A storm comes to the area and forces everyone to Aunt Vi’s house, included some people Aunt Vi would never willingly invite in. No matter how strong the storm is.

Review (with Spoilers)

And though the storm came, my heart just opened up. MMMMM! Let me just say, sometimes the writing and acting of this show feels like a spiritual cleanse. For while I praise and am happy for Atlanta and Insecure for existing, this show? This show right here? I would trade in the other two for this show in a heartbeat. I mean, I am so in my emotions right now, wiping away tears, and if this hit my emotional epicenter any harder I would be gasping for air like I just got an ass whipping. But perhaps Aunt Vi said it best, and what I’m saying to the actors and writers: “You never hit me, but you sure knocked the hell out of me.”

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Aunt Vi & Hollywood

It’s like nothing really happened almost. At least with the way Hollywood acting. He comes up in Aunt Vi’s house, with groceries, plays spades with her, and then when it is just them, ain’t no loud, ignant arguing. They talk like adults, and that perhaps was one of the first blows. What can I say? I’m not used to situations like these not being over the top and ignorant. But instead, they talked about it like the adults you and I hear about all our lives.

And while yes, Aunt Vi is a bit suspicious, and deals a low blow comparing some man who put his hands on her to Hollywood, hence the quote I used in the intro, it is hard to not admire them not really trying to dig their nails into the wound.

Charley and Nova

The issues between these two are perhaps stronger than the storm. Let’s begin with how Charley came to be through Ernest’s affair on Nova’s mom. That planted the seed, from there the rest was Nova or Charley watering the plant. Speaking on this episode, though, the fertilizer gets laid down with Nova and Micah becoming close and her offering Micah to live with her as he goes to some prep school closer to her than Aunt Vi’s place. Charley ain’t having that. So begins the water in the form of a vicious argument. Nova’s infidelity is brought up, Nova brings up how coddle Charley is and calls her a bougie bitch, and it is just nasty.

Yet, that isn’t the sum of these two when it comes to this episode. We learn Charley is more about her money than her farmer’s safety and Nova stays in the 9th ward, which Charley makes seem like the hood, because she feels loyal to her community. Heck, she is late to Aunt Vi’s to make sure a neighbor can be somewhere safe. Reminding you how complex some of these people can be. Sweet as cane but still sometimes they ain’t manure.

However, from manure grows flowers and it seems Remy spending so much time around, opening up, and being there for Charley, has come to something. Nothing sexual, but with Charley taking that ring off, though, who knows what may happen.

Darla, Ralph Angel, and Blue

It has seemingly been quite a few years since Bianca Lawson was in a dramatic movie, and I do feel that like Taraji P. Henson somehow broke through, so will she. For when I tell you, just on sight, I was already mentally prepping for the ride. Whoever is reading this, believe me when I say that this young lady’s scenes with Blue, Ralph Angel, and even Aunt Vi and Hollywood, they better get her behind some sort of nomination. You see, a lot of her piece in all this deals with making amends, alluding to her story and background, and with Darla looking like a baby bird trying to find a flock, oh my heart aches. Heck, my eyes would burn too if I haven’t started upping my water intake as of late.

But, dramatics aside, I appreciate how those involved are giving Lawson a chance to shine and giving her a chance to show she is more than a 37-year-old who still looks young enough to play a teenager. Because, 5 or 10 minutes after watching this, I was just telling someone about this episode, thinking about her performance, and started crying all over again.

Things To Note

Anyone else find it strange how there is no mention of their mother(s)? We’ve spent all this time with them and not one visit. Assuming any of their mothers are alive.

Collected Quote(s)

I’m certain, not hard-headed. There is a big difference.

—           “Where With All.” Queen Sugar



I’m exhausted. All I can say at this point is that if no one recognizes Bianca Lawson and takes her from a constant supporting character and turns her into a lead, and I’m talking about a lead in something which got a budget, then… I swear only a series of .gifs could express how exasperated I feel about the idea.

On The Fence

Where’s Mommy?

At this point, I feel like we need to meet Charley’s mom and Nova’s if they are still alive. For while it is nice they keep Ernest in our memory, I want to meet the mothers of his children.

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