Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 9 “Yet Do I Marvel” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Based off what was seen, and the little synopsis on Wikipedia, it seems the focus for 2B is going to primarily be family. For this episode, it is Charley’s mother Lorna joining the series and us being prepped for Darla’s parents. Health Scares: Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Nova, Robert Something is up with Aunt Vi. It…

Based off what was seen, and the little synopsis on Wikipedia, it seems the focus for 2B is going to primarily be family. For this episode, it is Charley’s mother Lorna joining the series and us being prepped for Darla’s parents.

Health Scares: Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Nova, Robert

Something is up with Aunt Vi. It isn’t clear what exactly, but between getting dizzy and forgetfulness, it makes seeing her on the doctor’s table at the end of the episode a red flag. But, thankfully, Hollywood is doing well at his job and though the Landry family works with, owns, or is friends with Hollywood’s boss, he needs the money. Especially if he ends up having to take care of Vi.

But while Aunt Vi worries about her personal health, Nova got the whole 9th ward in a panic over the Zika virus. Thanks to an article she puts out, there is a panic developing. One which Chantal (Last seen in s1e10) side eyes Nova for since she isn’t a doctor. Social activism, she is an expert on but whether the 9th ward is the perfect place for the virus to become a major issue? She is overstepping.

Well, that’s her opinion anyway. Robert, on the other hand, supports Nova expanding her horizons in looking out for her community. Unfortunately though, while she may have gotten close to Robert, when Ralph Angel comes over, she doesn’t note this man means a damn thing to her. She just makes him seem like an old friend passing by. Maybe someone she just sold weed to but she isn’t trying to be blunt about it.

My Family Tree: Darla, Ralph Angel, Blue, Nova, Charley

With Darla and Ralph Angel getting married, alongside Blue working on a family tree project, it seems like the best time to start announcing the engagement. One of which Blue is the first to know, followed by Nova, then comes Aunt Vi. Now, Nova is cool about it, and of course Blue is giddy with excitement. As for Aunt Vi? Well, after a sort of side eye moment, she comes around. In fact, she has an engagement party. One in which we see that whatever ill will came from Ralph Angel’s reveal has either been healed or put aside for the celebration. But the icing on the cake, which gets me emotional just thinking about it, is when Aunt Vi gave Darla permission to call her by that name. Saying she is family now.

Leaving one last piece of the puzzle: Darla’s parents. People who, when Darla leaves a voice message, she talks like they may barely know about Blue and may not know a damn thing about Ralph Angel either. One thing is for sure though, Aunt Vi never met these people.It should also be noted that Darla and Ralph Angel go on a date and there is a conversation about maybe wishing she did things differently. Like finishing college. Something which, the next time Ralph Angel is feeling insecure, surely will be brought up.

Have You Met My Mother?: Micah, Davis, Charley, Lorna (Sharon Lawrence), Remy

Charley finds out about what happened to Micah and naturally, she is ready to raise all hell. However, Micah doesn’t want to do anything about it and Davis kind of supports the decision. Plus, all things considered, Charley has so much more to worry about since her mother Lorna is in town. Something which is touted as quite dangerous because there is no love lost between Lorna and Aunt Vi. Someone who she, Lorna, seemingly agreed a long time ago to be nowhere in the vicinity of.

I mean, considering she probably caused a whirlwind in Ernest’s life, including marriage, can you blame her? Never mind Aunt Vi probably having loyalty to Ralph Angel and Nova’s mother. But, based on what Wikipedia is sayingSo take that with a grain of salt. we’ll have to wait until episode 11 to hear Lorna’s side to the story.

But, long story short, Lorna may not be a force to reckon with, as Charley made her seem, but she is a piece of work. Yet, Remy finds her charming and while there are clearly some issues between Charley and Lorna, which includes her growing up biracial and always feeling like an outsider, their relationship can heal.

Oh, and before we move on, let it be known: It is about to be on between Remy and Charley. Her divorce is final and public and she is starting to talk nasty. Enough to make that light skin man blush a little and be thrown off. Not to say she is laying it down and spreading it wide but she is giving clear signals that the wait is about to be over.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How in the world did Lorna and Ernest meet? Considering the way Lorna lives now, and with her ability to send Charley to boarding prep schools back in the day, when would there two cross paths? What would attract him to a white woman like her?


