Love is in the air for Nova and Micah but sadly, as sweet as things are going for them, the opposite is true for Ralph Angel and Darla. Ain’t Never Late, Just Ain’t Early: Aunt Vi, Charley, Lorna The owner of Rawlings Supermarket offers Aunt Vi $50,000 for 350 of her pies a week. An…

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Aunt Vi and Charley

Love is in the air for Nova and Micah but sadly, as sweet as things are going for them, the opposite is true for Ralph Angel and Darla.

Ain’t Never Late, Just Ain’t Early: Aunt Vi, Charley, Lorna

Aunt Vi is being offered 50,000 for 350 pies a week for a undisclosed amount of time.
Aunt Vi is being offered 50,000 for 350 pies a week for a undisclosed amount of time.

The owner of Rawlings Supermarket offers Aunt Vi $50,000 for 350 of her pies a week. An exclusive deal and something which kind of comes at the worst time of Aunt Vi’s life. Her vision is blurring, her balance is off, and it seems she may have fibromyalgia. Well, if not hoping that is the cause of her problems rather than something else.

But, keeping things on the up and up, when Charley comes to visit her to complain about how oblivious her mother can be about race relations, she doesn’t bring up her pain. She reassures Charley about who she is, why she has gotten this far, and leaves it at that. Well, and sharing the good news about that offer and hoping Charley could assist. She is the up and coming business woman of the family and all.

New Love: Keke, Micah, Nova, Robert

Sierra, Nova's friend since childhood, asking how are things with Robert?
Sierra, Nova’s friend since childhood, asking how are things with Robert?

While Nova still isn’t at the point in openly admitting Robert means something to her, not even to her best friend Sierra, Micah introduces Keke as his girl openly. Also, in private, he gushes about her in a way which is so sweet. OH! And this scene when he is learning how to brain hair by Keke! He isn’t good at it, seems rather confused, but with her being a virgin, and seemingly them not getting to know each other yet to the point she feels like she should give herself over to Micah like that, she is giving him a different kind of intimacy. No kissing, grinding, or heavy petting. No teasing or something to take the edge off of any kind. She presents to him bricks and cement so they can build something real vs. a straw house gone with a breath of wind.

Which is perhaps what has Nova shaken in her boots. Robert seems damn near perfect, but there lingers her mother in the background. For more than likely, her mom and dad seemed perfect together at one time. But then Lorna proved that was a lie. So how can someone give themselves over, beyond the physical being, when your emotions are still recovering from something which happened at least 13 or more years ago? Especially when there was no closure?

Could Be Over Before It Begun: Charley, Darla, Ralph Angel


Darla noting, after Charley opens up about her mom, how much she sounds like Darla's mother.
Darla noting, after Charley opens up about her mom, how much she sounds like Darla’s mother.

With Darla not having much in the way of friends, it makes Charley being willing to go dress shopping with her such a kindness. One which could be considered a little underhanded since, while the whole situation should have been about Darla, Charley drudges up how Lorna spoke to her when she was getting married to Davis. Be it her looking pregnant, which she was. Her brutal honesty and how she made that the only way Charley knows how to talk now, and she just really opens up to Darla. Making it seem the whole will incident is something they have gotten past.

Leading to Darla opening up in return. Once again relating to Charley as she notes how she has a similar relationship with her mom. Someone who she never wanted to disappoint, was hyper critical, and yet is still her mom. Making the fact she hasn’t gotten back to her hurt.

However, that may not hurt as much as when Star is talked about. You see, Star was the name Darla went by when she was a sex worker and one of her old John’s call out that name when Ralph Angel is around. He doesn’t say or do nothing then and there, but it leads to an argument later. One in which we learn that Darla was trading her body for drugs after Blue was born and before Ralph Angel went to jail. Leading us to understand why he calls her selfish. It is all because of that time period where she seemingly put herself and her pain first, and their relationship, much less Blue, second.

