Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 11 “Fruit of the Flower” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower 4

Everything you knew about Lorna and Ernest’s relationship seemingly is completely wrong and that seems to change everything for Nova. Alongside that, Remy playing a paternal figure changes things for Ralph Angel and Darla. Outreach and Engagement: Micah, Lorna, Charley, Keke In case you were ever wondering how Lorna got the experience that makes Charley…

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower 4

Everything you knew about Lorna and Ernest’s relationship seemingly is completely wrong and that seems to change everything for Nova. Alongside that, Remy playing a paternal figure changes things for Ralph Angel and Darla.

Outreach and Engagement: Micah, Lorna, Charley, Keke

In case you were ever wondering how Lorna got the experience that makes Charley stand down a little bit, it is because she was once the VP of outreach and engagement at a company. One which she loved working at, from secretary to VP, until she hit a glass ceiling. But now she is retired and free to do as she wishes. Such as meeting Keke. Someone who we learn even more about. For example, Keke is really into art. I’m talking name dropping artist that go beyond the big names like Jean-Michel Basquiat. That perhaps you may need to be an art history major, or aficionado, to even identify a handful of names she mentions.

But, perhaps one of the two greatest gifts Lorna leaves on her way out is hooking up Charley with a country club membership which has an outlier Landry at it. One which doesn’t get the family discount but, like most of the family, owns a large bit of land. 20,000 acres to be exact. Enough to really make it so when Charley has her Brown Sugar festival, it won’t hit her pockets too hard.

How Aunt Vi’s Prejudice Changed Nova’s World: Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Nova, Lorna

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower

The second gift Lorna brings is clarification for Nova. As can be seen in the comment section as Sarah and I go back and forth every episode, there has been a discussion about the root of Nova’s issues. Of which her mom has been considered the source and it pretty much gets confirmed. But, what also gets confirmed is that a lot of the issues Nova has, they have little to do with Lorna really. More so they have to do with Aunt Vi.

To make a long story short, Ernest never cheated on Trudy, Nova’s mother. Trudy wanted an open relationship, to have some sort of freedom, and Ernest wanted something traditional. So when he left to visit California, to get his mind together, he didn’t have a relationship with Trudy at the time. He didn’t even know Trudy was pregnant. Yet, he still loved her and even told Lorna that on their first date.

However, Lorna was the one who was on the same page as Ernest. Hence Charley. However, Ernest wasn’t going to abandon his first born so he returned. Thus making, as Aunt Vi says, a complicated situation. One she further complicated for she always spoke of Lorna as someone who stole Ernest when really, Trudy gave him away. But in Aunt Vi’s mind, Ernest and Trudy were meant to be, perhaps the couple she put on a pedestal, so for a white woman to get in the way of that? You know she was pissed.

Especially since Aunt Vi is prejudice. Albeit, considering the time period she grew up, and where she has lived all of her life, it is understandable. However, no matter how you slice it, the woman is still prejudice. Which doesn’t just show up when Aunt Vi is talking about Lorna but also when Hollywood’s work friend Will comes over. Aunt Vi is a bit taken back by the sight of a white man in her house and with Hollywood not finding it a big deal, so comes the whole generation gap argument.

But, a white man in her house may be the least of her issues. Vi’s fibromyalgia is still flaring up and though Hollywood is aware of its existence, Vi refuses to take it seriously. Well, past asking Nova to give her some things to help it. Like weed.

We’re All In This Together: Nova, Charley, Robert, Remy, Ralph Angel, Darla

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower 6

With Nova having to be on TV, she asks for Charley’s help when it comes to something to wear. After all, image and presentation have long been Charley’s thing and her big sister is in need of major assistance. Leading to Charley basically noting nothing within Nova’s closet works so she needs to go shopping. Which, I should note, is said with love.

Oh, and speaking of love, Nova confesses to Robert her love for him after Nova cross examines Aunt Vi about what Lorna tells her. For with her freeing herself from the chains she thought her mother passed down to her, she realized they were chains made by her and seemingly for her. Of which she no longer wishes to wear so she wraps herself in the love and affection Robert has to offer.

