Ozark: Season 2/ Episode 10 “The Gold Coast” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

It almost all comes together when it comes to the casino. However, there always is one person left unhappy no matter the situation. Network Netflix Director(s) Amanda Marsalis Writer(s) Chris Mundy Air Date 8/31/2018 I Did A Bad Thing: Roy, Cade, Ruth, Wyatt With Cade desperate to not go to jail, and get some money…

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The podium Marty gives his speech on, I'm not sure what the top right is, Marty's office exploding thanks to Frank and the plane Marty and his family were supposed to escape on.

It almost all comes together when it comes to the casino. However, there always is one person left unhappy no matter the situation.

Director(s) Amanda Marsalis
Writer(s) Chris Mundy
Air Date 8/31/2018

I Did A Bad Thing: Roy, Cade, Ruth, Wyatt

With Cade desperate to not go to jail, and get some money in his pocket, he pesters Roy to the point Roy has to tell him to screw off. But, to add insult to injury, he brings up Cade’s brother and that gets him murdered. Yup, Cade murdered a federal agent. Naturally leading him to go to Ruth since she is the fixer of problems in the family. After all, Cade has failed as a patriarch. However, after all the bull he has put her through, she’s done.

How done? She decides she’d rather tell Wyatt she killed his father over letting Cade blackmail her done. Thus leading to Wyatt taking off since that kind of information is a bit too much to handle. Yet, it seems the ghost of his father doesn’t blame Ruth or push Wyatt for revenge. All that comes of this is Cade getting more and more desperate.


Ruth apologizing to Wyatt about killing his dad.
Ruth: You’re the only thing in this world that’ I’ll ever fucking love.

So, with Roy dead, that just means a new federal agent will be assigned right? Someone who hasn’t been exposed, isn’t so egotistical, and likely can get the job done? I would say agent Evans but how many Black people have we seen in the Ozarks? Hell, this show period? Even with all the talk of Mexicans, I haven’t seen one person I wouldn’t assume is white yet.

Setting that aside, there is a real need to wonder what is going to happen to Wyatt now? Will Charlotte and Ruth double team him to make sure he makes something out of himself? After all, she has been slipping for quite some time now and while she has been going to school, has she been excelling? Also, being that they just hang out, does she have feelings or could it really just be Wyatt is the only one around who she knows and that’s why she is so attached to him? Much less, are they official for them running off together pushes that idea yet we still have yet to see them kiss. Never mind holding hands or cuddling.

Forgetting Someone?: Frank, Marty

Remember Frank? You know, teamster union rep that created some issue that was solved by hiring union members? He’s back and knows about the whole right to work thing. Which makes him question Marty who blows up at him. So, in return, he blows up Marty’s office.


Frank reasserting himself into the show.
Frank: What do I have to do to make you take me seriously?

Anyone else think Frank was underwhelming. Buddy made him out to be such a badass. This crazy dude who was not to be messed with yet he went rather easy on Marty. Especially considering Marty embarrassed him in front of one of his men. Making him kind of feel like a letdown but there has to be a villain for season 3 right? Especially considering how many happy people are made by this finale.

“I Didn’t Have Time To Argue With You”: Cade, Wendy, Marty, Helen, Ruth, Darlene

Long story short, Marty decides to give Zeke to Darlene to calm her fury and Wendy decides to have Cade killed with the help of Helen. For it seems Wendy has come to the point of realizing everyone seeing such greatness, when it comes to her, is being wasted not taking a more active role in Marty’s business. The whole “undermine” nonsense is BS. She knows it and so does Helen. So, taking note of how impressed Helen is, she decides it is better to plant roots than run which throws off Marty. Especially since he had things set up to leave, including teaching Ruth everything she needed to know.

Yet, now with the casino up and running and Helen and the cartel happy, it seems plans have changed. The only question is, how will everyone adjust to the new head, unofficially, of Bryde Enterprises?


A family picture featuring Jonah, Marty, Wendy, and Charlotte.

There is a lot to ask here. First, how will Ruth react to knowing Marty and Wendy likely had a hand in killing her dad? Granted, she had this “Part of the family” moment with them at breakfast, but is that enough? Much less, with them not leaving, it means the $43 million is no longer her responsibility, and so much more. How will she react to that? On one hand, she seemed overwhelmed so she might just be relieved. Yet, I don’t think sending her back to a titty bar will do. How about having her be the middleman for handling Frank? Sounds like a good task for her right? I’m sure Helen, who is very pro-women, will back her with man or women power if she needs it.

Though, it isn’t just Ruth to worry about when it comes to Cade. Wyatt is also an issue since Charlotte told him a lot, Ruth confessed to murder, and his mind has him seeing the dead. The boy is messed up and if his guilt is like Marty’s? He may try to make things right and have that include asking Ruth to confess to murder. Maybe even ask if she got Cade killed.

And speaking of that, Wendy making boss moves really changes the dynamic of this show and pushes you to wonder how will things be in the future? Will Marty begin to be shut out for anything that isn’t accounting related? Also, with a baby in her arms, does this mean Darlene is going to chill?

There is a lot to ask and things are set up perfectly for another season. Now we just got to wait to see if Netflix will give it to us.


  1. Wendy going from people saying how great she could be, to showing how great she is and truly commanding respect.
  2. Roy and Cade being taken out. Less characters like that means more focus on ones who exist or better characters being introduced.
  3. Darlene getting Zeke and seeming genuinely happy – even though she just murdered her husband.

On The Fence

  1. I can’t be the only one who forgot about Frank right? Much less who thinks his stunt doesn’t live up to the hype?

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