Charley & Lorna

We’re going to set aside the Micah situation since it seems he wants to nip that in the bud. However, there is a serious need to note that what Lorna will bring to this show is straight drama. Yet, it is drama of the good kind. For she is one of the few who could really remind us that Ernest isn’t a saint. Something we have sort of been building to. Nova often would point this out when it comes to Ernest’s relationship with her mom, much less him being with Lorna. Aunt Vi sort of put some white paint on Ernest by noting his reaction to her first marriage and I’m sure Lorna is going to have some stories of her own.

But, when it comes to the relationship between Lorna and Charley specifically, I feel like it is going to compliment what will surely go on with Darla and her parents. For something tells me, considering how Lorna isn’t as bad as she has been painted, it may mean Darla’s are going to be a piece of work. Yet, for both, I see the healing process beginning. For Charley, it is accepting how her mother played a role, both positive and negative, in her life. From making her the success she is to how her creating this disconnect with Ernest is part of the reason Charley never belong. For while she may have sent Charley to Louisiana during the summer, it seems throughout the rest of the year Lorna didn’t go out of her way to make sure Charley could be around Black people.

Darla and Aunt Vi

Darla and Aunt Vi have always had a tumultuous relationship. Due to Darla hitting rock bottom, that is why Aunt Vi had her first experience with some form of motherhood. But even if it was Hollywood who found Darla and rescued Blue, things like that aren’t erased from a person’s memory easily. So for her to really tell Darla, now that Ralph Angel and she are getting married, she can call her Aunt Vi and say she is family! Oh my god, the tears.

But this relationship is probably going to be quite necessary. Now just to the benefit of Darla mind you. For while I’m sure Aunt Vi is going to have to come to the girl’s defense as her parents roll in, I think it may also benefit Aunt Vi. If only because, it is clear something medically is going wrong with Aunt Vi and I think, out of all her nieces and her nephew, Darla maybe the one who does the most. Nova may have the most time, yes, and Charley is a boss so she can do as she pleases, but I can imagine Darla being there the most. Just to really prove to aunt Vi that she isn’t going to take it lightly when she accepted her into the family. Especially considering, depending on how her parents act, Aunt Vi may very well be the last real maternal figure Darla may get to have.

On The Fence


You know, the more attention I pay to Nova the more she comes off like a Shonda Rhimes lead. Professionally, no one can touch her. She is top of the class, a leader, and one not to be messed with. However, her personal life? All drama she causes. Take Robert. This man seems like the perfect match for her. However, when she has the opportunity to properly introduce him to Ralph Angel, he gets curved. When it comes to Chantal, who seemingly still has a close relationship to Nova (behind the scene), there is no checking her for the way she talks to Robert.

I mean, the way she acts with Robert leads me to wonder if she ever had a healthy relationship? Like, something Aunt Vi talks about, or was it Lorna, is the idea that something isn’t always cause and effect. Sometimes it is the question of: Is it a choice or reaction? In my mind, the way Nova treats Robert could be a reaction from how her mom was treated by Ernest. This handsome, kind, dark-skinned Black man maybe loving now, but he keeps company with white people. White women. So, reacting to what happened to her mother, she makes the choice not to get too close. Not to let Robert get to the point her could truly hurt her.

Which may bring up the question of: What about Calvin and Chantal? But with them, I don’t necessarily see what they offered Nova long term. Chantal was someone who may have challenged Nova could be a good lover, but I think the way Nova’s sexuality is, she has no issues dating and being sexual with women. However, I don’t think she may be willing to go the distance. Granted, Chantel is the only women we have seen Nova with, much less flirt with, but with the way she and Aunt Vi talk about her past, it doesn’t seem Nova has consistently and often dated women.

Then, when it comes to Calvin, I honestly think she liked the fact he could never truly be hers. She wanted someone who was only available to a certain point. Plus, that relationship seemed to be another reaction. One in which she chose to live on the other side of her mother’s pain. To see what it was like to be the other woman. To perhaps steal a white man from his white family. Which isn’t to make her sound petty, since she truly seemed to have feelings for Calvin, but like most people on this show, it seems the parent of the same gender haunts their life and decisions. To the point, you have to wonder if any of them will ever really get from underfoot.

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  1. I agree and I also feel like if Aunt Vi were to die, it would take the show into such a dark place, even more dark then it tends to be now. Like yes all three of them are adults, but Aunt Vi has been such a strong staple for all of them and has helped raised them (especially RA) for so long, that it will be devastating! ?

    Does Charley know that Darla and RA are getting married? If so how did she react? Also, did Aunt Vi throw the wedding celebration together herself, or was it her and the other ladies? If it was just Aunt Vi then ?, but happy tears lol (Sorry for all of the questions)

    1. Everyone in the family knows Darla and RA are getting married and Charley even embraces Darla at the party. She seems very happy for the two. Aunt Vi seemingly came up with the party herself and made sure the siblings, and a bunch of people we don’t know, came to the High Yellow for the party.

