Ruth crying after seeing Wyatt dead

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Wendy and Marty go into overdrive as Agent Clay and Graves mess with Omar, and they find themselves having to deal with Ruth over a non-business-related matter.

Aired 1/21/2022
Network Netflix
Directed By Robin Wright
Written By Miki Johnson
Introduced This Episode
Agent Clay Tess Malis Kincaid
Agent Graves Glenn Morshower
Chuck Ali Stroker


So, it is time to make a deal, and Agent Graves complicates things once more. He doesn’t want Navarro to go away. He wants him to stay on for five years. Maya, who orchestrated this, asks what is going on, and her superior, Agent Clay, makes it clear that taking down Navarro just creates a power vacuum. They want the whole system, and the reason she wasn’t privy to that is that Maya is too self-righteous.

Hearing that triggers Maya to, once Omar, Marty, and Wendy think a deal is done, arrest Omar before he can leave the country, which instantly causes Javi, now in control, to be ready to take out the Byrde family. They know he is likely to do this, so they have Charlotte and Jonah run as Marty and Wendy try to negotiate between Omar, Javi, and Agents Clay and Graves.

That whole process is difficult since neither Omar nor Javi trust the Byrdes. In fact, Omar is disappointed in Wendy for with her having her kids hide. He realizes the progress he thinks they made was a ruse. They are no closer than they ever were, and she sees him as the monster other people paint him out to be. But, in her defense, his nephew is a monster. One who gets a similar deal to what Omar was going to get, but rather than five years stuck with the FBI, he is going to get ten, and of course, Javi fully plans to abuse this deal.

How? Well, first by harassing Clare to find out whose heroin she used if it wasn’t his family. This leads to him learning about Darlene, and with Darlene and Wyatt in the house when Javi shows up, he kills both of them. Ruth is the first one to discover this, and after accusing Frank Jr., she realizes it has to be whoever Marty is dealing with. So she goes there, gun in her hand, Zeke in the passenger seat, ready for blood, and with Jonah telling her it was Javi, that is her target. Mind you, Wendy and Marty warn her that he is now working with the FBI, but she couldn’t give a damn. Wyatt was the person she was closest to, and while she has Three, and apparently one of her mother’s friends named Chuck, they don’t compare to Wyatt.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So is Maya in trouble at all for what she did?
  2. Who inherits Darlene’s land with both her and Wyatt dead? I would think the answer would be Zeke, but he isn’t even a toddler yet, so is it held in a trust or what? Also, considering taxes still have to be paid, would Ruth just pay them and protect the land for Zeke?
  3. Who is next in line after Javi if Ruth kills him?
  4. Will Frank Jr. ever reveal his dad is dead, or will that be treated like how Ben is “Missing?”
  5. With Mel talking to Maya after she busts Omar, does that mean he may try to work with her more or was that a one-time thing?
  6. I know Darlene doesn’t have the power she once had, but how did Javi just walk up into her house like that? Does she not have any security?
  7. Isn’t it strange Helen’s ex has yet to be seen or heard asking for updates from Mel?
  8. Is Chuck an honorary aunt of Ruth’s? Why are we just meeting her?
  9. How much time has passed since the first episode? It seems like it has been years since that is how long it takes to get episodes, but have the Byrdes even been in the Ozarks for a year and a half?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Either Ruth or Javi will die, and I feel for shock value, Ruth is going to die, and Marty will cry over her like she was his bastard child
  2. Wendy will continue to try to bring Jonah to heel, which will only happen when he realizes Javi is a mad man compared to Darlene just being harsh
  3. The FBI will continue to move the goal post and trouble the Byrdes and Javi
  4. Darlene’s farm is going to become a hot commodity



  • Ruth’s Emotions After Seeing Wyatt Dead, Including Seeing How Much She’d Like To Trust And Be On Good Terms With Marty, But His Family And His Work Makes It So Hard
  • Javi Almost Makes You Believe Marty Could Be Killed
  • Omar’s Disappointment In Wendy
  • The Potential Of Chuck
  • The FBI Stepping Up As Villains

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Ruth crying after seeing Wyatt dead
Ozark: Season 4/ Episode 7 “Sanctified” [Midseason Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With the death of Darlene, admittedly, Ozark feels borderline desperate to stir the pot. However, with Ruth on edge and the FBI taking over as the villains, maybe the final season can allow Ozark to end with grace.
Ruth's Emotions After Seeing Wyatt Dead, Including Seeing How Much She'd Like To Trust And Be On Good Terms With Marty, But His Family And His Work Makes It So Hard
Javi Almost Makes You Believe Marty Could Be Killed
Omar's Disappointment In Wendy
The Potential Of Chuck
The FBI Stepping Up As Villains

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