Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 7 “I Know My Soul” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)


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Nova and her mom when her mom was pregnant with Ralph Angel.


With the rich characters we have been given on Queen Sugar, naturally, there is this desire to know of their past. To maybe get an episode featuring them as kids, teens, young adults. Get to see their interactions with their parents at those ages, and perhaps even Aunt Vi. However, that may not be as necessary as it once was. For in “I Know My Soul,” the complicated relationship both Nova and Charley have with Ernest and Ra is dug into, alongside how Aunt Vi has played, at least for Charley, a role in it. Thus helping us understand the complexities of this family.

Nova’s Point of View

Was she ever enough? This isn’t just a question coming from the oldest who maybe jealous of the attention her siblings got. It is a serious question. She didn’t give Ernest grand kids and he stopped asking after the birth of Micah and Blue. So was she then enough?

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It took Ralph Angel being born, Ernest’s first and only known son, for Ernest to commit to Nova and Ralph Angel’s mother. Was she not enough? When her mother died when Ralph Angel was 10, and it was believed she’d be the next best thing, was she then enough? It is hard to say.

If only because, like with Charley, being given the farm was a sort of healing process for Nova. It made it seem like whatever wasn’t done or said was forgiven. Yet, this hidden letter tears away at that idea. In fact, in Nova’s mind, it seems like punishment. Punishment for not perhaps being what he wanted. The daughter who got married, had kids, and settled down. Which maybe true. For while we hear about how Ernest would praise his baby out of wedlock Charley, I can’t recall off hand anything being said about Nova. Besides her being claimed. [note]Nova digs up the title records of the land and learns Aunt Vi once owned half of the property with Ernest. However, Aunt Vi explains that she sold her half to Ernest to keep her house and buy her freedom after divorcing her ex-husband Jimmy. A man Ernest forbid Vi from seeing so at 17 she married and moved in with him. Thus causing such a rift between them that they didn’t even speak at their mother’s funeral. However, when Ernest heard she was being beaten, whatever issues they had were put aside because that was his sister. Leading to, when she sold the land over to him, he giving her an apology for not protecting her. Pushing Vi to realize that the love of her brother was worth more than the love of the land. Something she hopes Nova takes to heart.[/note]


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Being the oldest means knowing your parent, just because of time, the most. Nova knew of Charley’s mom and how that affected her’s. She was old enough to bear witness to the importance of Ernest finally getting a son and seeing him dote on that boy. Yet, here she is. She went to school like Charley, made something of herself like Charley, yet it seems her dad’s focus was “Where my grandbabies?” “When are you going to find someone?” Things that Nova didn’t want to be the focus of their conversations. She wanted to hear how proud he was and things like that.

Yet, from the way it seems, his pride came more from his light skinned daughter in LA and his only son. Thus leaving Nova a bit out in the cold. Still loved and claimed, but perhaps not feeling raised up like the other two. Hence the family dynamic you see now probably. One in which Nova tries to atone but she is treated as a bit of a stranger. For while she claims this family, is there for them, there remains these old festering feelings. Which, even when exposed to sunlight, don’t die. For the scars are just too deep.

Something I hope she talks about when she sees Dr. DuBois. For Aunt Vi may have tried to challenge her thinking, but Nova is used to her point of view. Here is hoping Dr. DuBois means enough to Nova that he can help her see further complexities of her situation and help her heal.

Charley’s Point of View

Charley was the bastard child. The one who, when she came over for the summers, Ernest didn’t even have a room for her. She had to stay at Aunt Vi’s and being, as Nova has shown, there is this othering when it comes to Charley, only Aunt Vi made her feel welcome. Only Aunt Vi made it feel that, despite her not being around most of the year, Louisiana was her other home. Not 2nd, but just the place she doesn’t lay her head at as often.

But now, everything is about Ralph Angel. Making sure he is comfortable and taken care of. Which hurts. For Aunt Vi used to be the one fighting for her, making sure she was okay in what sometimes felt like an environment she was invading. Yet she knew. She knew and let her get used by Ralph Angel at a time when she just got betrayed by her husband.

