Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Aunt vi and Hollywood

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Aunt vi and Hollywood

Nearly everything goes to hell. The Mill is in trouble, due to slander, the Blue paternity situation rocks everyone and, even Micah is in trouble.

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Director(s) DeMane Davis
Writer(s) Monica Macer & Dana Greenblatt
Characters Introduced
Lizy Danielle Lyn

30 Day Suspension: Micah

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Micah

After pointing out the glorified confederate memorabilia and speaking to Keke about it, Micah decides to do something. Not protest outside the school, do an e-mail blast or anything, but simply post a passionate letter on every student’s locker. Something that works but with it rattling a few parents, it ends up getting Micah suspended. He gets suspended for 30 days due to “vandalism.” Which, I don’t know about you, but after 18 days back when I was in high school, that meant summer school or repeating a grade. They gave Micah 30. How in the blue hell is he supposed to bounce back from that?

The Blue and Darla Situation: Ralph Angel, Aunt Vi, Charley, Darla, Nova, Blue, Hollywood

Though there have been many times this family came together for a joyous occasion, more often than not it is to try to regroup after a blow hits a member. In this case, it is Ralph Angel being under the belief Blue isn’t his. Something he states as fact and not under Darla’s words of Blue might not being his. Which, no sooner than Darla can even be suspected of wrongdoing does Aunt Vi pull a 180. All that, “You family now” and that jive she has been talking, thrown out the window, ripped apart by the dog, and blowing in the wind.

But while for Aunt Vi it is just words, Charley takes action. Despite all Darla has helped with when it came to running the mill, despite the personal connection she and Darla built up, she is fired and Charley seems surprised she even came to work. Though considering what the Landrys end up doing, it seems she may regret firing Darla. If only because Remy, and the new recruit to the cause, Nova, can only do but so much. For while they are out on the field, fighting off rumors and putting out fires, who is doing the administrative tasks at the mill? Making sure people get paid and what not?

But that is for the next topic. What matters here is that while most consider it Darla hunting season, Hollywood remains the only one willing to check on the girl. Perhaps taking into consideration the courage to tell the truth, no matter how dumb it was to bring to light. Though, all things considered, with her man refusing to talk to her, her new family disowning her, even being petty enough to fire her from a job she is good at, could this break Darla? Blue is still the family’s baby but can you accept the baby while disowning the momma?

A Personal Vendetta: Remy, Ralph Angel, Charley, Nova

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun

One more chance is given to Charley to make peace. To declare some sort of stalemate since she got 40-50% of the Landrys farmers from under them. However, with every moment Charley thinks she has that damn family on the ropes, she lets them know she is going for that TKO. Leading to them, as they always have, trying to make a comeback. Before it was by pulling leases, or threatening to, and now it is spreading rumors about issues with the mill. The kind which people in Nova’s circle are trying to follow up on and publish.

Which, all things considered, makes her trying to have one of them push this idea of harassment to be funny. After all, is she not a journalist? Isn’t this a civil rights issue? Granted, it being so close to home could imply bias but then you can factor in a few things about the Landry family. You can talk about their history. Their family probably owned a good portion of the men and women working the land under unfair practices. There can be articles about the monopoly they make sure is held tightly and even all the things they did to stomp away pride or competition. I mean, we know Nova has got a lot of mouth so why is it just now she is joining this fight is beyond me.

But, at least it isn’t just Charley and Remy’s anymore now. Because while the dynamic duo has been holding it down, it is becoming clear that mixing business with pleasure is putting a strain on their relationship. For while Remy may trust the results Charley can get, you can tell her worries about the method. And considering how Charley handled the woman blackmailing Davis, we know all too well that calling Charley “calculated” isn’t an insult but who she is. So with her working with the Landry’s black sheep and really gearing up for a fight, it is going to be interesting to see what survives after the dust settles.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Copper Sun - Aunt Vi and Nova