      Pretty much, despite what happened in the last few episodes, the siblings seem on good terms. Though Nova brings up the farm and how Aunt Vi wants the siblings to sit down and talk about it. Well, she brings that up to Charley who soon after tells Nova about what happened to Micah.

      Which, based off that video I told you about, it seems Nova may get her hands dirty with that.

      1. I remember making a prediction on how maybe Nova was going to get involved, maybe try and set that officer up, or catch him doing something illegal with another kid, so we’ll see.

        1. I don’t know if Nova is willing to get that messy. But this situation does crack a door open for Calvin to return.

          1. Yeah, I can see that happening, but I don’t really care for Calvin anyway so it doesn’t really matter to me lol

  2. Really? I mean I know that times have changed, and social media and technology as a whole has changed a lot in how we live our lives, but can casting directors, and produces really judge and actor or actress on their work by looking at their social media? I mean what happened to the days of looking at someone’s film and their body of work. Instagram and twitter can only do so much you know?

    1. I think the idea is, if someone has millions of followers that equals possibly millions of butts in seats. If not at least a healthy fraction of their followers. Hence why, of the up and coming generation, you’d be hard pressed to find many actresses without a social media account on at least Twitter or Instagram. The only exception I know of is Kristen Stewart.

      1. I can see that I guess. I just feel like if an actor or actress is good, all of that other mess shouldn’t matter. Hire a person because of their work, not because of how many followers they have.

        So, in regards to Aunt Vi, what do you think is wrong with her medically?

        1. Well, she is getting dizzy and also having memory issues. On top of that, she is having hair loss so the default is always cancer. If not just a brain tumor.

          Either way, I’m not ready for anyone to die.

          1. Yeah me neither, Aunt Vi is crucial not only to the story, but to the siblings, if she goes who knows what will happen to the them.

            1. They will unravel. Her home is pretty much the gathering place, a neutral location, and because of that, you rarely see the siblings go to each other’s houses. So if she is no longer of this Earth, it would be up to Hollywood to keep up the peace. Which, with him grieving, who knows if he’ll have the time to deal with the infighting which surely will come with Aunt Vi’s death and someone saying something insensitive.

  3. Why yes I agree Amari, like she is very much about the work and I like that. Yes, there is a “Game” that has to be played when it comes to the press, and interviews and all that, but at the end of the home girl is 38 years old, the Hollywood scene, and getting caught up in the whole whirlwind of fame, probably isn’t that much of a big deal to her. I mean you’ve had Hollywood heavyweights, like Meryl Streep, and Daniel Day-Lewis who’ve had huge career’s, yet besides red carpets, award shows, and press for their upcoming movies, they have very private lives, so I don’t think that the schmooze of Hollywood is the thing that is holding her back. Or it could be, that at 38 years old, she is just content with where she is at. You know like she is ok with the career that she has had, and maybe doesn’t want to do anything bigger than tv, or having a lead role. (Though we know that she should!)

    1. I think it is because she is Black personally. Even if she is light skinned. Plus, outside of this role, honestly she hasn’t done much noteworthy work. She has been on a lot of hit teen shows, but this feels like her real breakout adult role.

      1. Yeah, she hasn’t always played teen roles, but this does feel like her first real adult role. Although, I wouldn’t say that her being light skinned is really the problem, I mean it is no secret that Hollywood has more acceptance and sees light skinned actresses as more camera worthy, than when it comes to our dark skinned sisters, sad but true. Maybe it is her manager, who knows. All I know is that whatever she plans on doing after QS I will definitely support it, whether it be on tv, or she does get that one movie role that kind break her out, whatever it is, she has a fan lol I just feel like if anything when it comes to managers, or directors, and producers who come across this show or if they want to see if BL could do serious, gritty, and real roles, I hope that they watch her in QS.

        1. I’d argue that most of her big roles, as of late, have been playing a teenager or being on teen demographic shows. Be it Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf. As for the Light Skinned comment, I more so meant that her being a Black woman, even if light skinned, is probably what is holding her back perhaps.

          Though as you said, it could be she is fine with her lane being a supporting character. She isn’t someone who posts a lot on social media or has a strong presence online. So it could very well be, like her step-sister Beyoncé, when she is more about the performance than the marketing. I don’t think, even with the build up to the series’ return, I have seen anything about her. Outside of a rising star article.

