Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Freedom’s Plow” [Mid-Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)



The midseason finale deals with all the fallout for what has happened since the season began. Be it where Remy and Charley stand, with what happened to Micah, alongside Ralph Angel’s big reveal and how he handled it.

Just So Much on My Mind: Aunt Vi, Micah, Davis

Aunt Vi


With all that is going on, Aunt Vi is stressed out. Her family has split apart again and she is mentally going back and forth between letting them work it out and remembering how long it took her and Ernest to do so. Much less, what it took for them to do so. Something which seemingly stresses her out to the point of fainting.

Micah & Davis

Alongside Keke making a return, so does Tamar. Which is worth mentioning for Keke, Micah, and Keke’s friend see some Black men get arrested and decided to watch to make sure it goes right. Meanwhile, Davis has a marketing meeting, for his new team, turned date with Tamar [note]She seems to like him and talks about how she isn’t a saint and think they both deserve a second chance. [/note]. When Micah discovers this date, he blows up publicly and embarrasses the hell out of all parties.

Leading to Davis, naturally, addressing his son and trying to figure out what is the source of all this? His answer: Davis. Because Davis cheated on Charley they moved to Louisiana; because Davis cheated on Charley, he got the car that he was arrested in; and because Davis cheated on Charley, the cop who arrested him, who didn’t like that he was some fancy N***** decided to teach Micah a lesson. One in a dark alley with a gun in his mouth. A gun the cop pulled the trigger of.


23 1

With Aunt Vi fainting, I worry health issues are about to become a serious part of her storyline. Because between a stroke and various other things, her fainting has me worried. Though her excuse was not eating enough. Which, like when someone gets a black eye and they said “I fell” seems like a terrible lie.

Switching to Micah, you have to give props to the actor. Hell, give props to the show. For more often than not, the kids of leads are more so liabilities than assets. Yet, with this show, between Blue and Micah, they are treated as their own people. Something beyond offspring. And listening to what Micah said happened to him brought me chills and just imagining it gets me teary eyed. If only because of how possible that can happen in my own life or anyone I know.

For while police brutality is often shown through murder, Queen Sugar reminds us of the mental anguish it can cause too. You are dealing with a person who, seemingly by right, if you resist arrest can use force against you. Just being arrested, not even charged with a crime yet, you have lost your autonomy. So what can a boy like Micah do when being called a N***** and with a gun in his mouth? Say, “I’m going to tell my daddy?” That would only make things worse. For then the cop would likely say, “I’ll give you something to tell your father” and probably beat the hell out of him.

It’s such a lose-lose situation but I’m glad Micah finally told someone. I thought it was going to be Keke, but Davis was the best one to hear that since it may help the two heal.

Forgive Me, Love Me: Charley, Remy, Nova, Dr. DuBois

Nova and Dr. DuBois


According to Aunt Vi, Nova has a habit of running away from her problems. Hence her running to Dr. DuBois’ side. However, with learning he used to run with racist Republicans, so comes her wanting to close that chapter of her life. But, just before the cover hits the page, he stops her.

For there is a reminder that for him, they can’t always be outsiders yelling as loud as possible hoping it penetrates the wall. They have to know the inner workings of the system so that they can change it. Which of course Nova doesn’t want to do his way because, you know going on CNN and things like that isn’t the way she does things. She doesn’t want to be a talking head but one of the people.

So, it seems Dr. DuBois may have found a way. It isn’t made clear for her gets romantic and starts kissing Nova, but it seems he may have found a way so that her fundraisers and his applying for grants don’t remain their sole source of funding. Making it seem they made the impression on the right person at Dr. DuBois’ friend’s dinner.

Charley and Remy


The article comes out and while Charley is proud, the farmers are worried how serious she is taking this venture. Much less, Remy sees the divorce isn’t mentioned and perhaps feels increasingly strung along. To solve this, Charley clarifies her feelings on both subjects. She noted how previously she has felt like a visitor in St. Jo but now it is home and the farmers are her community. A community she is sticking by and wishes to contribute to.

As for Remy? In some ways, she asks for more time and in other ways, she sort of pleads for it. She doesn’t want to lose him and knows, understands, he is tired of waiting. But there is unfortunately so much locked up in the divorce that she can’t pull the trigger yet.


