Title Card - Ozark Season 3 Episode 8 “BFF”

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As Ben becomes overwhelmed with the truth, he starts revealing it to anyone who can and will listen – including the last person he should say a word to.

Directed By Alik Sakharov
Written By John Shiban
Aired (Netflix) 3/27/2020
Introduced This Episode
State Senator Andrew Wade Brian Lafontaine

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Just When Things Seemed Like They’d Take A Positive Turn: Wendy, Wade, Charlotte, Jonah, Erin, Ben, Ruth

Ruth and Ben in bed together.

With Wendy hosting a gala with Wade in attendance, things seemingly were on the up and up. I mean, yes, Charlotte and Jonah had to do community service, and it was learned Sue was killed, but that’s minor. I mean, to compensate for the bad that was happening with the kids, there is a need to note that Erin did kiss Jonah to keep him from getting nervous, that’s a big deal right? Also, Ben and Ruth, while not using the term boyfriend or girlfriend, are clearly in a relationship and getting it in regularly.

When The World Blew Up: Ben, Marty, Ruth, Agent Miller, Wendy

But, without his meds, Ben doesn’t allow things to remain on the up and up for long. Especially as he begins to piece together what Wendy has or has not done, including kill Ruth’s father. With that knowledge, he comes to the Gala and causes a scene that leads to him getting committed to a state hospital. Thus creating a major headache for Wendy, especially since Marty did present the chance to put him somewhere private, as opposed to making him a ward of the state.

Though, despite getting decked in the face by him, Ben is actually the least of Marty’s worries. The more significant issue is the fact, once again, he went around Agent Miller to try to prove his worth, without going to jail. Well, to be exact, he used Wendy and Wade to go around Agent Miller, who still refuses to take Marty’s evidence, due to her integrity. So, with her saying that to her boss, her boss decides her integrity belongs at a desk job in Washington – making Agent Miller by no means happy.

Disaster Recovery: Helen, Ben, Erin, Darlene, Wyatt, Ruth, Wendy, Marty

Ben going off on Helen.

So, because Helen is apparently the “Family Lawyer,” she assists Wendy and Marty with their Ben situation by keeping him out of jail and arranging him to go to a state hospital. This is something Ben does not want what so ever because of what happened the last time he was committed. Yet, with the option to put him somewhere private not on the table, what is done is done.

Well, at least for that moment. After seeing Ben suffer, Ruth talks to Wyatt over it, who talks to the sheriff, who makes a deal with Darlene. What is the deal? Well, the sheriff’s people won’t have to circulate her crop if they get Ben out, and so, ben gets out and does the dumbest thing imaginable.

What is that? Well, he goes to Helen’s house and exposes who she is to Erin. Which will likely set up Nelson having someone new to kill.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Title Card Explained
    1. Tie: The tie the guy has who Ben is talking to, and later beats up
    2. Taxi: Ben being free from the medical facility, thanks to Darlene
    3. Handcuffs: Could represent Ben getting arrested or Agent Miller being sent back to DC to do a desk job
    4. People laying on a trampoline: Jonah and Charlotte talking in the middle of the night about Ben and Jonah being kissed


The Build To The Finale Is Excellent

People are dying, relationships being ruined, so many are poking the proverbial bear, and it can only get worse for our leads. So, with that in mind, you know it is going to be a blood bath. It’s just, who is going to die and what is going to change? Since “Ozark” isn’t much for rewriting what was said and done. Consequences hold steady, and there isn’t really much in the way of forgiveness.

Erin Kissed Jonah

Like Ruth, all one can really want for Jonah is a sense of normalcy and him getting such is unexpected, but sweet. Granted, so unexpected it makes you wonder why Erin kissed him, but maybe she had her taste of a bad boy and realize they aren’t necessarily her thing? Mind you, Jonah is quite nifty with a gun and has some potential bad boy qualities. The only difference is, between him and Tommy, is Jonah has a bit more control over his ego.

Well, that and Jonah is alive.

On The Fence

Where This Wade Thing Could Go

State Senator Andrew Wade (Brian Lafontaine) talking to Wendy.
State Senator Andrew Wade (Brian Lafontaine)

Wade clearly is made to be someone who is a bigger focus down the line, in comparison to now, and we respect that. However, with him lacking personality or any notable trait, he doesn’t necessarily excite us. If anything, he seems like someone who, similar to Sam or Jim, gets pulled out to remind us he exists, and his inconsistent appearances aren’t seen as a terrible thing at all.

The Build To The Finale Is Excellent - 89%
Erin Kissed Jonah - 85%
Where This Wade Thing Could Go - 75%


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  1. I think the tie also represents Wyatt getting ready for the gala. The cab ? was used twice by Ben, to get to the gala and to get to Helen’s at the end. Great reviews!

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