Title Card - Ozark Season 3 Episode 10 “All In” [Season Finale]

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Final plays are made to survive in Omar’s cartel, and the person whose play didn’t work, they die.

Directed By Alik Sakharov
Written By Chris Mundy
Aired (Netflix) 3/27/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

New Alliances: Darlene, Frank, Frank Jr., Wyatt, Ruth

With Ruth quitting Byrde Enterprises, it makes her a free agent. One Darlene decides she needs to snatch up, and what better way to do it than shoot Frank Jr. in the groin? Likely making it so he can’t have kids. Mind you, Darlene thinks this is fair, though we weren’t told if, after her assault, if Ruth can now not have kids. Never mind whether she has ever wanted kids.

But that’s beside the point, by shooting Frank Jr., Darlene wins over Ruth, and while Ruth knows Darlene is crazy, Wyatt trusts her. Plus, with Marty and Wendy out her life, who else could she turn to besides family? And with Wyatt in love with Darlene, she is now extended family.

Making it so, ultimately, Darlene has someone to continue on what she started. That is assuming Frank Sr., with Darlene admitting what she did, doesn’t go to war. For while Darlene does offer him the ability to distribute her crop, splitting things 50/50, and sets him up with building some opioid treatment centers, she did shoot his son’s penis off. Thus, while Darlene may have a legacy through Wyatt and Ruth, she pretty much ended Frank’s ability to have grandkids.

Prepping For The Big Game: Marty, Wendy, Helen, Agent Evans, Agent Miller, Jonah, Jim

Helen making a deal with Agent Evans.
My conflicts aren’t FBI Business.

With Jim warning Wendy that Helen was trying to expedite getting approvals to have a casino license, this triggers a multitude of moves. On Helen’s side, alongside the casino license, she aims to make Marty look like a turncoat who was going to testify against Omar. Which makes it so, when Jonah faces her, with a shotgun in hand, trying to protect his family, the only thing she really has to keep from a gaping hole in her sternum is the reveal Wendy allowed the hit on Ben. One that she proves has to be evident, or else Wendy would have never gotten the body back. Thus leaving Jonah in his feelings.

As for what Wendy and Marty are doing? Well, with learning Jonah had video footage of the Lagunas cartel killing Tommy and the others, it allows Marty to do some investigating and trace that massacre back to the Lagunas. Which, as usual, he approaches Agent Miller about. Especially since, if she doesn’t bring that in, and Marty is forced to go around her again, never mind a desk job in DC, she’d be fired.

So as she toils with that idea, we see Helen advocate for cutting Wendy and Marty out as Wendy advocates for cutting Helen out. Omar makes it seem that decision will come as all parties meet in Mexico for his son’s second baptism.

The Results Are In!: Omar, Helen, Marty, Wendy, Agent Miller

We should note, going to Mexico was a last-minute invite that Wendy and Marty weren’t expecting, and it comes just as Agent Miller learns of the document that would have Marty testify against Omar. Which she questions, Marty denies, but her telling him of the document comes just as he is getting on a jet to Mexico so, too little too late.

Well, at least it seems that way until Helen is shot in the head and Omar, with Helen’s former inner workings on him, embraces Marty and Wendy. Making it seem, yay, they won!

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Behind the title Card
    1. Model plane: A plane representing Wendy, Marty, Helen, and Omar’s kids, going to Mexico
    2. Virgin Mary: When Omar lost his girlfriend, and many members of his or her family
    3. 6 Pack Can: When Wyatt and Ruth were talking about Ben
    4. The Ring: Sam’s ring which is made of his mother
  2. Sam is arrested

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

This is a fine place. It’s a good beginning. But you can elevate without turning your back on what’s come before.
— Darlene


Well, That Was Unexpected

Omar embracing Wendy and Marty, after having Helen killed.
Well, today is our beginning.

Being that Helen has long played the middle person between Omar and his American associates, her death is shocking. Especially considering, she hasn’t really had much in the way of screw-ups. Granted, she was supposed to handle Marty and Wendy and often failed at that, but with that in mind, shouldn’t Marty and Wendy be dead as well?

Though another unexpected moment was Jonah with that gun and I think there is a need to address how his evolution, in a more subtle way than others, has been since the series began. His innocence is gone. Slowly but surely, he is becoming of a similar ilk to Darlene, and I don’t know if Charlotte can be his Jacob and keep him from being a hothead. It seems those hormones are taking him to places where he may never come back from.

Ruth Using What She Learned From Marty In Darlene’s Organization

Let it be known, if it wasn’t for Agent Miller setting off a red flag, it seems Ruth would have been able to damn near do what Marty did without any issues. So taking note she has that accounting background, paired with her ability to manage a whole operation, I could imagine Darlene grooming Ruth to be her successor. I mean, outside the fact Ruth is more bark than bite, she and Darlene damn near are mother and daughter, in terms of personality and attitude. It’s just Ruth needs to be molded a bit, and who better than one of the most badass women on the show? One who can pull an early 20 something year old?

The Possibility of Frank and Darlene At War

Darlene trying to make a deal with Frank Sr.

But, this is all assuming Frank doesn’t go to war with Darlene. Which would be fun to see, though not likely to happen. If only because, while Marty may have ended Omar’s war, I can’t imagine Frank really wanting to go to war with Darlene. Though, if you think about it, being that Darlene’s greatest treasure is her land, and the casino exists on said land, this could be what leads to Marty and Darlene having to partner up. Throw in asking Omar for support troops, since his main war is over, and it could make for a very violent, but bloody fantastic, season.

Well, That Was Unexpected - 89%
Ruth Using What She Learned From Marty In Darlene’s Organization - 90%
The Possibility of Frank and Darlene At War - 88%


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