Nova seems to always run from her problems huh? I wonder if it is because, outside of with Aunt Vi, she doesn’t like taking ownership of her part in it? Maybe even, when she does take ownership and confronts whoever is making her feel a certain type of way, she doesn’t want to deal with how she expressed her emotions? I’m just throwing some ideas out there.

For it is quite clear that Nova and Charley are very proud women. Women who take the ability to control their narrative very seriously – with deadly precision. So perhaps when, like Charley, when that control is slipping, while Charley usually breaks down and cries, Nova instead runs. That way, no one can see her vulnerable after the anger subsides and she has to deal with the hurt.


Showing that maybe Nova needs as much counseling as Charley. For while breaking down when losing control isn’t that much better than running, at least it helps the other party to know the full effect of what they did or how you feel. Like for Remy. He has come to the point of seeing Charley as calculated and maybe feeling as used by her as she felt used by Ralph Angel. Yet, as the tears and whimpers come, that genuine person, the one behind the tied up hair and Vogue looks, is seen. The person who is messy, just trying to keep it together, and have purpose comes out. Seemingly reassuring Remy that he isn’t being played, it is just she doesn’t want to bring him into a situation which would make their beginning clouded by seeming like a rebound or her side piece.

Officially One Of The Family: Darla, Ralph Angel, Blue, Charley


With Darla around less, Blue begins to question whether he, Ralph Angel, and Darla are a family anymore. Also, he asks if it is something he did. Of which Ralph Angel says no and Darla tries to explain that, because of an argument, and her having a routine she needs to stick to in order to be well, that is why things have changed.

But, it seems all wounds, even Charley feeling betrayed by Darla’s silence, heal the night of her sobriety party. In that night, Charley shows up with flowers and congratulates Darla. Also, Ralph Angel, who has been calling Charley for quite some time, learns that despite all that was said and done, Charley isn’t going to screw the boy over. She knows he has to stay on the payroll or else his parole officer has to do his job. She also reminds him that, despite the issue at hand, she wouldn’t do something to jeopardize his freedom.

Leaving just one more thing to recap. As Ralph Angel returns home with Blue and Darla, he learns the lights were cut out. If not maybe he cut them off. As for why he would do that? Well, to create a reason for ambiance. For after all they’ve been through, and all he has done, he wants to fully commit to Darla. He wants to dispel that Nova slight of saying Darla isn’t family by making her family. That is, by proposing. Something Darla says yes to.



So, with Darla’s parents being cast, there was always the question of: Why would they suddenly show up or she would reach out to them? Well, getting married is the best way. For while Darla may not have presented herself as traditional, who is to say she wouldn’t want to be walked down the aisle by her dad? To have someone on her side when the wedding happens? For while the relationship is owned and maintained by her and Ralph Angel, Ralph Angel’s family is heavily involved in his life. So she is essentially marrying them too. So to have her parents, alongside others in her family, commit to bringing what they can to the partnership would be pure bliss.

And I can already tell you, I’m probably going to cry when she asks Charley to be her maid of honor. Much less, despite what Nova has said, for her to be her bridesmaid. Not to forget, likely asking Aunt Vi to maybe do so as well. Which leads to a bit of a fear. Though Queen Sugar doesn’t make a habit of giving us something joyous and matching it with tragedy, it is only season 2. Much less, we are only half way through season 2. So there is a worry of maybe Aunt Vi not making it.

But, in the most optimistic of thoughts, what I hope to see is a double wedding. One in which Hollywood and Aunt Vi join Ralph Angel and Darla and the two couples join their significant other in holy matrimony. A guy could wish, right?

Accorinding to the show's Facebook page, Queen Sugar - Season 2B begins in October.

Collected Quote(s)

[…] when you find something good in this world, you’d best hold on. With love, not desperation.

One of the most important things a woman can control is her own story.