Making me wonder, as we talk about how Nova’s mom affected her relationships, you have to wonder, with the woman being Ralph Angel’s mom too, what role she played in his way of thinking? How does what Ernest did to his mother affect his relationships, if it does at all? For both seem to have issues with trusting people, and considering the only relationship they know of in which trust wasn’t reliable deals with their dad, it seems both have unresolved issues.


Micah and Keke

Keke teaching Micah how to braid her hair.
Keke teaching Micah how to braid her hair.

We haven’t seen Keke on screen in a hot minute and even when we did, she wasn’t saying or doing much. Yet in this episode, we get a information dump. Keke looks up to Nova, and considers her a hero, Keke has done over 40 hours of community service, and pretty much has captured Micah’s heart. But to add onto why you have to adore Keke, while there was some offense taken when Micah was talking about them showing together, she didn’t just write him off after that.

Like we saw early in season 1, when they first got together, she showed how easily she can read this boy and can understand his intentions. Keke, because the girl is wise beyond her years, I like to believe knew that is how Micah interprets intimacy and how to express it – through sex. So she showed him a different way. A means for them to bond past sharing information you can find on Facebook and really build something that could allow her to instill trust and confidence in him. To believe he will be a consistent presence and not here today, smash tonight, and gone tomorrow.

Marital Problems

Ralph Angel’s past has been consistently brought up by family members, as well as Darla’s past. However, between each other, the topic has been avoided. What they both were guilt of before Ralph Angel went to jail. But with them becoming one comes them having to figure out what that means. Sort of, like how Keke is doing with Micah, establishing what kind of relationship they have when sex and cute moments aren’t what is going on.

Of which, seemingly all there is might be dirt under the rug. Not soft dirt either. Clumps they stomp down to try to flatten it out but now those lumps are uncomfortable beneath bare feet and with that rug lifted, they realize that isn’t dirt. It is the guilt that lives between them and the animosity Ralph Angel still holds. Which makes Aunt Vi giving that pre-marital counseling flier a god send because Darla, at this point in her life, is trying to move on. Like Ralph Angel, she is tired of people drudging up the past and wants the opportunity and ability to just move on.

The Pain of My Mother

Someone who knew Darla, when she went by Star, making a comment which bothers her.
Someone who knew Darla, when she went by Star, making a comment which bothers her.

As noted toward the end of the third topic, and within topic 2, Nova and Ralph Angel’s mother continues to have influence over them. Especially in terms of what happened to her thanks to Ernest. Now, for Nova it has been very clear but now there seems to be signs maybe it effects Ralph Angel too. Granted, he was too young to be aware of what was going on, but even if he was Blue’s age, he could sense it. Plus, later on, surely Nova filled in what Ralph Angel didn’t understand. Which I think is manifesting in his relationship with Darla. There has always been this fear of Darla leaving for better and her being selfish. Something I think Ralph Angel picked up from his mom. This idea that he is the convenient choice. Perhaps, thanks to Blue, an obligation. Someone who, until Darla can do and find better, is a place holder.

Which I think is why he called her out on the past. In a childish way, he is using Star being brought up to take her down a peg. Maybe make it so this woman she is becoming, capable and able to be independent and without him, doesn’t come forth as quickly as she could. Perhaps explaining the proposal since that would lock her down.

On The Fence

Race Relations

Lorna making it sound like race is not what is impeding the growth and success of Queen Sugar Mills.
Lorna making it sound like race is not what is impeding the growth and success of Queen Sugar Mills.

A part of me feels what Charley is going through dealing with her mom, the Sam Landry and his little friends, and being bi-racial should have more punch. However, I feel like it requires an adjustment period. We’re getting a whole new side to Charley and her character’s storyline is shifting in a way which is making it more personal. No longer is she the jilted wife, the distant sister, but this girl between two worlds. Of which she never really belonged in either since only Aunt Vi made her feel like she belonged while her other two siblings kept her at arms length. And she, in return, did the same.