Though what matters most here is the confusion. Ernest wasn’t a saint, otherwise, Charley wouldn’t have perhaps existed. However, wasn’t he a good man? He was good to his community, tried to be in his kid’s lives, help them when possible, but in all that, did Charley really get to know him? Did he really get to know her? In the long run, you can’t even say Charley is mad. If anything, she is disappointed. Which perhaps is what hurts the most. [note]Remy comes around and with learning how Charley is using the divorce in order to make sure this article is about the mill and her family legacy, he begins to twist Ernest’s compliments of Charley. He takes the word ‘thoughtful,’ as Ernest described her, and asks if maybe he meant calculated. For between the farmers, the mill, and him, something seems off and he decides to confront her about it on the worse day possible.[/note] [note]Davis continues to try to make amends by giving Charley a housewarming gift of an ice cream maker. Something he talked her out of including on their wedding registry. But, with him learning that she, once again, is taking full control of the divorce narrative without his involvement, it ruins his attempt at bringing good will.[/note]


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There are multiple ways to look at this. One way would be, with Charley not investing into the farm when Ernest was alive, why would he leave it to her? Then when it comes to Nova, why leave it to the daughter who is 20 miles away but never visits? But, focusing back on Charley, you have to wonder if Ernest knew that, without telling Charley why the land was important, he knew she would try to sell it using her business acumen. After all, that is the first thing she tried to do, isn’t it?

But looking at the bigger picture, Charley has consistently felt like the outsider and, so it seems, had a similar relationship with Ernest as Nova did. She was acknowledged, albeit talked about more, but her dad sort of remained a mystery to her. Someone to feel guilty about not knowing since there comes a point where the child has to try to know the old man vs. the old man putting in all the time and effort.

Which, as shown, as much as she loved her dad, she wasn’t willing to do. She visited less often as she grew up and eventually phone calls seemed hard to maintain. Their relationship seemingly was even so strained that when in need, it seemed his pride didn’t even allow him to ask his own child to help him. So, when he died she tried to make up for lost time, show she is her father’s daughter, and maybe even apologize for her absence.

Leading to the thought, which belongs more so in Nova’s topic, what was Nova doing to reconnect? She didn’t really invest that much time or effort into the farm. She comes around likely more often than before, but has anything else been done?

Ralph Angel’s Point of View

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Ralph Angel was there and willing to work the land. He was ready to prove he was more than an ex-con, how he thinks everyone sees him. Yet, no one is taking his side. No one is sticking up for what he can do. Charley questions how will he manage without her money? Nova talks like he got the farm out of pity and decides to be a constant reminder of his past. Even tries to put the weight of his mother finally getting Ernest to commit on him. After his dalliances with Charley’s mom, and who knows who else.

All of this is a bit much for a young 20 something-year-old man. Made no better by the fact Darla decides to put herself, or the relationship she has with Ralph Angel, before Ralph Angel. For in this situation, Aunt Vi is remaining neutral. She is just trying to broker peace and push understanding, she isn’t taking Ralph Angel’s side as usual. So, with that in mind, Ralph Angel needs Darla’s support.

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Problem is, he doesn’t get she needs him to handle his business on this. Nova has already made it clear Darla isn’t family and no one but Ralph Angel said otherwise. So, with Charley gave her a task at the mill, she goes to do it. Not to win Charley back but because, for her to provide for herself, Blue, and bring something to this relationship, she needs a job. She already lost one to help Ralph Angel, but that was the farm. In this situation, she has no say and what Hollywood said about staying out of it hit home.

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I mean, in the long run, she doesn’t have a ring on her finger so she has no right to say anything. Yet, this ultimately feels like a betrayal. One which, even the next day, is still simmering in Ralph Angel’s mind. Not to the point of being full on petty and not letting Darla take Blue swimming, but it’s clear this happy little family they had going is in a rough patch. One that may take a while to get out of.


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I never know whether it is appropriate or not to take Ralph Angel’s age into account. At what point do you stop making excuses for him? He can’t be older than 25 and he is working on a farm full-time, is talking about going to school, and is the primary caretaker of his son. In a way, you want to give him a massive amount of props for what it takes to do that.

Yet, as much as he seems to put effort into his responsibilities, when we talk about his emotional and mental development, to a point, he is a mess. One which has his father’s pride and seems unwilling to admit he needs help. But at the same time wants to guilt Darla for not going to bat for him. Not being there just for the sake of being there. Then, on top of that, acting like she took Charley’s side and betrayed him by leaving [note] Which especially hurts for him since he defended her when they looked down on her like he feels they are doing to him. That is, using his past as a reason to not trust him. [/note].

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All of which I want to understand, but the issue becomes, you got to recognize what Nova has said on repeat: A lot of Ralph Angel’s issues come from Ralph Angel doing as he wanted. He is not a victim of circumstance or because of how he came into this world. He was doted on by his father and likely his aunt too. He was probably given the world and not that he isn’t spoiled by the affection and attention, he seems lost and maybe even latching to Darla to remind him of old times.

Something which, because of her own issues, she sort of gave into. Yet, Darla isn’t stunted in who she once was. Like Ralph Angel, to a point, she is learning, growing, and needs him to understand that. They aren’t teenagers anymore. They have a son and can’t always put their egos in front of his long-term well-being.