Other Noteworthy Moments


  1. Another thought that I had about the RA and Darla engagement. Again, there is just so much more that is coming for RA and Darla, and I just hope that RA can get his head out of his ass, and realizes that Darla needs that support and that help as well. I mean if he didn’t want for Darla just to go to work and to do her job last week in episode 7, that begs the question of what happens when Darla wants to move on from working for Charley and wants to move up in the workforce and doing something better career wise what will he say about that? What if she wants to go back to school to get her degree and BETTER herself what is he going to say about that? I want Darla and Blue to be happy, it is all in RA’s court because like I’ve said, we’ve seen Darla grow on her own, and work towards making a better life for herself on her own, we haven’t seen any of that with RA, so yeah I don’t think that they are ready, ESPECIALLY RA!!!

    1. Well he did talk about taking some classes with Charley or Aunt Vi. I mean, I get putting mostly everything on RA but I feel like it has to be factored in that he is playing catch up. To the point I think he is more overwhelmed than he often lets on. For between the farm, Blue, family bickering and Darla, the only thing which brings him relief is her. So whatever threatens his ability to connect and have her is dangerous to his mental health I think.

      And as we have seen, the boy breaks down easily when it comes to dealing with family. Showing he is still the baby of the three.

      1. I don’t dislike RA. I know that it sounds like I am hating on RA all of the time, but i am just generally concerned you know. I hope that all my worries are put to rest with second half of the season. I just want good things for all of the characters lol. I just wished that RA’s growth was highlighted more, like with how we see Darla. Even though we don’t see Darla in every scene, when we do see her we know that she is growing and getting better, I hope that we see more of that with RA.

        1. That is true. With RA, he has grown over time but it isn’t treated as a big deal. Probably because he is still working on his own form of recovery.

          Darla has proven that, with routine, she can make it on her own. RA on the other hand is still dependent. He went from depending on Ernest to Charley, which I think frustrates him. Unlike his siblings, and Darla, he can’t have something for himself. He doesn’t get that sense of autonomy. Which I think is why he often clashes with his siblings and even Darla. As I kind of said, he has nothing of his own so any threat to what little he has means him breaking down like Charley does when things aren’t perfect.

          1. Which shows that they really are family lol

            All that then begs the question how can RA change his circumstances so that he can do and have everything that he wants? Like we know that along with his break downs, RA can be very impulsive as well, when things don’t go as he wanted them too, so how can he change his situation to not only benefit him, but his family as well, without disrupting the routine and everything that they have already built up themselves. In regards to Darla and how she supports him, along with her maintaining her own schedule.

            1. To be honest, I don’t know. RA is in a place where he is facing so many disadvantages. He is an ex-con, he is still on parole, he doesn’t have the type of skills which would allow him to just uproot himself, and while he has his charm, it is matched by a temper and a form of immaturity. Alongside this, I feel like he wasn’t really pushed growing up and babied. So, in a lot of ways, he has so much growing up to do but has reached a stage in his life where he doesn’t have the opportunity to make mistakes anymore.

              Which, adding that all up together, makes it hard to say what concrete things need to happen and how he can realistically achieve that. He needs to be better to Darla, but there comes the problem that he has no real blueprint to work from. His dad cheated on his mom, until Hollywood came around, Aunt Vi only had her nasty ex as an example for the kids. Charley lived across the country and Nova didn’t visit.

              All of which likely may sound like excuses, but how can one do better when they don’t know better? Who or what pushed or set an example for RA to follow? At this point, it is Charley and Darla. However, the problem is, his biggest inspirations are his fiance and his older sister. The one who controls his checks and the one who he loves but has a difficult time really hanging on to. Maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally he has certainly become dependent on her in ways I don’t think he was originally willing. And maybe has come to regret such because now she is his weakness.

              1. Truth! In terms of RA not having a real out look on how healthy relationships look like, and maybe not knowing how to handle certain situations in regards to Darla. I see nothing wrong with RA wanting Darla for support, and help when comes to him dealing with everything that he is, my problem with that is again, I don’t really see a balance in regards to RA giving Darla that same support back. I feel with as many scenes as we have of RA talking to Darla about the farm, and his family situations, I feel like we should have had a scene or two of RA asking Darla about her NA meetings, having small moments of him asking her about her day and if she was having any struggles, even having a scene of RA being at an NA meeting with her.

                Basically, the whole sobriety celebration, and RA meeting Darla’s sponsor should have happened way earlier in my opinion. Along with everything that Darla would tell her sponsor, I wish that she would have said those things to RA himself. It didn’t really seem like RA understood, or listened to the things that Darla would tell him, until Darla’s sponsor talked to him in the last episode.