But, I kind of like her pro-Black agenda. Like with her wanting to highlight Keke and what she does. Charley’s journey in claiming and validating her own Blackness is something to watch.

How Long Till Darla’s Parents Show Up?

The more Darla and Charley’s story connect, the more I want to see the effect of how them taking diverging roads affected more than just their personal futures. I am more than ready to see her mom, who sounds like a Black Lorna, show up. Much less see whether her father is willing to forgive, is silent, or is as bad as the mother.

However, I doubt they are going to have Darla’s parents and Lorna focused on at the same time. More than likely, Lorna is going to be built up to show, as bad as Charley thinks she has it, it does not compare to what Darla was dealing with. After all, something had to have driven her to drugs and I am in no way convinced Ralph Angel can take the hit for that.

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  1. Oh Davis’s little girlfriend will be back, trust lol

    That’s what I like about this show, the writers have kind of avoided certain tv tropes that we are used to seeing. Especially with Darla’s character. When I heard what role B was going to be playing I FULLY expected to see a strung out, crazy, doped up Bianca Lawson character. But the writers switched up on us, and gave us a newly clean and sober Darla, working her way back to a clean and healthy lifestyle. And to their credit they have kept her that way for these past two and half seasons. She’s had struggles yes, but we haven’t doubted her sobriety since she was first introduced on the show.

    Moments where on any other tv show, they would have had Darla relapse on the first let down, and heart breaking situation, we haven’t gotten any of that with Darla, and trust, we know that she has had many moments of struggle and heartbreak. And that’s what I love about this show. They are showing a character who is overcoming addiction, and who isn’t just giving in back into temptation, because she is going through tough times.

    1. Which is really going to be tested when her parents finally show up. Though, with that said, you think the parents are permanent editions or just will be reoccuring? For both Charley and Darla.

      1. Depends on how their relationship comes to pass with these next five episodes. If they are able to come together, we might see them in season 3. If their relationship is just not salvageable then unfortunately, then that might be it for them. Who knows really.

  2. Yeah, those are great ideas. Although, take out Aunt Vi and the collapse scenario, my heart couldn’t take that. Poor Blue already lost his pops on his birthday, which is like the BIGGEST thing that could happen to a kid on his birthday. The last thing we need for him to find his Aunti laid out lol

    But yeah, Blue getting pulled into his parents mess is something that I could also see happening. Harping back to RA and Darla’s scene last week, like I fully expected for Blue to get woken up by their screaming. For it to be that like hollywood, tv trope of like after Darla was done talking, and she said that she was gonna sleep on the couch, when she like gets up to leave, Blue is standing in the door way. Like I was so tense throughout that whole scene, cause I just felt like Blue was going to be standing there listening to all of that. I was SO relieved when that didn’t happen lol

    1. I forgot he lost Ernest on his birthday! But with mentioning his birthday, I do wonder what happened to his teacher, Ms. Velez? She was noted as a main cast member in season one and everything. Yet she got written off real quick. I guess when people took to Darla they said, “well, we don’t need you for a potential love interest anymore.”

      1. Yeah, I remember that. Ms.Velez’s name was on the opening credits and all of that, but she only appeared in what like 3-4 episodes. B’s name was no where on the opening the credits, yet she appeared in more episodes, and by seasons end her and RA were hugged up raising Blue. Like I’m sorry, but that’s kind of funny lol Like it was clear the writers had a plan with Ms. Velez and doing something with her character, but I guess they changed their minds.

        1. It’s like the one plot hole I think this show really has. Cause she went beyond just being the nice teacher. I fully saw her being the one to help RA grow up a little bit. Maybe infuse some hispanic culture in the show. Especially with how Charley was treating some of the workers on the farm back in the day.

