Someone ends up dying this episode as the FBI cracks down on Marty’s operation, and Ruth learns where she stands.

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Someone ends up dying this episode as the FBI cracks down on Marty’s operation, and Ruth learns where she stands.

Directed By Alik Sakharov
Written By Ning Zhou
Aired (Netflix) 3/27/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Things Aren’t How They Used To Be: Darlene, Wyatt, Ruth, Frank Sr., Frank Jr., Marty, Agent Evans

Marty burns a whole lot of bridges this episode but, it is mostly due to Agent Evans that happens. You see, with the Lagunas drug cartel blowing up a truck, that fired off enough red flags to cause some voluntary discussions. But, the problem with these discussions is that they created distrust between Marty and the KC Mob in multiple areas.

First, it is revealed Tommy was a CI, and with that, Marty finds himself questioning Frank’s operation. But, to add onto their issues, Frank Jr. is pushed to think maybe Ruth and Marty planned everything, and with him losing three of his boys, that makes the already volatile Frank Jr. all the more dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that he neverminds Ruth being “untouchable” and kicks her to the point of needing surgery for internal bleeding.

Ruth in a hospital bed.

With that, combined with the Tommy issue, Marty cuts ties with the KC Mob. Something he hoped would be enough for Ruth, but she wants blood. Something Marty is refusing to give her. Which makes Wyatt coming back into her life, pushed by Darlene, one of the few good things to come out of all of this. Granted, Wyatt comes to Ruth with seeing the Byrdes as a disease and maybe understanding why Darlene had to kill Jacob due to how they changed him. But, Wyatt isn’t a murderer, he is just trying to get his cousin to wake up. Problem is, she can’t, won’t, and doesn’t think she changed. So Wyatt still needs time to process what part she played in the death of his father and uncle.

You Were Warned: Agent Miller, Agent Evans, Wendy, Marty, Sue, Nelson

The violence that happened against Ruth rocks Marty for while her mouth is slick, and she has, many times, tried to kill Marty or screw him over, the past is the past. She now hugs him, looks to him almost in a paternal way, and that might be why she was mad nothing was planned in retaliation against Frank Jr.

But, while Marty makes things quick and clear with Frank, with Agent Miller, it is a whole world of difference. Mostly due to him blaming her for being complacent as Agent Evans spread his lies that nearly got someone killed. But, with her wearing her Olivia Pope white hat, she doesn’t take the responsibility she should and rather pushes Marty to just take her deal or face the fact she will one day catch him and put him in prison.

So, the whole idea of turning her? You can consider that dead. Luckily, Wendy is coming up with a back up of maybe getting a new up and coming politician on their side. However, things aren’t fully set in stone with that yet. However, in terms of stones, Sue, in her greed and excess, makes it so Nelson has to pay her a visit and sink her body into the lake. What can he say? She knew too much, overplayed her hand, and was expendable.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Title Card breakdown
    1. Gambling Table: When Agent Miller decides to speak to Sam about him losing 250,000
    2. Two Cars Meeting: Frank Sr. and Marty meetings in an empty parking lot
    3. Audio Recorder: Seen after Nelson kills Sue
    4. The Money: The picture the FBI have of the money that got burned during the drop off that got hit
  2. Ben learns about Wendy revealing that he has bipolar and tries to convince Ruth to run with him. She rejects the idea, but still is very much trusting of him. Hence him being by her side when she is in the hospital and when she gets out.


Charlotte Is The Only One Who Cares About Jonah

While Charlotte and Jonah are aware of what is happening with their parents, being that they aren’t involved as they once were, it has made them less of a liability. In fact, with having their own stories, within the world their parents and Helen operate in, we get this pleasant mix of them being kids of the underworld without the vibe Frank Jr. brings.

Thus leading to us getting to see Charlotte and Jonah’s relationship more, as they operate almost with some realm of autonomy. And with that, whether you see it as Charlotte playing the big sister role or some kind of maternal figure, you have to appreciate how she has looked out for her brother. Be it by buying him that drone, that has become so useful, or just checking on him and talking to him far more than Wendy or Marty have.

Which, when you think about it, is important, since Jonah loves himself an odd or eccentric person. Hence his attachment to Buddy, Ben, and could have become attached to Tommy too. Because, at this point, it seems Jonah wants a male role model, or some guy to hang out with, and with that role not being fulfilled, it opens him up to trouble.

I mean, lest we forget, he was using that drone to spy on Erin for a little bit – thanks to Ben’s recommendation.

Marty Is Losing His Allies Left And Right

As we said before, Marty is tolerable, borderline interesting, when things fall apart. Especially when he is hovering towards rock bottom, and has to think creatively. For when he has any sense of control, he is one of the most annoying characters on the show, and that includes Charlotte before she adjusted to her parent’s lifestyle.

So with Frank no longer an ally, as well as Agent Miller, it is time to see the s*** hit the fan. Especially if Ruth gets added to that list.

Wendy’s New Ally

Wendys Friend Ozark Season 3 Episode 7 “In Case of Emergency”

I’m not 100% sure who Wendy’s new, likely old but forgotten, friend is, but the possibility of Wendy getting back into the political arena is intriguing. Mostly due to how it shifts things, again, to her being in a power position and equal, if not surpassing, Marty. Plus, the underworld stuff is starting to get old and only gets bolstered by someone getting killed. But, killing off an old woman like Sue isn’t a big thing. They have to escalate, and with the likelihood of Ruth, the kids, Ben, or anyone notable dying being slim, it seems time to face a different animal.

Wyatt’s Wake Up Call

Like Ruth, I think Wyatt ventured to be with someone who would provide him purpose and didn’t fully take into account what they’d ask in return. For Ruth, it was the kind of loyalty that would surpass the loyalty one assumingly would owe their family. As for Wyatt, it is accepting you will be sleeping with a woman who killed her husband for changing in a way that threatened her. Not necessarily physically, but made her feel less valued.

In our mind, that wake-up call allows us to see, just as Darlene is pushing the idea Ruth changed because of the Byrdes, Wyatt is changing because of Darlene. Now, are either changing for the best? That’s debatable. However, for both, you can say they are becoming much more than previously expected.

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