                I feel like there needs to be better communication from RA. If he feels insecure, or he feels like he maybe inadequate of being the man that he THINKS Darla wants him to be, it would better for him to talk to Darla about how he feels, not just go head first into something that he thinks will be an easy fix to all of his problems.

                At some point he has to understand and see how much Darla loves him, because if he stays in the mindset that he is in now, it will only cause pain and heartbreak for both of them.

  2. Actually when RA robbed the store, he was 6 months OUT of prison, so he got out and was still doing the same illegal things. He had Blue at that time yes, but Darla hadn’t come back into yet.

    That is why I said last week, RA doesn’t talk to Darla about his insecurity’s, and how he wants to provide for her, and how her former lifestyle makes him feel inadequate, he just goes on impulse. Had Darla at home taking care of Blue, not knowing RA was out running the streets trying to provide for her, he get’s locked up, and now Darla was by herself at what 19 maybe 20, with know real way of providing for herself or Blue. No family, nothing.

    Another situation of RA and Darla, is that maybe their relationship had a bit of “Romeo and Juliet” to it, where neither of the families wanted for them to be together. Darla’s parents thought RA was just wild, non-educated thug, and RA’s family thought that Darla was just some rich snob, trying to piss of daddy by getting with him.

    Yet for the two of them it was real, and they were in love. They didn’t just break up because of petty thing, they were separated because of a decision that hurt both of them.

  3. Again I’m just nervous with RA and Darla. I mean does anyone really believe that they are going to have a smooth engagement?……not me.

    I’m sorry, but her parents didn’t even come to their daughters 2 year sobriety celebration. A celebration for her being two years clean and sober.

    Along with the fact that Darla’s parents probably didn’t want for RA and Darla to be together in the first place, what 6 – 7 years ago, let alone were they supportive of Darla when she got pregnant, and now on top of everything in THEIR EYES, their daughter is now going to MARRY that SAME guy. Let’s just say a shit storm is coming.

    1. Just the reactions from the family alone are going to be something. I can foresee Hollywood and Charley being happy, Aunt Vi pleasant, but I don’t know about Nova. Something tells me she is still going to be cooling off and sticking to Aunt Vi only contact.

      1. Which again if that happens in terms of Nova, that begs the question – What is Nova’s problem with Darla?

        1. I wanna say it stems from Blue, but considering how Nova barely interacts with Blue, I don’t wanna say it is that. I can only fathom it could be that when Darla started dating RA, she didn’t trust her. Maybe thought she was using him to rebel against her parents, and was nothing but trouble. The kind of trouble which eventually led RA to jail. Hence why she maybe goes so hard when it comes to him. She probably warned his behind before he went in but he didn’t listen.

            1. Not because she outright said, we need money, do whatever you have to do, but because RA took it upon himself to do something stupid. However, I do think, in a way, part of the reason he went to jail is so he could fulfill this idea of being the man in the relationship and taking care of his woman. Which, with whatever he was doing at the time, wasn’t making him the money he needs.

              Making me wonder, because I honestly forgot, what was RA doing before prison?

              The way Toine spoke it doesn’t seem like he was hanging around those about much.

              1. It seems clear to us that RA probably wasn’t working, before he got locked up, at least not on the farm.

                That’s the thing, if he felt like he had to do something illegal to provide for Darla and Blue, that begs the question of where was Ernest and Aunt Vi. Did they offer him help and he didn’t take it? or did he just want to prove to them that he was a man and he just thought that he could do something quick and easy to get money, but he of course caught?

                Which of course if any of that is the case, Nova really needs to check herself and understand that RA going to jail had noting to do with Darla.

              2. To me, Darla has nothing to do with RA going to jail like Davis wasn’t part of the reason Micah went through what he did with that cop. Can you directly blame that person? No. However, they are a factor that can’t simply be ignored.

                But when it comes to what you said, I’d argue Ernest was giving him money, like an allowance, but it probably wasn’t enough to maintain the lifestyle RA knew Darla was used to. And, as I’m sure we’ve gone into, a lot of his insecurities probably come from knowing Darla could and has done better than him.