          Elsewhere, her name is mentioned but it doesn’t seem she is interviewed that much.

          1. I understand, I also read that rising star article. There is an interview that BL did for Harper’s Bazaar it is a GREAT read. I don’t know how to link articles, but all you have to do is type in BL interview, and it should pop up. It is a recent interview. Yeah, she isn’t all about social media, which is what I like about her. It’s kind of half and half, I like that she isn’t all up on social media, but then sometimes I wish that she would post more lol

            1. Because, from what I’ve read about and from the J-Law and Sophia… Sansa from Game of Thrones, is that these casting people and companies are really looking at social media as to whether actresses are worth it. Both in terms of whether they should be hired and how much they should get paid.

  4. I got be honest, I chuckled when I read that On the Fence had Nova’s name under it.

    I like Nova’s character, but with these last 8 episodes, nothing in regards to her character has interested me. Like you, even though Darla is my # 1 character, I still like all of them, it’s just with Nova there is nothing that I can really relate to when it comes to her. I definitely get Olivia Pope vibes from Nova, although take out the wine, and add weed lol

    With season 1 she had a lot going on, and so I liked a bit of her storylines. But with season 2, she has clearly taken a bit of a backseat compared to Charley and RA.

    1. With the way Rutina was talking during that Tribeca TV chat, we’re in for some surprises with her. Just because her parents are dead doesn’t mean she can’t reconcile with their affect on her life.

      1. Nice. I’m really excited again, to see Charley and her mom together. I think your right on how the writers might make Charley and Lorna’s relationship a bit more easy, so that when Darla’s parents come in, shit will go down, which like TERRIFIES me! Truly lol

          1. No doubt, she can! Like dude, you have like no idea how long I’ve been waiting for Bianca to get a role like this. She just has such amazing talent, and I feel like there is no reason why she shouldn’t be one of Hollywood’s great’s. Like no disrespect, but like J-Law and all of these young, up and coming actresses really aren’t that great. I feel like Bianca could and should take their places.

            1. But here is the thing, you can pigeon hole J-Law and a lot of these young things. Bianca Lawson has, just about, done every genre at this point. The only other Black actor I can think of who has had as diverse a portfolio is the Smith family.

              And in general, with the way she is talked about by the cast, it seems she is about the work and doesn’t schmooze and all that. So that might be what is holding her back. Unlike J-Law and the rest who, between social media and high profile romances, are constantly on someone’s radar.

  5. So, with regards to Darla’s phone message to her parents, what gave you the vibe that her parents do not know about Blue, let alone RA?

    1. She didn’t mention RA by name but referred to him as her child’s father. Also, she mentioned Blue’s age which I found weird. So they may know about Blue, know Darla got pregnant, but I think she probably kept a bit of her downfall from them. If not at least tried to.

      1. Ok. I don’t think that it would be too unrealistic if the parents never met RA, but I mean for Darla to have a whole child, I would believe that her parents would know that. I guess if that is the case, I’m really just confused on how years would go by without Darla’s parents ever meeting Blue.

        1. With the way Kofi talks about Darla, he doesn’t seem to know much about her besides face value stuff. It is implied that he has a lot to learn about this woman he loves.

          1. Which again begs the question of when did they meet, and what exactly were the circumstance?.

            It could be that they were just two young people caught up in love, and despite all of the time that they spent together, they maybe didn’t have real conversations about things. Maybe a few small things were said and thrown out there, between the two of them, but their backgrounds were never talked about in great detail, which again isn’t really unrealistic. Not saying that they didn’t love each other, but everyone knows, once the girl falls pregnant the relationship isn’t as carefree, and wild as it once was. Especially for Darla who was in college on a good track. They were young, ill-prepared, and from how Darla’s parents have been talked about, more than likely terrified, so things went down, and Darla and her parents weren’t on speaking terms. Again all just speculation really. Thought’s?

            1. Just got the thought, Darla and RA probably hooked up, she got pregnant, and that started the relationship. Him going to a party, meeting this girl, sex, pregnant, and him trying to do right by her.

              1. Which again is not unrealistic. There both gorgeous, young people, hell yeah they are gonna see each other, and wanna get together. Was there a real foundation between them? Maybe not. Does that mean that they could have gotten closer once they found out she was pregnant? yes. So, if that is the case I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

              2. I’m just hoping we don’t have to wait till the end of the season or 3/4 of the way in, to meet her parents. I hope the 2nd episode of the two night premiere has them show up or at least call her back.

