Title Card - Pistol Season 1 Episode 3 “Track 3 Bodies”

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So much yet so little happens as the Sex Pistols gain steam and influence and Chrissie gets married.

Aired (Hulu) 5/31/2022
Director(s) Danny Boyle
Writer(s) Craig Pearce
Introduced This Episode
Pauline Bianca Stephens

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Paul was ready to call it quits, with the band going nowhere fast besides destruction. However, with Johnny and Steve learning to collaborate with Glen, the band becomes a cohesive unit and even produces songs. But, it seems that even without many original songs, their influence is growing. They play in prisons and small venues and even reach a Black woman named Pauline. Their music and energy were a gift to her after a rather hard time. One in which she was raped, forced into an abortion, and reclaimed her dead baby to much horror.

But, thanks to Johnny and the others, she found strength, power, but most of all – audacity. Just like Chrissie. After sleeping with Steve for who knows how long, she dares to propose to him. This messes with his head because the idea of marriage seemingly was never on his agenda. Hence, Chrissie quickly clarifies this is strictly so she can stay in the UK.

However, you would think it did mean something more. That may be, with getting along and having good sex, maybe Chrissie and Steve were just doing things out of order? But with him deciding to shag Pauline, who was lurking the band until she got to tell Johnny her story, that ended the possibility of Steve and Chrissie being married. So it seems she might have done so with her boyfriend, who she barely claims.

As for what came next for Steve and Chrissie’s story? While hurt, they seem to remain friends. It isn’t clear though if she may let him inside her again, considering he isn’t dependable.

Things To Note

Pauline (Bianca Stephens) talking to, and low-key seducing, Steve
Pauline (Bianca Stephens)
  • It seems they changed it to Steve being who she would marry for the sake of their storyline

What Could Happen Next

  1. It’s been a while, so Sid Vicious should be coming about soon.




I think it is important to recognize that Punk and what it represented wasn’t just about freedom for white people. The sense of rebellion, anarchy, and pushing against the establishment is a feeling that can be universal. Which is why I’m glad we got a Black woman like Pauline having her moment. The push to spit in someone’s face, fight back, and stand up for yourself was something she needed.

After all, like the boys, she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. The way she makes it seem, like Steve, she wasn’t wanted, and while it isn’t made clear why she was in the hospital, we do know she was raped, potentially drugged beyond what was necessary, and forced to have an abortion. And while she was a bit much for Viv, a part of me does appreciate that Johnny saw her for who she is. Viv just saw a freak, Steve, someone to have sex with, but Johnny saw a person. One who was messed up like him, though in a different way, but he seemingly got it. Hence why he made a song dedicated to Pauline.

Steve and Chrissie

Chrissie with Steve, being driven to a pub before their wedding

There is always something strangely cute about a delinquent boy, with nothing going on for him, getting with someone who has drive and a plan for their life. Call it opposites attract. Maybe how we’re programmed to think a boy’s coming of age story isn’t complete without a girl who likes him holding him accountable? It’s hard to say.

Either way, I must admit a part of me got interested in their story and how empty sex, for a moment, seemed like it could have been more. But, alas, while it seemed the real Steve and Chrissie did fool around, that relationship fizzled, and they are nothing more than friends now.

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Title Card - Pistol Season 1 Episode 3 “Track 3 Bodies”
Pistol: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Track 3: Bodies” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Punk is for everyone, but, as shown, it attracts people who may not be ready for love and commitment, especially those who are ready to face others down but not themselves.
Steve and Chrissie
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Steve and Chrissie

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