Orphan Black: Season 3/ Episode 6 “Certain Agony of the Battlefield” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview As Sarah’s predicament becomes a situation of life or death, Allison preps to dig herself further into the drug game, Felix confronts Rachel for information, and Cosima finds herself face to face with Delphine again. Review (with Spoilers) – Below Characters & Story (with Commentary) Topic 1: Could This Be Love? – Cosima Shay…

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As Sarah’s predicament becomes a situation of life or death, Allison preps to dig herself further into the drug game, Felix confronts Rachel for information, and Cosima finds herself face to face with Delphine again.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Could This Be Love? – Cosima

Shay and Cosima seem to be progressing quite quickly in their relationship. Cosima sleeps over now, and may very well be spending more time at Shay’s house than Felix’s, then according to Delphine, she is also missing work and often coming in late. Something which perhaps is an issue for with all the time spent on Shay means less lab work. Thus leading to Delphine, who has been gone for days or weeks, discovering something which requires bringing in Gracie. Why? Well, it is to help set the foundation for what is revealed in Topic 3.

Topic 2: Taking Things to The Next Level – Allison

Being that the drug game has led to financial stability in the Hendrix household, arguably Allison and Donnie haven’t probably been happier. In fact, their relationship is so good that they are dancing in their underwear, and Allison is even being flirty with Donnie. However, being that Jason is the key to Allison’s renewed happiness, naturally, Donnie is threatened. Especially since Allison is trying to take the lead on this and regulate Donnie to shipping the kids around.

Thus leading him to try to insert himself into the picture, while buying a new car, and making Jason question if Allison is truly ready to do more in the drug game. After all, he sees her as this suburban housewife over her head and with Donnie acting a fool, naturally, he seems like the weak link of the fence. However, with Allison knowing of a way to launder the money through her mother’s shop, it seems Jason maybe appeased for now. Though, likely, Donnie is going to do something stupid which is going to through a monkey wrench into things.

Topic 3: The One Who Can Never Die – Sarah, Paul, and Helena

While Sarah is far from immortal, needless to say, she has the type of support and admirers which find so many ways to keep her alive – even at the cost of her own life. Let’s begin with her at her worse, though. In the episode, Sarah is given Castor blood, something which for men leads to brain issues and for women fertility issues. However, unlike the many women the Castor boys have messed with, like Gracie, who received Castor protein as an STD, Sarah was given a direct dose to her neck. This led to a massive fever, among other flu-like symptoms, but she weathered the storm to Dr. Coady’s amazement. Thus making it seem that Sarah, and Helena in extension, may contain the cure to both the male and female clones’ issues.

But, before Dr. Coady can do further studies on Sarah, Paul returns and pretty much shuts down her experiments. After all, her job was simply to find a cure for the Castor clones but then her objectives evolved. She went from finding a cure to creating a weapon, one which, in her mind, could do damage without a drop of blood. So Paul calls it in, the government contact makes it seem he might be playing as a double agent, and it leads to, ultimately, Sarah escaping, and the main Castor clone in the compound dying. As for Dr. Coady, and Rudy, well they pretty much clean house. All non-Castor clones are dead, and with Sarah gone all that leaves is Paul. Someone already stabbed so he isn’t really able to put up a fight. However, with a grenade in hand, he finds a way to destroy a lot of the research after Dr. Coady unloads into him.

Leaving Dr. Coady and Rudy as the show’s villains, since Rachel is still a stuttering mess [1], and thankfully for Sarah, she finds a newly freed from Pupok Helena coming to her rescue.


With the Sestras reunited, and reportedly somewhere in Mexico, it does lead one to wonder what is the future direction for Helena and Sarah’s storyline? For with the Beth appearance, as Sarah was fighting off death, comes the question if this madness can only end for Sarah if she decides to kill herself. After all, just when Rachel was defeated, and it seemed things may calm down, then entered Castor. So even if Sarah takes down Dr. Coady and Rudy, what next may pop up? I mean, let’s consider how Delphine and Dr. Nealon have been rather tame since they both got their promotions. So does this mean, likely next season, they will become our new villains, with Delphine likely walking the tightrope once more?

Moving onto Allison, honestly her segment I can’t even tell if it is a comic relief segment or like a failed spin-off that is being included just to keep her relevant. Because, at this point, how often has she even remotely been part of the clone issues? I mean, while Cosima does have a new relationship, she still is part of the drama. Meanwhile, Allison seems like her storyline should perhaps be made into webisodes.

Overall, though, I’m mostly looking forward to Rachel likely being busted out and Felix perhaps having an uneasy time trying to help her rehabilitate. Outside of that, everything is same old same old with the rest of the cast and while it seems Helena and Mrs. S are destined to brawl, there isn’t much else to look forward to.

Things To Note

[1]: Felix, while Gracie is being tested by Cosima, confronts Rachel on what she knows about Castor and what is revealed is that her knowledge about them mostly deals with rumors. However, with his visit comes a rather weak and vulnerable Rachel who you almost feel sorry for as Felix shows how desperate he is to save Sarah. Leaving you to wonder if the former tyrant maybe rescued? Especially since Scott has discovered that she knows some of Duncan’s symbols and may know what they mean.

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