Queen Sugar: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Queen Sugar remains one of the top shows if you want a diverse depiction of Black folk. However, one could argue they took advantage of that monopoly in the 2nd half of the season. Summary Throughout season 2, the main idea was finding your community, integrating into it, strengthening your position within it, and then…

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Queen Sugar Title Card

Queen Sugar Title Card

Queen Sugar remains one of the top shows if you want a diverse depiction of Black folk. However, one could argue they took advantage of that monopoly in the 2nd half of the season.


Throughout season 2, the main idea was finding your community, integrating into it, strengthening your position within it, and then simply trying to hold on. For Nova, with her pushed to write fluff pieces, she focused more on her activism and this brought her closer to her community. It even led to some romance but old lies told to her and Charley doomed that relationship from the start.

Speaking of Charley, she is the one who, alongside Darla, fought the hardest to be able to claim a community. Her being bi-racial, and feeling like a visitor of St. Jo, ever since she was a child, made it so the only thing she felt she belonged to was her mother, Lorna, really. Yet, in season 2, she makes a real effort to not just make the Queen Sugar mill an alternative to the Landry family’s, who she has but one battle after another with, but form a community. If not rather, bolster the one that exists. Something that, of course, Remy is by her side every step of the way. Be it through times he didn’t know his place in her life to when it seems they could be on their way to each other’s second marriage. During that time, she believed herself to form a bond with the farmers as almost a community leader of sorts. Perhaps like what Nova is but in a capacity where she accepted the role as leading something.

But then that all went to hell thanks to the Landry family and arguably an issue which comes up thanks to Darla speaking the truth. What is said truth? That Blue may not be Ralph Angel’s. With that reveal, the months, years, Darla has put in to have it so it wasn’t just Blue, but her as well who got accepted into the tight-knit family of the Bordelons, it was shattered. No sooner than Aunt Vi welcomed Darla with open arms was she cursing her name. Yet, luckily, like Charley got to reconcile some things with her mother, Darla got to do the same with her mother Darlene, and father Quincy. More so her mother, who reveals she too is an addict, alcohol being her drug of choice, than her father.

But still, as the drama raged on, thanks to Ralph Angel misconstruing Darla’s words and saying she told him he is not the father vs. might not be, she remained sober. For while she may have lost her St. Jo community, one in which her name will be tarnished by the Bordelon’s as well as her time as the drug-addicted sex worker name Star, she has her DC community back. Even if it is just her mom and dad’s open arms.

And while it may seem Darla was the only one going through hell, it was only because her hell was the biggest focus. Micah was coming of age in St. Jo and for a young Black male, sadly coming of age included experiencing racism and the abuse of cops. Which is such a wakeup call for Micah that he, on his own, pursues Nova and often joins her in her work building things for the community or making them aware of things. He even includes Davis on his journey by confessing to him the torture the cop who arrested him put him under by playing that he would shoot him dead. And speaking of Davis, we see him, like Darla, lose his community over the secrets that were revealed in the past. Leaving him, like her, solely connected now through the child which barely binds the one to many.

Leaving the matriarch: Aunt Vi. She continues to rule over the family but not with an iron fist. The seeds she planted, from lying about Ernest’s and Lorna’s relationship, to many other things, she has seen them blossom and rot and stands firm. So while she may not rule with an iron fist, she does do so with a selective mix of selfishness and selflessness. Selfish in avoiding admitting fault, a trait it seems the whole family has, but selfless in making sure her nieces and nephew have an ally. That they have not just Remy, not just Nova’s acquaintances, and handful of friends, but also her to rely on within their community. Especially as she starts her pie business and gets promoted at the High Yella. For what is hers is there’s and while no saint, and karma proves that with her getting Lupus, she does her best to prevent anyone from outright calling her a sinner. Which Hollywood helps immensely with. To the point that with him proposing to Aunt Vi, there is no shock, similar to when Ralph Angel and Darla got married, but solely the statement: About damn time!

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  1. Is Ralph Angel Blue’s father or not?
  2. So, neither Charley nor Nova are going to confront Aunt Vi about the lie she told on Lorna which messed them both up royally?


Bianca Lawson

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16 Dream Variations - Darla

Throughout the season, there came a point where Bianca Lawson seemed to be the main focus of the season. This especially becomes true in the 2nd half as she and Ralph Angel get engaged and her parents come around. During that time, Lawson expands what we saw in Darla in the first season and while only little things are revealed, like how she was a swimming state champion in junior and senior year, she does so much with what is already established.

Also, she owns most of the reasons you’d be excited or worried about the next episode. The question of whether her and Ralph Angel could or would stay together haunted their relationship even before Blue’s paternity came into question. Aunt Vi finally accepting her, and consoling her when her parents finally reached back to her, called for tears. Her few moments of fighting back, be it against her mother who she feels treated her unfairly or screaming in her car during the season finale, were like nails on your chest – digging toward your heart for while never defeated, Darla was continuously tested.

Heck, we were too. No sooner than Nova became neutral toward Darla, Aunt Vi loving, and Charley seemingly finding a best friend, a true sister who could get her, it went to hell. Darla lost her second job, lost her adopted family, and thought she perhaps jeopardized Blue’s potential happiness in the process. And all of the stress of the character shows in Lawson’s performance. Making each smile a prize and each frown, her making herself smaller, or being forced to choose, moments to weep. Not just for the character but because you know the strength she shows, you may just not have had it in you to soldier on like she does.