Leaving everyone’s favorite couple. Two people who finally go to counseling but then comes the roadblock of Ralph Angel having possible authority issues and not liking to deal with people who make him feel less than. One of which end up being Remy. Someone who has a class that Ralph Angel audits and just because he is shown that practicum isn’t everything, you also have to think theory, he gets offended.

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower 5

Though what perhaps maybe noteworthy isn’t just the whole issue of feeling lesser than, but how Ralph Angel elaborates on that. The way Ralph Angel talks, it makes it sound like maybe he has a learning disorder. Be it dyslexia or something else, it seems one of the obstacles in Ralph Angel’s education was that his teachers didn’t know what was wrong with him so they made no investment in his education. Something we’ll likely revisit later.

Bringing us to him and Darla. It is coming to a point where Darla seemingly isn’t for Ralph Angel’s attitude much anymore. Her father was a totalitarian of which her mother never spoke a word against, in public. She can’t live like that. Not just for the sake of her sobriety but her sanity as well. But luckily, Remy acts as the paternal figure that Ernest, in death, is unable to be. He doesn’t directly comment on Ralph Angel and Darla’s relationship but reminds him that not everyone trying to tell him something is talking down to him. What they are trying to do is help the brother. Even when he acts out or pushes them away. Something which seemingly gets through that thick head of Ralph Angel as shown by him doing one of the assignments the pastor gave him and Darla to work on their communication skills.


The Truth Comes Out

Lorna’s reveal that her relationship with Ernest isn’t how Aunt Vi saw it was a demolition of so many assumptions. Be it that Ernest was a dog, Lorna was some white hussy with jungle fever and so much more. To the point, I’m still processing that Lorna isn’t the full-fledged villain she was painted as. She wasn’t a mistress nor was she perhaps as bad as Charley made her seem. If anything, she is the type of mother many of us have. Hard on us but seems like an utter sweetheart to strangers. As seen when she was interacting with Micah and Keke.

But perhaps what is really noteworthy is that as soon as Nova realized there wasn’t a pattern, that there wasn’t a destiny of any and all relationships for her being doomed, she snapped out of that mindset. As if Iyanla fixed her life, and it stuck, she set aside all the obstacles she put in front of Robert and decided to meet him on equal ground. Woman up, if you will, and treat him like the kind of man he has thus far presented himself to be. One who deserves reciprocity and consistency.

A Sister Moment

The fact Nova, before Lorna’s reveal, called Charley to help her pick out an outfit was a bit of a shock. These two women, while cordial, haven’t really sought each other out. As Aunt Vi has noted, pretty much, unless on neutral ground, these siblings don’t really seem to invite each other into their homes. They all maintain their own space and only share it when Aunt Vi asks of them to. So for Nova to ask Charley over, ask for fashion advice, and listen to the woman when she gives love advice – in terms of having a career with your romantic partner, that was something.

More Information on Keke

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower 2

I’m still over the moon about Keke and Micah’s interaction in the last episode. But now with her showing she doesn’t just have an interest in the arts, but she has really done her homework, I demand her getting at least one scene with or without Micah an episode. Hell, I want to see her paint. For she is dramatically rising in my character rank like and right now she is only behind Darla, Charley, and Nova.

Blue Has a Friend Named Malcolm?

Though not made a big deal, for neither Malcolm nor Blue are seen in the entire episode, within a few days ago I was just talking about, with Ms. Sarah, how Blue doesn’t have friends. Yet, we learn he has playdates and sleepovers? Um, who is this Malcolm kid and when are we going to meet them? Also, will this kid be the key to meeting Darla’s parents for with us learning her mom was hard on her and dad a totalitarian, it makes the need to see these people grow more and more.

On The Fence

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

At this point, I don’t consider any progress Ralph Angel makes everlasting. The boy is inconsistent and perhaps just that, a boy. Meanwhile, Darla is a grown ass woman. One who seemingly is growing tired of showing patience and with it being noted in that therapy session that her mom never said anything despite some of the things her father would say, I think that triggered something. Though Darla hasn’t been keeping her tongue-tied, I think the realization she still hasn’t spoken out enough, hasn’t really put Ralph Angel on notice, is getting to her.

