After a long period, years, of making herself smaller, Elektra is reborn. As that happens, Blanca too reaches new heights as she finally opens her nail salon.

Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Janet Mock
Air Date 6/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ms. Norman Patti LuPone

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She Works Hard For Her Money, So She Expects Luxury: Elektra

Elektra has had a bad few years. Her former sugar daddy dumped her, after she got her bottom surgery, she has felt low, abandoned, and lived a destitute life with her former children. However, with money from being a dominatrix, and a job which allows her access to the wealthy, the struggle days are over, and she decides to upgrade. Leading to, once more, a dramatic exit from an underserving house and her starting a new one: The House of Wintour.

Which, for some God-awful reasons, leads her to say “Wintour is Coming.”

It Was Due To Happen: Damon, Ricky, Lil Papi, Angel

Ricky is finally back from tour, and while things start off lovey-dovey between him and Damon, it only takes one boy saying he slept with Ricky to send Damon into a tailspin. Pushing the idea maybe he has long wanted to find a reason to leave Ricky, especially considering how much they’ve always fought and Ricky has finally given him an easy out. Especially considering some advice Blanca gives later on.

But, while they fighting, Lil Papi and Angel continue to lead you to wonder are they strictly siblings or could they be more? They clearly have a rapport and spend a lot of time with one another. Also, while not put into words, it is clear Lil Papi definitely is protective of Angel and admires her looks. However, whether or not it goes towards liking Angel is hard to say. Especially in terms of both of their preferences.

Everything’s Coming Up Blanca!: Ms. Norman, Blanca, Pray Tell, Damon, Ricky

Blanca welcoming her first customer.
Blanca: Welcome to Vogue Nails

Blanca, thanks to a woman named Ms. Norman, finally gets her shop! However, almost as soon as she gets her shop, Ms. Norman nearly takes it away when she discovers Blanca is trans. But, Blanca refuses to go down like that. For with a pep talk from Pray Tell, and mustering the strength to tell her kids she got AIDS, and recounting that happened since she didn’t love or value herself, she has an example to set. So, she found herself a pro-bono lawyer to fight back and gets her first customer.

Oh, and that speech Blanca gave? That, and thinking Ricky is a liar, leads to Damon ending things. Well, originally Damon proposed a break but Ricky decided he doesn’t do breaks and would rather just have things be over.


Blanca Finally Told Her Kids She Got AIDS

It has been a long time coming, but finally, Blanca has told her kids and the support could make you cry. Especially since her backstory was included and Lil Papi’s reaction was just so pure. But, let’s also give it up to Angel since, bit by bit, since she knew, she has been stepping up so she can be a good mutha in case the worse happens before Blanca expects it.

Vogue Nails Opens!

Opening a storefront is an accomplishment. Especially considering entrepreneurship, thus far on the show, has been either selling sex or selling drugs. So Blanca fighting for that store, despite her being better off going elsewhere, is worth an applause. Especially if she hires girls from the community. Passing or not.

Angel and Lil Papi

Lil Papi complimenting Angel's legs.
Lil Papi: Them legs gon’ get you far, girl.

I am not sure what may happen with these two between just being true, genuine, brothers and sisters, to maybe becoming more, but I’m here for it. For there is something about these two even beyond Pray Tell and Blanca sometimes. If just because their conversations don’t usually veer towards the latest challenge or drama in their life. Thus leading you to wonder if something more is possible, or could it be another example of not knowing how to appreciate platonic relationships?

Damon Breaking Up With Ricky

Damon is a young boy who got caught up because someone treated him nice, had that good-good, and he didn’t know better. It has been years since that, and I love that he is no longer sprung and is starting to become an adult. Meaning he will start to date, see what he likes, and while Ricky may have a place in his heart and memories, he won’t be his everything. Which, thank the lord, Damon realized was happening so he knew he had to change up his life.

The Resurgence of Elektra & Beginning of House of Wintour

Elektra is someone you love to hate, but still respect. After all, she is bad. Her attitude is ferocious, condescending, yet who better to be on your side? Also, when she chills out, she can be kind of sweet. Still, like a lioness who will bite your head off and ruin dinner, but she may give you a purr.