                So I guess he figured robbing that store was going to get him enough to… well, there comes a thought. How much was he trying to get and why? Was he trying to get enough money for a ring back then? I’m struggling to see why he would need to go as far as robbing a place for money.

                Especially since there would be easier things for him to do. He’d probably think working at the high yella as a dish washer was beneath him, but even then Aunt Vi could hook him up. Then with Ernest, he could always use a hand but, again, probably wouldn’t pay what he wanted.

                Then comes the idea of drug dealing, since it isn’t like Nova doesn’t make her own strain and knows people, but I don’t know.

  4. Yeah Nova and Davis interacting does sound off. If anything I think if that cop gets recorded of doing something to another kid, that may give courage to Micah to come clean and Charley, Nova, and maybe even Dr. Dubois to come together to take him down, although it won’t be easy.

    1. Your theory definitely makes the most sense. Though, I gotta admit, it isn’t the type of storyline I can imagine getting strongly into for some reason. For while I want to see justice, I don’t want that to be Micah’s sole storyline.

      1. My MVP character for the first half , and favorite character growth goes to…..DARLA!!! ??

        The character of Darla is so beautiful, in every way. To see how we first met her in the pilot of season 1, to see where she is now, it bring TEARS to my eyes ?.

        She, despite all of the bumps in the road, and her issues with RA, has really come into her own. Darla is a success story. She has come so far. Bianca Lawson has played and used every SECOND that she is on screen, to tell Darla’s story, and has shown her humility. She is more than her past. I root for her because she has shown that she deserves to be rooted for, and to be trusted with everything she has been given. I love everything about her character, and I’m excited to see more of her. If anything that’s one good thing the engagement brings, more of Darla.

        1. Agreed! I think that maybe why they invested in her parents and making her such a strong role. While everyone else is good, there is excellency in Bianca Lawson’s Darla. Which makes me mad her IMDB shows no future projects.

            1. Absolutely. Though Charley is gaining on her. Even if her weeping and begging Remy to wait a little longer made me roll my eyes a little bit.

              1. Charley……it wouldn’t be me, sorry. After what he said last week, nah we good lol

              2. I think home girl needs to be single and get on her Darla s***. Just get into a routine of self-care and learn what it is like to be independent. She was with Davis for more than 15 year and seemingly is just re-discovering what it means to be Charley.

                At this point, I think she is just afraid or not used to being in a relationship so much that she doesn’t want a gap between them.

              3. Which is why I needed for there to be a bit more in terms of the relationships. Everything and everyone was so heated last week, I just feel like a few apologies from the men to the women were needed to be given. RA really should have apologized to Darla before he proposed. He was out of line last week. Granted we don’t know how much time has past, but it was clear that Darla and him still weren’t on speaking terms. So, some accountability on his part for how he treated should have been addressed.

              4. On average, it seems 1-3 weeks usually past between episodes.

                RA to me seems like the type who’d rather apologize through his actions, or grand gestures, like this is a romantic comedy, rather than outright say he is sorry.

  5. Great episode, loved your recap.

    I’m kind of at a lost for words regarding RA and Darla, lets just say a proposal was the last thing I thought was going to happen between the two of them. There is just so much there. Good and bad. Thoughts?

    1. Thank you 😛

      Well, when it comes to reasons for Darla’s parents to get involved, that is perhaps the way which makes the most sense. She is going to officially join RA’s family so of course there would be the hope she could have him join her’s as well. Much less, with her doing cotillion and things like that, I’d imagine she’d want a traditional wedding. One in which her father walks her down the aisle, her mom is smiling, and with two years sobriety, I’m sure she thinks she has earned that.

      But there lies the question of who is going to approach her folks? Is RA going to do that as a means of trying to make Darla happy or will they look towards Charley for something and see Darla and that is how they link up? Hell, with this big plan Dr. DuBois has, could it be Darla’s parents maybe part of his big plan?

      Either way, a part of me feels she isn’t going to initiate contact at all. It’ll be a happenstance meeting which triggers the long road to reconciliation.

      1. I agree, like her parents, or her mom at least, might just show up at Charley’s office, and Darla literally runs into her parents. Having her parents at her wedding is what any girl would want, especially Darla.

