Ozark: Season 4/ Episode 6 “Sangre Sobre Todo” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Wendy, Charlotte, and Marty reacting to Jonah leaving

Wendy, Javi, and Frank Sr. decide to make moves that test how much sway and power they have, and like Darlene, it seems they have overplayed their hand.

Wendy, Javi, and Frank Sr. decide to make moves that test how much sway and power they have, and like Darlene, it seems they have overplayed their hand.

Aired 1/21/2022
Network Netflix
Directed By Robin Wright
Written By Michael M. Chang, Jed Rapp Goldstein


It’s not easy being the head of a family. Frank Sr. has done that for a while as head of the Kansas City Mob, and with Frank Jr. undermining him, he has to check his son and reassert his authority. This leads to Frank Jr. getting upset, but he can’t really say or do much with everything he has being owed to his dad. However, when Frank Sr. tries to use his sway on Darlene, who is fresh out of the hospital, and Wendy pushing her buttons, she kills him. Which nearly kills her relationship with Wyatt. However, with Wendy calling social services on Darlene and Wyatt finding her crying, he loses the heart to break up with her.

But, that is just one of the many things Wendy does in this episode. She seemingly secures Jim to be the family lawyer and nearly blows up Jonah’s entire operation thanks to Sam’s stupidity. Luckily, Marty fixes the issues, but once Sam notes to Jonah that Wendy went by his room, that seems to be the final straw for Jonah. Everyone else may go to Chicago, including Charlotte, to run one of the offices rather than go to college, but Jonah? His loyalty is to Ruth, and whatever she needs, especially for laundering, he’ll do.

Jonah affirming his loyalty to Ruth

The problem with that idea is, though, Ruth and Darlene are on the outs again because of Ruth’s deal with Marty. Just as Frank Sr. didn’t appreciate how that deal went down, Darlene didn’t either. So as much money as was made, lest we forget, Darlene doesn’t like disrespect and that whole “Partners” thing? It seems to be more so words than reality. Thus, Ruth wants to leave the Ozarks with Wyatt, who is very iffy on the whole idea.

This leads us to Javier. With Omar deciding to retire, that is all Javier needs to start trying to make the business in his image. He wants to go big, international, and Marty? Well, he just wants to take down Javi as soon as he can, but Maya’s people, after Javi has one of his money trucks blow up and injure her people? Oh, they need a confession.

Luckily, Javier gives that without much work but with Javi moving quickly to take over and exert his influence, including on Jim? Marty better hope Maya’s people aren’t going to take their time.

Things To Note

  • Ruth lets Frank Jr. know his dad died.
  • After identifying a body that isn’t Ben’s, Nathan and Wendy meet, and while things start off okay, they go downhill quickly due to their mutual baggage. Mostly dealing with Wendy always wanting to get her way and Nathan not trying to chase her when she ran away for a new life.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Wyatt going to get hurt when Frank Jr. comes for revenge?
  2. Will Jim abandon Wendy due to Javier coming to his home and threatening him?
  3. Does Jonah have a crush on Ruth?
  4. How bloody will the attempted capture of Javi go?
  5. It’s noted Omar is coming to meet the FBI. Will Javi intercept him?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Oh, the midseason finale is going to be a bloodbath.
  2. Wendy and Marty getting a divorce, and Wendy becoming the final villain of the series
  3. Mel learning something that could blow up all Wendy and Marty have been working for



  • Loving to hate Wendy due to how she treats Darlene and Jonah
  • With knowing more about Wendy and Nathan’s relationship, understanding why she is handling Jonah as she is
  • Ruth telling Frank Jr. about his dad dying, for that doubles down on them being in a better place, despite all that happened

Low Points

Javi in the casino talking to Marty

  • Frank Sr.’s death not being all that notable
  • How easily Javi gave himself up when it came to confessing to the bombings, despite repeatedly saying he does not trust Marty

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