Aunt Vi & Hollywood

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16 Dream Variations - Hollywood and Aunt Vi

The sole, adult, relationship that survives isn’t without its troubles. Aunt Vi still speaks as if she and Hollywood are some kind of fling but he finally wins her full and utter trust this season. He is the one who pushes her to pursue her dreams and even helps get her started. Hollywood is the one who is the first, thanks to snooping, to learn about her having Lupus and committing to sticking by her side. And perhaps most of all, he gets her to drop it. Hollywood gets Aunt Vi to finally let go of all the issues her first husband gave her that she has held onto so tightly. Giving us one beautiful relationship.


Keke teaching Micah how to braid her hair.
Keke teaching Micah how to braid her hair.

Though the focus on Micah, like with Nova, never pushed him to the front of the stage, arguably he has much more to work with than his aunt. Rather than solely focus on his relationship, he was given a haunting coming of age story. One which put on the silver screen the fears of Black men and how economic status doesn’t buy anyone out of racism. It may lessen its effect, as shown by how Davis was able to get his son out, but it doesn’t keep you from being profiled, harassed, and changed forever.

But, luckily, the change ended up positive for Micah. It made it so, after mirroring his mother’s upbringing with being surrounded by white people, it pushed him further into St. Jo’s community. It helped fill with gold the remaining cracks in his relationship with Davis and set in motion him taking the inspiration I’m sure his parents gave him to slowly work towards being a leader.

But, as shown with Aunt Vi and Hollywood, what is a good man without a woman equal or better by his side? Keke makes a return and the two of them battle hard with Aunt Vi and Hollywood for cutest couple on the show. Most of the time, it is through conversation. Something we barely see come out of any of the relationships Micah’s mother, aunt, or uncle have. However, with him and Keke, be it that she isn’t ready for sex, her teaching him how to braid her hair, talking about their future, what worries them and more, we get a seriously healthy relationship. And to boot, Micah is dating a dark skinned girl and validates their relationship by keeping her name a constant presence to the point everyone seems to know his immense love and appreciation for her being in his life.

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  1. With how curious Blue is, and sweet, I fully expect him to take to his grandma at least. May take some time to melt grandpa, but what I think also is going to cause a rift is Blue’s school. There was a frame in one of the teasers with them filming in school, and I think that might be the catalyst for something. Either he gets bullied, the schools that Darla’s family can afford or better, or something like that.

    Little dude is definitely going to be at the center of some serious drama and I worry, and can’t wait, to hear his thoughts on things. Especially in terms of hearing what Aunt Vi says.

  2. Look Amari, we’ve seen all of that with RA during the whole second season. If Darla stepped her foot even a millimeter away from RA and towards a different direction, he’d freak. The arguments, the guilt trips, the name calling, and belittling (to an extant) was what RA would use towards Darla, and how he would act whenever Darla began to build herself up. I could see that happening even more now. Even if Blue doesn’t immediately take to his other grandparents, just the fact that Darla will be rejuvenated, and ready to move forward on her own, of COURSE RA isn’t going to be ok with that, when has he ever. Again, if this was something that was happening now because of the whole baby bombshell alone, then yeah, it would be understandable, to an extent. But the man has been in his feelings and as been unsympathetic towards Darla since the show began. In season 1 it was kind of warranted, but after that, he just has never been the supportive boyfriend, like how he has been with Blue, and being the supportive dad. Kid of weird unbalanced. Accepting of the child, but not the mother. Than getting emotional and an attitude, when the mother gets herself together and decides to move on. (Well RA decided that for her)

  3. All.Of.The.Above.

    Honestly, and maybe this is just RA becoming tainted over time in my memories, I see him as someone who may not like the idea she is doing good when he isn’t. Especially since he went to jail, trying to make sure she was cool, so now there will always be a glass ceiling for him. Meanwhile, she can get her life together, excel to heights beyond what he is capable of, whether you include his charge or not, and ultimately doesn’t need him.

    However, what makes up for all that is Blue. This child sees him as his world and validates him in a multitude of ways. So, with her being better, of course Blue wanting to see her, and Darla wanting to introduce him to the side of his family he has not seen what so ever, you know these fears are going to arise. Probably soon followed by Aunt Vi trying to put some protections in place. Because the woman is shady and with her having the kind of cash to pay for a lawyer too? A good one? PSH! Let RA say one thing which could set off an alarm for Aunt Vi. She’ll have papers filed quicker than she can put on a wig.

  4. So with that, do you think that they could be setting up a custody battle storyline? Or could ot be that Darla and Blue reconnect, along with elher parents being back, RA feels like he has to hold onto Blue out of fear, jealousy, and inadequacy?

  5. But it should also be noted that, and this is me reading it too deep, it almost looks like Blue is being pulled between the two. Like see how relaxed Darla’s arm is while RA seems like he is tugging at him?

    Also, peep Remy and Nova on the opposite sides of each other. So much for that connection.

  6. Hey Amari, you see the new season 3 cast picture? All look very nice. But of course like we always do, I feel like the picture has some deeper meanings to it. Like ok, granted they’re all looking up, but I love that Darla is looking up as well. Like she is over being stepped on and talked down too, and is done with hanging her head in shame. I also like that she is holding Blue’s hand. The fact Blue is in between RA and Darla says something as well. Also, that Darla is positioned in front. You’d think she’d be farther back. RA and Aunt Vi would be the headers, then C and N, but she is up front next to Aunt Vi and everything. Again, probably reading to much into it, but either way, I feel pretty good about where Darla may go this season!

  7. The comments show now, but you have to go to more, then oldest, and then it appears when you pick other filters. It’s sort of weird but does exists now.

  8. I hope so because I like this new comment system but I hate having to lose everything to it. Well, not lose, but basically have it sit for me to reminisce over like old photographs.

  9. Ok I thought I did something lol Like I refreshed the page and all the comments were gone lol Fingers crossed you’ll figure everything out!

