationships stemmed from Aunt Vi’s problems with her first husband, which came from how she was brought up by her mom. Ralph Angel got babied and protected by Ernest so he often babies and is protective of Blue. Charley grew up an outsider to her own people so when Micah got treated as an “other” by that private school or got the chance to be black without an asterisk, she gave him what she didn’t get.

Everything we see is either continuing a generational procedure or trying to break it. Problem is, getting back to Ralph Angel, he never had the time to break away and, as an adult, discover who he is. Blue, being that he needed him, came first and as seen mostly by women, when you have a child relying on you, often times you sacrifice your hopes, dreams, or pursuit of either, to make sure they are okay.

So, Darla taking Blue is probably the best thing to happen to Ralph Angel in a while. For now it means he can date, make some mistakes, and truly catch up in life. All the while Darla can ease Blue’s abandonment issues and her own insecurities about leaving her son repeatedly. But, let’s not play as if this won’t cause drama. Between Aunt Vi’s feelings on this to Darla maybe taking Blue out of state to see her folks, something is going to come out of this and rile up someone’s feelings.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Vicky is queer.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Does Trinh remind anyone else of Charley a bit? Just Vietnamese?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Surviving and dreaming are two separate things.

The realities of having it all means you got to figure out how to balance it all.


  1. Aunt Vi and Nova’s conversations about giving yourself permission to be happy, by whatever means necessary and despite sometimes feeling unworthy. Also, their relationship in general – even though it is the source of some of Nova’s issues.
  2. Blue opening up about his abandonment issues with Darla and now living with her.
  3. Ralph Angel having a good date with Trinh and now, with Blue out of the house, maybe getting to grow up a bit.

On The Fence

  1. Knowing it is the beginning of the end for Micah and Keke.
  2. Charley slowly descending into darkness with it not being clear what may eventually get her out.

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  1. I think as a father he seemingly had enough emotional intelligence to make it, the problem is, as a partner, he had arrested development.

    So no one wants to take note Nova likely knew Remy before Charley came along? I’m alone on this sinking ship?

    Also, there really does come the question if we need to see her at the mill. What exactly would be going on there worth them taking note? Darla was fired, Remy is gone, so the mill is just a bunch of machinery and staff we don’t know the names of.

  2. Ralph Angel doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to raise Blue right now. He needs to get it together and work with Darla. I doubt there would be any scenes with just Darla outside of her NA meetings. Remy and Nova make me sick. Charley still works at the mill, they’ve mentioned her going to work more than once including this episode when she skipped. They do that often where a lot of things that’s happening they just don’t show. That’s the show’s part, not hers. Part of her deal was to still be working there. And she probably moved so as to not be near the Landry family who now own the mill. She never wanted to live in that loft– she was forced to move because of RA and that gun he had in the house. If what’s she’s doing is not her trying to be for the people idk what more she can do for viewers’ approval.

  3. I get Remy and Nova, I just wish they introduced the idea, or fostered them knowing each other before Charley came around more.

    TRUE! Charley hasn’t been no where near the mill since it was sold yet things are supposed to be how they always were. She even moved away to a fancy and isolated house. So much for being of the people.

    I think Micah will get in trouble but also the boy is finding himself. He’s breaking away from being up under his mom, dealing with this perfect family idea disintegrating and seeing how the other side lives.

    You don’t like Micah’s new friends?

  4. Nah, Queen sugar is still Queen Sugar. I don’t need a whole spin off. But a few more details of Darla would be nice. Also I think we will see a bit more of Darla towards the end of the season.

    Everytime I think of Remy and Nova….ugh makes my teeth itch. #Trash

    Charley how she did the mill really makes no sense. All that hard work and her ass can’t even step on the grounds now of that mill. #Trash

    Micah is going to get himself in trouble with those new friends of his.

  5. I think you’re at the point where a Darla spin off would probably be fine for you.

    At this point, I feel like the 2nd half is going to probably be like last season where we get a whole bunch of Darla scenes. I mean, she was prominently in the advertising for this season. Surely her world won’t just revolve around Blue.