  • It has been three years since the last harvest.
  • Darla has moved out and is going to live with her sponsor for a while.
  • Blue is nearly 7
  • Nova learns Aunt Vi has Lupus and promises not to spread the news.
  • Lizy is Nova’s friend who does the original tip-off of what the Landrys are stirring up.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. There is a scene, early in the episode, when Darla is watching Blue play with his toys and she goes from smiling in admiration to frowning. With seeing that, it made me wonder if when she was drinking and drugging, the neglect she imposed on Blue was because he was born of rape? Could it be, as she was drowning in self-pity, her anger against the father, taken out on Blue, was the only sobering thought? Because while she was willing to give Blue to Hollywood when they found them, the way Darla was talked about, it seemed clear she was at rock bottom for a while. So for her to not seek out RA’s family, maybe even give away Blue, and instead keep him, I think that might have been due to the darkness surrounding his assumed conception.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Aunt Vi is getting way too big of a pass on effectively ruining every adult relationship Nova had? Her saying that her mom was cheated on by her dad is why she has trust issues. It is the reason she probably sought out someone like Calvin who, in her mind, would always be unavailable. Perhaps couldn’t deal with Dr. DuBois because the idea of changing for someone who won’t stick by her when things get tough, she wants no part of it. Because while she talks about change when dealing with Mia, in the last episode, that is kind of funny since change and an increase in being held to do something long term is what Nova runs from. The only exception perhaps being Too Sweet’s case. But, even with that, there was a clear ending before she could step away. There was an out and it seems that is what she is always waiting for doesn’t it?
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    1. Nova always looking for a fight. Especially one in which she can act all self-righteous. But you hear the tone of Darla’s voice? (In the tone of Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone”) She getting tired of this ****.

      1. Darla look like she want to rock with Nova lol ?

        Darla is NOT SCARED OF NOVA! ?

        Nova standing up on those steps looking down on Darla like she trash, judging Darla like her own shit don’t stink! DISGUSTING! Let the girl get her phone charger so she can keep contact in case of an emergency with her CHILD! Like who the F*** does Nova think she is!!!! ?

        1. Hanging around aunt vi got her prepping to be head of the family. Which unfortunately includes the toxic way she handles family matters.

          1. Good point, talking about dealing with family matters, in a toxic way.

            Now look I can understand them as sister’s sticking up for their brother, I do. But just considering everything we have had heard, and seen from the show, it is not like Nova was around Blue 24/7 anyway. Blue and Nova have interacted a few times all together throughout these last 2 seasons. I understand Blue has such a Innocent, and pure spirit about him, it wouldn’t take long to fall in love with him, but again where was Nova’s ass all those years RA was struggling and her daddy was working all of them jobs…..living 20 minutes away with her weed. Like again, RA made the choices that he did, so did Darla, but for Nova to act all high and mighty as she is in terms of not letting Darla in the house and all of that, you would think that she was raising Blue by herself for these last six years. Like nah feel hurt, and shock for your brother, but lets not rewrite history.

  1. I think the reason why Darla has relied so much on the B family is because, despite the years that she has been in St. Jo’s and in Louisiana as a whole, is because she isn’t from there. Louisiana isn’t her home, D.C. is. Making friends at college, and meeting RA was one thing. I think Darla does have a community, it just isn’t in St. Jo’s, it’s in D.C. Also, with Darla’s history, people around town easily know her past, so it probably isn’t as easy for her to make friends with the locals like that even though she has been clean and sober for two years. The fact that Darla is still getting recognized as “Star” by random dudes at the gas station proves that. You can’t really build a community of friends for yourself, if people refuse to look at you as someone new. Who knows where the priest went too. He was probably another one and done character as well.

    1. It’s like the director said, and many actors recount, you have to live within that character like you are possessing them. You have to turn mimicry into empathy until their feelings are your own. Which, I’m sure, is taxing. This idea of dealing with a person’s demons that trigger something in you, maybe due to your own personal life, that brings out emotions. Maybe pent up or unresolved.

      And, that is what BL does man. She brings this almost quiet fury to Darla. One in which you can almost see her wanting to fight for her own character but holding back and in that rage we see Darla seem like she is struggling so all she can really do is bring her head down, in a subservient way, and slowly shut down. Maybe because she needs all her energy to fight her addiction and that leaves her with very little to take on people who always seem ready for a fight. Lashing out at the world because they are too scared to lash out at the person who is the true source of their pain cough Aunt Vi cough.

      1. Beautifully written! Couldn’t have said it any better. cough Aunt Vi cough lol But yeah, I think it is all of that. BL fighting for her character, fighting for herself, knowing for the context of the story. that there is no real place to turn too, or to voice her own feelings, so she quietly collects herself. Not going over the line in terms of how she expresses herself. I mean that is some deep shit. BL does such a fantastic job, everything you wrote sums up what the character Darla goes through, how she has to navigate each step she takes, each word she is about to say, not wanting to push herself too far in fear of not being able to get back to the safe controlled place she fought so hard to get too once she became sober. That shows in how BL acts as Darla. In her quiet, calm, happy moments, you can see the wheels turning in her head. Although, this begs the question, of what happens when that person finally loses control, finally allows for themselves to feel truly, not hold anything back? Giving in to exactly how they feel, and allowing themselves to speak their TRUTH, not allowing fear, shame, or guilt, push them back into silence.