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(In Erykah Badu voice) I’m getting tired of your S***

So it should be interesting to see how Darla handled Ralph Angel’s attitude. Will she just give him time, see Blue, and work, or may it go beyond that? With Charley not going so far as to fire Darla, that means they’ll still work together closely. So may there be a chance either one could open up to the other about this situation? For while Nova may have said Darla isn’t family, which I thought was kind of harsh, the other two were silent. And while silence can mean agreement, it could also be that Nova going off was a bit intimidating. If not that they were too into their own issues to worry about Darla’s feelings at the time.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are we ever going to see Keke again this season?
  2. Are you excited to eventually meet Darla’s parents later in the season?

Collected Quote(s)

I’m just dealing with what is, not with how I want things to be.


  1. Yeah I can’t do that lol.

    In terms of Charley and Darla, and what we may see of her and her mom, how do you think Charley will fit into the dynamic concerning Darla and her parents?

    1. I think, as said in one of the past episode discussions, what will happen is she will become a confidant. Someone who actually understands Darla’s situation. For as much as her sponsor may try to help, there are certain things she won’t be able to understand. And I think through Charley going to therapy and understanding her issues, she’ll be able to gain more clarity of her own problems through speaking with Darla.

      You know, like going from theory to practicum. She may see how her advice, that the therapist gave her, maybe could be applied to the relationship she has with her own mom.

      1. Which, is what I hope for as well.

        Although when it comes to Darla and her father’s relationship, do you really think that verbal, and even physical abuse may be apart of their relationship? Why Darla maybe fearful of her father?

        1. I definitely think at least verbal. If it was physical, Darla probably would flinch more when it comes to her interactions with people. But the way she averts her eyes and makes herself small during confrontations, I definitely think verbal abuse is what her dad gave her, and maybe even her mom.

          Which I wonder how much that influenced how she snapped at Blue. For while it seems she tries to coo him like RA, I wonder how much of the cruel things she has said or done, be it light like snapping on him or taking the doll, was inspired by perhaps how her father would punish her. For who knows how much she subconsciously is, or even might, repeat her dad’s mistakes. Maybe even her mom’s.

          1. Oh lord I didn’t even think about any of that really. Darla very much so seems to make herself small in terms of when she is in a tense situation, or if she is being dogged out, by people. But again despite her speaking in light tone of voice, she will speak, and let people know what she is feeling, and what she thinks in certain situations. We are seeing so much in regards of Darla’s character. How Darla’s mom fits into the situation also makes me wonder, what did she think, and what would she do whenever the father would go off, be too demanding off his daughter? Would she stick up for Darla, is she very controlling as well, but to certain point, does she meekly, passively go along with what her husband thinks? I mean it could go either way really.

  2. This was a good conversation. I enjoyed hearing both your perspectives. just a note – Ralph Angel was born in 1989. Nova stated this was when the first will was done in Episode 3. She said the will was done right after Ralph Angel was born. So the character is either 27 or 28.

    1. Definitely valuable information. Thank you for providing it for now I’m of the mindset that RA has arrested development for his attitude seems to find someone much younger.

  3. You know I was thinking about Darla and her parents a bit more. I am really actually nervous when it comes to them reuniting with Darla, and it really isn’t because of Darla at all, it’s about RA. For Darla’s sake, I TRULY HOPE that RA is able to keep his temper in check. He is just so impulsive. He goes from 0 to 100 at a snap of a finger. If you tell him something that he doesn’t want to hear, you say something that he deems as disrespectful, you don’t agree with him, or if you say “No” to him, he would just lose it. He has gone off on HIS OWN FAMILY, so it makes me nervous to think what he will say or do if Darla’s parents say or do something that he may not like.

    He has gone off on Nova, and Charley numerous times, has gone off on Aunt Vi a few times (When she won’t immediately come to his aid), had to be held back by all of the women at some point before he put hands on people, has pulled guns out on at least 3 people, has yoked up the Landry guy, and has even yoked up his own NEPHEW because of an accident, hell he even went off on Darla herself. Now, I don’t believe that RA, or any of the Bordelons should just take disrespect from Darla’s parents (if that happens, again speculation) or anyone for that matter, sticking up for yourself, and your family is an ok thing to do, but it is different when it comes to RA, and all that we have seen of him, temper wise. The fact that no one over the course of these two seasons has called out RA on his temper, and how he affects people, is something that NEEDS to happen at some point.

    I maybe over thinking things, but whenever Darla’s parents show up, I hope that RA is able to keep himself right. The last thing we need is for Darla’s daddy, and her boyfriend to come to blows.

    Thoughts? (Sorry it’s so long)

    1. The longer the better, gives more to digest.

      I think we have been circling around this idea of how Darla would be around her parents, alongside Blue, but have completely forgotten about Ralph Angel. There was the custody thing alongside colorism being a issue, but that is as close as we got to a RA vs. Darla’s parents.