  10. They’re in the website’s database and I’m trying to figure how in the world to upload integrate them into Vuukle.

    1. She’s talking about mysteries being brought to life and the only mystery with Darla is her parents and her past. Who she is considered in Saint Jo is vividly clear to us.

      1. Yeah. I guess, it’s just the mysteries part that really threw me off lol. Do you think that in part with the whole mysteries thing, that we may get some incline into who baby Blue’s bio dad is? If the writers go down the route of having RA not be the father?

  11. I honestly don’t have any thoughts on Charley working with the Landry’s just because I have no idea where the story line is going. I am a bit curious to see what the writers decide to do with Aunt Vi and her story line,considering her and H-wood are loaded now, I don’t think that they will have any problems in paying for her medical bills. Remy still hasn’t had a story line that interests me. I hope we see what goes down with Micah and his schooling situation. As for Nova – no comment.

    Also do you think RA would go down the route of trying to get full custody of Blue.

    1. I think that storyline will be triggered if he isn’t Blue’s father just so he can have rights and I bet you Aunt Vi would finance him getting a lawyer for the case. Especially since the fight would be between an ex-con for armed robbery and a recovering drug addict who was a sex worker. It is so messy that I can imagine, especially after that paternity drama, the show going down that road. Especially in the second half of the season.

      1. And honestly it would be the fault of the writers, because this story line did NOT have to happen. Like God forbid, they actually had RA and Darla move forward in their lives, and actually marry, Like was really not on board with the two of them getting married, but I would take that over the what we have now. Like seriously. I just do not want a custody battle. It will not benefit Darla or Blue. For Darla to come back stronger and eager to repair or relationship with Blue only to have a custody paper be thrown in her face, would just be another blow. Again, We don’t know what the outcome of whether or not RA is the father, but I just don’t think that a custody battle will end well.

  12. Yeah Hollywood did try, but even he was on some don’t tell, keep the secrets to yourself bs. But considering H’s history I wasn’t too surprised lol

    But I do agree that D’s parents were very much so playing their best hands in terms of interacting with the B family. I just want to know more, see more when it comes to D’s family. I hope the writers don’t miss the opportunity that they have now, considering Darla’s story line was THE story line of the whole second half of the second season.

    1. Like in the article you shared, and as we saw throughout season 2, everything pretty much has pushed RA and Darla to the forefront, and everyone else into a supporting role. It has become less and less of an ensemble, even with the two lead actresses still doing the majority of the press.

      1. Yeah, which is why I think the writers may want to back to making an ensemble show , and giving all of the characters story lines, Remy and H-wood.Which is why I’m nervous on whether or not the writers are going to show Darla in D.C. with her family and all of that. You know, the writers instead bringing things back to all of the B family characters. IDK lol

        1. It probably will happen, and that’s why I picture her being out in DC. Yes, it means more characters to cater to, but only for half a season before a mid-season finale which pushes Darla to head back.

          Pushing the idea, you think RA, whether he is the dad or not, may press Darla for custody over Blue?

          1. A part of me wants to say no that RA wouldn’t ever threaten Darla in terms of getting full custody of Blue. Like despite everything, and what all of the women in his life may say or think about the situation, I want to believe that RA would see that despite everything that has happened, Darla is still Blue’s mother regardless if he is the father or not. But time has shown us before abut how RA can be such a hot head, and how he can be so inconsiderate of Darla’s feeling’s, and how he has NO SHAME in throwing Darla’s past in her face, that I could see him yelling and screaming about getting full custody of Blue, if something doesn’t go his way, or if Darla says something that he doesn’t like, or if she does or doesn’t do something whatever the situation may be. RA very well could threaten Darla with getting full custody of Blue, just to be petty and to hurt Darla for how she hurt him. Of course we know where the B family stands in the regards of their favorite baby boy RA, and little boy Blue. So, short answer yes, I could very well see RA trying to get full custody of Blue.

            1. Now, what about everyone else, who we often skip over. Outside of RA and Darla, any interest in Charley working with the Landry family, Aunt Vi, Nova wandering into other people’s business aimlessly?

  13. We got a date Amari, season 3 of QS comes back May 29, and May 30. A two night premiere!!! Check-out fb. All we need now is date for GL and we’d be set! ? Although the picture for the announcement is all ready getting to me, RA’s face all twisted up like he’s about to go off,and Nova(ugh) and Charley as usually consoling him, like come on what is it now. But anyway I’m excited,

    1. Me too because I see a picture of a doctor in the back, something that could be the word “Genetics” so my fingers are crossed for a paternity test.

      1. Yeah, Fingers crossed that they don’t have ass Darla going home to parents. Like if they do I;m going to be so upset. They have so much that they they can work with. They could exp;ore so much if they decide to capitalize on it. Also I don’t remember if I asked you are not but do you believe that Blue is RA’s?

        1. I’d prefer Blue to be RAs since then that forces RAs family to apologize and maybe get over themselves. Perhaps show some empathy and in the case of Nova, not being such a damn hyprocrit. The same goes for Aunt Vi who flipped on Darla the first damn chance she got. And I STILL cannot get over Darla being closer to Charley than I’d say she probably has been to Nova in a long time and yet she did her so dirty like that. She fired her on some personal nonsense, knowing routine and a stable job is not only what made it so she could be a better mother, but also could keep from relapsing.

          But me, I remain pro Darla going to DC for at least the first half of the season. Just to fully establish where she came from and what happened. Since, as noted in our last conversation, there is so much grey when it comes to what happened when she was assaulted and what life was before and after. Never mind what her parents are like when it is just them and her, and they are on their home turf. Because I certainly feel her parents were on their best behavior. Just like Charley’s mom, while they may not have been as bad as painted, I don’t see them as saints either. And I mean beyond Darla’s mom revealing she had issues with drinking.