          1. You saw that she clearly, had a thing for RA, and with Darla like legit clean, I was fully expecting some sort of love triangle at some point as well. Maybe with everything going on the writers felt like it would be I guess kind of tacky to have RA in the middle of two women fighting for his affection ya know. That or maybe the writers just saw something a bit more in B’s performance and wanted to keep her around a bit longer.

            1. In my mind, I think they wanted to avoid all the drama we are already used to seeing. With Charley and Nova alone there was more than enough network TV drama. And considering Oprah, when she announced OWN, made it seem she wanted to get away from the same old narrative we are used to, I think that is why Velez was cut, Calvin was toned down, and they didn’t have Davis’ mistress stick around.

              Reminding me, where is Davis’ new little girlfriend? I kind of liked them together. She seem like she got a past worth exploring. Talking about forgiveness, redemption, or something.

  3. Bianca Lawson plays this role so beautifully. ? Just seeing all the strength, courage, pain and hurt in her eyes alone. ?

    She is telling Darla’s story. Darla really misses her parents, I hope that they will be able to come together and make amends with each other. Darla should have Ralph Angel as a source of comfort as she goes through this difficult time, yet all she is getting is judgment and anger from him. Ralph Angel has a past too, he’s done some bad as well. He doesn’t like when his sisters talk about his time in jail and the bad that he has done, so he SHOULD NOT do the same to Darla. Hope Darla stays strong and keeps working on her sobriety, and being a good mother to Blue. ? #TeamDarla

      1. Big time lol Blue is such a loving kid man, it is sad to think that his parents almost missed out on it because of their actions. Although, with kids if they are treated right and taken care of properly, it usually doesn’t take much for them to accept their parents back into their lives. That is what happened to Blue, he lost both his parents at one point in his life, his grandparent, and aunt took over, he was well taken care of, and because of that, his parents were able to come back into his life without Blue having any resentment or built up anger towards them.

        That is why I hope with this counseling session, SOMETHING clicks for RA and he starts to understand what Darla is going through, or at least he is able to put the past behind him, and accept his fiancee for who she is today. If ANYTHING for baby Blue’s sake.

        1. I kind of miss seeing Blue at school. I get that there are certain limitations on how many hours the actor can work, but it would be cool if Blue got his own little storyline going.

          1. Yeah, like the little bullying story we got was awesome lol I wonder what other stories that they can give him. Besides something to do with Kenya, I don’t know if there is really much that can be written for a 6 year old in first grade. Maybe’s its just me and I can’t think of anything lol

            1. I think isolation would be a big thing for him. After all, Blue doesn’t have anyone besides his family. He has no one to play with his age and pretty much his doll is his everything. Also, they could push him into Darla and RA’s mess and have him witness them fighting and show how that affects children.

              I mean, there is a lot they can do but the question becomes, are they willing to push the actor, and his parents, to go there? For, another example could be, he is being baby sat by Aunt Vi and she collapses. We could get to see and understand death from a person his age.

  4. You know, ever since the engagement happened, you’ve talked about how you think that RA is trying to lock Darla down, what exactly do mean by that? Like he is using the ring to lock her down.

    1. Absolutely. He knows she can do better and with her recovered, she can find a better man than him. Just for kicks, I’d add his mom being left for someone who was a better look in there.

      1. So, you would really call RA’s treatment of Darla abusive? I’ve read a lot of people calling RA’s behavior manipulative, controlling and even bullying, but I don’t see a lot of people calling his behavior abusive.

        Although I would 100% agree with you that RA’s behavior towards Darla would be considered as emotional and mental abuse.His behavior checks off all the boxes. The constant guilt trips, the name calling, the controlling behavior, his dismissive attitude of Darla’s feelings, RA not listening to Darla, expecting for her to come his every beckon call, not wanting to to have a life outside of him, not wanting for Darla to work, and lastly RA’s temper as a whole.