        1. But the question in return is, does Darla have the capability to allow herself to relinquish control? Making me wonder, considering we are in the south and the kind of people on this show, how come religion isn’t playing a role here? Yes, Aunt Vi prays for no more weight on their crosses to bear, but I’m surprised they don’t go to church and aren’t part of that community. Aunt Vi especially with her love of secrets and meddling in other people’s business.

          Darla too in terms of her not having much in terms of reasons to have faith in humans so only a higher power could compensate. Not to get all religious on you.

          1. I welcome religious, talk seeing that I am a Christian. Which, as one, I do sometimes wish with these shows that they would show these characters, (even if they aren’t a believer at least in their time of need), going to their local church, talking to a pastor ya know. Like Darla in my mind, would be one of the characters who would be in more then a few churches personally. When your alone, you have no one to turn too, and you are struggling, turning to God can really be that person’s one and only saving Grace.

            SB – I also feel like seeing a bit of Darla’s background, that her family do have some form of religious roots. If they aren’t strong believers, they at least went to church every now and then. Not to get all religious on you.

            1. Leading to another question, where is the priest that was handling the marriage counseling? While the sponsor is surely a resource, Darla has always seemed like the type who wanted and enjoyed being part of a community. Perhaps in a similar fashion to Nova but not so much in the advocate role. So for her to almost solely rely on RA’s family seems kind of odd to me. Unless she burnt some bridges with the church folk.

  2. “As the question posed brings about, you have to really take note of all Bianca Lawson pushes us to think and feel – sometimes without saying a word. She is a woman who, perhaps selfishly, kept from Ralph Angel the truth so that maybe her son wouldn’t suffer the abandonment she did. Think about it. She gave up her son to people practically strangers. People who didn’t see her as anything but trash but at least her son would have been okay. If not, on a more negative tip, she could rid herself of the reminder she was possibly gang-raped.”

    This whole paragraph is really well written, and pretty much breaks down the mindset that Darla may have had while pregnant with Blue, and then actually having Blue. Her full blown decent into addiction, now makes more sense. ?

    Look at Jessica from the 13 reasons Why, she was also raped while intoxicated at a party (not just a regular party, but a party at HER house), she knew that something wasn’t right, she felt like something had happened to her she, just couldn’t put it together. So she too acted out, started drinking, became more sexually active with her boyfriend all because she was raped. Not only was she in denial, but the people around her were also lying to her, and gas lighting her. Not for her benefit, but to save their own asses. ?

    To see Jessica go though that mental breakdown, and to see her slowly lose herself because she knew that something happened to her, but she just didn’t know how to put it all together, and verbalize it, and then to have no support from her friends, boyfriend (who literally walked in on the rape!)? , and family, it makes me think that Darla went through the exact same thing. ? (Sorry its so long)

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!! The Jessica comparison is so spot on! Oh my god, I love 13 Reasons Why, though am still iffy on a 2nd season, and am mad I didn’t think of that.

      Like, I can see clearly now how that all probably went down now and what happened after. Making me glad they don’t do flashbacks because I’d be cursing mad on Twitter reading people’s comments. Especially those who fault her for getting in a position like that.

      On a side note, how excited are you for the second season of 13 reasons? They’re filming now so I hope they can reach a February premiere date. March at the latest,

      1. Sad thing is, there would be a few people who would blame Darla for putting herself in that situation, that she should have never gone to the party in the first place, shouldn’t have been drinking….. all of that victim blaming bullshit! ? But truthfully, no one blames Darla more, than Darla herself. ?

        I’m excited for season 2 of 13RW, I have a bit of issues with the character of Hannah, and a few of the other characters, but the acting was great, and the show has cool music as well. I wonder where they are going go with season 2. I personally don’t think they should even have a season 2, but we’ll see. I mean Hannah is dead, Clay gave the tapes up, so the show should be done with lol All I know is that if the writers don’t go further with Jessica and her rape, and her getting justice for happened to her, than I will be so DONE with this show! Real talk. ?

        1. I also want to know what happened to Alex and if anyone may go to jail over their part. Especially Bryce since he did rape her.

          1. That’s the thing, besides Bryce, I personally don’t think that anyone did anything illegal, or that bad where they had reason to be scared that the cops or any of the adults were going to get involved. Like Bryce is the only who could actually face chargers for being on the tapes. Hell, sweet angel faced Sherri was the only one to confess her own crime to the cops, which all came down to a damn stop sign! ? Clay is an idiot! #TeamSherri

            1. That was the main switch I didn’t like. I preferred Clay as just our medium than someone with their own account of things. But I guess in pursuit of giving Hannah some sort of autonomy, they brought her front and center.