Making it so, when she walked away from Ralph Angel while in the High Yellow, it seemed like Ralph Angel was running out of straws to pull.

Is Lorna Really Leaving?

I’m really hoping Lorna’s clarification isn’t acting as her swan song. Though definitely someone who set into motion Charley growing her business and helping Nova remove roadblocks to her happiness, surely there is more to do right? Just because Aunt Vi apologized to her, in her own way, that can’t mean this is over. Even if they are getting rid of one parent to bring on Darla’s.

So, About Remy and Charley?

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 11 Fruit of the Flower 7

When Ralph Angel called Remy a know-it-all and said now he understands why Remy and Charley are together, that reminded me we haven’t seen those two together in a while. What is going on there? Don’t tell me that because Lorna was around that Remy decided to stay away? Those two got along so that doesn’t make sense. Plus, even if you factor Remy’s teaching and other jobs, you know he’d make time to spend with Charley. Even if just a lunch date.

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  1. Yeah, they may only be together because of Blue. Which is kind of sad, cause during season they did a really good of building their reunion up ya know. Like I found myself really liking them last season, as for this season not so much. Just with how their relationship has been written, it’s like there is no love there at all. Like I just feel like the writers could have wrote them better, to where us as the audience would be rooting for them, not rooting for the female to pack her bags and get out. I just think that in season 1 Darla was so relieved and happy to just have her boyfriend and her son back into her lives, she didn’t really allow for herself to fully deal with her problems and her sobriety, and she quickly fell into the supportive girlfriend role. Then fast forward to season 2 and we start to see those cracks starting to form, and we see that she is still very much dealing with her sobriety, and low and behold RA can’t handle it, and is not being a supportive, and nurturing boyfriend. Like I get that QS is a drama, and we need drama, but would it have been so bad to have RA and Darla in a stable relationship, where we weren’t questioning whether or not it was abusive, and actively rooting for her to leave? Like their story of reconnecting, putting their pasts behind them, trusting each other, and growing into better people and parents,could have been something, a way more positive story line than it is now. But we aren’t getting that. Instead, we actually got the opposite, shame, judgement, and cruelty particularly from RA’s end.

    1. But I think the goal of Queen Sugar isn’t to present positive or negative but more so realistic. Yes, RA wants to personally not have all his nonsense brought up but he looks at it differently. Him robbing people was for the family – the way I remember it. Darla turning tricks was for drugs. It wasn’t so she could contribute or anything like that, which is why I guess RA called her actions selfish. Yes, neither were in the right but RA wasn’t putting his neck and tail out there for just him.

      And, when I really think about it, that is some of the stuff you can’t just move on from since, as Darla said, she will always be an addict. Plus, there is the chance they never addressed it and we don’t know what RA did when she was on drugs. Like, did she hide it well and not seem like a fiend? Was he trying to get her off but then got sent to prison? There also is the question of whether she was the type who got one taste in college, got dependent, and there you go.

      All of which is in the past, yes, but just as much as Darla is looking for consistency, so is RA and I think, in his mind, he has seen Darla go after what she wants and leave him and Blue in the dust. So with her getting better comes the question if now, instead of drugs, it is going to be having all this work to do, being in college, and etc which will be what takes her from Blue and RA. Leading to, eventually, as said maybe a few episodes ago, her moving onto something better. Perhaps being with people who know nothing of her past so she can completely start over vs. trying to get better and move on with the same ole people.

      1. But that”s the things Darla leaving Blue for drugs can’t really compare to Darla leaving for school and work. Darla going back to school will not only be for her benefit but it will be for Blue as well. Outside of Charley giving her that job what other career prospects does she have? She doesn’t have a college education. so I would think her finishing school will help her to get a better job, along with setting a good example for Blue as well. Also Darla trying to get from underneath the Bordelons overall, is something that is to be expected. Darla has had a lot taken away from her by the Bordelons, but she has also had a lot given to her by the Bordelons too, so it would make sense that she would want to start forging her own path away from them you know. Where Darla feel like she has to stay because some sort of life long debt she feels like she will have to pay to them for taking care of son, and giving her all of these opportunities. I doubt Darla wants to spend the rest of her life working for Charley ya know.