        1. I would definitely call it abusive. He is dealing with an addict who has a past as a sex worker. Darla is someone who is emotionally vulnerable and while capable of healing on her own, this community that RA has given her has helped so much. Now she has Aunt Vi, now she has Charley, and maybe one day Nova may fully come around. Also, there is Blue.

          However, all of that gets threatened by RA’s emotions. He could put up a fight for custody, he could say it is over and there goes Aunt Vi, a rift between her and Charley since now it is blood vs. familiarity, and so much more.

          Of which, to us, may not seem likely, but with Darla being abandoned by her parents, and RA’s family being the only friends or semblance of family she has? That is a lot to lose. Which I sometimes think RA takes into account.

          For if there is one thing I feel is consistently shown on Queen Sugar is patterns. The father of Charley’s son cheated on her with a woman lighter than her, just like Ernest had sex with Lorna and cheated on Nova and Ra’s mom. Nova, when with Calvin, ended up living the life of the other woman, being the one who caused pain like her mother received. So now it is RA’s turn. However, he isn’t the one to be cheated on, nor the mistress. What we are going to see from him is how Ernest treated his mom. What he picked up, when he was little, and because his dad was such a good guy in his eyes, he likely made subconscious. Yet, I can fully believe Nova is going to come to Darla’s side and protect her when she peeps her brother following in her father’s footsteps.

          1. In terms of Nova we can only HOPE that she does come to Darla’s aid.

            I just don’t understand why the writers are writing RA like this. A man who can be somewhat understanding towards his son, who wants to play with a barbie, to a girl who grew up and decided to change herself to a boy, who RA defended countless times, yet with the mother of his son, his fiancee, he treats her like she is scum, no better than a stranger on the street. You would think that Darla was still using with how RA talks to her a lot of times. It is just so sad. Charley, Nova, hell even Aunt Vi are able to come around and support Darla yet her own boyfriend, soon to be boyfriend can’t do the same.

            1. Well, they can’t make RA perfect. Plus, who knows how much time and processing it took for RA to accept his son likes to play with dolls? Who knows how much time it took for RA to accept his friend was trans? Unfortunately, growth is a time consuming thing and for everyone else but RA, we got dropped into their lives after the hard part was over pretty much. With him, we are getting the actual struggle.

  5. Can I just say, that my heart broke for a second time during this episode. After that sick ass dog was barking at Darla saying all those mean things to her, and Darla then gets in the truck, and her face just crumbles and she silently cries, and tries to wipe the tears from her face without having RA notice. ? Exceptional acting!.

    Like Bianca Lawson’s acting in this show is so phenomenal. Like she has a lot of scenes where she doesn’t have any dialogue, and she pretty much is shown listening to other people speak and stuff either towards her or around her, yet she is able to convey and say so much. Like I wish we kind of got a bit more on what type of directing Bianca is given when it comes to her scenes, like what the directors say to her that gets her in the mind set of acting out certain scenes in the way that she does. Like the writers have really written a themselves a great characters with Darla, and Bianca has done a marvelous job in bringing Darla to life.

    1. I completely agree. But I think all that mostly comes from, as said, her having such a diverse filmography. She has been so many different kinds of characters from the mean girl, to a monster, a victim, and etc that she knows what certain scenes call for. Plus, by the way she is talked about, it seems she is just an observer in general and probably makes it easy for all those involved while challenging the hell out of whoever shares a scene with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if half the time RA is crying is because his actor is as mad at RA as we are XD

      1. She is just lovely lol

        I got be honest, I know that Vi loves her brother and all of that, but really how the hell can one person more or less excel and banish another human being from visiting a WHOLE ass city lol Like really I get it Lorna ALONG with Earnest broke up a family unit, and caused great damage to a young Nova, but I mean come on now, Lorna has a right to visit Charley in Nola if she wants too. Lorna having the money to fly Charley out to visit her has nothing to do with the fact that she and Earnest were together, and Earnest DECIDED to cheat and leave Nova’s mother. Also, Nova is an adult, I’m not saying she shouldn’t still be hurt or upset at Lorna and all of that, her feelings DO matter, and we do know that Nova has had a lot of anger and resentment towards Ernest as well, but come on at some point you just have to move on let things be. I mean let’s be honest, there was a point in time where Nova herself was a “Lorna”, sleeping with a married man, that man leaving his kids and wife for another woman, so should Nova really be throwing stones? Thoughts?