      1. Guess we weren’t the only ones to think that Charley firing Darla was a misstep.

        P.S. Check out my comment on Darla smiling/frowning while looking at Blue. I hope I made sense in what I was trying to say.

        1. It did and yeah, Charley, for all her business acumen, made a really dumb move there. Business wise, she needs an assistant. Charley can’t do everything by herself and Remy isn’t probably going to want to take on paperwork to keep things afloat.

          1. I mean Darla showed her loyalty to Charley and the will way back in episode 6, during the whole “will” debacle, and RA was whining and crying about how Darla needed to stay there with him, and she ain’t standing by him, and all of that macho bull crap he was yelling at her, and what Darla do,… she took her ass to work because she understood, that despite everything, HER WORK CAME FIRST! So, just leaving Darla high and dry like that ain’t right.

            Also, why is nobody actually asking questions? Like I understand hearing what RA said their first reactions would be anger and heartbreak, but I would think after some time has passed that someone would be asking what went down, what happened, what were the circumstances that went on where despite RA and Darla being together, Blue in turn isn’t his? Like why is nobody actually talking to Darla! Getting some kind of clarity on the situation and Darla breaking down what happened that night when she was back in her home city of D.C., would have probably made a huge difference on how everything went down. Again, Might and Ain’t are two different things.

  3. I chuckled when I read that you rolled your eyes when you saw how quick Aunt Vi switched up when it came to Darla lol So did I. ?

    I’ve read a lot of different things and reviews where a lot of people are still pulling for Darla and how a lot of people actually feel sorry for Darla. Like despite everything that has gone down they still are able to sympathize with her.

    I think that is just BL’s acting overall. We praise BL’s performance damn near every episode, but her performance SHOULD be praised! She has taken Darla so far from what a lot of people thought that she was going to be. She does so much with the material that she is given. She can say so much without saying a word. Like the girl….woman is ACTING!!!!! ???

    1. Plus there is an evolution of her character we don’t see in any other but Micah to a point. Aunt vi the same, Nova the same, and the only thing that changed with Charley is her learning more about the local economy. Lorna gave a small boost but not enough to push her to the front.

      1. Exactly, no growth! RA still has more than few things that he has not revealed to the family. Character growth with all of the characters needs to happen. Because Darla cannot be the only character, who has self awareness. Funny the ex drug addict, ex prostitute, and ex absentee mom, has shown more growth and maturity, than all of the characters combined! ?

  4. I don’t think that Remy and Darla have interacted like that, had a one on one scene like that at all. Usually they are only scene together if it is like a group scene or something.

    I don;t think Charley and Remy are together, together. They do act like a couple but it doesn’t seem like they have understanding of what the other wants. Not fully. I mean they were just about to do it, and Remy brings up wanting marriage, and babies, and all of that. Charley completely curved him. So, I don’t really know where their relationship is at, let alone do I think they even know where their own relationship is at either.

    1. Do you think the Lupus thing will get swept under the bus now? Alongside any real conversation about any of Aunt Vi’s secrets revealed this half of the season? A part of me wonders if they may hold off until season 3 or just make the finale one blow to the stomach after another…

      1. I feel like the finale is going to be one blow after the other. Like everything is going to shit. They keep saying have your tissues ready, and the finale is going to be big and all of that, so it is going to be big where whatever happens next week, will go over into season 3.

        I don’t think that the Lupus thing and Aunt Vi will be brushed over, they have to deal with that. And continue with it comes season 3.

        As for Aunt Vi and her secrets smh……..

        The Lorna thing was one and done, which it shouldn’t be. Aunt Vi did a HUGE disservice in how she treated Lorna, and how she made her look to Nova as Nova was growing up. Yes, Nova has made her own decisions, and she treats her relationships the way that she wants too, but if you continuously tell a person, a child at that, the same thing over and over again. Say off handed, sly remarks about a person, and paint them to be this homewrecker, racists, whore of a person, don’t be so shocked and surprised when that same child grows up having trust, and relationships issues, and having a negative attitude towards her father. And yes, Earnest himself could have set some things straight as well. But from what we heard about Nova growing up, she always had a strong relationship Aunt Vi, and pretty much took her words as bond, especially after her mother passed away. So, Aunt Vi’s actions, and comments about Lorna, DID play a part in how Nova turned out.

        Don’t even get me started on the whole pay-off, money situation that Aunt Vi has with held from the B family as well. Aunt Vi is a piece of work.

            1. … They better not. She has her sponsors and parents so I’m really hoping she don’t let RA and his family mess her up to the point of a relapse.

