Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Freedom’s Plow” [Mid-Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The midseason finale deals with all the fallout for what has happened since the season began. Be it where Remy and Charley stand, with what happened to Micah, alongside Ralph Angel’s big reveal and how he handled it.

Just So Much on My Mind: Aunt Vi, Micah, Davis

Aunt Vi

With all that is going on, Aunt Vi is stressed out. Her family has split apart again and she is mentally going back and forth between letting them work it out and remembering how long it took her and Ernest to do so. Much less, what it took for them to do so. Something which seemingly stresses her out to the point of fainting.

Micah & Davis

Alongside Keke making a return, so does Tamar. Which is worth mentioning for Keke, Micah, and Keke’s friend see some Black men get arrested and decided to watch to make sure it goes right. Meanwhile, Davis has a marketing meeting, for his new team, turned date with Tamar [note]She seems to like him and talks about how she isn’t a saint and think they both deserve a second chance. [/note]. When Micah discovers this date, he blows up publicly and embarrasses the hell out of all parties.

Leading to Davis, naturally, addressing his son and trying to figure out what is the source of all this? His answer: Davis. Because Davis cheated on Charley they moved to Louisiana; because Davis cheated on Charley, he got the car that he was arrested in; and because Davis cheated on Charley, the cop who arrested him, who didn’t like that he was some fancy N***** decided to teach Micah a lesson. One in a dark alley with a gun in his mouth. A gun the cop pulled the trigger of.


With Aunt Vi fainting, I worry health issues are about to become a serious part of her storyline. Because between a stroke and various other things, her fainting has me worried. Though her excuse was not eating enough. Which, like when someone gets a black eye and they said “I fell” seems like a terrible lie.

Switching to Micah, you have to give props to the actor. Hell, give props to the show. For more often than not, the kids of leads are more so liabilities than assets. Yet, with this show, between Blue and Micah, they are treated as their own people. Something beyond offspring. And listening to what Micah said happened to him brought me chills and just imagining it gets me teary eyed. If only because of how possible that can happen in my own life or anyone I know.

For while police brutality is often shown through murder, Queen Sugar reminds us of the mental anguish it can cause too. You are dealing with a person who, seemingly by right, if you resist arrest can use force against you. Just being arrested, not even charged with a crime yet, you have lost your autonomy. So what can a boy like Micah do when being called a N***** and with a gun in his mouth? Say, “I’m going to tell my daddy?” That would only make things worse. For then the cop would likely say, “I’ll give you something to tell your father” and probably beat the hell out of him.

It’s such a lose-lose situation but I’m glad Micah finally told someone. I thought it was going to be Keke, but Davis was the best one to hear that since it may help the two heal.

Forgive Me, Love Me: Charley, Remy, Nova, Dr. DuBois

Nova and Dr. DuBois

According to Aunt Vi, Nova has a habit of running away from her problems. Hence her running to Dr. DuBois’ side. However, with learning he used to run with racist Republicans, so comes her wanting to close that chapter of her life. But, just before the cover hits the page, he stops her.

For there is a reminder that for him, they can’t always be outsiders yelling as loud as possible hoping it penetrates the wall. They have to know the inner workings of the system so that they can change it. Which of course Nova doesn’t want to do his way because, you know going on CNN and things like that isn’t the way she does things. She doesn’t want to be a talking head but one of the people.

So, it seems Dr. DuBois may have found a way. It isn’t made clear for her gets romantic and starts kissing Nova, but it seems he may have found a way so that her fundraisers and his applying for grants don’t remain their sole source of funding. Making it seem they made the impression on the right person at Dr. DuBois’ friend’s dinner.

Charley and Remy

The article comes out and while Charley is proud, the farmers are worried how serious she is taking this venture. Much less, Remy sees the divorce isn’t mentioned and perhaps feels increasingly strung along. To solve this, Charley clarifies her feelings on both subjects. She noted how previously she has felt like a visitor in St. Jo but now it is home and the farmers are her community. A community she is sticking by and wishes to contribute to.