  2. You know, I was reading another review that talked about the episode. The reviewer talked about when RA and Darla were at the marriage counseling session, and Darla was talking about her parents. How come RA didn’t like comfort Darla when he saw that she was having a bit of anxiety while about her parents. Like I didn’t notice that at first, but Darla was clearly tensed up while talking about her parents.

    1. I can only fathom it is because he doesn’t know how to comfort her or was so into his own issues brought up he didn’t notice. Though, the more we talk about it, i sometimes wonder if one or both are willing themselves to love the other. Either for Blue’s sake or because they don’t want to add another failure to their life.

      1. “Willing themselves to love the other” O Shit, that’s deep lol I feel like we get a bit of that from Darla, but maybe it’s just that RA can be so frustrating, it seems like she has to put in a whole lot of more work just have him do like the basic stuff, so I kind of get that from Darla. But it is clear that Darla wants to be with RA, if anything to at least “try” and work things out. When it comes to RA I don’t know. His various temper tantrums, and spats of control make it kind of hard to see if he really loves her or if he likes to just control her. Than RA getting caught up in his feelings, and needs isn’t something new. He doesn’t do that to just Darla either, he does it with his sisters, and to anyone who doesn’t directly give into him. or treat him the way that he thinks he should be treated (Remy).

        1. But here is the thing I sometimes wonder with Darla, is she with RA and sticks by him since he already knows the worse about her? Since he saw her bottom out yet still chose her? Because I really do believe that is part of what gives her reason, alongside Blue of course, to not leave him and move on. For as you have said, increasingly, even though her tries to make up for his actions with grand gestures, he does things which threaten her sobriety. When he made her choose between him and Charley, that could have triggered something with her parents, him not being there for her after Star was brought up, much less him damning her, was another trigger. All of which, not to imply Darla is weak, but still are the type of blows that someone, even with years of sobriety, doesn’t need in their life.

          1. Maybe like she is staying with RA cause she feels like she is damaged goods? Meeting someone new would mean having to be honest about her past, and putting someone in the difficult decision of starting a relationship with someone who is a recovering drug addict. That can be difficult thing to take on. So, she probably does love RA, but along with wanting for Blue to have his parents together, she probably feels like, as you said, being with someone who knows her past, and has seen her at her worst, is the best that she can do. Instead of meeting someone new having to be honest about everything she has been through. Although, if we have another scene like we did of RA shaming Darla, then she would BENEFIT from leaving him. For the sake of her sobriety.

            1. Well, in my mind, Blue is the main reason they got back together. Because when Darla introduced herself, and RA went to her trailer, I straight up thought he solely was looking to smash. If it wasn’t for Blue, I think their relationship wouldn’t have become what it is now.

  3. Oh trust, a confrontation between Aunt Vi and Charley is coming! Shoot I know I would want answers. Got one side of my family thinking one way, and believing one thing, when those things weren’t the truth.

    1. I wonder if Lorna would have moved to NOLA so that Charley could be around her dad more. That is, if it wasn’t for Aunt Vi.

      1. Oh, I never thought about that. Who knows like, the resentment was DEEP between all of those involved, especially with Aunt Vi.

  4. Man, really feel some type of away, when it comes to Aunt Vi with this episode. It is one thing to have your own opinion of things, it’s another to project those thoughts and ideas onto your family members. Like Aunt Vi really had Nova thinking that her dad was like some bastard, dead beat who left her mother for some white woman.

    Also knowing that Lorna and Earnest were married when Charley was born, wouldn’t that flip things and Nova would be the bastard child, since Trudy and Earnest weren’t married when she was born. Cause for these last two seasons we had the idea (also from what the writers and the show had given us) that Charley was this break baby, who was born out of wedlock, and was born out of cheating and all of that, when it turns out, she was born when her parents were married, RA was born when his parents were married, it was Nova, who was born out of wedlock. Like this is some crazy mess. ???