  5. Blue picks up on everything. Every time Darla isn’t around or is gone for a period of time, or if all three of them aren’t together, he asks questions. So why would this time be any different.

    In terms of Ernest. I feel like he would be like Hollywood, extending that branch of kindness and Grace towards Darla. People hale Aunt Vi as being the glue, and saving Grace for the family, which of course she is now that Earnest is gone, but I truly think, despite all of Earnest’s short comings, he would not have been so quick to cast Darla out. I honestly don’t think he would have. He loved Blue and gave his all to him, he loved his son RA enough to give is grandson a home, and allow for his son to move back home with him so that he could get his life together, along with giving his son a WHOLE ASS FARM. So, again I feel like Earnest would have been the one to give advice and direction to RA in not only how he should deal with the situation, but how he should deal with Darla.

    1. A part of me wonders how Remy feels about all this. He has some pull with RA and is Charley’s man, so I wonder if he may get involved.

      [SB] Ain’t it sad Darla usually ends up being the only character worth talking about over days. Everyone else is just kind of there XD

      1. Yo, like Amari, there are times where I feel weird, that a majority of our conversations are about Darla lol ? I’m like this ain’t right, she is not in every scene so why do we talk about her sooooo much lol Like QS is not the Darla show, but in terms of HER story line and what BL brings to the character, it does make sense why we end up talking about her more than the others lol ?

        Also, I do feel like Darla will snap. Like she has so much weight on her right now. She lost her man, her family, her son (with the B family not letting her see him), and her job. Her SECOND job at that. She has been fired twice this season! Along with them icing her out, and treating her like trash, the fact that Darla may have to admit that she was taken advantage of, and raped just so that she can be allowed to see her son, and at least TRY to get things settled and under control (especially for Blue’s sake) is really HEARTBREAKING! Especially if Darla herself, hasn’t even begun to process what happened to her. Like she may not even see it as rape, or feel like she has a right to look at herself as a victim because of everything that happened before the rape (her drinking and taking whatever drugs that were there at the party) and after the rape( her going into a full blown addiction, losing Blue, selling herself for drugs and money). ??

        Again, there are just so many factors that surround this situation, more than the what the Bordelon’s are willing to take into account.

        1. I got teary eyed thinking about her losing her composure, perhaps screaming “I got raped! Is that what you want to hear? Is that what it takes for you to understand I didn’t want any of this. I’ve tried, I’m trying, but…”

          MMMMMM I need a tissue.

          I’m still wondering about Remy’s take on all this. Charley is surely going to vent to him. I mean, he is going to walk in and ask, where is Darla eventually right?

          Leading to me wondering, Remy does have an official position at Queen Sugar Mill right or is he just a consultant?

          1. Since the beginning of Charley opening the mill, Remy has been there.What his exact position is at the mill, I don’t know. But since he works closely with the other farmers and all of that I feel like he has some roll at the mill. Remy walking in all dumbstruck asking where Darla is, is going to happen and it will funny but sad at the same time. Remy is another person who I feel like will extend a branch to Darla as well. Despite Charley being his woman (?) He has seen just as much growth and goodness in Darla as the rest of the family has, and like Hollywood, he isn’t directly effected by Darla’s confession, so he should come with some sort of respect towards Darla.

            1. Come to think of it, have Darla and Remy interacted at all?

              Also, your (?) also brings up a good question, can we consider Charley and Remy officially going out yet? They do the stuff couples do but have they DTR’d yet? Like, she says Remy is important but doesn’t claim him.

  6. You wrote about the a darkness stirring up in Darla. A darkness that we talked about a view times in regards to her character.

    Hope you don’t mind if I quote you lol :

    “In the state Darla is in, something is swirling about in her. A darkness. One which it is hard to tell if it may trigger a relapse, lashing out at the wrong person, or what. Because Darla has spent nearly the entire show almost speaking in a whisper. Yelling has never been her thing. But that anger she capped off with her mom might just be a sign of what is to come. A sign that while Darla is someone who, with time and effort, can be understood, it doesn’t mean she is always willing to give you the time to get to that point. She may begin to demand it.”

    Would you my mind elaborating more on this part. it is really well written.

    1. We have seen Darla take so many verbal tongue lashings over the course of the show. She has been talking down to by Nova, Aunt Vi, and just stood there. Making us almost think that she wasn’t capable of yelling back. She could hold firm, but not really fight.

