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The importance of a connection with another human being, especially one which is dependable and trying to do right by you, is such a beautiful and strengthening thing. Though it isn’t always stable and with that comes fear.

Review (with Spoilers)

I honestly don’t think there has been an episode yet that hasn’t left me in my feelings. I mean, even little things like seeing certain characters happy has gotten me teared up in such a strange way. Not because, like with most shows, because you know their happiness is finite, but because you can’t help but just be in the moment. The future may come but it doesn’t necessarily seem destined to be some constant ebb and flow between a crap storm and sunny days. While you are watching, you are just a silent observer who wishes they could reach out, participate but, perhaps like Darla, are just happy to be allowed in the room.

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Main Plot (with Commentary)


It has come to pass where Nova can no longer simply be a guardian angel or part-time saint to Too Sweet. No, with him homeless, definitely dealing with some form of PTSD after prison, and seemingly a very vulnerable young man, he needs stability. The kind we have seen the Bordelon family has. For even with Nova and Charley not always seeing eye to eye on family matters, or each other’s personal life, there is this constant desire to reconcile. Well, at the very least from Nova. For while things remain on thin ice between Nova and Charley, we continue to see Nova pull out on olive branch in an attempt to reconcile and bond with her sister. Something you have to question if it happened much when they were younger.

For nevermind the issues Nova has because of Ernest likely cheating on her mom with Charley’s, but there is something strange about their relationship which makes me believe they didn’t even grow up in the same house. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Charley’s mom tried to keep her away from her sister and brother and filled her head with nonsense about them. Maybe even a dash of colorism and bougie air to go along with it.

But, back to Too Sweet. To me, in many ways like Darla, his introduction to how the Bordelon family and how they do things creates a fear. Not just as a viewer, but imagine someone coming into this loving environment after having a life and family as Darla and Too Sweet have. This paradise which feels permanent but that you may not have access to forever. Making Nova’s current guardianship and investment in Too Sweet a bit fearful. For while I don’t wish no bad for any character, I got that feeling that we aren’t going to watch this season end without a cliff hanger and being ready to pound the screen.

Darla and Ralph Angel

Like noted with Too Sweet, it is hard to watch Darla inch her way back into Blue and Ralph Angel’s life. Not because she seems sketchy or like she’ll fail, but more so because you know she doesn’t have the opportunity to fail. She messes up once and Aunt Vi will likely fly a million and one “I told you so!” or release other snide comments. Though, I should note, she seems to try to be warming up to Darla, at least for Blue’s sakes.

But with these moments of seeing Darla and Blue have a stable relationship, with Ralph Angel potentially falling back in love with her, so comes the question of what happened when he went to jail? Was Darla not given this love and support back then? Did Aunt Vi’s stubbornness mean she was cut off from the family and not given this support she offered Ralph Angel in the last episode, in case he needed anything? I’m sure they knew her family wasn’t poop. So it makes you really reevaluate Aunt Vi and what seems to be her good intentions a bit closer. For while she won’t openly admit she is ever wrong, it takes her a long ass time to rectify her actions and try to go from simple judgement to understanding.


Things are pretty trying for Charley. She has decided to divorce Davis, but doesn’t let Micah know this. So, with that, as Remy becomes less inconspicuous with how he feels about Charley, a wall is built between them. One which hurts Charley, but she isn’t dependent on Micah’s approval and love so it doesn’t break her. Yet it does make things complicated for she doesn’t’ want to seem like she moved on too quickly or she is doing something tit for tat. But it does make me wonder, when it comes to Charley, how long has this girl ever been single? She notes for 18 years she has been with Davis and she had boyfriends before him, and while she has proven herself to be a business woman, and is still very much handling Davis’ business, something about her vibe makes her seem like a serial monogamous. If only because this show likes making small notes on things in one episode and exploring them the next. So that idea, let’s just hold onto that. For while Micah, after Nova breaks things down for him, seems to support his mom moving on, who knows if Charley really is, after 18 years, ready for a new relationship or is just so used to being in one she is just making the natural transition.

That aside, them Landrys and Boudreauxs are words I only use for Insecure episode titles. I mean, a part of me has always believed every show and movie needs a villain or conflict, but honestly these two families maybe one of the best written ones. The only thing missing is for them to be humanized but after this US election, I almost feel as if they are human just as they are presented. But, long story short, with Charley filing from divorce it means she isn’t keen on touching her joint account money. With that, she needs a bank loan. So considering they could get a bit over a million for their crop, even if they use a different parish’s mill and what not, things are looking good. However, once Jacob B. comes around and learns Charley and kin ain’t selling, he reveals their family killed the loan and so comes the kids learning what their father went through.

Things To Note

I still wonder if Ms. Velez may have feelings for Ralph Angel. When she learns Darla is Blue’s mother, much less sees her with Ralph Angel, there is something about her facial expressions that make you wonder. Be it worry, cause she knows something, or a bit of sadness since she had a bit of a crush. Though, with Blue’s drawings, she knew Darla existed.


  • Getting to see Aunt Vi treat Darla like on the family.
  • Charley finally beginning the process of moving on.
  • Hearing about Blue defending himself, though with part of the problem being his doll, here comes the question people keep wondering in terms of whether he is just non-gender conformitive with his toys or maybe queer. Though, considering he is still a baby, it annoys the hell out of me the boy can’t just play with a doll
  • It seems Aunt Vi is fully on the path to forgiving Hollywood for keeping a secret.
  • It is always good to see Black folk stick it to the man, even if the man is currently in the power position. On The Fence
  • Micah and Keke are hanging out… a lot. But she isn’t seen this episode. Which sort of sucks for while you understand why it was perfect for Nova to remind Micah how his mom is rebuilding her life, I feel like Keke needs to really establish herself. Like, I can still see, and understand, why some are unsure of her intentions since she followed him on Instagram and seemed like she could be into some long game type of thing.

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