Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 15 “Copper Sun” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Aunt vi and Hollywood


Micah Isn’t Forgotten

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Evan Castelloe

Despite most of the family dealing with either the paternity situation or the mill, strangely Micah’s solo story didn’t seem too out of place. Needless to say, he is coming into his own and picking up that fighting family spirit. But with him being suspended for 30 days, it does lead to the question of how Charley is going to handle that. Especially since the Black sheep she might be working with, he could very well be one of those upset parents that got the boy expelled. For, if Micah’s friend has taught us anything is just because someone might be friendly, may attempt to be understanding, it doesn’t mean they can be relied on for when things get inconvenient.


It is hard to say between Remy and Hollywood who is the bigger saint on the show. But Hollywood may have taken the cake by giving a bit of an olive branch to Darla. Now, he didn’t necessarily agree with her confession, even if he just said to Aunt Vi how the family doesn’t need any more secrets. However, like when he made sure she was okay when strung out, you have to applaud him at least checking on her. Seeing if, in all this mess, if she is okay. But I guess after you see someone at their worse, there is the need to make sure, when something like this happens, even if in a small way, they know they aren’t outright abandoned.


As the question posed brings about, you have to really take note of all Bianca Lawson pushes us to think and feel – sometimes without saying a word. She is a woman who, perhaps selfishly, kept from Ralph Angel the truth so that maybe her son wouldn’t suffer the abandonment she did. Think about it. She gave up her son to people practically strangers. People who didn’t see her as anything but trash but at least her son would have been okay. If not, on a more negative tip, she could rid herself of the reminder she was possibly gang-raped.

And it is with thinking that you can understand why she repeated the decision to let Hollywood and Aunt Vi handle things. In the state Darla is in, something is swirling about in her. A darkness. One which it is hard to tell if it may trigger a relapse, lashing out at the wrong person, or what. Because Darla has spent nearly the entire show almost speaking in a whisper. Yelling has never been her thing. But that anger she capped off with her mom might just be a sign of what is to come. A sign that while Darla is someone who, with time and effort, can be understood, it doesn’t mean she is always willing to give you the time to get to that point. She may begin to demand it.

Ralph Angel

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Ralph Angel

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As is always highlighted when it comes to Ralph Angel, it is that vulnerability that gets you. A man crying over the loss of something. For while Aunt Vi still sees Blue as her grandnephew, it seems Ralph Angel is on a path of not recognizing Blue as his son anymore. Despite the time spent, memories of both joy and pain shared, not knowing that child is biologically his has broken him to a state where, alongside Darla, Ralph Angel can’t face Blue either.

Making you wonder, as poor Blue seeks out both his parents, how this may affect him? He may be placated with his favorite meal now but what happens when this issue causes days, maybe weeks, of being separated from his parents? It was only a little more than a year ago that his mom was AWOL and dad barely out of prison. You have to wonder if the reasons why then and now may become questions that can’t be shaken off.

On The Fence

Aunt Vi

As soon as Aunt Vi flipped the script upon hearing about Darla’s confession, I had to roll my eyes. I get everyone wants to support and show loyalty to Ralph Angel, but come on now. Considering how religious Vi seems to be, all the secrets she held which really messed up some people, Nova especially, technically Charley as well, for her to really act like that was something. And even with her having Lupus and being the rock of the family, it is hard to not be reminded of the venom which may have become a dull sour taste to her family but still causes an itch to us viewers.


In a way, it is kind of sad that Nova, as a character, is usually only at her best when she is dealing with family matters. When she has her own thing going, it is almost like busy work. Enough to keep Rutina Wesley around but not enough to get a full blown reaction out of you. Well, besides disappointment, in more ways than one.

Yet, with her being brought into Charley’s storyline, the battle against the Landrys, we have something I think she can really stick her teeth in. Perhaps a storyline she should have long been a part of. After all, she is the social justice warrior. She is the one who has the ear of the community. Why is it she never took part in pushing back and instead just stood on the sidelines in awe of Charley? I get everyone needs to have their own thing and these siblings aren’t bosom buddies, but there just seems like so much she could have been a part of before things got to this point.

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