Elektra as Aphrodite.

Animal comparisons inside, for she wears them and isn’t one, I’m glad she has her own house again and is back on top. For now it means we can see a more genuine side to her relationship with Blanca. One in which she may not see the two as equals, but at least they both can feel like their relationship doesn’t have a sense of dependency. That it can go back to a motha and child relationship, if not friends. Granted, that doesn’t mean in competitions Elektra will go easy on Blanca, but outside of the balls I fully expect conversations, maybe a bougie hug, and love.

On The Fence

I Just Wanna See Candy Win For Once

While it was funny at first, I’m tired of everyone playing Candy. I get she has a whole lot of mouth without much, category wise, to back it up, but can the girl breathe? Is it wrong she is trying? Clearly, she just wants the love and support of her community. Is that so wrong? Could Pray Tell cool it just a lil’ bit?

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 2, Episode 9 “Life’s A Beach”Elektra becomes the mother and person we expected to see, after the time jump, as she takes her daughters out to recover from a harsh summer.
Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Janet Mock, Our Lady J
Air Date 8/13/2019
Introduced This Episode
Adrian Austin Scott
  • My Name Is Blanca, And This Is My Rock Bottom: Frederica, Blanca
  • When You’re Good To Momma, Momma’s Good To You: Elektra, Blanca, Lulu, Angel
  • So This Is Love?: Adrian, Blanca, Angel, Elektra, Lulu, Candy
Season 2, Episode 10 "In My Heels" [Season Finale]You already know if Janet Mock is writing or directing you are going to be shedding tears. Add in she is doing the season finale? HA! Grab some tissues, we’re crying together.
Director(s) Janet Mock
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals
Air Date 8/20/2019
Introduced This Episode
Quincy KJ Aikens
Chilly Gia Parr
Jazmin Damaris Lewis
  • Blanca, Pray Tell, Elektra, Lulu, Angel, Lil Papi, Damon, Frederica | A Sickly Mother
  • Lil Papi, Ms. Ford, Angel, Jazmin | When In Doubt, Trust Papi
  • Angel, Lil Papi, Quincy, Chilly, Blanca, Elektra, Pray Tell | There Is More Than One Way To Tell A Happy Ending
Season 2, Episode 8 “Revelations”Line are crossed, secrets exposed, and children reveal themselves to be adults. Which, for Blanca, is one of the challenges she never prepped for.
Director(s) Steven Canals
Writer(s) Steven Canals
Air Date 8/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Manhattan André Ward
Jack Jack Mizrahi
Castle J. Cameron Barnett
  • Progress For One May Not Be Progress For All:Pray Tell, Manhattan, Jack, Castle, Ricky, Damon, Helena, Blanca, Angel, Lil Papi
  • When The Shade Comes From Acid Rain: Blanca, Damon, Lil Papi, Angel, Blanca, Pray Tell, Ricky
  • They All Grow Up Eventually: Pray Tell, Ricky, Elektra, Blanca, Angel, Damon
Season 2, Episode 5 “What Would Candy Do?”With the opportunity to dance for Madonna coming up, Elektra and Blanca show who they are as Damon and Ricky grow close, once again.
Director(s) Tina Mabry
Writer(s) Steven Canals
Air Date 7/16/2019
  • A New Opportunity: Ricky, Blanca, Elektra, Damon, Helena
  • A Haus Is Not Always A Home: Ricky, Blanca, Elektra, Damon
  • Forgiven, Not Forgotten: Ricky, Damon
Season 2, Episode 6 “Love’s In Need of Love Today”“Love’s In Need of Love Today” is otherworldly in more ways than one as a death scare leads to Pray Tell seeing an old frenemy.
Director(s) Tina Mabry
Writer(s) Our Lady J, Brad Falchuk
Air Date 7/23/2019
  • If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another: Blanca, Pray Tell, Judy
  • Pray Tell, This Is Your Life: Candy, Costas, Pray Tell
  • Singing, Dancing, & A B*** Stealing Pearls:Frederica, Blanca, Pray Tell