  6. There friendship is one of my favorite things about this season. Yeah, also I guess the writers wanted to have a scene where we learned more about Charley along with us finding out if Darla’s parents called back or not, but it was kind of depressing lol.

    Also I really liked how that scene was shot. Charley talking and circling around Darla, and Darla going through a range of emotions listening as Charley talked. BEAUTIFUL!

    1. It was like she was analyzing her. Seeing how the same they are and not. Kind of a weird scene in retrospect.

      1. Yeah, also Charley story is probably word for word Darla;s own story. In some alternate universe, Darla is Charley lol. Charley could have easily became Darla, and Darla could have become Charley. Kind of freaky shit lol. There lives very much mirror each other, expect Charley find her strength and lest the ain’t shit man that she was with. The jury is still out on whether Darla will do the same, or RA is somehow, someway able to get his shit together and treat with some respect and compassion.

  7. CLEARLY not enough, where he would be able to get some sort of understanding of how REAL relationships work.

    A lot of people on twitter are also mad at the fact that RA didn’t do anything when that man was saying all of those things to Darla, and was who was trying to get “star’s” attention. They feel like he should have defended her, I mean he clearly heard what that guy was saying.

    1. I was one of them and then I was reminded he is on parole, or is it probation? Either way, unlike them white boys he threatened, them guys might have been about that action.

      1. For me, I totally get that he was on parole and everything, and I’m not saying he should have yoked those guys up, but it is clear that after the moment passed Darla was visible upset and in distress over the what happened. Like Darla said the second they got in the truck it was nothing but judgement from him, I feel like RA just seems to have no compassion or empathy for what Darla was going through. I mean comfort her, say something, but instead he just stews all night in HIS feelings. It’s like he knows that he is upset about what happened, he just doesn’t want to talk about, and would rather ice her out, and push her way, then ultimately shame, her instead of saying, “babe I was hurt with what went down at the gas station, seeing your past come back like really just threw me off” and then they would be able to talk and open up to each other. Cause we both know Darla would have been more respective if RA had come at her in a better way.

        1. You know, people herald the show, RA especially, for the sensitive and sweet moment he had with Ernest when he died. I’m wondering where that RA went to? Did his ability to feel for another adult get put away after going to jail and losing his father?

          You think RA has move passed his father’s death yet? They had the anniversary not to long ago but I don’t know if RA, or his sisters, really have dealt with Ernest’s death fully. Especially once the farm issues started to pop up.

          1. I truly think that RA hasn’t dealt with his issues from when he was in jail. I just don’t know why it seems like he can’t or won’t act right when it comes to how he treats Darla and even how he treats his sisters. I think your right either Hollywood is gonna have to tell him to act right and to treat his fiancée with more respect or the marriage counselor is going to read his life and tell RA HIS truth! ?

            Also have you seen any of the promos? And I also saw your fb post about how Charley took Darla’s moment at the bridal shop lol ?

            1. I saw the promo after the episode, since I’m trying to watch live now, but have forgotten what happened?

              But yeah, Charley was a bit of a Debbie Downer at the bridal shop. I get you are comfortable with Darla but that chat was made for her therapist.

              But I think it is cute how much Charley is ready to accept Darla as her sister. Someone else who had the outsider experience. Could replace all the friends Charley lost after the various incidents in the Davis divorce.