          1. 100% I agree with all of that. The writers would be solely mistaken to think that people wouldn’t be interested in seeing more of Darla’s back story.

            I personally would have loved if the baby Blue bombshell never happened in the first place, but I also would like it if the writers had Blue be RA’s as well, It just doesn’t seem likely, I just got a feeling. Where the writers may go in regards to that whole situation has yet to be seen, but I’m at point to where whatever happens, happens ya know.

            I do hope though that at some point, the B family learns to self reflect, and that they take a hard look at themselves. And they see that life isn’t always black and white, that there are grey areas when it comes to real life situations. Also we are on season 3, the fact that none of the B family has REALLY, TRULY, HONESTLY, took into account everything that Darla has been through as a recovering addict, is ridiculous. Like how did none of the B family see how they mentally and emotionally broke ole girl down in the way that they did. Like really tore her down…I just I need for the B family to check THEMSELVES!!!!

            1. Well, you have to give props to Hollywood at least. He isn’t necessarily her advocate, but he tries. Though, let’s face it, even before the money, the B family was bougie. At least Ernest and his influence I believe made his daughters bougie. Trying to keep up with that life is probably what messed RA up into committing a robbery.

    1. I don’t know if it is a favorite, but I keep thinking about some moment in the first season I believe. When Darla was trying to apologize and thank Aunt Vi, maybe Hollywood as well, and I think they still rejected her. That was probably the first real moment of devastation the show hit me with and got me hooked.

      What about you?

      1. YES! That was from season 1 episode 8. When everyone was huddled at Aunt Vi’s house because of a hurricane. Darla hears Aunt Vi talking bad about her and all of that, she goes and says her peace. One of the first times that we see Darla stand in her truth, and stand up for herself tears and all. ? Along with this being the first time we see Darla and Blue rebounding and reconnecting. ?

        I also have another moment from season 2, when Darla recieves her 2 year sobriety chip. That was it for me, probably one of the few happy moments that Darla has had on the show. All her hard work and determination all coming together in that moment. All of people’s doubts, worries , and fears all being layed to rest. ?

        1. I hope the next big moment for her is graduating college and picking up where she left off on that. Of course baby steps before that, but I’d love to see her get a big moment like that.

          1. I agree that would be such a huge milestone for her. Something that both Blue and her parents could be proud of her for.

            But it wasnt until the 8th episode of the show and that Darla scene was when you finally felt some type of emotional connection, and you finally got hooked to the show? lol The pilot episode, Darla’s scene specifically was what got me interested in the show.

            1. Honestly, I have watched so much TV that I have kind of become fearful to say a show has me hooked early on because then by episode 5, the magic is usually gone. So while I’ll like something, with taking notes, not just watching it for fun, and having to write out how I actually feel, I often come to the point of thinking a show is cool but I’d drop it if I had better things to do and watch. Yet, and I think I remember that moment with Darla specifically because it proved to me this show can remain consistent for nearly an entire season. That it doesn’t just deserve its praise because of it showing a different facet of Black lives in terms of not just men, but also women as well. It really wanted to present storybook type characters who, even if they don’t evolve, like Nova, there is always something new and while they may not move forward, we can explore their past and understand what has them stuck where they are.

              I hope that makes sense.

  14. You mentioned Darla and how quiet she can be. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that more. Like do you think there was a specific reason, something or someone happened or came into her life where she just has become a person who is seen and not heard, even though it seems like she doesn’t even want to be seen alot if the time either. Like Darla could just be a naturally quiet person as well.

    I mean it is like you said, it seems like she has shut herself down and more or less muted herself into this state of constant quietness, that went on before the drugs and the rape, which we have used as the tipping point of Darla’s descent into addiction. Like you said, it’s like she never had a chance to realize she even had a voice, let alone the chance to use it.

    1. I see Quincy as the type of many who seems quiet around strangers, but can have a real booming voice when angry. Hence why Darla isn’t much for confrontation. Yet, there is also the fear that someone did something to her as a child, threatened her in the way kids usually are, and that secret also made her quiet. Perhaps may have been the catalyst for her acting out while her parents thought it was just her rebelling against them.

      Not to say she couldn’t just be naturally quiet, but considering how she can be with RA when they are one on one, I think it could also be the case of, she can be talkative until a certain tone is used. Then it just mentally shuts her down.

  15. You mentioned Darla and how quiet she can be. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that more. Like do you think there was a specific reason, something or someone happened or came into her life where she just has become a person who is seen and not heard, even though it seems like she doesn’t even want to be seen alot if the time either. Like Darla could just be a naturally quiet person as well.

    I mean it is like you said, it seems like she has shut herself down and more or less muted herself into this state of constant quietness, that went on before the drugs and the rape, which we have used as the tipping point of Darla’s descent into addiction. Like you said, it’s like she never had a chance to realize she even had a voice, let alone the chance to use it.

  16. Hey there Amari. With Queen Sugar now filming season 3, another thought came across me. In terms of what happened to Darla that night in D.C., I question whether or not Darla received help from her parents about the situation. Like we know how the father is, and we know how passive the mother is as well. Along with Darla’s history with drugs and alcohol in the past, I just wonder if Darla’s parents saw what happened to her that night as rape, or that she had just disappointed them again, by breaking her sobriety. Like I just don’t get the vibe that Darla had help in dealing with what went down.