Season 2, Episode 7 “Blow”Unlike many times before, the community comes together not when it is down or recoiling, but while standing tall, and with elders watching over them.
Director(s) Jennie Livingston
Writer(s) Janet Mock
Air Date 7/30/2019
  • The Children Need More Than Mothas, They Need Elders: Lulu, Elektra, Blanca, Pray Tell, Damon, Ricky
  • Blanca Might Be The Favorite, But She’s Grown Now: Lulu, Blanca, Pray Tell, Ricky
  • When We Come Together, It Will Be Joyous: Lil Papi, Angel, Federica, Blanca, Ms. Ford
Season 2, Episode 4 "Never Knew Love Like This Before"While Pose has always kept it real to the hairline, it decides to get a bit too real, and you may not be prepared for what comes.
Director(s) Ryan Murphy
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Janet Mock
Air Date 7/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
Darnell Danny Johnson
Vivica Patrice Johnson Chevannes
  • AZT For You & For Me: Blanca, Pray Tell, Judy
  • Sister, You Been On My Mind: Lulu, Candy, Blanca, Pray Tell, Angel, Darnell, Vivica
  • 10s Across The Board: Candy
Season 1/ Episode 1 “Pilot” [Series Premiere]Pose is so wonderful that you’ll wish Ryan Murphy and co. held this for Netflix so that we could get all the episodes in one sitting.
Creator Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals
Director(s) Ryan Murphy
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals
Air Date 6/3/2018
Noted Actors
Blanca Mj Rodriguez
Damon Ryan Jamaal Swain
Angel Indya Moore
Stan Evan Peters
Pray Tell Billy Porter
Season 1/ Episode 2 “Access”Finding a way to go beyond surviving but absolutely thriving is either what is pursued or talked about. Though for some, thriving is a suburban fairytale.
Director(s) Ryan Murphy
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals
Air Date 6/10/2018
Actors Introduced
Ricky Dyllon Burnside
Lil Papi Angel Bismark Curiel
Matt James Van Der Beek
  • A Whole New World: Ricky, Blanca, Damon, Lil’ Papi
  • I’ve Been Waiting For A Girl Like You: Stan, Angel, Matt
  • Pass The Baton: Elektra, Blanca
Season 1/ Episode 3 “Giving and Receiving”It’s Christmas time and as Elektra gives herself a gift, House of Evangelista makes sure everyone gets one. 
Director(s) Nelson Cragg
Writer(s) Janet Mock, Our Lady J
Air Date 6/17/2018
Actors Introduced
Tony Glamo
Costas Johnny Sibilly
Patty Kate Mara
  • Melting Away Like Snowflakes: Helena, Damon, Pray Tell, Blanca
  • A Fish With A Tail: Elektra
  • Merry Christmas: Matt, Stan, Angel, Blanca, Pray Tell, Damon, Ricky, Patty
Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Fever”Elektra and Pray Tell take center stage as realness becomes about more than just the physical but addressing how you feel and are inside.
Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Janet Mock
Air Date 6/24/2018
Actors Introduced
Dick Ford Christopher Meloni
Aphrodite Alexia Garcia
Candy Angelica Ross
  • Fears and Insecurities: Damon, Candy, Ricky, Lil Papi, Blanca, Pray Tell, Elektra, Angel
  • Dissatisfaction With Being a Mistress: Stan, Angel
  • The Doctor Will See You Now: Pray Tell, Elektra, Blanca, Aphrodite, Dick Ford, Candy
Season 1/ Episode 5 “Mother’s Day”With news of Blanca’s biological mother dying, so comes a quest for reconciliation, even if some make it harder than others.
Director(s) Silas Howard
Writer(s) Steven Canals
Air Date 7/1/2018
Actors Introduced
Carmen Flor De Liz Perez
Alma Susanna Guzman
Manuel Gil Perez-Abraham
Mami Glenys Javier
Young Blanca Jayden Marine
  • Meet The Wife: Matt, Stan, Patty, Angel
  • A Mother Reborn: Elektra, Blanca, Candy, Lulu
  • The Path To Reconciliation: Blanca, Pray Tell, Carmen, Alma, Manuel
