As Marty learns he is being cut out more and more from the more significant business, desperate times call for drastic measures.

Directed By Jason Bateman
Written By Martin Zimmerman
Aired (Netflix) 3/27/2020
Introduced This Episode
Gene Douglas Dickerman
Erin Madison Thompson
Anita Marceline Hugot
Carl Adam LeFevre
Ben Tom Pelphrey

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Welcome To Lake Ozark: Helen, Gene, Erin, Charlotte, Ben, Jonah, Marty, Wendy

A handful of characters are introduced in this episode. Some of which will be long term, or at least for the summer, like Helen’s daughter Erin, and Wendy’s brother Ben. Starting with Erin, originally she and her brother were supposed to spend the summer with Helen but with Gene, her soon to be ex-husband, putting an Amber alert on them, she was forced to give up her son. So, in retaliation, Helen forces Gene to give up some teeth.

As for Erin? Well, it is made clear she and Helen don’t have the closest relationship, since Helen is working all the time, but she tries. She recognizes she isn’t around, and while that isn’t likely to change, she makes sure Erin knows, with all her heart, she is sorry. And from then on, Erin is pretty much left to hang out with Charlotte.

Someone who, thanks to Uncle Ben inspiring Jonah to be a creep and perv, has to deal with her brother using the drone she got him to watch her, though specifically Erin. Who, by the way, is already trying to get into the party scene since she is a virgin and wants to lose her virginity. Which hopefully, Uncle Ben, who we see has a mean streak, and has no problem streaking in general, doesn’t help her with.

Don’t Fight On This: Anita, Carl, Marty, Frank, Frank Jr., Wendy, Helen, Omar

With Wendy pushing for expansion, Marty tries every which way he can to foil her. When an offer is made on Anita and Carl’s casino business, Marty speaks to Carl to shut the deal down. Then, when Helen goes instead of Marty, and ups the offer, Marty contacts Frank and has Frank Jr. set up the competition to go on fire. Leaving Wendy to wonder, as Marty feigns sympathy, if he is involved. Especially since, alongside growing closer to Helen, Omar is calling Wendy for reassurance. Making it so she can’t have her husband get in the way of things.

Fighting Change Just Makes It Harder On Yourself: Marty, Wendy, Ruth, Anita, Carl, Helen

And with taking note of her own relationship, and what she had to go through to protect Gene, which includes being waterboarded, Helen tries to nip this marital strife in the bud. However, Marty is a proud, arrogant, and stubborn man. So, as always, he makes it seem nothing is wrong, but Helen doesn’t go for that. She supports Wendy’s efforts, and Ruth’s, despite their past interactions. So Helen puts Marty on notice that she will not tolerate his bulls***.

Which leads to Marty wondering, how in the world is Ruth involved? Well, the answer is, Ruth has cracked the code on how to hack slot machines, and with that being 80% of Anita and Carl’s business, it is decided to hit them daily until they give in. Leaving wendy, who tried to play nice, having to be the bad guy. A role which may not be her first choice, but is one she has no issues playing.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Meaning Behind Title Card
    1. The baby carriage can either represent what Gene saw before his beatdown or when Wendy tried to cover baby Zeke in the carriage Darlene has for him.
    2. The wine glass can represent the deal Wendy sealed that she was drinking with Helen
    3. The lucky 7s represent Ruth figuring out how to work the system for Wendy and Helen, and putting Anita and Carl out of business
    4. The headphones represent Marty listening in on his wife’s calls
  2. Darlene officially takes Wyatt in, and he discovers she talks to her late husband.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“Anything can be an omen if you’re looking for it.”
— Wendy


The Women Taking Over

I honestly and truly feel that the show may have been sold thanks to Bateman, but the women are the reason to watch. We said that in season 1, when Ruth was keeping us going, in season 2, when Wendy became more noteworthy, and with Helen becoming a regular focus, it is becoming clear that “Ozark” is definitely a show about its women.

But, unlike other shows and movies where that push the idea of women sticking together to take on the man, it seems clear most of these women will happily betray each other. Darlene would have no problem stabbing anyone, man, woman, maybe even a child, in the neck. Helen is pretty much subject to her boss’ whims, and as long as you are on their good side, and hers, you’ll be fine.

Now, as for Wendy and Ruth? Well, with Wendy, I think she is coming to the point where she cares about her kids first, herself second, and Marty third – and I respect that. However, when it comes to Ruth, outside of Three, maybe Wyatt, I feel she goes to whoever values her the most. Case in point, if Marty keeps up this attitude, Ruth may decide to seek further employment with her. Maybe even bumping Charlotte from the position she lavishes in.

Ruth Learning To Work With Helen

Part of Ruth’s growth has dealt with forgiveness, especially for the sake of money. And it is learning to forgive which separated her from Darlene. Since the two are cut from a similar cloth but because of the men in their life, they ended up at different destinations. However, while Ruth learned to work with Marty, and is technically learning how to work with Helen, who broke her last season, she is adapting and growing. Leaving you to wonder, could she eventually grow out of being okay with being in a submissive position?

The FBI Closing In

The main reason we don’t really mention Agent Evans is because, outside of being one of the few consistent Black faces on the show, there isn’t much to him. However, with him and his associates being at the casino for a month, thanks to the purchase of Anita and Carl’s casino, maybe this could make him noteworthy. If not more than a low-key token, even when you take note one of Ruth’s favorite security people are Black.

Wyatt and Darlene Together

There was the question of what Darlene could do in the last episode, and the answer is: Provide to Wyatt what Wendy, maybe Helen, could provide to Ruth. That is, a maternal figure. Now, is Darlene not like Ruth, if she was more adept at being violent herself? Yes. But, in many ways, Wyatt being familiar with Ruth might allow him to adapt quickly to Darlene. I mean, her talking to her husband didn’t phase him too much. It even got him to talk about his own private conversations. So those two could be a match made in heaven. Plus, Zeke will get a male role model out of this. One who is a bit more sane than his momma.

On The Fence

Erin & Ben

As of now, Erin and Ben seem like they’ll be sticking to Charlotte and Jonah. Which, considering neither one has much going on, isn’t a terrible idea. Erin, for example, could take a liking to Jonah, and maybe they both could lose their virginity? We don’t know if Erin is very particular about the guys she likes. Yes, losing her virginity to a college guy would be awesome for her, but she may find that hard considering she seems to be a minor. So Jonah, who is awkward and sweet, pretty much like Wyatt but with different social skills, may further prove that this show does try to create new ways to reinvent old storylines.

That aside, Ben’s role is a bit harder to pin down. Could he become a replacement for Buddy? Possibly. Him streaking made it seem he wants to be that for Jonah. However, there is the possibility he gets in deep with Helen who maybe tries out the idea of telling her partner early on what she is into. It all depends what they choose to do here.

The Women Taking Over - 95%
Ruth Learning To Work With Helen - 89%
The FBI Closing In - 80%
Erin & Ben - 75%


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