    Like what happened to her happened, she did her time at home and then once it was time to go back to school nothing more was said or done about that night. Darla hooks back up with RA, they’re together, she ends up pregnant, even though she can’t process the timeline of events, her parents put two and two together, and see what the aftermath of that was – Blue. D has Blue, she goes back into the pitfalls of addiction, loses Blue, gets clean, gets her life back together, than by the time her parents come around, they tell her to tell the truth about the paternity of Blue. Like I’m not trying to like villainize the parents or anything, but I just have this feeling that the aftermath of that night in D.C. and what happened to Darla, as her parents Quincy and Darlene, did not do what they were supposed to do. Again, I’m probably overthinking, and just speculating but that is the vibe that I get, just from the brief things we have learned about Darla’s family.

    1. My mind keeps drifting to what came before that party. Considering how strict Darla’s dad was, and the example her mom set, was she just partying and doing drugs to relieve the stress? Could it be that something her parents didn’t know about was also a factor? With how quiet Darla is sometimes, it often seems like something or someone broke her before she got a chance to know she had a voice and how to use it. We, in conversation, have made the rape that tentpole moment and catalyst, but what if it wasn’t?

      Though, taking point from what you said, I really do believe Quincy, with how his network and how he was touted, job wise, wasn’t necessarily an active presence in Darla’s life. I believe he was around and seen, but Darlene was the day to day, moment to moment parent. So when it came to her dad, he only knew what the wife reported and depending on what Darlene had going on, who knows between trying to deal with her own drinking problem, amongst what else she was going through, Darla was just another thing she was struggling with. So, if Darla came to her, I can fully imagine her not wanting to hear it because she had enough going on at the time.

      1. I agree. I do question too what was the beginning point, jump off, reason as to why Darla turned to drugs in the first place. I know some people tend to say that sometimes there isn’t a reason, but like I said before, no one wakes up one day and decides that they want to be an addict or an alcoholic and to more or less rip apart and destroy their family, but something happened, someone came into Darla’s life, her parents pressure and maybe lack of affection and constant need for perfection was a trigger, or there very well could be some sort of unchecked mental illness that Darla has that was never touched upon by her parents because they have their own issues going on along with them wanting to keep up the family’s reputation.

        1. Well, Darlene was an alcoholic, so that is a factor and we haven’t gotten to know Darla’s family much to really say much about them really. Unlike Davis, whose family history is cut and dry, Darla’s seems much more complicated. There were layers definitely not seen, especially with her father appearing and being gone in an instant. Darlene as well to a point, in comparison to Charley’s mom who we got to craft a full opinion of. I’m talking, outside of how Charley sees her and past the facade she’d bring to strangers.

          1. I agree. I need more, we need to see more. Which is why I said before, that the writers better not half ass this storyline of shipping Darla back to her parents and there be no pay off to that.

            I mean if Darla did try to come to her mom, and she was effectivelly shut down or dismissed, it would make sense as to why Darlene asked Darla what happened that night and if she knew who she slept with and all of that. I figured that was a conversation that should have already taken place, but if Darla was never able to speak and tell her truth or atleast what she remembered way back then, then of course everything would come out during the present time and when everyone is more clear headed and trying to make amends with each other.

            1. I just hope they balance Darla returning to DC well and let Blue go out there to visit. Especially having RA go with him so he can see who Darla was before him and who she could have been. Much less, will be once she gets herself together.

  17. Hey there Amari, I know that it has been a while, GL and QS will be back in no time! I was going to make this comment a while back but life got in the way. Does the baby Blue bombshell make you look at the show in a different way? Just like in terms of the characters and their actions and everything that they have been through before and after the news broke?

    I had gotten QS season 1 for Christmas, and as I was re-watching the season I was thinking about how much ish has gone down with this last season, season 2, more specifically within the last four episodes, and how much the show has changed. A lot of people are saying how much darker, and somewhat depressing season 2 was in comparison with season 1. Like how the baby Blue bombshell just completely ripped away any sense of self and identity in regards to RA as a dad, and Darla and how she had been working so hard to redeem herself, and make up for the sins of her past.

    It is just that despite everything that we saw of RA and Darla, the idea that Blue isn’t RA’s was something that was never even up for debate. Seeing all of the struggle RA was going through in season 1, all of the peace and somewhat stability that Darla had finally found in regards to the B family letting her back into the family in the beginning of season 2, to then just watch it all go to hell with the notion that Blue is not RA’s is really upsetting. Yes even after all of this time, and it being a new year, I still feel some type of way about what AVA and the writers decided to do with this story line, re-watching the first season just brought all of that anger up again lol Cause like WHY!?!?!? I still love the show and I am excited to see what goes down on QS with season 3, it is just the build up and the story as whole that was a real let down.

    Anyway, I hope you see where I am coming from.

    1. I feel like the Blue paternity bombshell will always be something the show will have to prove it wasn’t for the sake of drama. There can be colorism arguments and Ava wanting to show how fatherhood doesn’t have to be about blood, but the situation will always stick out like a sort thumb. Especially since, I wouldn’t say season 2 got darker as much as it got more real. It veered away from trying to be some type of escapism and address people’s realities more. It is just unfortunate Ava decided to inject her reality in such a way that it took a swing at the foundation of the show.

      1. I 100% agree. Do you think that there is anyway that they can fix the situation that they created? Do you think that they decided to use the colorism and not by blood relations on Blue, RA, and Darla because they were already there as cast mates? Like you said, why couldn’t they have tackled these story lines with other actors and characters, by bringing in some new faces.

        I mean the baby Blue Bombshell, is equivalent to Charley telling Davis that Micah isn’t his!!! Like all the cheating, lies, and infidelity Davis did, that gets thrown out the window, because all this time Micah wasn’t even his son. You know just some crazy mess. Charley walking around feeling all defeated, and heartbroken her husband did these things to her, yet in turn she is also walking around with this huge 15/16 year old secret of Micah not being Davis’s. You see how crazy that sounds. It would make you feel sorry for Davis, and pissed off, and disgusted at Charley. More or less getting Davis off the hook for all of the shit he has done. Well, at least that is what has happened to RA and Darla. We haven’t let RA off the hook, but I have seen many reviews and posters of people who just completely switched up on how they view Darla’s character, and how RA is now like a saint, and how he definitely didn’t deserve to jail now, ESPECIALLY since he was raising a kid that wasn’t his! Again just a MESS!