As for Remy? In some ways, she asks for more time and in other ways, she sort of pleads for it. She doesn’t want to lose him and knows, understands, he is tired of waiting. But there is unfortunately so much locked up in the divorce that she can’t pull the trigger yet.


Nova seems to always run from her problems huh? I wonder if it is because, outside of with Aunt Vi, she doesn’t like taking ownership of her part in it? Maybe even, when she does take ownership and confronts whoever is making her feel a certain type of way, she doesn’t want to deal with how she expressed her emotions? I’m just throwing some ideas out there.

For it is quite clear that Nova and Charley are very proud women. Women who take the ability to control their narrative very seriously – with deadly precision. So perhaps when, like Charley, when that control is slipping, while Charley usually breaks down and cries, Nova instead runs. That way, no one can see her vulnerable after the anger subsides and she has to deal with the hurt.

Showing that maybe Nova needs as much counseling as Charley. For while breaking down when losing control isn’t that much better than running, at least it helps the other party to know the full effect of what they did or how you feel. Like for Remy. He has come to the point of seeing Charley as calculated and maybe feeling as used by her as she felt used by Ralph Angel. Yet, as the tears and whimpers come, that genuine person, the one behind the tied up hair and Vogue looks, is seen. The person who is messy, just trying to keep it together, and have purpose comes out. Seemingly reassuring Remy that he isn’t being played, it is just she doesn’t want to bring him into a situation which would make their beginning clouded by seeming like a rebound or her side piece.

Officially One Of The Family: Darla, Ralph Angel, Blue, Charley

With Darla around less, Blue begins to question whether he, Ralph Angel, and Darla are a family anymore. Also, he asks if it is something he did. Of which Ralph Angel says no and Darla tries to explain that, because of an argument, and her having a routine she needs to stick to in order to be well, that is why things have changed.

But, it seems all wounds, even Charley feeling betrayed by Darla’s silence, heal the night of her sobriety party. In that night, Charley shows up with flowers and congratulates Darla. Also, Ralph Angel, who has been calling Charley for quite some time, learns that despite all that was said and done, Charley isn’t going to screw the boy over. She knows he has to stay on the payroll or else his parole officer has to do his job. She also reminds him that, despite the issue at hand, she wouldn’t do something to jeopardize his freedom.

Leaving just one more thing to recap. As Ralph Angel returns home with Blue and Darla, he learns the lights were cut out. If not maybe he cut them off. As for why he would do that? Well, to create a reason for ambiance. For after all they’ve been through, and all he has done, he wants to fully commit to Darla. He wants to dispel that Nova slight of saying Darla isn’t family by making her family. That is, by proposing. Something Darla says yes to.


So, with Darla’s parents being cast, there was always the question of: Why would they suddenly show up or she would reach out to them? Well, getting married is the best way. For while Darla may not have presented herself as traditional, who is to say she wouldn’t want to be walked down the aisle by her dad? To have someone on her side when the wedding happens? For while the relationship is owned and maintained by her and Ralph Angel, Ralph Angel’s family is heavily involved in his life. So she is essentially marrying them too. So to have her parents, alongside others in her family, commit to bringing what they can to the partnership would be pure bliss.

And I can already tell you, I’m probably going to cry when she asks Charley to be her maid of honor. Much less, despite what Nova has said, for her to be her bridesmaid. Not to forget, likely asking Aunt Vi to maybe do so as well. Which leads to a bit of a fear. Though Queen Sugar doesn’t make a habit of giving us something joyous and matching it with tragedy, it is only season 2. Much less, we are only half way through season 2. So there is a worry of maybe Aunt Vi not making it.

But, in the most optimistic of thoughts, what I hope to see is a double wedding. One in which Hollywood and Aunt Vi join Ralph Angel and Darla and the two couples join their significant other in holy matrimony. A guy could wish, right?

Accorinding to the show's Facebook page, Queen Sugar - Season 2B begins in October.

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