Season 1/ Episode 6 “Love Is The Message”Pray Tell gets center focus as we come upon the final days of his boyfriend, Costas. Though, we also get to see someone try to dust Blanca’s cobwebs.
Director(s) Janet Mock
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Janet Mock
Air Date 7/8/2018
Actors Introduced
Judy Sandra Bernhard
Darius Charles Brice
  • The Fall of Stan Bowes: Patty, Matt, Stan, Angel
  • Mama May Get Some Beef: Blanca, Darius, Lulu, Candy
  • In His Final Days, He Made Me Promise To Love: Blanca, Pray Tell, Costas, Judy
Season 1/ Episode 7 “Pink Slip”As the House of Abundance falls, a new house rises from the ashes. One which takes advantage of what either could be seen as a mistake or right decision by Blanca.
Director(s) Tina Mabry
Writer(s) Our Lady J, Steven Canals
Air Date 7/15/2018
  • Laying Down The Law: Blanca, Lil Papi, Ricky
  • As the Phoenix Dies, New Ones Rise From The Ashes: Elektra, Lulu, Candy, Mr. Ford
  • The End of One Relationship & Start Of Something New: Lil Papi, Angel, Stan, Blanca, Elektra, Lulu, Candy
Season 1/ Episode 8 “Mother of the Year” [Season Finale]The final category is: Mother of the Year and considering all Blanca has done for her children, even her mother, will she win or will there always be next year?
Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals
Air Date 7/22/2018
Actors Introduced
Keenan Blake Morris
  • Love Never Dies: Blanca, Keenan, Pray Tell
  • Family Is Forever: Elektra, Blanca, Angel, Stan, Patty
  • Mother of the Year: Blanca, Lulu, Candy, Pray Tell, Elektra
Season 2, Episode 2 “Worth It”After a long period, years, of making herself smaller, Elektra is reborn. As that happens, Blanca too reaches new heights as she finally opens her nail salon.
Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Janet Mock
Air Date 6/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ms. Norman Patti LuPone
  • She Works Hard For Her Money, So She Expects Luxury:Elektra
  • It Was Due To Happen: Damon, Ricky, Lil Papi, Angel
  • Everything’s Coming Up Blanca!: Ms. Norman, Blanca, Pray Tell, Damon, Ricky
Season 2, Episode 3 “Butterfly/Cocoon”As we are given multiple reasons to celebrate, there is one major blemish that will likely ruin the in-house parade you’ll be having.
Director(s) Janet Mock
Writer(s) Our Lady J
Air Date 6/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
Euphoria Peppermint
Ms. Orlando Cecilia Gentili
  • Don’t Tell The Boss, The Client Is Dead!: Euphoria, Ms. Orlando, Elektra, Blanca, Candy
  • Wet N’ Wild: Ms. Ford, Papi, Angel
  • A Papi After My Own Heart: Papi, Angel
Season 2, Episode 1 “Acting Up” [Season Premiere]The ladies of Pose return, and with the AIDS crisis in full effect, those who aren’t about the community and taking advantage of “Vogue” giving spotlight are called out.
Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Steven Canals
Air Date 6/11/2019
  • Someone Must Speak For The Dead: Judy, Pray Tell, Blanca
  • It Can’t All Be Sacrifice: Angel, Lil Papi, Blanca
  • Not All Queer Folk Are Kin Folk: Pray Tell, Elektra, Blanca, Candy, Lulu
I Just Wanna See Candy Win For Once - 75%
The Resurgence of Elektra & Beginning of House of Wintour - 90%
Damon Breaking Up With Ricky - 80%
Angel and Lil Papi - 85%
Vogue Nails Opens! - 84%
Blanca Finally Told Her Kids She Got AIDS - 89%


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    Just a couple of quick thoughts. Elektra on top and riding high is more fun then Elektra down in the dumps. And her being a dominatrix – I sure did get a kick out of that! I totally agree that opening your own business is hard. I really hope Blanca is able to keep it. I really like the idea of hiring local girls to work there, and the name of her salon, “Vogue Nails”, was very creative!

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