        Like I said before I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

        1. I get you and I don’t think it is a situation that can be fixed but simply worked through. The product has been cheapened enough so to make it magically fixed won’t help things. I’m just hoping that Blue is Ra’s kid and they don’t decide to throw about this idea that, due to Darla’s drug use, she now has some incurable disease or something. For I really do believe the main reason we have this storyline was to keep Bianca Lawson front and center, at least in the minds of viewers and perhaps award voters. Otherwise, this wrench just doesn’t seem like it has any fathomable payoff.

  18. Her interview was great, very informative, and really in depth. Something I’ve been wanting to see from since QS started, even before that really. Just thoughts on her career, playing the role of Darla, the business of acting as a whole.

      1. Like I said, I love the whole cast, Charley shout out was great!, but like I said Darla/BL made this second season! So, I love seeing her get the recognition she deserves! She did her THANG this season! ?????? ?? ? ?

        1. Have you been checking her instagram? She made it sound like no one was really casting her in productions like this, for some reason.

          1. You know I do sort of get that impression, especially after watching her full AP interview that is on Youtube. It seems like she was in a bit of stunt character and story line wise, like she was, as she puts it, not able to fully put into use all of her acting muscles that she knew she had. It seems like these last 2 or 3 years she’s kind of been pushing out these more gritter roles than we have seen from her before. Which again is why her youthful aging is such a blessing. She is getting older in age, pushing 40, yet she still looks like she could be in her 20’s. So many actresses would love to have that, especially with how sexism, and ageism plays a huge part in how a lot of actresses get roles, especially older black actresses at that.

  19. Also, we know ageism, and body imagery, all play a big part in Hwood. So, along with the fact that OS doesn’t want the lead roles, unfortunately there is always that undercurrent of racism, and sexism, that plays a part in what kinds of roles that black actresses can play. BL may be pushing 40, but she damn sure doesn’t look like it! Her young looks alone buys her another what – 20 years in Hwood than a lot of other actresses. I would definitely be taking every role that I could lol (Unless it was strate trash lol)

  20. Along with the fact that BL was SNUBBED for a NAACP nomination (no less!) It’s nice that she is getting recognized from other organizations and companies. I mean no disrespect to Rutina and Dondre (especially Dondre) I just don’t think either of their performances should have garnered them a nomination. Let’s be honest, we both know that BL more or less made this second season, especially the second half. The fact that she wasn’t nominated at all really surprised me.

    1. I wonder did they even push for it, to be honest. Because the more I learn about the award process the more I hear about the network having to push and the actor being willing to campaign. Especially since it can get expensive pushing someone to win an award.

      1. So, like basically, Rutina, and Dondre pushed to be nominated, and campaigned and all of that but BL didn’t? Sadly, that could be the case unfortunately.

  21. Hey Amari, our girl BL is getting even BIGGER recognition!!! So proud of her! ?????? ?? ? ?


    I know Hwood is going through a lot of things right now, people are being exposed left and right, but I know that there are still decent people in Hwood who believe in doing their work the right, and legal way. So,my hope that she gets that one big part is still going strong. ?????? ?? ? ?

    1. I wonder though, if like Octavia Spencer, she doesn’t want that lead role but wants to just make an impact but not have to play that role. Because she doesn’t seem like the type which wants to have to be on social media all the time, touring the talk shows, and doing a whole bunch of interviews where people ask the same question.

      1. That is understandable. But BL does use social media, just not as much as other celebrities. Although she does repost, all positive praise, feedback, and criticism that she gets in articles, interviews, and from fans, so she will use when it comes to positive feedback. IDK it is all clearly up to her, she will continue to do what she wants to do, it’s just we both feel like she should be bigger, especially with all of the darkness going on Hwood now it would be nice to see her positivity.

          1. I know that we make jokes about BL’s young looks and all of that, but I would love to see BL in a period piece type of movie. You know like the 20’s or 30’s, with horse and carriages and all of that lol. Or like some Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice type of ish lol

  22. You how we talk a lot about Darla out growing RA, and moving past him. You wrote previously about how the RA that Darla is dealing with now, was probably the same RA that she knew in the beginning of their relationship when Darla was in college. So, that makes me think during the pool scene, when Darla yells at RA and says what was she supposed too say, how was she supposed to tell him that she didn’t know if she was pregnant because of what happened that night in D.C. or if it was by him who she loved, and all he says is. “You say it just like that, I’m pregnant and I don’t if it is yours.” He makes it sound so simple.

    My thing is, is that are we really supposed to believe that after everything that we have seen of RA and his behavior and actions towards Darla, all of the temper tantrums, the guilt trips, the name calling, not listening to her, being dismissive of her wants and needs, and he has done all of this as a 27 – 28 year old “man”. All this emotionally abusive behavior. So are really supposed to believe that RA during his younger years, as say a 21 to 22 year old, would have handle that news maturely and he would have aided Darla his girlfriend with love and compassion, after finding out what went on that night in D.C.? I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe that he would. Again, the things that we have seen with RA has been done at the age where he is considered an adult, and as a man, so to think that him a view years younger would be more mature and more understanding then he is now, I just don’t see it. Thoughts?