    1. Which is why I was a bit confused with how quickly Nova moved on. Aunt Vi’s perception or desire of how she wanted things to be has seriously messed up Nova’s life. On top of that, it really messed up her relationship with her sister as well. I wonder if Nova may revisit that. Hell, how Charley may handle that since Aunt Vi was her rock when she visited NOLA.

      1. True. Like whole relationships were broken, and changed all because Aunt Vi wanted to rewrite history. Like why didn’t she just tell Nova the truth. You mean to tell me that Aunt Vi watched Nova as a young girl, and teenager feeling anger and resentment towards her father, and towards her sister;s mother yet never sat her down and told her the truth. I like Aunt Vi, she keeps the family together, and took care of Blue and saved him from a live in the foster care system, but I can’t say that with this new information coming out, that is hasn’t made me look at Aunt Vi in a new light.

        Along with Aunt Vi’s prejudice towards Hollywood’s new friend. Like Hollywood called her out, their different ways of thinking when it comes to white people, is not because they come from different generations. There is a lot more there when it comes to Aunt VI that she is going to have to deal with.

        1. I haven’t changed my opinion of her by that much. You got to remember the time period Aunt Vi grew up much less she grew up in the south. Add in the whole Landry used to own my family thing, and all the harassment they probably put her family under to get their land back, and you can understand her prejudice a bit.

          Plus, it seems she doesn’t venture to mixed areas. Also, as noted, I think when it came to Ernest and Trudy, they were role models of sorts. They were the Black couple and for this white woman to break that up, back in the day, it would be difficult to not have ill feelings. Never mind Emmet Till, but you left this beautiful Black woman for a white one in California? You know that probably hurt Aunt Vi, especially considering the husband she had. Ernest was probably some form of hope.

          1. Seeing it from your perspective i can understand Aunt VI’s way of thinking a bit more, I’m just stuck on how that way of thinking affected Nova ya know. I’m mean we can go back 3 or 4 episodes and see that even up till then Nova still had the belief that Trudy and Earnest didn’t get married until RA was born, and how Nova saw her dad, and how she even deals with her own relationships. Now granted at the end of the day Nova is a grown woman, but it still just seems wrong to me that Nova more or less grew up with a lie when it came to her parents, and how all of those thoughts and emotions trickled down onto how Charley was treated as well.

            1. Which is why I cannot wait to see Charley confront Aunt Vi over what mess she has been spewing all these years. Especially since she was the rope which kept her connected while Ernest didn’t have space for charley in his home and seeming Nova wasn’t for sharing.

  5. That’s the thing I don’t know. I read that we won’t see Darla’s parents until the 5th episode. Next week will be episode 4. So, no I don’t think that the picture is for next week. I don;t know where the person got the photo from anyway. Just gotta be patient, which is really hard now sense I saw that picture lol

    1. Same. It gave me hope. Though, at the same time, I foresee another Lorna situation where perhaps Darla’s mom isn’t as cruel as she has been made to seem.

      1. Funny, I was just about to ask you, what you thought about the picture lol. I feel like Darla’s mom may get a sense of her daughter going down the same path that she did. Marrying a man who yes, she very much did love, but a man who has a temper, and control issues. She may try to step in and give her opinion of what she sees in terms of RA and his ways, and that may allow for Darla to either voice how she really feels about the upcoming wedding, or just voice whatever issues she maybe going through period. Like my head is spinning with possibilities when it comes to that picture lol

        1. Oooo the idea that she is marrying her father… that’s some Iyanla: Fix My Life type of stuff right there XD

          1. Like, I’m really just curious to see how both of Darla’s parents interact with rhe Bordelon family. Like we hope that they interact with Blue lovingly, but considering (if that’s how things went down, again speculation) that her parents more or less disowned her for getting pregnant in the first place, they may not be so welcoming towards Blue. Although, I hope that’s not the case. You just never know.

  6. Tears! ? Nothing like being in your mother’s arms. Especially after everything Darla has been through. ? Hope everything works out with her dad too. Darla NEEDS her family. ?

    Bianca Lawson looking like a teenager holding on to her mother lol ?