      But, as for the topic at hand, I am fully expecting a fight. The only question is, how far will both parties escalate it and how will the losing party retaliate? RA is still limited in what he can do, such as owning a gun, getting arrested for anything, and etc. So how will he react when Darla’s dad either talks down to him, blames him for his daughter’s issues, or even dares to taint RA in Blue’s eyes? Cause one of those three, in my mind, are bound to happen. Which, is going to put Darla in a nasty situation.

      For I can fully picture her just looking down and saying nothing and RA getting pissed about it. Especially after he, as said in this episode, defended her when his family treated her like nothing. I can even imagine him asking her if she does blame him for the way her life turned out. Which is something we have sort of talked about. What was the thing which officially broke Darla, much less took her down that dark path?

      So, needless to say, as much drama is happening in RA’s life now with his siblings, Darla is likely to bring a whole new amount of mess to this show. Making me wonder what will that mean for Charley and Nova? Nova already is in the backseat but does that mean, as RA and Charley work things out with the farm and mill, Darla maybe stepping forward to be center stage?

      1. Which again is why I am so nervous. We had discussed before, about how Darla very much has a voice, and how she will stand up for herself, and the people that she cares for. We saw her support and stand by RA throughout both of these episodes, along with standing her ground with RA when he was being unreasonable about her going to work, Although, when it comes to Darla and her own parents, I would hope that she would stand her ground in terms of her parents being disrespectful towards RA. We have never heard Darla out rightly admit why she turned to drugs, or that she blames RA, just that she felt very lonely when RA got locked up, so my guess is that it was RA getting locked up, ALONG with a whole set of other issues that may have had her turn to drugs.

        Since the first season Darla has always taken responsibility for the things that she had done, never pointing the finger at anyone else. So, if her parents do try to turn everything around on RA, I think that Darla will stand up and tell her parents that the choices she made, were her own, not anyone else’s. Whatever sort of mess Darla’s parents bring to the show, will not be by Darla’s doing, which is sad. All she wants is to have her parents back in her life, she can talk all day about what RA means to her, but if they don’t want to listen and change their way of thinking, then at the end of the day there is nothing more that she can do. It will be heartbreaking for Darla however the situation goes down, when your boyfriend and your parents don’t like each other, and are always at odds, especially with everything Darla HERSELF has gone through it is going to be rough. In a perfect world Darla would be able to reunite with her parents, have her son meet his grandparents, and have the approval by her parents of her boyfriend, sadly we just know that it is not going to be that easy, and it is going to be very tense.

        As, for Darla possibly taking center stage, I am 100% here for it! ? As much as I love the 3 siblings, and Aunt Vi/Hollywood, Darla IS my favorite character, so any chance that we get to see more of her is a definite YES. (Again, sorry it’s so long)

        1. Never apologize. As said, I enjoy these chats.

          When it came to me saying Darla may have her head down and may not say anything, I put that in the context of her maybe fearing her father. For while I’m sure she loves the man, the only thing we have to go by when it comes to their relationship is how it mirrors Charley and her mom’s. But with her parents being married and it being a male, a part of me thinks the dynamics maybe different.

          But, at the same time, there is this vibe that everyone pretty much dates and marries someone who is like their parent on this show. Charley married her dad, someone who seems genuine and nice but is a cheater. Micah is dating a girl who seems very much like Charley to me, and I wonder if that pattern may continue with Darla. Could Ralph Angel be someone similar to her dad and the way she works with him she got cues from her mom? Means to make it so he calms down when he gets agitated, petty, or aggressive? How to speak up against him without making things worse?

          I mean, in my head, I cannot imagine a father, or man period, being like Charley’s mom and it not being borderline verbally, if not physically, abusive. Which isn’t to say there wasn’t good times, but strangely Darla never talks about them to anyone. Though, it does make you wonder, considering how close Blue was to his grandpa and grand aunt, why hasn’t he asked Darla about his other grand parents. It would seem, especially on the anniversary of Ernest’s death, something to ask about. The grandparents he has that may still be living.

          1. Please dear God any sort of abuse in terms of Darla in regards to her father, even the thought of it, makes my heart hurt ?. The worst part is, I believe that, that may very well be the case with Darla and her father. In terms of being controlling and demanding of Darla, and then for her to first date a boy that doesn’t meet the standards that HE wants for his daughter, despite what she may feel for him, along with getting pregnant by that same boy, putting a dent in her college education, and then more or less running off with the boy, I can very well see Darla being totally just frozen and in a stand still, if RA, and her father start to go at it. My only prayer is that things don’t get physical. Which is why I hope RA isn’t to hard on Darla if she does tense up, freezes up and doesn’t automatically come to RA’s defense. Being fearful of your father, or a parent in general can be such a paralyzing, and crippling thing to deal with, especially when it comes to Darla. Which is why I hope RA gets it together and opens his eyes to see where Darla is emotionally and he just doesn’t shut her out in his anger, but comforts her and sees that her family, DESPITE however much money they may have, has problems and issues of their own, just like she has been supportive, and comforting towards him and his family.