    1. This is why, way earlier in the season, I questioned how old he is. For while Aunt Vi noted she and Ernest definitely babied him, he seems so stunted when it comes to dealing with emotions. Yeah, he can work hard like a man, but even just how he acted when he audited a class with Remy. How he got a wedgie from feeling like he was made to be stupid. Dude, you were good on the practicum just not certain parts of the theory. CALM DOWN.

      But you notice the way he talked to Remy about that wasn’t how he talked to or about Charley or Darla. Though we’ve seen RA’s temper flare up with men sometimes, I do wonder if it is solely when he knows he can take them or got a weapon handy?

      1. You wanna know why he doesn’t step to the men like he do the women? It’s because, (I don’t mean to offend)he is a man, or should I say he is a certain type of man. It is that abusive behavior, plain and simple. Yes, we have seen RA get buck with a few men, but not as rough as he has been with the ladies, and I think that it is because of like you said, he know that he can take them or if he as a weapon, but than what does that say about how he treats the women in his life? I mean we see it all the time, “men” who will beat their women black and blue, but won’t step to a man, or when the they get their ass beat by a man, they won’t swing and beat on those men like they do the women that they are beating. It is so crazy. I don’t like to use sjw “words” in everyday language lol, but RA is by far the epitome, and the very definition of toxic masculinity. Just straight abusive behavior, ego and pride can be a big thing.

  23. I feel like (I hope), that RA would be honest with Blue, not in terms of his potential paternity, but in terms of his mother and why she left. But here’s the thing, RA really never understood in full of what Darla was dealing with in terms of her addiction and her sobriety. He questioned her on why she was still going to her NA meetings and all of that, so I don’t think that he still really understands what she has been dealing with himself. All I know, is that RA better keep baby Blue far away from Aunt Vi, we all know how she is when it comes to rewriting history.

    1. Well, in terms of RA, we already know his communication skills are lacking. As for him and Vi showing compassion to Darla’s situation? I think RA wouldn’t dog Darla like that since he knows what it was like to grow up without a mother there. So he likely will push aunt vi to be civil.

      Well, either him or in the aforementioned Charley idea. Either way, Darla’s return is inevitable but whether it brings drama or at least some sort of decorum is hard to say. The whole B family are revisionist that make themselves out to be victims so they can turn on their crocodile tears.

      1. But again, the questions remains, should Darla accept their crocodile tears, whether it be for Blue’s sake, or because she still so desperately wants to be accepted by them even AFTER all of the judgmental, sly, and petty comments that were thrown at her, and the way that she was dogged out by the B family? Or should Darla, who is still continuing to grow, and find her voice, move on from being underneath the B family. Like I said previously, she finds a new company, a new boss all of that. She can still help Charley and giver her a hand, but she still keeps a bit of her self respect and moves on from that job.

        Plus, like I said before, I feel like it would only be to benefit Charley, she is lonely as no one in terms of a relationship, or with help at the mill so why not ask for Darla to come back ya know. Again, they may at one point forgive Darla, but there is still always going to be an invisible timer that has been set by the B family waiting for Darla to screw up again (At least with Aunt Vi and Nova). They may not be as vocal about it (cause baby Blue hears everything), but they will never be able to fully trust her. (Fact is never did in the first place).

        *Me personally, I would thank Charley for giving me the job in the first place, but I would have been out. Making my own moves you know.

  24. As much as we hope for happy, calm , and stable Darla, do you think the writers might write into the story that even though Darla comes back to St. Jo’s refreshed and ready to be a mother to Blue again, that Blue this time around won’t be as inviting and accepting of Darla like we hope?. Again, Ethan is getting older,(he’s seven now and will be seven by the time season 3 filming begins), and the writers can start to amp up his character for him, and we talk a lot about seeing things from Blue’s pov. As much as we would want for Blue to accept his mother when she comes back, it is also even more realistic for Blue (after being left for a second, maybe even third time by his mother) to be a bit angry and frustrated at his mother, especially if he continues to hear bad things about his mother. Cause let’s be honest, if we think that the B family has stopped talking bad about Darla just because she left, then that would be totally ooc for them. It’s like you said previously, even though Blue loves his mother, he probably wouldn’t have left with her if she asked him too, heartbreaking, but realistic.

    1. I think we’re at the point where Blue’s reaction is necessary. We never really got to understand how he felt about his parents being away most of his young life and he seems just a bit too well adjusted to it all. Not to imply he should be a problem child fighting at school and raising hell, but I think there are questions that he should be asking. Blue is a smart kid but I can’t imagine him being fully able to piece together the issues his mother has, both with her addiction and with his father’s family. Much less understanding the whys involved for everyone’s decisions.

      With that said, so comes the question of how Darla’s sudden disappearance will be told to him. Darla and RA not being in his life earlier was just what it was. He didn’t outright treat them as strangers so he did know who they were, but there is a serious question of what the boy doesn’t and will know about his folks and how he’ll react? Especially with a woman like Aunt Vi telling the story.

      1. In my opinion Blue was well adjusted because of Earnest and Aunt Vi. They kept the boy safe, fed, and clothed. If Blue doesn’t ask questions about his mom, than that would be HUGE misstep on the writer’s part.

        This whole thing of Blue asking questions really angers me even more, that the writers would just have Darla leave without saying goodbye. Darla explaining things to her son, and him hearing things from her own mouth, and actually physically seeing her, would at least give the boy a bit more understanding, and would help this new transition be a bit smoother, and it would also let him know that his mother wasn’t going to be gone forever, it would let him know that she would be back. But the writers just shipping her off like that, like how else is a seven year old supposed to feel, especially one who was already abandoned by both of parents years back!?!??! This writing makes no real sense, and does nothing to help Darla’s character. She has always stood in her truth no matter how hard it was, her telling Blue face to face would be her continuing to do that.