      1. I saw an interview where she made an effort to say, first that if anything, it was genetics as to why she has aged so gracefully lol Then she says that she drinks lots of water, and she doesn’t wear a lot of make up, and that she isn’t in the sun 24/7 other than that, she just doesn’t age lol

          1. I don’t know what that is, but I will definitely look it up lol

            Also, what are your thoughts on how RA came at Remy? “No it all”!?!?!?! Like dude he is the DAMN professor lol

            1. I think RA probably has a learning disorder. Thus, he gets very defensive when someone makes him feel dumb. Hence also why he didn’t do well in school and basically messed around.

      1. I’m part of this group where fans talk about show, post pics and all that. I was scrolling saw it posted by a member and freaked lol.

        Speaking of Darla, I chuckled when Darla walked away from RA, after he made that snide remark about the marriage counselor homework assignment. If that wasn’t a sign for RA to get it together than I don’t want else could be lol.

          1. If you didn’t want to be spoiled then I’m sorry, but you know me and these spoilers lol. Like I was literally just scrolling, saw a notification that a member had made a new post, I checked it out, freaked, and came straight here lol

            1. I’m cool with being spoiled. I just usually don’t have the time to do the hunting sometimes involved. Past an episode preview.

              But here comes the next question: Is this from the next episode?

            1. Sure is!
              It’s been a minute since I’ve seen her in anything. It’s nice seeing her on STAR, and to know she’ll be on QS.

  7. I think that the reasons why the dad may act the way that he does, is just because maybe that is what he grew up with. Like with are first favorite sister show GL, the repeated cycles of abuse, infidelity, lies etc. That sense of thinking just goes from generation to generation.

    For the dad, he only knows one way of how a marriage is supposed work. The husband is in charge, the wife is subservient, the child does what they are told. Either that, or the dad could just be an overall selfish asshole lol.

    Also, maybe the mother, like Darla wasn’t supposed to get with Darla’s dad. She too, probably ran off on with a man her family didn’t approve of, and her daughter, ended following that same path. Maybe, both of Darla’s parents grew up poor as well, they grew up not having anything, yet they worked hard, put themselves through school and did what they needed to do, so by the time they got married, and had Darla, they were now in a state of success, and having money.
    So, with that Darla’s parents wanting for her to be successful, and having the pressures of perfection, it weighed that much heavily on them. After everything they’ve been through, and how hard they have worked, their daughter WAS going to be successful, no matter what.

    The whole not getting divorced idea could also be a factor as well. In their time, spouses just didn’t get divorced.

  8. What are your thoughts of how Darla described her parents marriage at the counseling session?

    Dad was in control, he ran the house, mom just went along with the dad, and never really spoke her peace or used her voice.

    I’ve read a lot of tweets where people are saying that Darla may have grown up in an abusive household. Like the fact that Darla said her mother would never disagree with her father, even
    IF she had a difference of opinion really does speaks volumes.

    But I think, that that could mean anything, I don’t think that I would go so far as to say that Darla’s parent’s marriage was abusive. Thoughts?

    1. It sort of conflicts with how Darla made her mom sound like Charley’s though. Unless she just avoided fights on things her dad cared about but Darla was her project?

      If not the abuse going downhill from mom to daughter. It would kind of explain the way Darla talks to Blue when being stern. Could be her parents coming out of her.

      1. That is what I was going to say. Like things in the household were probably a domino effect. Darla’s dad was controlling, maybe even abusive toward the mom, in turn the mom did the same to Darla. The mom wanting perfection and things done her way. Then maybe when Darla got pregnant, both of the parents were probably in agreement that she had to go, and that she wasn’t going to part of the family anymore.

        1. But see, you just triggered a thought. Maybe Darla’s mom was so hard on her so the dad would have no reason to treat her like she (Darla’s mom) was being treated? So that, maybe, she might hate her but would have no reason to hate her dad or say something which would lead to verbal or brute force.

          1. If that is the case Amari than TEARS!!!!! ?Like D’s mom knew how her husband was, and despite how she was being treated, she wasn’t going to subject her daughter to that same abuse.? It makes SENSE! Like wow, a mothers love.? She’d take the misdirected hate so D wouldn’t have to experience the even worse behavior and actions of her dad!?!?!?! WOW!