  8. Keke is such a real, nice, strong, and honest young girl. Not trying to judge but when was the last time you saw a young teenage girl, talk about being a virgin, and telling her boyfriend that regardless of what is going on in his head and pants, she isn’t going to give herself up to him so easily. That she is going to wait until she is in love. I mean f**** BEAUTIFUL!!! Keke and Micah so cute. Micah trying to braid Keke’s hair, I mean to remember all that happened with Micah and his first little girlfriend, I’m really happy for him. ?

    I love that despite their ages they are a really mature teenage couple. There 16 years old, but are having REAL conversations about their relationship. You DEFINITELY don’t see a lot of that on tv. If anything I feel like K & M might be the most mature couple on the show PERIOD!

    Vi and Hollywood are going to have a few bumps in the road with Vi’s illness, along with Vi not telling Hollywood about it. Remy and Charley are going to be dealing with quite a few things coming up. Nova looked like she was about to jump out of her skin when the Dr. gave her the keys to his apartment. (You know how Nova is when it comes to commitment.) Darla and RA ? Hell if anything, RA should go to Micah to get some relationship advice, cause M is light years ahead of RA when it comes to supporting, listening, and understanding your their girlfriends lol

    1. Well, Micah had Charley and Davis to set precedents for him. Despite how it ended, before that they had an ideal power couple relationship. So watching them, and considering what that white girl tried to do to Micah, I think is a major reason why Micah is doing so well with Keke. Plus, I think a lot of people on here seem to go for people that remind them of their parents. Which I know sounds creepy but what is Keke but a darker-hued Charley? What is Darla but a light skinned version of RA’s mom with her taking a whole lot of crap from someone who lives in a glass house? Remy is basically the rose-colored glasses version of Ernest and Robert… well, if Ernest had a college degree and was able to do more for his community than he already did, I’d imagine he’d be something similar to Robert.

      As for Aunt Vi and Hollywood, the main issue I see there is that Hollywood is going to be put through him feeling Aunt Vi doesn’t take their relationship seriously because he is younger, again. Especially now that Vi is dealing with stuff an older woman has to. But considering all Hollywood went through with his ex-wife, I’m surprised she’d think of him as someone to run as soon as things get hard.

      Then with Remy and Charley, if the parallels between Darla and Charley continue, I think those two might be just fine.

      1. Yes to all of that! Can I just say that another big thing that irked me when it came to RA and his treatment of Darla, is when Darla brings up the premarital counseling.

        I mean, here we go again with RA’s selfish ass. Not listening, compromising, or being understanding to what his FIANCEE is trying to tell him. If things don’t benefit him, or he doesn’t understand things, or if he doesn’t see the point in doing certain things, he just barks NO, and expects for his girl to just follow behind him like a lap dog. He is not LISTENING! Your FIANCEE is a RECOVERING drug addict, when she tells you things it is in your best interest to take her words as TRUTH! I’m sorry but I don’t think that they are ready for marriage, ESPECIALLY RA! Darla clearly understands and wants to marry him, so she knows that like her NA meetings taking the right steps is necessary. Man I was hoping that with this proposal, and having Darla’s sponsor call him out, that we would start to see REAL growth with RA and how he treats Darla – guess NOT! ??

        1. I think like Lawrence in Insecure, not sure if you watch, RA has to get called out by a man for it to click. Like, Hollywood or Remy need to sit down with him, as former married people, and have a conversation.

          I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t talked to them/ hope he does. Hollywood especially since he is one of the few male figures in his life.

          1. I just feel like RA doesn’t listen too Darla. Like whatever she says if he doesn’t agree with it or if he doesn’t want to do it, then whatever she says it’s like lrrelevant too him, you know.

            1. I agree. Him being babied by the women in his life might be the reason for that, I think. That or just not… How many relationships did RA have before Darla is something which just popped into my head?