      However, with how she spoke to her mom, with the Bordelon family not being the only people she can turn to anymore, I do feel this darkness with in her will be unleashed. As seen during the episode where RA reminded her of what she did in the past, she is getting tired of never being able to live down what happened. And I fully believe she is going to come to a point where as nasty as everyone else has been, she’ll match them.

      Leading me to believe, as someone else commented, she may have been the one to leak that information to the press. It isn’t like she doesn’t have the contacts from the opening and with all the Landry family does, why would Charley believe them if they said they didn’t do it? I mean, why else would they not have Charley confront them in this episode?

      1. Nah, I don’t see Darla doing that, leaking anything to the Landry’s. Like Darla doesn’t seem to be petty like that. Darla also isn’t in the right mental or emotional head space to really be thinking about Charley or the Landry’s and all of that.

        But I agree, you talk down and dismiss a person long enough, they will eventually get tried of it. Don’t know if you saw the promo, but Nova’s “no character development” ass is trying to get buck with Darla, talking about all her lies, and she ain’t welcome in the house, or something like that, and Darla just looks soooooooo defeated I can’t take it. ??

        Like don’t let Darla’s quietness fool you, you try and come between her and her child she’s gonna stand her ground. Like I know the Bordelon’s can be cold blooded, hypocritical, petty, and they can cut people off without feeling a bit of empathy and understanding, but shit Darla is still and will forever be Blue’s mother, damn all the other stuff that is going on, and let her see her child! ?

        1. I saw that preview and it made me so mad. Ever since Nova dug into RA’s behind about something in the first half of the season, I low-key couldn’t stand her. Mostly because she talks so pro-Black and pro her community but was ready to trash her brother and now Darla.

          I can see why hardly anyone visits Aunt Vi’s home, unless it is a party, and why the only time people come to Nova’s house is for services (sexual or otherwise) and weed.

          Dealing with them two long term requires so much patience that only people like Hollywood can muster. And arguably, he only has it because he experienced Leanne before this family.

          1. Yo Amari, what I tell you, Nova can GO SOMEWHERE! I have never cared for her character or her story lines, so her always wanting to get buck with the other characters, I’m always like “B where have you been anyway” like her character does nothing for me! IJS

            I agree also, that a lot of people are again picking up on how Darla may have been raped, and how that in turn made Blue. So, if the writers decide to capitalize on that, and go further with that story line, I feel like that will make the Bordelon’s feel like even bigger jack asses, then they already are. Like the fact that all of this will come back to Darla’s one night in D.C. really makes me sad. Like I get they are sticking up for family, I myself would feel really bad for my brother, of course. But there are multiple other factors that go into Darla not revealing the truth until now, and RA himself not SAYING all of the REAL truth. Again, Darla said MIGHT. MIGHT and AIN’T are two different things, which can lead to different reactions from the family and how they in turn will treat Darla. Which as we have seen from the Bordelon’s actions – ain’t shit.

            1. I wonder how Ernest would react if he was alive.

              Also, a part of me wonders if when Darla snaps, not if, that might be what she says. First clarifying it is a might and noting that, for all intents and purposes, RA is the one she was with, he claimed Blue, as have the family, so why are they acting like this? Are they going to treat Blue as they are treating her? Because, as I said a day or two ago, you can’t have one without the other. You can’t treat Darla like crap and Blue be the little prince. Do you not think he’ll pick up on this?

  7. Do you think that how the family treated Darla was justified? Do you think that there was a level of pettiness in how quickly they all turned on Darla? (Minus Hollywood of course).

    1. … Justified, no. Yet, it sort of shows how much they love RA in the sense of them pushing aside their true feelings for his benefit. Aunt vi especially since she really did seem to genuinely care about Darla, was consoling her, treated her like another niece and then switched up as soon as it was over.

  8. Like really, Amari. Charley firing Darla wasn’t as petty and soul crushing as I thought it would be, but even still they had a real deep relationship.? Something that the two of them probably hadn’t had in years, so for Charley to just be so cold blooded, like Darla ain’t mean shit to her…..I feel some type of way. ? Also most would have been skipped town if they were in Darla’s shoes, but the fact that Darla still went work, showed DARLA’S LOYALTY towards Charley, and the company as a whole. Darla knew that despite everything going on she had a job to do, and that she was going to do it. I feel like people are missing out and not seeing that despite all of the tears and heart break, Darla is showing so much growth! To stand in her truth ONCE was a hard thing to do, but to do it TWICE shit! ? Darla is much stronger than what she and the audience thinks that she is. Real talk. ?

    1. She is and that is why Ava singled her, BL, sort of questioning why is she not recognized by main stream award shows. But right now, what I need is for her to have something besides QS going on.