            The reason I don’t think Blue has ever brought up his other grandparents is because, he has probably never met them. Darla never speaks about them, so I guess Blue just doesn’t put too much thought into them. Hoping throughout everything that goes down, Charley will be a good friend towards Darla, as well.

              1. She has, Sharon Lawrence. She was Rookie Blue. Should be appearing in the mid-season finale.

              2. CHARLEY’S MOM IS A WHITE WOMAN?! Oh damn… oh goodness. Where do you get your news because you are so ahead of the game when it comes to this show.

              3. After every episode, I am on the lookout ? for what is coming out, and whatever spoilers that I can find lol. I need to know something between the 7 days we have to wait for the next episode lol

              4. I’m always in between wanting to do that and just having our chats and just fathoming what they may do next.

  4. Again, I understand where RA is coming from, I do. I can understand why he felt like he was going to get ganged up on by Charley, and Nova, if Darla left and he just wanted his woman by his side. But like everything he does, it is the WAY in which he does it. Barking at her to stay like she was a dog, and demanding that she didn’t go to work and do her job, is not how you talk to your partner, or the woman you say you love, let alone the mother of your child. I think that a lot of people tend to forget that their relationship isn’t just a regular relationship. They are both fighting to better themselves, and to do right by their son. So, when it comes to Darla it is that more serious, and RA is just not seeing that, nor is he paying attention to the things that she tells him.

    I also agree, that Charley tried to help Darla out by letting her leave. She could see that the situation was probably getting a bit stressful for her.

  5. I honestly as of now, with the rest of the season I don’t think either one of them are even thinking about rights or custody. I don’t think that RA or Darla are at the most stable place right now, but again it really just comes down to RA. Darla knows how she feels, and what she wants, it is RA who is taking out his frustrations, and anger, out on her. Once he get himself together and sees that Darla is doing the best that she can, and that she is on his side, they are going to be together, raising Blue.

    As for any sort of custody battles that may happen in the near future, I mean I don’t think that Darla would go for sole custody, I think if anything she would want for RA to have custody as well, and they can co-parent. If Darla repairs her relationship with her parents, they may also put their word in on what they may want her to do. Again, I don’t think that we will see any of that as for right now.

    Aunt Vi hasn’t been so hard on Darla during this season, she may still have her doubts, but she has welcomed Darla with a more kinder approach. Charlie, considering their newly formed friendship and considering everything that Charley herself has been through, I think that she would be supportive of Darla, and she would want to help Darla with whatever she may need. Again, they have a lot in common, Charley sees the work that Darla puts in, along with the two of them just generally liking each other, without any sort of strings attached, I think that Charley would definitely be in Darla’s corner. Of course she loves RA and wouldn’t want to see him hurt, but again to benefit herself, and to keep herself on the straight and narrow, and clean, Darla is going to have to do what is best for her. As for Nova, who knows, but considering the whole “She ain’t family” comment, I don’t think that Nova would be in Darla’s corner.

    1. Do you think Darla’s parents may try to get custody saying that neither is capable of raising Blue?

      1. No, nothing like that I mean, they may try put their opinion into the situation, adding more drama to the situation. We know that they aren’t very fond of RA, so they may feel like Darla should go for full custody, and you know just butt in where they aren’t needed or have any reals grounds to speak on the subject, as opposed to Aunt Vi who has been around both of them, and has raised Blue for short while as well.

        As excited as I am to see Darla’s parents, I am most excited to see how they will react to RA, and how they will react to Blue. It clear that as far as know, that at least with the dad, he and RA are going to have issues. Also, have they ever met Blue? What are your thoughts on how they will react to RA and Blue?

        1. I don’t know why, but I think colorism maybe a factor in why Darla’s parents don’t like RA and maybe why Nova is hostile toward Darla. Because it could very well be that she tried to do things in a traditional way and have her family meet some of his and things blew up. For, if you notice, both of the people cast as Darla parents are light skinned and I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to keep that family like that.

          So, RA being dark skinned, on top of poor and also into some nonsense, and he was probably toast before the meeting was over.