          1. I’m glad to see that Blue was happy about his parents getting married. His heart, and love for his parents is too pure.

            I’m really excited to see all of the Aunt vi and Darla scenes. It is just so amazing to see how far they have come. But I feel like this is just the calm before the storm, we know that Darla’s parents will be coming and how things ended between the three of them, it is clear that things didn’t end well.

              1. I know right, there so much mystery around Darla. There are going to be so many emotions that are going to go on between Darla and parents and I can’t wait. Darla probably pissed at her parents for how things went down, more or less feels at bit hurt and abandoned that parents just weren’t around to help her, gave up on. Darla’s parents pissed at her for throwing her life away getting pregnant, there only daughter (if they know about her drug addiction, and how deep she was into it) selling herself and doing all sorts of crazy things. All three hurt, scared, and broken. Hopefully they can come together. I mean there will be a lot of fiery in Darla coming up, no doubt.

              2. I think with how Charley reconciles with her mom, they may make it so, at best, they agree to disagree. I can’t imagine a slew of happy endings for everyone.

              3. And it sucks to think that way, but not only is that how tv works sometimes, but that is also how life works sometimes too. Darla and her parents may not be on as bad terms as they once were, but they won’t be completely put back together like they once were ( or if they ever really were on good terms). Again. I think that there is just so much dysfunction between Darla and her parents that goes beyond RA and Blue. RA and Blue, if anything, were maybe catalyst and the last thing that truly broke the relationship between Darla and her parents. There are much more issues that were there (and that have not been discussed or dealt with) before Darla and RA ever crossed paths.

  6. Man Amari! I am literally SHAKING! Everything with Aunt Vi and Darla has me so emotional and on the verge off tears just from reading this review. Just remembering how damaged, broken, lonely, and isolated Darla felt during season one, and even during the beginning of season 2, when Darla expressed how she is still very much fearful of what the Bordelon’s may still think of her, even as she works towards being two years sober. To where we see her and Aunt Vi with this episode! ? Damn I’m shook! ?

      1. We’ve had numerous discussions about Darla and college. I feel like that may be a BIG thing come season 3. Darla may want to go back to finish school, and we might see an even bigger shift in their relationship, but not as just boyfriend and girlfriend, but as husband and wife. Thoughts?

        1. I think as Darla regains control and sort of heads back to square one, naturally she is going to want to pick up where she left off. The problem is, and always will be, whether Ralph Angel can handle it. Because, assuming Darla does go back to school, which I can fully see Charley supporting, so comes the question of what will her goals be? On top of that, Darla is nice and I think is finding her voice (possibly again) so she is naturally going to make friends.

          And that is where I see conflict. More than likely, Darla is going to move in with Ralph Angel and with that there are going to be expectations. I’m not sure how traditional either one is but, as you’ve noted I believe, Ralph Angel’s journey to manhood is far from over. Him putting a ring on it doesn’t change the fact there is a trust issue in their relationship. One in which RA’s insecurities dealing with who Darla was and can be, almost makes it seem, in my mind, if it wasn’t for Blue, they wouldn’t be together. Something I believe he thinks about too and her ability to leave the farm, do and go wherever, scares him. Her meeting new people, those who can give her this life she left behind, is going to be terrifying. For between probation and what his daddy left him, RA is stuck. Not only that, I’d imagine he would be afraid to have drastic changes in his life. Be it because prison put him on a routine or just because he isn’t someone who likes change.

          Something I’d imagine will soon be a problem as Darla is reminded about the life she could have had and how it is still obtainable.

          1. Which makes me real nervous lol Because I mean RA didn’t even want for Darla to go to her job, so when Darla begins to truly move forward and starts to work on getting her degree, and working on the goals that she probably had since she was 18 years old, and then to have her (soon to be ) husband not really accept that or doesn’t know how to handle all of the insecurities, and self esteem issues that he has, it WILL cause problems. But like I said, Darla CANNOT keep her life in a stand still, because of the possibility of her (soon to be) husband, throwing a temper tantrum. There has to be balance, and respect there, or they WILL NOT LAST! Darla shouldn’t have to be the ex-addict trying to make everyone happy for the rest of her life, she deserves to have a second chance, in not only being a mother, but being allowed to get her education, and to do the things that she has always wanted to do.

            1. I low-key can imagine her getting pregnant by him and that stalling things. With us wondering if it was on purpose or not.

              1. Damn Amari that escalated quickly. But are you saying that Darla would do it on purpose, or RA? Cause I doubt that Darla would get pregnant on purpose is she just decided to get back into school.

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