Orange is the New Black: Season 2/ Episode 13 “We Have Manners. We’re Polite.” [Season Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The season finale mostly gives you what you expect to happen, with little to no surprises.

Review (with Spoilers)

13 episodes over one weekend. The backstories of Taystee, Poussey, Vee, Suzzane, Red, Rosa and Gloria, as well as others who really weren’t that interesting. But, even with Sophia being largely absent, these women really helped keep the show kicking, and arguably deserving of the hype. But I must say that for a season finale, this episode was disappointing.

Topic 1: Dishonesty & Betrayal – Piper and Suzanne

As always with Piper, pretty much anytime something bad happens, somehow she ends up benefiting from the situation. For after spending a night in solitary, due to being caught, she hands Caputo the papers needed for him to take Fig’s position. With this, Piper doesn’t end up transferred. Which is quite lucky for her since with Larry and Polly confessing their relationship, there is this idea that they owe Piper. Which, lucky for them, the debt doesn’t hang in the air for long. All she wants is Alex who wishes to fly off somewhere because her former kingpin is out to get her. And with Piper knowing Alex has a gun, which means she is violating her parole, Piper tells Polly to call Alex’s Probation Officer and low and behold Alex gets caught. Meaning that we are doomed to see everyone’s most messed up couple together again.

But while Alex and Piper come together, Vee seems ready to tear Suzanne off her and throw her to the sharks. Showing that perhaps Vee, as Poussey said, is very much like a pedophile in the sense that she picks on vulnerable people, who seemingly are in deep need of love and affection, and exploits them. She plants the seed in Suzanne’s head that maybe she was the one who busted up Red, and due to Suzanne being mixed up, as well as Vee’s girls saying it was Suzanne, it seems maximum security is in Suzanne’s future.

Topic 2: A Few Victories – Gloria & Ruiz

Even with Suzanne seemingly going down though, it seems everyone is ready to nip Vee in the bud. Norma especially, who wants to poison her since fighting is not an option. Thing is, Gloria catches her. But with Gloria sick of all the drama, she shows Norma some Santeria in order to take out Vee. But, as they prep for an eventual victory, Ruiz gets a real one. Caputo lets us know that Piper won’t be the only one to stay, but Ruiz as well! A message he has Bennett deliver so he can be a hero. Things don’t end there for Ruiz though, her usually silent boyfriend is now talkative and so sweet with the baby. Making It seem he is really taking what Ruiz said last episode to heart about talking to her and really becoming a swell dad in the process.

Topic 3: The End of an Era – Caputo, Rosa & Vee

Leaving us with the major bits of the finale. First and foremost, we must address the rise of Caputo. He hands the documents Piper took to the warden, and then preps to move into Fig’s office, but not before tricking Fig into giving him a blowjob. Then, after saving Piper and Ruiz, as well as the rest of the ladies on the list, it seems he is ready to start changing things. Problem is the warden has only made him interim and there are a slew of issues he has to handle to prove himself. First there is Bennett who confesses to being Daya’s baby father; Sister Ingalls who is on a hunger strike, and now has nuns supporting her; then there is Vee.

Starting with the sister, she is in the bed right next to Red who has a broken eye socket, among other things. But as SIS (Special Investigation Services) comes down to investigate Red’s attack, Red for some odd reason keeps her mouth shut. Thus allowing Vee to manipulate the system and get Suzanne to take her rap.

Still, as Sister Ingalls pressures Red to do the right thing, Red returns the favor by pressuring the Sister to eat. Thing is, the Sister still likes the idea of having glory and originally refuses. With a deal though in which Red will speak if the Sister will eat, there is an agreement. Unfortunately for them however, this agreement has to be told to Healy who really seems to have lost that idea he can change anything. But for Suzanne he gets a second wind and even makes a deal with Luscheck to give Suzanne an alibi.

Leaving us to talk about Vee. With her heroin gone, in retaliation for what she has done, she walks around like a fiend, sweating and everything. She even threatens Cindy, and with this Vee loses her last soldier, leaving her quite vulnerable. And as the girls go to recant their stories, we learn Vee has long used Red’s tunnel to avoid going to maximum security. Leading to why Ms. Rosa is mentioned in the topic.

With chemotherapy not working, and the DOC not supporting her surgery, Rosa has an estimated 6 weeks. This depresses Lorna since she has become good friends with Rosa. So, when they return to the prison and learn it is on lockdown so they can find Vee, she lets Rosa get the keys and go. Leading to Rosa flying by Caputo, who has Sister Ingalls with him to end the strike, and her escaping and getting to feel her youth once more. But, before the episode ends we are left with two tragedies. One being that Nicky stole Vee’s heroin and temptation seems to be coming back, and then Vee. Being that Vee was so rude to Rosa, as Vee escapes the woods she gets hit by Rosa and assumingly dies. Making for a quick end to the season’s lifeline in the cheapest way possible.

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