          As for Blue, I think they are going to take to him like a fish to water. Which is going to cause issues for RA since Blue is going to be over their house, their mansion possibly, and then return to the farm. If we think his insecurities and feelings of inadequacy are bad now? PSHHHH

          Also, can I just say I enjoy our weekly chats ^_^

          1. Yeah me too, although I wish I would have commented early lol The first half of the season is over lol Well, except for Greenleaf which is coming back 🙂

            Yeah, colorism could play a big part with Darla’s parents.

            Although, I also have to wonder when it comes to Darla’s parents, Darla only seems to mention her dad in term’s of how controlling he is, so I’m thinking that maybe the mother wanted to be bit more understanding of Darla, and she may have not liked that Darla was with RA, and that she ended up getting pregnant, but I feel like she may have meekly went along with what her husband wanted because she is maybe a bit more passive. The father ruled the house, his word was law, and like RA in a sense, he expected that his wife would stand by him and agree with him no matter what, even at the cost of her daughter. So, it could be that an ultimatum was given by the dad, and if Darla didn’t agree to it, Darla had to go, Darla looked to her mother for help, the mother could have very well just turnt her back on her. I mean we don’t know, it’s all speculation. But when you really look at the timeline of the things, it has to be a few YEARS since Darla and her parents talked, something had to have gone down, other than Darla’s drug addiction you know?

            1. One thing I do have to say about this show that I like, the apple doesn’t often fall far from the tree. So you can watch how a character acts and by the way they talk about their parents, you can tell they are their parents baby.

              So I definitely agree, Darla is probably very much like her mom. Meek for the most part but stands up for herself when she needs to. However, with Queen Sugar I feel like there is always something beyond what we think going on. For, at this point, the only functional relationship is Hollywood and Aunt vi and that is because they actually know how to act grown and with sense. Granted, Hollywood’s ex-wife was a doozy, but I still feel like giving him a pass cause his reasoning did make sense. It was messed up he lied, but I can understand why in terms of lying to both parties.

              I forgot my point… oh! Something tell me though they have to be keeping tabs. Especially because they seemingly are affluent. So I can fully imagine Darla got kicked to the side because the dad has some kind of political career and couldn’t deal with the scandal. So between the ultimatum and her not wanting to disappoint her father worse, she disappeared from their life.

              Though, you got to wonder, what did they tell their friends and family? Because, while Darla was an addict, she hasn’t been touted as a thief or anything. So her up and disappearing, especially in high society, you know must have been a scandal. One which, if her parents try to welcome her back into their world, it will be interesting to hear who says what to and about her.

              1. I agree, I think it was a combination of everything as to why Darla left, was cut off from her family. The ultimatum, the pregnancy, her feelings for RA, along with feeling like she is a disappoint for letting down her parents, they more or less agreed that she had to go. So, she left. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did run into any of her families friends and after years of being apart and no contact a lot of them start to question where she went, and why she was gone for so long, along with a little mini me running around calling her mommy as well lol

                I’m still trying to wrap my head around Nova’s comment to Darla, it was very icy, and cold hearted, I get that they were in a heated situation but from what we have seen from Nova and Darla, even though we don’t get much, it never seemed like Nova had any ill will towards Darla and vice versa.

              2. With our conversation, I’m starting to believe everyone but Ralph Angel and Aunt Vi felt like an outsider in that family. Just in different ways. For Nova, she felt like an outsider because she wasn’t doing what Ernest expected of her. She didn’t settle down and start a family. She was focused on her work. So despite being his first born, it was like she was the bastard child. Plus, with her mom dying, that was the only real link she had to Ernest and after that, with the way Ralph Angel talks, she was just biding her time to get the hell out of dodge and away from all the bad memories.

                Which I think is why she dedicates herself so much to strangers and even doesn’t dedicate herself to long term relationships. She doesn’t want someone truly digging into her wounds that have even scarred yet. For she, in my head, doesn’t face her issues. She just worries about others and makes that her focus. So when situations like these happen, or when she and Charley had their spats, all this old resentment and the issues she never got over come back to the surface. After her letting them go unresolved and pushed down into her psyche for so long.

                And when it comes to her relationship with Darla, I don’t know. There are a lot of theories and ideas but Darla has barely interacted with anyone to know what the problem is. I mean, only Aunt Vi has ever been vocal about how she felt about the girl. So I can only imagine that she sees Darla as part of the problem. After all, Darla becoming an addict is a factor in Ernest having to moonlight as a janitor. Much less, who knows if Darla may have played a role in RA going to jail. For he needed money, hence why he tried to pull that robbery (if I recall right), but we were never told what he needed the money for. I can only assume it would have been to take care of Darla and Blue.