            1. But then comes the question of why the dad acts like that and why the mom puts up with it? What are your thoughts?

              I’m thinking either it is going to be something like, the mom married up, maybe they live off the idea you don’t get divorced, or something else which makes things a bit too complicated to just exit and have a last straw.

  9. BABY BLUE HAS A FRIEND!!!!! ? I hope we do get to see Blue and Malcolm’s friendship in action at some point lol. I would really like to see Darla like babysitting them for night. That would be cool.

    Keke is such a breath of fresh air. She knows who she is, and she knows what she wants to do with her life. Micah and Keke are still so cute. ?

    1. The idea of Darla babysitting leads me to worry one of her past Johns will be the parent to one of the kids.

      And Keke, I could use a show with a girl like her on TV. I wonder if OWN may ever dip its toe into the teen market?

  10. Yeah, it kind of goes to show you how the adults around you can truly affect how you see people. Poor Charley, having to grow up feeling like the black sheep of the family, when it turns out she was actually born in wedlock, and that Earnest and Lorna actually had a real relationship.

    I got be honest, I know that Vi loves her brother and all of that, but really how the hell can one person more or less excel and banish another human being from visiting a WHOLE ass city lol Like really I get it Lorna ALONG with Earnest broke up a family unit, and caused great damage to a young Nova, but I mean come on now, Lorna has a right to visit Charley in Nola if she wants too. Lorna having the money to fly Charley out to visit her has nothing to do with the fact that she and Earnest were together, and Earnest DECIDED to cheat and leave Nova’s mother. Also, Nova is an adult, I’m not saying she shouldn’t still be hurt or upset at Lorna and all of that, her feelings DO matter, and we do know that Nova has had a lot of anger and resentment towards Ernest as well, but come on at some point you just have to move on let things be. I mean let’s be honest, there was a point in time where Nova herself was a “Lorna”, sleeping with a married man, that man leaving his kids and wife for another woman, so should Nova really be throwing stones? Thoughts?

    1. My first thought is how Aunt Vi’s part in how everyone saw Lorna, and thus treated Charley in extension is going to affect her relationship with Charley. Since the Black sheep effect rest squarely on Aunt Vi’s shoulders.

      As for Nova? I’m still a little confused by the timeline. Nova’s mom, while pregnant with Nova, broke up with Ernest because she didn’t want a traditional relationship. He got with Lorna for sometime, seemingly got her pregnant but upon hearing about Trudy being pregnant, he went back to her I think. But, I guess, since Trudy still wasn’t about marriage and all that, Ernest was between two women until Ralph Angel was born?

      I understand how things begun with Lorna but the ending throws me off a bit. As for Nova feeling a certain type of way, I think she has all the right to. For, right now, everyone is speaking on behalf of Trudy so we don’t know her feelings and her truth. Yet, Nova was the one who saw what Ernest being with someone else did to her. Even if she did talk about maybe not being exclusive. And considering the effect that had on Nova’s adult life, like being capable of being a mistress, I think moving on isn’t something that can easily be done.

      Which leads me to want to use her age as an excuse but I keep forgetting how old each character is.

  11. ‘We’ are an episode/week behind, so I get to read your recaps one week before I see the actually; epi. I’m just as excited about QS, as I am TGD. So, reading ahead is all good!

    So, happy reading Nova and Charley shared some sistah-luv. Super happy Nova is allowing Robert to give her the love she deserves. I really like Nova.

    As for RA: if he doesn’t stop with his hyper-masculinity, Darla will walk.

    QS leaves me with so many thoughts and in gratitude to Ava Duvernay, and her team of women writers showcasing such a phenomenal show. #GimmeSugar #BlackGirlMagic #BlackLove!

    Thanks for the recap!

  12. Great episode, thanks for the show out again lol

    The scene between Nova and Lorna was great. I don’t remember watching a lot of things that involved the actress Sharon Lawrence, but she acted her butt of this episode. She spoke her peace and her truth FULLY.

    1. All while not getting the least bit defensive. Though Nova is a grown woman, she realized she was dealing with this hurt child who needed to hear the truth. And considering she also was cordial with aunt vi, despite her being the only one who could plant that nonsense was amusing m

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