        1. There, to me, is a constant struggle with Darla becoming flawed beyond past drug use. With her throwing out Kenya, the way she chastised Blue, her revealing RA may not be the dad and her leaving, I just get the vibe they want fans to condemn her like RA and his family do. However, it just doesn’t take as strongly since BL doesn’t allow Darla to be summed up by her latest mistake.

          She doesn’t let Darla become watered down and unable to be put under a microscope and discover more. I mean just look at our back and forth. We’d over analyze Darla and her story for days because of the complexity of the character. Only changing the topic or opinion because we were given more information.

          1. “I just get the vibe they want fans to condemn her like RA and his family do. However, it just doesn’t take as strongly since BL doesn’t allow Darla to be summed up by her latest mistake.”

            That is pretty much what it is, she doesn’t let her character stew in her own mess and despair. She cries, screams, and yells. She dries her tears and keeps on moving. The car scene is proof of that. She cries, screams, and yells, she than drives off. Not to get high, do drugs, or to drown her pain in alcohol, but to swim it out. That is growth!

  25. I’ll admit, I was shocked that Charley was grouped in the low points section. I agree that she has had the 2 most interesting story line since the show began. Although, like the other characters her, Charley definitely seemed to have her character, and relationship shifted quite drastically come the second half of the season.

    1. I had to double check for a second because Charley definitely wasn’t a low point. I’d say Charley was fairly consistent when it came to her story and how she changed. It is just once it became her vs. the Landrys, it lost steam since they don’t make the most compelling villains. If only because they are so two dimensional at this point. Which them all, the younger ones anyway, wanting to sleep with Charley didn’t help.

      1. My bad, how did read Charley’s name instead of Nova’s when reading the low point section lol ….I don’t know lol. My eyes was playing tricks on me lol

        Do, you think that if Darla were too come back to St Jo’s and like I said previously, the family just tolerates Darla, and maybe for the sake of Blue, Charley decides to give Darla her job back, do you think that she would or should take it? Again, their relationship and friendship was so vital during season 2. They had real and honest conversations.

        1. I can fully see Darla taking the job back and Charley slowly warming back up to her in the process of trying to take the Landrys down. For in my mind, Charley needs a friend and with Remy gone, the closest thing she has is Darla. After all, while RA maybe fine with the plan, I don’t see Nova being cool with how this would affect the local farmers. I’d even fathom she’d let it slip to someone and they write an article and Nova catches the blame. Meanwhile, Darla is trying to keep things professional and Charley more and more needs their relationship to return back to the way it was. Especially as Davis perhaps gets serious about Tamar, Micah has Keke and Charley is perhaps single for the first time in her adult life – and hating it.

          1. I agree, but here is the thing, with how huge the fallout was between Darla and the B family was, and Darla leaving Blue to move back with her parents, I feel like Darla may be a bit hesitant and taken aback by Charley offering her, her job back, but I don’t think that Darla would return to it. Here’s why.

            Darla was left broken. Like I said before, with the way Darla was treated after the news broke and all of the B family collectively telling Darla to F off, and gave her their asses to kiss, I don’t think that Darla’s parents would allow for her to go back to that same place, empty handed, and not having any sort of set up. They love their daughter and they are happy that she is back and that she is clean and sober, they also instantly took to Blue as well.

            So, for them to just allow for her to go back to St. Jo’s and have her start from scratch I don’t see that happening. I feel like just they did Darla when she was in college, her parents are going to have her back, and they will set her up with a job, something no more than 20 to 30 minutes out of town, that way she can still live in St Jo’s and be close to Blue, while still having a job.

            Cause I believe that you commented on another post saying, that you don’t think that Darla would take back her job if Charley offered it too her. Also, Charley doing that would seem that it is just for her benefit. She is lonely and has no one, why not ask the same woman, you and your collective family pushed out of the way to come back to a job that you know she needs to provide for her son. But then again, where were you Charley when Darla needed help and compassion?!?!?!?!?

            I mean it is probably just wishful thinking on my part, for Darla to come back to St. Jo’s ready to take some college courses, and working at a new company. Again, with the magnitude of the situation, I don’t think that Darla’s parents and (even Darla herself), would allow for her to head back to the same place that was so judgmental, petty, and disheartening towards her, and then let her go back and work under that same family you know.

            (Sorry It’s so long lol)

            1. I think my issue is that I can’t imagine them not bring Darla back into the St. Jo fold and Charley is the only means that could make sense. Because I have this unrealistic faith that she may go back to therapy and discover some of the toxic mindset she has inherited from her father’s side.

              Making it so, it surely won’t be immediate, but just as Darla and her parents were able to reconcile, so could Charley and Darla. More than likely in the second half of the season vs. the first. For I do think it is time for someone to chase and try to appease Darla after her fighting to win people over.

  26. Everything you have written I agree with! ?????? ?? ? ?

    I mean you broke down everything, all of the good and all of the bad. You called out the inconsistency, the dropped story lines, the flipped, 180 turns that a lot of the characters had once the second half of the season started. Even though you love the show, you aren’t blinded by your love, and you are able to see some of the faults that the show has. Cause not every show is perfect, not even QS. You are able to out aside your bias, and your love for certain characters and ask questions that need to be asked when it comes to how certain characters were written. Good S*** Amari! This season review 10/10

      1. Aw shucks! ? Thanks! ?

        I mean besides a couple of Youtube comments that I leave on a view videos, you’re the only real constant reviewer that I can go to when I want to talk more in depth about this show, and about the characters. I mean I only found you because I went looking for other reviews that would allow for constant dialogue, and conversation lol. Also, our views pretty much fall in line when it comes to the show anyway, but when we do disagree, it just makes the conversation even better if I must say.

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