              3. Which is why having Charley and Darla forming a friendship wi;l bring even more layers to both of their characters. Seeing how Charley talked to Darla, when she told Darla that she needed to go and get the papers together for Remy, was interesting. Both Nova and RA were yelling at her, talking about her like she wasn’t there. Darla, just sitting between them as they yelled like a scared little puppy, with her head held down. While Charley looked her in her eyes, and made eye contact with her. She didn’t her order to go, she didn’t yell at her, nor was she dismissive. Charley gave her a task that she needed to do, and waited for her to make her OWN CHOICE of whether she was going to go to work, or be loyal to her boyfriend, and put another job at risk. As, we see despite all of RA’s boasting, and yelling, Darla made the choice that SHE needed to make. I mean, I think that we are going to see a lot more development with the two of the together.

              4. A part of me also thinks she was trying to give Darla an out. For I think it came to a point where Darla knew she couldn’t make the situation better and, in a way, I think RA was holding onto her tighter than she was to him. So Charley gave Darla an opportunity. One she could have just had Remy handle, since I’m sure Charley has generic contracts that can easily be made, but she wanted to give Darla an opportunity to get out of the situation. Maybe even prove that while she may have betrayed Charley’s trust personally, she can still be relied on professionally.

  6. Yeah, Nova is definitely complex in everything she does, and how she treats certain people.

    I wouldn’t say that their is a significant age difference when it comes to RA and Darla, they met when Darla was in college, I just think that Nova and Charley felt like at that moment Darla was not needed in the situation, so they felt like whether RA wanted her to go to work or not she was not family.

    Have you read any spoilers so far, in regard with QS getting renewed for a season 3? It to do with Darla and her parents. I don’t want to start up a conversation if you haven’t.

    1. Just read the spoilers, which I’m so excited about! We need to stop hearing about people’s parents and get to experience and judge them for ourselves!

      1. I didn’t think that we would see them so early, so to speak.

        As for the actors that we’re chosen to play Darla parents, what do you think or speculate how they may go about writing and introducing them?

        We talked last time about Darla and the darkness that seems to be surrounding her, even when she is happy with RA and Blue, she still seems sad. Now it seems like everything comes down to her parents. Thoughts?

        1. I think Charley maybe the one who pushes for it. In my mind, she is going to recommend it to Darla, maybe as part of the health plan or whatever, and she is going to give it a shot. Leading to her being told to try to reconcile. Maybe even the idea “Blue should know both sides. Not just Ralph Angel’s, but yours as well.” Which could lead to Blue meeting his other grandparents.

          As for writing them, I don’t even know. All we really know is that Darla’s dad is the equivalent of Charley’s mom. That and she comes from money. So I can only assume they are going to be written as some high society types. Maybe even old money.

          1. Which why when it comes to RA despite his young age, I can’t feel too sorry for because when he got out of jail, he knew that he would have his family waiting for him. Of course not being full trusting of him because of things that he did, but he had a cushion to fall onto when he got out. He had a place to stay, and he had help in raising Blue as well. As far as we can tell, Darla was cut off. There was no running back to her parents after she was done using and punishing herself with drugs and alcohol. She said it herself, they were done with her some years ago. Which considering Blue’s age, could be as long as 5-6 years ago without any sort of contact from her parents.

            I think that maybe it was her relationship with RA, but the big thing was her falling pregnant. It’s clear that Darla’s parents had expectations from her, regarding her education, so her falling pregnant with a guy who she maybe didn’t know all to well, clearly didn’t fit into the plan that they had for Darla. Like we said before, they probably told her to either abort the baby, or give him up for adoption, Darla shot down those options and went off with RA to St. Jo’s. Then came Blue, RA did whatever he did to get himself locked up, Darla turned to drugs and by then her Parents we’re more than done with their daughter by then. Months turn into years without any contact from either side. ?

            Which again, if they have Darla reaching out to her parents after all this time, even with her being two years sober, it kind of already shows us how Darla’s parents see her.

            1. HER SOBER PARTY! Maybe they might show up for that.

              Also, I wonder if they officially cut her off or she thinks they did. Like maybe the threat was presented and she never turned back to see if they really meant it or if it was just posturing.

              1. Yeah, although if she just ran off because of what she thought they meant, even if they themselves didn’t mean it, then why wouldn’t they have made contact with her earlier?

                Although, I heard that the next episode we will be meeting Charley’s mother, so I don’t think that they will be doing both Charley and Darla’s parents on the same episode lol

                What are your thoughts on RA and Darla at the end of the episode? Like I said Darla looked so GUTTED with how RA dismissed her, yet he still couldn’t see it, still couldn’t see past his own feelings.

              2. I think there could be an honest chance that this behavior could lead him to lose Darla. For when they came back to each other’s life, he was doing this same callous nonsense. But now I think it is worse for there is this mutual desire to be relied upon but he isn’t willing to trust her. Which I don’t fully get.

