Overview Freedom lies across the field of the difficult conversation. And the more difficult the conversation, the greater the freedom. —  “Chapter 11: Yes to No, Yes to Difficult Conversations.” Year of Yes Main Plot (with Commentary) Topic 1: Ralph Angel With him now not having a job, Ralph Angel needs Charley to pay him…

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Freedom lies across the field of the difficult conversation. And the more difficult the conversation, the greater the freedom.
—  “Chapter 11: Yes to No, Yes to Difficult Conversations.” Year of Yes

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Ralph Angel

With him now not having a job, Ralph Angel needs Charley to pay him a salary in order to maintain his parole. Something she isn’t for since she is starting to feel like a bank. His problems don’t end there, though. He learns that he barely missed getting busted for stealing from the warehouse and learns he technically isn’t Blue’s legal guardian. Aunt Violet is and the reason behind why, and also why she won’t give up her custody, brings in all the reasons why Ralph Angel doesn’t trust Darla.


As always, Ralph Angel just skirting trouble but gets saved by sheer luck. But let’s talk about the real interesting thing here: Darla. We haven’t seen ole girl since episode 3 when Ralph Angel needed some love and affection, something he gets from Roberta (Ninja N. Devoe) this episode. With her fast self. But, refocusing on Darla, to think she was not only strung out but pulling tricks in a shed with Blue damn near dead next to her. I swear when Aunt Vi said that, without it even being depicted on screen, I was bawling tears. I mean, say what you will about Ralph Angel, but between his support team and his own stubbornness to be a better man than he was yesterday, he is trying. It is just he is still stumbling as he learns to not look for his dad’s guidance and coddling.

Topic 2: Nova

The chickens come to roost and Charley learns about the money Nova took for too sweet. To make matters worse, after that argument Nova decides to have some bonding time with Micah and introduce him to her new girlfriend Chantel. Someone who Nova seems very much in love with. But with her not asking Charley before taking her son, so increases the animosity. Especially once Charley learns about the Calvin situation. For with Calvin calling excessively and talking about leaving his wife for her, Charley catches wind and after the whole Davis situation, you know she isn’t in the mood.


I was feeling a bit bad about the idea of thinking Chantel and Nova would end up together for, I figured, just because Nova is bi doesn’t mean she can’t have close female friends right? Well, low and behold it seems that Aunt Vi mentioning Nova’s college days was just foreshadowing. With that said, it is nice to see Nova happy. Most of the time she is worrying about this person or that one and has very few moments of solace because she is usually supporting someone. Be it Too Sweet, Calvin, or for work. So here is hoping, unlike the other relationships in this episode, Chantel and her may stay together.

Also, here is hoping her and Charley have a serious chat cause ever since Episode 2 it seemed something is buried but crawling to the surface with these two.

Topic 3: Aunt Vi & Charley

Hollywood returns from the rig and Leann returns to the show. With that, she exposes everything and, to make matters worse, it is at Hollywood’s welcome home party. Making it so Leann, in true form, full on embarrasses him and forces him to reveal everything to Vi. Something which she is oddly calm about as she tells him to not come back after he helps her.

As for Charley? Oh, she is anything but calm. She is prepping for a divorce, dealing with two siblings she feels aren’t pulling their weight with the farm and taking advantage of her finances. On top of that, as per Remy, she is trying to run from her grief. And, for the most part, Remy is the one trying to show her understanding and the support she wants. Leading you to wonder, especially as he opens up to her about his wife, what may come of these two?


Please don’t let it be over for Aunt Vi and Hollywood, granted I’m glad Erika Alexander got to came back and Leann wasn’t a here today and gone tomorrow character, but I’m not for them ruining the ideal couple over her. Granted, sooner or later Leann would have showed up, but now the bliss is gone. Then, when it comes to Charley, outside of wondering when her and Nova going to have a heart to heart, I’m really wondering where is this friendship with Remy leading? I like a good wood burning oven type of love, yet a part of me increasingly wants a friendship that isn’t romantic or sexual on this show. Especially between two characters who have chemistry. If only because I would love to see two characters, or actors rather, who have chemistry but make that into a beautiful friendship vs. a romance.

Collected Quote(s)

Only way to make a man feel happy is to make him feel useful.

—           “In No Uncertain Terms.” Queen Sugar


  • Seeing Micah hang out with Blue and also Nova. Well, more so Nova’s girlfriend.
  • Finally learning the reasons behind the ill will toward Darla.
  • Erika Alexander being back, even if she is a threat to Hollywood and Vi’s relationship.

Low Points

  • Please don’t let Roberta become pregnant. Ralph Angel has dodged a lot of bullets and that countdown to a real screw up is still ticking.

On The Fence

  • With Remy becoming so open and vulnerable, and you seeing Charley sizing him up, you have to wonder if either may make a move. Something I don’t necessarily think, anymore, maybe the best move for them.

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