  9. Great review! Loved the whole dirt underneath the rug metaphor, very nice and well written!

    I’m trying to get my thoughts together when it comes to Darla and RA’s conversation when it comes to Darla’s past. I know that it was very hard to see the past that your fiancee was dealing with right in front of your face, but just that whole nighttime scene between the two of them, and how RA was just looking at her with so much disgust, judgement, and dare I say maybe even hate. I mean he basically called her a slut and a whore, but without calling her one. And I know that we tend to see RA a bit differently, so I know that we aren’t going to totally agree, but I just can’t stand by how he reacted towards Darla at that moment. The first night, he sleeping on the couch. I mean we watched the first season, RA knew of her past then, and he knew of her past when he proposed to her. Thoughts?

    1. I just think he is a bastard and hypocrite. Like you said, he knows this woman’s past and I would assume he accepted it if he decided to put a ring on it.

      Plus, with nearly half of his conversations dealing with how he ended up in jail or people not trusting him, you’d think he would be the last one to judge. Really leading me to believe RA is low key being abusive on purpose.

      As of now, I take the ring as him locking Darla down for he saw that she was eventually gonna leave him. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he perhaps was taking out plays from Ernest’s playbook. For I think the show is going to start digging into how Ernest and RA’s mom relationship also affected him. Not just Nova.

      Who I cannot wait to see come face to face with Lorna.

      1. Bastard, hypocrite, man child, ex convict, I mean damn he just really irks me. I’m sorry but Darla DESERVES better. She SHOULD NOT marry him. I guess the apple don’t fall far from the damn tree. RA is his father’s son. Shit, I mean the way Darla was yelling and raising her voice she was OVER it and she should be. Talking about me, me, me, I, I, I not everything is about you RA! The sponsor told his dumb ass if your are not ready to help her and if you are not ready to deal with her past then LEAVE HER ALONE!

        Talking about how he can’t get the picture of her and that dude out of his mind, like nigga do you think that she can get that image out her mind, or the image of Blue and the hotel room out of her mind, like he must think she is just constantly thinking about daisies, roses, sunshine, and candy, because if he really thinks that she isn’t replaying those moments in her head everyday than he is an even BIGGER idiot than I .thought he was before. That scene really hurt my heart. HER FIRST NIGHT!!!! ??

        1. I’m just scared of the day when he is talking like that and Blue overhears him. Because it seems he has been shielded from that and though he doesn’t talk about it, I’m sure there might be questions about why he was with Aunt Vi and not his mom or pop. Questions that he sooner or later may ask. Especially with Darla’s mom apparently being the blunt type. She may not just be blunt but also brutal and who knows if she may shield Blue like everyone else does.

          1. Right! Also we had talked before about if Darla’s mom was more quiet and reserved like she is, and that she maybe just went along with whatever her husband wanted because he too was very much an “alpha” male who wanted things his way, and for his woman to stand by his side and to agree with him. Although, as we later find out, Darla was clearly getting it from both sides, her mom and her dad.

            Darla and Charley are two sides of the same coin, and are DEFINITELY my favorite characters of the show. Darla # 1 and Charley # 2 respectively.

            It’s sad because I really thought that after Darla left that voicemail, that we were going to get something from her parents, but to see that they STILL haven’t acknowledge her is rough.

            I also got scared when RA and Darla were having their conversation, that Blue was going to get woken up by all of the screaming and he was going to walk in on RA (his father) calling his mother a whore, and saying that she was on drugs tricking and all of that. I mean he said those things more than once.

            I unfortunately do think that Blue is going to find out what his mother did at some point, and it is either going to be because she is being berated, and shamed by her parents or RA, or Darla will woman up ( as we have seen her do throughout the seasons) and tell Blue why she was gone and why Aunt VI and Earnest had him. (Sorry it’s so long that scene really had me HEATED!) ?

            1. I feel you because we got a mutual love and serious need to protect and advocate for her.

              What’s your opinion on Keke by the way? Especially since it seems she may now become one of the featured characters rather than someone who pops up to remind us she is alive every now and then?

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