                But it could be some kind of feeling of inadequacy. Like he knows he can’t give Darla the life she was used to so maybe he fears, even with a kid and what she says, there may always be this desire to leave him. Go off to greener pastures. Maybe even take Blue in the process.

                After all, while she may have had drug troubles, she seemingly doesn’t have a record so she could win a custody battle easily. So I think with him, as he recognizes Darla’s power and her no longer being willing to be his crutch, sacrificing herself for his well being, he is scared. Perhaps to the point he’d rather distance himself now than allow her to get a really good blow in.

                How do you think Blue may react to all this? According to Hollywood, I think it was, he knows something is up.

              3. I feel like Blue will react to how any child his age would. From the time we met him, he has wanted Darla. She is his mother. So, I feel like if he isn’t able to see Darla as much as he used to now, he is going to be upset by it. Especially because the circumstances are more or less petty. It isn’t because she is using again, or is just being an absentee mom, his father isn’t letting his mother be a mom, because of his own feelings. And if that is the case, RA is going to lose not only Darla but Blue as well.

                Also, none of that is fair to Darla. So, because he is so insecure and sacred of possibly losing Darla, he doesn’t open up or talk to her about it, instead he takes his misplaced anger, and guilt out on her, and demands that she stay by his side. None of Darla’s actions have shown that she doesn’t want to be with RA, nor that she doesn’t believe in him. Whether he chooses to believe that or not his up to him, he just better be ready to deal with the consequences of that, if Darla decides that she doesn’t want to be with him, and wants to continue to work on her sobriety, and getting her life together, and being a mother to Blue.

              4. Do you think she would go as far as trying to get shared or sole custody? Also, how would the family react you think? Aunt Vi I imagine would be on RA’s side, but what about Nova, much less Charley?

  7. As much as I try to have sympathy for RA and see where he is coming from, he makes it very difficult, especially how he turned so quickly on Darla. He just asked her to move in with him what two episodes ago, now she can’t come into that same house to see her son because she didn’t do what you wanted? Darla looked absolutely GUTTED when RA dismissed her at the end of the episode, trying to turn what she did back on her, like she did something wrong. ? “You may see it as betrayal, I see it as LOVE”. ? Says so much about how Darla feels about her relationship to RA. I was so happy when Darla called him out on why she was working for Charley in the first place. Glad Charley didn’t fire Darla either. Yeah, the whole “She ain’t family” talk definitely stung a bit, and wasn’t even said to me lol Also when RA first told Darla not to go to work, it seemed like Aunt Vi kind of came to Darla’s defense, like “Boy this has nothing to do with her, let her go”. I guess we also see where Nova stands when it comes to Darla, she COMPLETELY dismissed Darla. ?

    1. I honestly think in the last few episodes there has been some attempt for Nova to not just be someone who shows up but actually gets a response out of the audience. Even if it is a negative one. For as much as she has a social justice warrior vibe, you’d think she would understand her brother trying to grow up, in his own way, and redeem himself. Much less take note that perhaps the reason he was a screw up before was because of his environment. One she seemingly abandoned him to and didn’t seem to circumvent, like with Too Sweet.

      Because, in my mind, you’d think she would be proud of the dude fighting for his job. Especially one which keeps him out of trouble, gets him a legit paycheck, and could even become something to help other guys with records like RA. But her own issues seem to be clouding her judgment. Maybe she needs some weed, sage, and crystals to cleanse herself lol.

      You know, something I’m wondering is if there is a significant age difference between RA and Darla. I must admit I wonder this partly because of the actors ages, but also since that maybe part of the reason the family looked at Darla like they did. As if, at her age, she should have known and done better vs. her being a stupid kid like RA.

      Going back to Nova, on the Darla thing, I feel like her treatment of Darla is another example of her hypocrisy. The type where, until it is something or someone she has to deal with long term, she has no problem being supportive. She helped Too Sweet and even gave him a place to crash, but that was a project. After a certain point, she checked in and that was it.

      With Darla though, she has to do real work. She has to reconcile the woman she knew and the woman Darla is trying to be. There is this certain sense of responsibility that, strangely, a part of me thinks Charley has become willing to take on that Nova refuses to. Now, granted, the whole outsider vibe Charley had in the family may have been one of the reasons she helped Darla and why she isn’t being petty toward her.

      As for Nova, I don’t get why she would say that. Though, a small part of me thinks, after what Charley’s mom did to Nova’s, she may have some issues with Darla being light skinned? I’m not saying that as fact, but with how deep rooted her issues are, I feel like Nova is one episode from going to battle on her mom’s behalf and talking about Charley’s mom like she was a nasty ole rat.

      Needless to say, Nova needs therapy.

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