Queen Sugar: Season 1/ Episode 9 "Next to Nothing" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview The storm has passed and with that comes a calm. Not a calm before the storm because this show isn’t about such things. It’s the type of calm which is healing. For while there are uprooted trees and fallen branches, yeah there maybe some tears. But in rebuilding, you are reminded of who is…


The storm has passed and with that comes a calm. Not a calm before the storm because this show isn’t about such things. It’s the type of calm which is healing. For while there are uprooted trees and fallen branches, yeah there maybe some tears. But in rebuilding, you are reminded of who is there for you through thick and thin, and not just family either.

Review (with Spoilers)

We’re coming toward the end of the season and while the preview hinted at something shocking for this episode, let’s just say it isn’t any of the likely people you may have expected. But let’s not spoil anything before the fold, continue on down to read more about “Next to Nothing.”

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Ralph Angel

Not much happens with Ralph Angel, per se, but being that Darla spent the night the two remain in each other’s company. Thus leading to another moment of closeness between the two and even when Lawson isn’t giving a speech, just seeing her look at Ralph Angel with loving eyes, it for some reason gets me teary eyed. I mean, call me a stan if you would like to, but between what we have learned thus far and Lawson’s performance, you can see Darla years for not just Ralph Angel, but the family he has, and they family they could have. She knows it won’t be a quick and easy thing to get, but she is working on it. She is working on deserving it.

Though with Miss Velez popping up for the first time since episode two, who knows if she may end up reasserting herself into the equation or not.


To put it lightly, Aunt Vi is devastated about what happened to her home. The house itself is fine, but her garden and the area around it is a mess. Luckily, between her family, boyfriend, and a neighbor, it seems things get handled. Leading to a possible new character named Keke (Tanyell Waivers). She is a girl familiar with Micah, follows him on Instagram, and it is hard to pin down if she just wants a taste of Micah’s 2nd hand fame or if she may genuinely like him. Which I only say because you know the boy is sensitive and while he likes to put up a front, you should have seen how shy he was. Not so shy he couldn’t speak, but he couldn’t look at Keke too long without blushing and looking down. Here is hoping she isn’t a here today and gone tomorrow type character. Especially when Micah starts going to school. He could use some friends his own age.

Aunt Vi

It hasn’t been the best year for Aunt Vi. Her brother dies, she finds out her boyfriend is married, Ralph Angel has the audacity to ask for his parental rights back and then she has Darla sleeping up in her house! It is just way too much to handle and then with this storm ripping apart her garden? Needless to say, Violet needs some direction. For while she thinks her purpose is taking care of the family, Nova argues she needs to think about herself a bit more. Stop putting the weight of her being, or dedicating her energy rather, to others and not putting it on, or using it, for herself.

As for what Aunt Vi may dedicate her time and efforts to? Well, that’s hard to say since after she left the diner, it seems her life has pretty much been worrying about her family. After all, she is the matriarch and who else will be the knot holding them altogether? Especially when they too proud to apologize or reach out to one another? That in itself is a full-time job with the pay being intrinsic.


While the crops, according to Remy, are fine, unfortunately, two of Charley’s farm hands were murdered. With that comes a mass of guilt for not only was she the reason they stayed late to finish planting, but she didn’t even know the names of the people working for her. On top of that, because they were guest workers, and such people don’t trust cops, she has to bear the task of informing that person’s co-workers that their friend died. Hence why Ms. Velez shows up.

But what perhaps it on most people’s mind is what is going on between Charley and Remy? She snuck in for a cuddle the night of the storm and now they are keeping things business professional. Well, it seems Remy is ready to move on from the loss of his wife as Charley is still trying to get over her ex. For never mind all she built up dwindling away, but she defended him publicly and shamed this girl who Davis setup. Yet, you can tell Remy is special. If only because it seems she is releasing control.

To me, Charley seems like the type who likes autonomy and being able to make power moves. Hence why she ran Davis’ empire, hence why she tries her best to handle all farm business. Yet, with Remy, and not just because of his expertise I think, there is a part of her willing to let go of her tight grip on the reigns. There is this growing trust and understanding that she can’t do it all and she needs help. Something Nova and Charley have probably said most of her life, but Remy speaks to her in a way which helps her get it.

Things To Note

Anyone else find it interesting how people were still cleaning up their homes and things of that nature, yet Miss Velez was open and available to translate on such short notice?

Also, anyone find it strange no one is mentioning their mothers? Charley’s we know is alive so I’m surprised there wasn’t at least a phone call relaying her state of being.


The Relationships

Be it an established relationship, one which is new and inviting, or just forging stronger bonds, it is quite lovely to see. Especially amongst a group of Black folk. For whether it is just Micah and Nova getting closer, him falling for a Black girl, or Remy and Charley exploring possibilities as they try to move past their exes, it warms the heart. Hollywood and Aunt Vi too for while they aren’t cutesy again yet, her confiding in him means something. It may not be a grand gesture, but it is the little things which count.

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