      But speaking of loyalty, wasn’t it something else how quickly Aunt Vi flipped the script as soon as she heard Darla was involved in something? I think before she even heard it was a paternity thing. I was floored!

      1. Yo Amari, I was more than floored. The second RA mentioned Blue and Darla in the same sentence, Aunt Vi jumped up thinking that Darla had did something to Blue! ? I’m sorry but what kind of shit is that! ? We have seen nothing that would even suggest that Darla would harm Blue in any shape or form in her now sober state. Once she realized how far gone she was in her addiction Darla, gave her son up for HIS benefit. ? Now after two years of sobriety, picking Blue up from school, showing up, and being in his life, now all of sudden Darla put hands on the boy! FUCK THAT! ? Like for real, Aunt Vi talking all sweet to Darla’s mom, hyping Darla up and saying that she’s changed, and that she is good mother, now all of sudden, “What did Darla do to Blue?!?!” Miss me with the BULLSHIT! All Aunt Vi’s reaction showed me was that she never fully forgave Darla, or trusted her. ?
        (Yeah I know it’s a lot of angry faces, but I’m PISSED!)

        1. Well we know aunt vi got serious issues that I think go beyond what her ex husband did to her. Perhaps that is a factor into why she pushed Hollywood away.

          But, like was said in another comment, why is no one pushing for a paternity test?

          1. RIGHT! Like I’m gonna assume that a couple of days have passed, so why hasn’t any one done a DNA test? So, quick to cast Darla out, why not get it confirmed, but with RA just throwing it out there, like Darla said Blue isn’t his, it makes sense that the family would automatically just take RA’s world as truth. But damn she said MIGHT not be yours dammit!

            I love that Darla is going to stay with her sponsor. I hope that she keeps a close eye on Darla and helps her deal with all of the emotions that she is going through right now. Cause Lord Jesus Darla is going through it! ?

            1. It did leave me to wonder where her mom and quincy went though. Plus, where were they staying all this time? For while the sponsor is a good place to go, I was thinking a call or another meeting with her folks would happen. But I guess they left?

  9. I think Darla should have found a way to get a paternity test performed before she broke the news. Being that she lives with both Blue and RA, I would think it would not be too hard… and for as long as she has been back with RA, she had plenty of time. I think it was clearly by choice that the writers had Darla say “he might not” be yours and for RA to take that to mean that “he’s not mine”. They must be setting this all up for some kind of paternity storyline in this extended episode. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I’m wondering if Darla is the one who leaked that info to the press to get back at Charley and prove to Charley how much she really needs her. If so, it could really backfire if Blue does end up being RA’s son and Charley gave her the job back. Only time will tell as there is no guarantee whether the writers will fully develop all of this stuff or overlook it.

    1. You make one excellent ass point! All that DNA, she got a good ass job, and her parents surely could have helped, but she avoided the one thing which could have prevented all that drama. Hell, the fact no one in RA’s family brought it up also is strange to me.

      But I don’t see Darla being petty like the rest of RA’s family and capable of screwing Charley over like that. Such a simple rumor is easily a Landry thing and, as seen when they got a Black guy to steal from RA’s farm, surely they got Black farmers who could spread the rumor.

      As for going back? I cannot imagine Darla lacking the dignity to go back to a job she was fired from, not due to her performance, but because of something her boss’ brother said. I could understand if Darla was messing up, was dealing with a learning curve, or what have you, but she seemed to be Charley’s right hand woman. Yet, without much conflicting emotions, she was told to leave. With two weeks severance, but it seemed there was no care for how difficult such a reveal was for Darla.

      Which, in my own pettiness, makes me hope when she learns Aunt Vi is the reason she never felt like she belonged, she gets as hurt by that as Darla is hurting now. That family is so petty and quick to cut people off that I can only assume because everyone knows them they just roll their eyes and wait for them to get over themselves.

  10. Here Amari, another tweet that BL liked. BL sees, believes, and acknowledges that Darla was taken advantage and gang raped (shudders). ?

    https://twitter.com/ElleWCarter/status/928449604202455041 ?

    As for the character of Darla actually coming to terms with that, we haven’t seen yet. With everything going on Darla isn’t in the right head space mentally and emotionally to even touch on any of that yet. She is just dealing with RA and Blue right now. ?

    1. I can fully imagine her disappearing off to live with her folks for a little bit. The only question is, will she be taking Blue with her? Especially since with RA talking like that is not his kid, but Aunt Vi claiming him, that would lead to conflict.

      1. I don’t think that Darla will take Blue. I like that Darla decided to stay with her sponsor, that just shows so much growth and self awareness from Darla despite all that she is going in through.

