Ozark: Season 3 Episode 5 “It Came From Michoacan” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Wendy is given a reality check as Marty tries to put the plan in action that kept him from getting killed.

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Title Card Ozark Season 3 Episode 5

Wendy is given a reality check as Marty tries to put the plan in action that kept him from getting killed.

Directed By Amanda Marsalis
Written By Laura Deeley
Aired (Netflix) 3/27/2020
Introduced This Episode
Sue Marylouise Burke
Tommy Tyler Chase

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

It’s The Little Things: Wyatt, Darlene, Ben, Ruth, Wendy, Tommy, Frank Jr.

While Ruth may have Marty back, and hugs him like he is her daddy, unfortunately, life remains uneasy for her. By Marty’s order, she has to be the deliverer of bad news to Frank Jr about his loan sharking, and he sends Tommy to make her pay for it. However, rather than take it laying down and licking her wounds, Ben comes up with an idea.

Tommy (Tyler Chase) asking if he could use the bathroom.
Tommy (Tyler Chase)

What is said idea? Well, if Frank Jr. is untouchable, his car is not. So, he puts a whole bunch of birdseed on it, and he, alongside Ruth, with some French toast sticks, have themselves some lunch and a show.

And as this happens, Darlene beats Wendy in court for custody over Zeke, and it is all thanks to Wyatt. Someone who is rewarded with a kiss, sex, and what seemingly could evolve into something. Likely not a partnership, because that word is just tainted. However, definitely something that could be long term and lead to, maybe, Wyatt inheriting what Darlene has, or at least be a steward of it until Zeke is of age.

A Reality Check: Wendy, Oly, Helen, Omar

Thanks to Omar making it seem Wendy has his ear, she has made many assumptions. One being that they are partners. Hence why she ends up pretty shocked when he instructs her to buy a horse farm, seemingly as an investment, only to learn he wanted it to cut the testicles off of one of the horses.

Why? Well, because the horse belongs to Castel Lagunez, who Omar is at war with. And the shock of the violence leads Wendy to dare expect answers, and Omar reminds her what Marty already knew – you are not friends with your boss. You work for your boss, and they let you live as long as you are useful.

Doing What We’re Paid To Do: Agent Miller, Marty, Sue, Wendy

Marty’s return is a bit weird for many since he holds steady. Leading to Wendy wondering if something is wrong? And rather than do like Marty, and pay their therapist Sue to swing things their way, she pays her extra to try to help Marty. Which, being that Sue’s moral compass is a bit off, and the euphemisms Wendy and Marty use to draw her in, she is more than happy to help. Well, and take their money.

Sue (Marlouise Burke) in her home.
Sue (Marlouise Burke)

But it seems Marty is calm now because he has experienced all but death at the hands of Omar, and with knowing what it would be like to be kidnapped and potentially killed, he has clarity. Also, he has an agreement with Omar about turning Agent Miller, but that might be a challenge.

The reason why? Well, Agent Miller is clean. On top of that, she is a crusader, and she loves going after those who take advantage of people, especially their naivety when it comes to money. So it seems the only way Marty can get on her good side is to come clean about everything, and the whole idea of her becoming dirty might be non-existent.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Meaning behind the title card
    1. Horse: The horse farm bought
    2. Cigar: Jim’s cigar
    3. Bird: The birds pooping on Frank Jr.’s car
    4. Cookies: The ones Sue made and offered

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

What you got isn’t a disability, just poor f**king judgement.
— Ruth

There’s pain that uses you, and there’s pain that you use.
— Darlene


Ben and Ruth

While we still don’t believe Ruth needs to be in a relationship, with Ben around, we are seeing a softer side that was usually reserved for Three, sometimes Wyatt, and Marty on the rare occasion. However, there remains something off about Ben that makes you wonder if this might blow up in Ruth’s face horribly.

Though, I do wonder, and not to be crude, has Ruth ever been intimate with someone? Much less had a boyfriend?

Strangely Enough, Darlene and Wyatt

Darlene, to me, is like Cersei Lannister, you love to hate her, and there are moments when you can sympathize with her. Take Wendy trying to take Zeke from her. In my mind, Wendy has more than enough power to hear about all the classes Darlene is taking and hear her efforts, why not leave the woman alone? All things considered, Wendy and Marty took damn near everything of value the woman had, but what land she has left. Plus, are we forgetting how violent Darlene is? Unlike Helen, Ruth, and so many others, she isn’t all presence and words. Darlene, just as a warning, will stab you.

But, like with Ruth, it is nice to see this softer side to her. Which isn’t to forget she sometimes was that way with Jacob, but like Carl and Anita, more often than not, it seemed they were more so focused on their business relationship than their romantic one. Thus Darlene was the rabid dog, and Jacob often trying to be the one keeping her from gnawing at someone’s neck.

So with Wyatt, while the age difference does raise an eyebrow, it also reminds me of “Harold and Maude” in a way. Granted, nothing about their relationship is eccentric and funny, but it is oddly cute. Maybe because Darlene really is only evil towards those who tempt her bad side, or because Wyatt seems like a lost puppy. Either way, they seem good for each other, and we hope it lasts.

Wendy Being Humbled

Do I love when Wendy takes initiative and exerts authority she really doesn’t have? Yup. But it was coming to the point where she needed to be humbled. Not tortured, or anything like that, but realize there is a glass ceiling. That all her ambition and ideas wouldn’t make her a partner, just a valuable member of Omar’s people. And with her realizing she is part of the war, even if not in Mexico, it should lead to an interesting shift in how she moves and operates.

Low Point


While it was cool to see Charlotte show she is her mother’s daughter, in how she handled Tommy messing around with Erin, as for Erin herself? What is she here for? Is she to remind us Helen has a soft side, just like we see with Ruth and Darlene? Because Helen barely interacts with her daughter. So, what’s the long game here?

Frank Jr.

This also needs to be said for Frank Jr. Is he too a ends to a means to soften up a character, or is he going to step out of his father’s shadow eventually?

On The Fence

Marty Trying To Turn Agent Miller

Here is the thing, the possibility of Marty succeeding is slim, and there is this vibe that of wanting Agent Miller to win. Maybe it is because she is more likable than Marty and, even with the minor torture he experienced, Marty hasn’t changed. Well, better said, he hasn’t changed for the better. Rather, he is more bold now, and it makes you want someone to just knock him on his ass, cut off a digit, or put him back in a secondary role.

Which, in pursuit of turning Agent Miller, you know that isn’t going to happen. So one can only hope she compensates for what Marty is going to offer.

Ben and Ruth - 85%
Strangely Enough, Darlene and Wyatt - 87%
Wendy Being Humbled - 86%
Erin - 65%
Frank Jr. - 64%
Marty Trying To Turn Agent Miller - 70%


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