  6. You know speaking of books. I honestly would read a book written by Darla than Nova honestly. Her story is far more engaging, gripping, and complex. Like her story is something that needs to be heard. Overcoming your addictions, finding soberity, and reconciling with your parents can happen. Like reading more indepthly about the nine times Darla’s parents had to fly down to St Jo’s to to find her.

    Reading about the moment that clicked for her and she finally decided to get clean. All of those things. I guess if anything to just get more from Darla. We get so little, yet there is so many layers and unanswered questions when it comes to Darla’s story ya know.

  7. We’ll see that but she isn’t going to get happy go lucky. I don’t think that was ever in the cards for Darla. Her whole storyline is probably moving forward but still struggling. They aren’t going to lift that cross of hers to bear no time soon.

  8. But I want to see her in school and with her classmates. Doing homework. Just some regular everyday stuff. Not seeing her in distress all of the time. Sadly knowing this show, who knows.

  9. I just fully expect more people from her past, good and bad, to pop up. Probably more bad than good considering what she often goes through.

  10. Also, speaking of Darla and school, I feel like Darla growing up really did like school. She just didn’t like all of the hoopla and added pressure of being 100% well and being perfect all the time at school and with certain people all of the time, especially with a father that Darla grew up with.

    Along with having a mom who had her own addiction issues and who may have been more passive and not wanting to upset her husband she wasn’t able to be a comfort or a source of relese for Darla to have, hence why she turned to drugs.

    The rape, Blue being born of that rape was her second decent into addiction. One that was the most difficult to overcome.

  11. I agree we still don’t really know all that much about Darla. Star is something she was triggered by already though. Remember the gas station, that guy barking all of that stuff at her. RA basically slut shaming her and Darla for the first time using her voice and getting loud with RA. She was over having her past thrown in her face like that. As for the rape though, that is a whole other thing. An act that she couldn’t consent too and that she sadly bore an unplanned child from. She loves Blue but, he wasn’t planned, nor expected, or conceived in a loving, mature way.

  12. Remembers the rape. Like you, I can’t imagine her using again – especially now having Blue. However, it seems like the perfect storm for her to remember her past. Going back to school may push her to remember the rape, being in St. Jo, alone with Blue, it may trigger memories of her as Star.

    Both things not really dove into much when it comes to Darla. Just things we know that happened.

  13. Triggering something as in she remembers something about the rape at the party and who they guy(s) were or like she gets so stressed out that the she gets triggered to use again?

    Cause after everything Darla went through last season especially the last 4 episodes the fact that she didn’t relapse is a miracle and Darla’s sobriety is something that all of the writers have been consist about. So it would have to be something strong and really big to make her want go use again, turly.

    Like I honestly don’t think that Darla will use again, whatever the trigger could be. This show can go left sometimes but I truly don’t think that Darla will use again.

  14. I think it is bound to happen, sooner or later. That or Darla has a bit of a flashback trying to be social. With her clean now, there is nothing to suppress those memories and I still strongly believe her taking care of Blue full-time is going to stress her out to the point of triggering something. Hopefully just her mother coming to help but it could be worse.

  15. Oh you mean Darla’s rapist being at the school? Yeah but would the show really do that? I want to say no but who knows lol Like the girl should be able to move on really. Although, the question of who is Blues bio dad will continue to be questioned. So the writers will have to go there at some point.

    Like for real f this storyline man for real. I will never like get past how they did Darla and Blue’s character like that.

  16. It’s like how I think we said before, her life sort of went off track when she left school. So going back, especially now that RA isn’t in her life, it will be not just a new start for her as a mother but also as a person. She is finishing what she started and maybe getting the life that she missed out on.

    Problem is, going to a part is what caused all this and while, likely, that guy graduated, who is to say he isn’t working at the school now?

  17. Yeah. Darla knowing that Blue truly wants her to stay and that he wants to be with her, will make her transition into St Jo’s that much easier. How do you feel about Darla being in school again?

  18. I think Darla might have been the first one to really listen and pursue Blue speaking his voice. Everyone else babies him and you can see he wants to be a little grown now. Plus, like you said, that’s his momma and considering her heard Aunt Vi talk about his mom, maybe felt guilty about not saying anything, this was to make up for it. I mean, if Blue is at the point he will push people and fight at school for talking about his momma, who is Ralph Angel?