        I like that Hollywood extended his hand towards Darla again, that was nice to see. But his advice to Darla, was hilarious. Him telling Darla that she should have kept the information to herself is funny, considering he himself, had a whole wife, that he did not tell Aunt Vi about, until the ex wife literally drove up to the farm and the secret came out. Like come on Wood, that advice ain’t gonna fly. So, Wood would have been straight with Darla not telling the truth, until Blue got hurt, or sick, and while RA was giving blood or was about to head into surgery, that would have been a better moment to tell the truth. Like nah wood you can go somewhere with that. The truth could have come out earlier, yes, but Darla needed the one to say the words.

        1. How do you feel about why Charley fired Darla? You think, despite the relationship they built up, it made sense at all?

          1. I called it a few episodes back when we were loking at the synopsis for these last 4 episodes and we read that Charley was going to fire Darla. I said,Charley firing Darla was going to be because of loyalty to her brother. It had nothing to do with Darla’s worth ethic, what Darla brought to the company, or because Darla was stealing, or forwarding information to the Landry’s. (Which is what a lot of people thought Darla was going to do.)

            I don’t think it was right, I get it, I understand it. But it would also help if ole RA got himself a q-tip and cleaned out those ears of his, Darla said “might” not be his, and ole boy just went he “ain’t” mine. Now I’m not saying the outcome would have been different, but if anything they could have all came together and said lets get a DNA test and figure it out, saying straight up he “ain’t” mine, just puts the nail in the coffin. Of course the family ain’t gonna give a damn about Darla now. ?

            Overall, with everything we have seen from D & C, I don’t think that it made sense at all. Despite everything going on, I feel like Charley would have been able to see some sort of light, and goodness in Darla, and like Hollywood, Charley would have been one of the people to show Darla some Grace. And see that she was more than her mistakes, and her past. ?

            It was one thing to read about Darla getting fired it was another to actually see it. When Darla quietly picked up her purse and sweater and walked out the office! SHIT AMARI! REAL TEARS! ?

            Your thoughts?

            1. FOR ME TOO!

              I mean, you’d think Charley would have understood how precarious it is to try to join the family and stay on people’s good side. Especially considering how Nova greeted her return when Ernest died. Much less the digs she has taken about her former lifestyle.

              And, just thinking about it is getting me teary eyed. Arguably, Darla was the only one she got to have a consistent sister kind of relationship with. A true fresh slate and she threw all that away over RA? I mean, trying to put who I am in Charley’s shoes, I’d be mad as hell, trying to get clarification, and let her know that while I’m upset, we’ll get past it. After all, and this is what gets me, how you going to treat the mom like crap but think you going to keep her baby?

              Um, whether it is a romantic or platonic relationship, the child comes with the parent. You can’t really have one without the other.

              But yeah, I side eye Charley so hard for that but we already knew she was cold blooded based off how she handled Davis’ mistress. It was just a reminder that horse ass smile got a wicked tongue behind it (I’m in my feelings, don’t mind me, I think Charley’s smile is cute most of the time)

  11. Hey Amari great review!

    My heart is really sad, with this episode. ? Damn what would I give to go back to the first half of this season. I’m going to get my thoughts together, so you can go first. ?

    1. I would like to first bring up the most interesting scene of the night which was when Darla was watching Blue. Why she go from lovingly looking at him to seeming disgusted by him?

      1. I believe the smiling to frowning bit was two things.

        It was like you said, Darla more or less looking at Blue and realizing and seeing (maybe for the first) that her son may have came from a dark time in her past. That Blue was not conceived with RA in a loving, type of way, but more or less he was not conceived voluntarily at all. Whether Darla is in the right head space mentally to actually understand and take in what happened to her that night in D.C., and whether or not the writers will actually capitalize on it is yet to be seen. With everything she has been through, to actually say that she was taken advantage of and gang raped, Darla probably can’t even really identify it fully yet. She knows that NOTHING good came of that night, but to really break down and look back at what happened to her that night, she still hasn’t even begin to touch on any of it.
        She was looking at Blue and realizing that once the secret and revelation comes out to the rest of the family, it is a RAP! Darla was not only looking at Blue with a bit of disgust, but also herself. Disgust, guilt, shame, regret, all of that coming to pass because she knows that she will be cast by the family out once again. Also, as much as RA and Darla love Blue, at some point they both probably felt and thought, that maybe not having Blue or at least having him during a different time in their lives would have made their lives better. I think (whether they actually admit it or not) all parent have those thoughts cross their minds at some point in time. That their lives would be different if they didn’t have the child and all of that.

        So, that is how I saw that seen.

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