        I am happy for Darla, whatever makes her happy is something that will make me happy in return…. I just feel like it is too soon, along with the timing. I mean after everything we saw of RA last week, and now we’re just supposed to accept that he wants to put a ring on Darla’s finger, I’m not really feeling it as of yet. The farm is still up in the air, the Landry’s, Darla’s parents are still a factor, and Darla, her sobriety, and well being will CONTINUE to be a MAJOR factor as well.

        I just don’t know if RA himself is ready to COMPLETELY take all of that on. We’ve seen Darla grow so much throughout these two seasons, each episode we have seen her get stronger and stronger, as for RA I don’t think we have. In terms of Blue yeah, the farm to an extant, as for his relationship with Darla not so much. We’ve seen her supporting him since the back half of season 1 up till now, it seems like RA THIS episode finally started to open his eyes and see all of what Darla is and needs, I mean it is like finally he starts to think of someone other than himself, but she has needed that support all of this time.

        There is just so much more that is coming for Darla and RA, and I just hope that RA will be able to be there for her, and is able to comfort her. We’ve seen Darla stand on her own, and we know that she can take care of herself when things get rough, and we’ve seen her stand by RA many times, I just hope that RA can do the same for her, her sobriety, and life depends on it.

        1. I think his relationship with Darla has grown exponentially actually. For, in the beginning, there seemed to be major trust issues. Especially when it came to Blue. Yet, with time, he started trusting her to be capable of watching him and through Blue, I’d say he learned how to not only co-parent but be a good boyfriend.

          The problem is, he abuses the fact she wants to atone for the past. So with this proposal, I think this is his grand gesture of saying he now fully trusts her with everything. His farm, his heart, their child, the whole she-bang-bang.

          But, as you said, is he necessarily ready for marriage? I don’t think so. He is decent at playing house, but there has been this honeymoon period vibe. Something which abruptly ended when that will situation went down. So now I think he has to really learn how to have conversations with Darla and not put her in ultimatum situations. Much less, I think he has made it so he has to gain her trust. For clearly, if she thought he may make it complicated to see Blue there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.

          So, needless to say, they need a loooooong engagement.

          1. I mean a part of me feels bad for not being totally on board with them getting engaged so soon. if anything it’s because there is just so much at stake, Blue, Darla’s sobriety, everything. If we see RA actually learning how to communicate with Darla, he actually learns how LISTEN to what she as to say and how she feels, and isn’t so quick to just make it about him, and how he feels than ok. If anything like you said, a long engagement. They did get picked up for a season 3. So, I say season 3.

            1. Mmmm, depends what they decide to do for the season finale. I feel like someone will be walking down the aisle between them or Hollywood and Aunt Vi. If just so he can get the house.

              1. Can I just say everything with Darla and Charley just warms my heart. ? There relationship and friendship is so important for both of them. It is just so beautiful to see, and I 100% agree that Darla is going to ask for Charley to be her maid of honor and…..?TEARS!!!!

                Charley is going to have Darla’s back when it comes to her parents as well. Her parents try and jump off, say some disrespectful stuff to Darla, and Charley is going to boss up and tell them what is what. Darla stood her ground again with Charley as well. Darla told Charley the truth in all of her soft tone, and made it known that she was going to keep doing her job. ?? Charley still came and supported Darla.

              2. ME TOO! For I really do find it odd no one really has friends on this show besides their significant other. At least friends we see consistently.

                Now about Micah, do you think Davis may push for retribution and maybe even tell Charley or with Micah’s confession he may leave stuff alone? Maybe, at most, push for therapy being taken seriously?

              3. I read a comment someone posted on how they think Nova, and Davis might team up. Along with Charley and Dr. Dubios they are all going to come together. Also therapy is a MUST! That whole scene was heartbreaking, if anything it was good that Micah had his dad with him.

              4. Well his dad was the source of his troubles in his mind. Though, I gotta say, I would have been fine with him telling that to Keke too. I miss consistently seeing them together.

                I can’t imagine Nova interacting with Davis at all. It just sounds so foreign to me. Unless she is using his celebrity for one of his causes. Of which I guess Dr. DuBois may work with Charley for the same reason. Since, until that divorce comes around, Charley and Davis are still a package. To the ire of Remy.

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