    Yeah, he may have taken care of him, but their relationship is more stable. With Darla, it isn’t and I think, maybe giving Blue too much credit, her thinking someone got her back may make her wanna stay. For, again, that Vi thing he maybe put together with his mom leaving and figured if he sticks up with her, lives with her, she definitely isn’t going anywhere.

  19. Question: How do you feel about how Blue stood up for Darla throughout this episode? One with him yelling at RA to not talk to Darla like that and two during school when that kid was talking about Darla and how she didn’t love him?

    Saw so many people on twitter saying how RA should just let Blue live with Darla and be done with him or how Darla and Blue should leave the show now since Blue not even his, knowing damn well if RA would have abandoned blue when he first found out, people would say he ain’t shit. Like some people on twitter were really mad at Blue for sticking up for his mom. Last time I checked, Blue has never been around too much drama, never seen a lot of fights between Darla and RA up until this episode (thankfully) but that night he did. He heard his dad yelling at his mom and clearly heard the things he was saying, blue didn’t just yell to yell.

    Like we said before in past coversation, that there could come a time when Blue could come to resent RA and the B family for how they treated and talked about Darla. RA sadly was the first to get hit with that truth. You don’t come for a boys mother no matter how you think of them, their child will defend them.

    People think just because Blue has been without his mother for some time that Blue shouldn’t still love her. Since season 1, Blue has missed Darla, asked about her, wanted her around, and asked about her when she was gone, we’ve watched the show since the first episode, we know that throughout everything BLUE has LOVED Darla. It is a miracle that Blue still loves Darla and he hasn’t become resentful or angry at Darla. At the situation and not knowing what is going on yeah, but he has never turned away from Darla or rejected her.

    I guess I was just shocked at seeing people think that Blue is wrong for still loving and wanting to be with his mom.

    (Sorry it’s so long. I just had to get that out. Thoughts?)

  20. Thats all I meant. I was nervous that you wouldn’t understand what I meant. I mean I couldn’t disagrees l with what some were saying on twitter. It does look messed up at how some of the black women and their interactions with RA were and how he is with Trinh so far. Heck there was a time he treated Darla like a piece of ass too. So its like some people kind of saw the way the differnet characters were written.

  21. Well, moving on might mean different things for them.

    For Darla, moving on could just mean getting her son and staying clean. Men may not be a thought in her mind. With RA, moving on could just mean moving on from Darla and all she is associated with. From his jail time to learning this kid isn’t his.

    As for the Black love thing, like I said, there are patterns with this family. Look at Ernest. He left RA’s mom when she wouldn’t marry him and found himself a white woman. Even had a kid with her. Not to say RA is going to get Trinh pregnant but you never know. Also, I don’t understand this narrative as if RA was a player. It seemed most of the girls knew RA’s reputation. Hence why he didn’t always have to pursue them but some walked up on him.

    Though, at the same time, I get it. There is a serious need to question why the Bordelon kids all seem to go for light skinned, white, or anything not necessarily the slim majority of their complexions. Heck, even Micah is possibly going from a dark skinned girl to someone light skinned.

  22. Oh there is no question. He NEEDS to be single.

    Like really. Also I saw a lot of people on twitter feeling some type of way about how when RA wanted drunk nasty sexsex all of the girls were black. Lightskinned darkskinned. But they have RA with this Asian woman that gets to go bike riding and what not with him. And how they are kind of movimg away from black love by having RA this Asian woman. I believe that because a person is a certain race that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date them. If RA wants to date her thats fine. But it does seem kind of messed up that other black women were just used as a easy lay he could stick his thing into while he was in his feeling now days later he riding bikes in the park with Trinh. Its like you saod the dude just can’t ever be on his own. Can’t ever just be working on himself. Hes getting a break from blue for now, so he goes and starts something with Trinh lol ok. I know that I’m sounding a bit pissed with RA and this new woman, but you know since this whole RA isn’t the father storyline started I have been over it. So all of this and the fact that Darla more or less is still being talked down to by RA I just find it irratating that RA can have the chance moving on and all of that yet people still feel like Darla got be bending over backwards to please RA and be a mother to her son.

