Almost everyone is trying to prove something to themselves or others. Either proving they can move on, triumph over adversity, or that they deserve to be loved.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Something To Prove (Ralph Angel, Hollywood & Micah)

While romantically things are going good for Ralph Angel, he still has an issue getting Charley to trust him with the business aspect of the farm. For while she looks into purchasing a mill, he is trying to get a deal with a neighboring parish’s mill, has researched some refrigerated trucks, and is trying to get something done before the cane rots. Meanwhile, with Hollywood, Vi gets mad when she learns he has been back for a few days and ain’t say nothing. Reason being, he is waiting for his divorce to be official. But with him going to this Juke joint and seeing Vi dance with another man, he decides to head back to the rig. Maybe even look for a spot down there.

As for Micah? Him and Keke, are going strong and she talks about him officially sitting down to meet her stepdad Boogie.


Am I the only one who feels like something is going to happen on the rig? Hollywood has become such an integral character and with Darla doing so well, I don’t see a relapse happening there. She even rejects a drink Ralph Angel offers! And I don’t know about you, but after nothing serious happening to the cast after the storm, I feel like they are setting us up for something shocking.

Oh, and on a quick note, I find it hilarious how Keke keeps asking if Micah has dated a Black girl before. I wonder if the show may explore, which I recognize is a very strange thing to say, different things which go into dating a Black girl. Be it just in terms of a Black southern girl and meeting her dad or something further?

Topic 2: We Can’t Keep Doing This (Nova)

Nova has that event with Melissa Harris-Perry and Calvin, of all people, shows up in the audience. Then, later that day, he calls to let her know the charges against Too Sweet have been dropped and he left his wife. Leaving you wondering if Nova may take the bait?


You know, one thing I kind of don’t like about all these progressive shows, outside of Atlanta and Insecure, is that there is usually one interracial couple. Which isn’t me saying I have anything against those who have a partner of another race, but it seems you can never have two Black, two Hispanic, Asian and etc people together unless they are someone’s parents. Something I think is kind of a problem in this culture which so badly wants to focus on representation but often does so by doing the minimum.

Focusing on Calvin and Nova, though, what I’m wondering about is what will happen with Too Sweet from here. The boy is still living with Nova and was having fears of ending up back in prison but now he is free. So will she keep him and guide him into adulthood or did she do her job and will move on? Maybe check up on him, but move onto her next cause?

Topic 3: Pretty Little Liar (Charley)

Controlling, manipulative, and ambitious. These are the traits Charley shows as she tries to buy a mill to spite the Landry family. Problem is, she needs the investment of Frank Rover, the Stingers’ owner, to get the deal. On top of that, she has to convince Felix and Davis to sign with the team. Now, she handles Felix by blackmailing Lina, who has family down in the area, with what she knows about the rape case. As for Davis, she tricks him by using Micah. Someone who is still having issues reconciling with what his dad did. Even if he didn’t do anything directly to him.


A part of me wonders if everything Charley is doing is going to bite her in the ass. She has multiple lies and devious acts in play, and you can see someone calling her out on it. Be it Remy, who she dodges while in pursuit of manipulating Lina, maybe Felix after learning Charley is trying to manipulate his life, Micah being mad at her for making it seem he is acting up, or Davis for being lied to. Though what may be a real issue is if this show decides to pull a trope and have Davis and Charley have a moment and let Remy see it.

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