  23. Let me back track… when it comes to RA I think, growth wise, his main issue has been his romantic relationships. In terms of handling financial responsibilities, even Blue to a point, he is OK. However, his relationship with women is… well, here is the complicated bit – it’s not like he is a player. I’m sure women know RA is Mr. Right Now and not Mr. Long Term. Heck, he may even be a village bicycle to a certain degree. Hence why he usually dates people who don’t live in the neighborhood or aren’t necessarily from his.

    It is sort of weird when I think about it. Like ole girl who we last saw him with. She had a kid, he did, and that could have been a nice look for him. Though I do see your point of him probably needing to be single for a bit.

  24. Right because that is what RA needs is to be challenged lol ok Now it isn’t her, its him. I mean RA was screwing some randoms in his house and on a tree just a few days ago, but now we supposed to believe he is all in with her and that Trinh wants to be step mama to Blue like ok. Again, we’ve seen Darla’s growth and all of her hard work. RA even after all of this time, we’ve seen it in bits and pieces but again I would just like to see more of it. Sticking a new woman in front of RA no matter how nice she is, isn’t growth to me. Sorry. We will see thoughm. Again with this show it is never easy. We still don’t know anything about Trinh anyway. Not really.

  25. I LIKE HIM WITH TRINH! He actually seems like a grown man around her. Now, granted, she hasn’t seen his dark or immature side yet, but I think a woman like her could challenge him to do better. Maybe dream of life beyond the farm. Plus, I like the cultural stuff she brings and maybe it may open his eyes to how other families work and give him ideas.

  26. Considering Remy’s track record who knows lol

    Truth! I can’t wait to see and watch Darla date again. Like to see her get all nervous flustered and giddy over some guy who not only likes her but she likes back. It’ll be a joy to see. Will it be easy, of course not. With Darlas past, certain insecurities, her sobriety, and having Blue, it will be amazing to see her having a guy in her life who hopefully is has his ish together and is just as interesting and intelligent as she is. RA shouldnt get to date and sleep around. Dude needs to leave that Trinh alone and work on himself.

  27. Didn’t let her in the house for a damn charger >.< And as much as I expect a custody battle, I hope it doesn't happen for Blue's sakes. I mean, shouldn't Ralph Angel try to enjoy being an adult? Dating and what not without having to sneak about? Heck, I can't wait to see Darla date and see how that goes. Hopefully it isn't with Remy when Nova is done with him XD

  28. Yes. They still do, only because we have yet to see them interact with Darla. They were so natsy andd spiteful towards her, now she is doing better and is more stable then they thought she would ever be… I need to just see them and Darla. See what they have to say. Even more so with a custody battle possibly coming about as well. Remember the charger lol ugh still hate nova for that.

  29. Considering how Aunt Vi and Nova talked, have you softened your opinion on them or they still get the finger on sight?

  30. I saw so much of this on twitter. Like her parents are obviously helping her out. They’ve forgiven her to an extant and have let her back in and have taken to Blue so of course they will help her out. I told you that there was know way Darla’s parents were going to let Darla go back to St Jo’s with nothing. Girl got a job and is going back to school and has a house. Its everything we could have hoped for Darla this season really. Although, you are right about how Darla will parent Blue even though we have seen RA raise his voice at Blue more than a few times shoot even yelled at Blue this episode But I agree with what you are saying.

  31. I just want to know how Darla is affording that house or apartment honestly. Also, taking note trauma was the main reason for her drug use, how will she cope with the stress of raising a child like Blue? Clearly her parenting style is different than RA’s, based off how she was ready to snatch him up in that restaurant, so it should be interesting to see how she is as a single mother.

  32. Blue was so scared when they walked in RA’s house, he was holding on to Darla. Funny how for so long Darla was seen as the villian and monster and yet here Blue was counting on and needing her protection in that moment. Thank god nothing serious went down with Benny or the true wrath of Darla would have been unleashed. Darla and Blue scenes were THE highlight of the episode for me. Also way back in season 2, you called that when Darla was in school and when she did go back to school she would do something with accounting lol Good eye lol Thoughts?

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