When people don’t show humility, bad things happen. Which even when you pray, sometimes can’t be avoided.

Review (with Spoilers)

If you recall season 1, the reason why the girls all came together, despite racial differences, was because Mendez was such a bully that he had to go. But, one thing they couldn’t do is kill him. However, with Vee making a whole lot of enemies, and thinking the measly few Black girls she has can protect her, it seems her days maybe numbered. For that fake laugh and friendly gesture thing isn’t done so much anymore, and with her assumption she is the HBIC, it seems a few maybe ready to cut the head off which carries the crown.

Topic 1: Rubbing People the Wrong Way – Piper

Between the bugle, Fig catching Andrew talking with Piper, and then Alex, Piper has a lot going on. Thing is, two out of three of these things get her in trouble. To start off on a happy note, she seems to be back on decent terms with Alex, who is no longer in prison, and there is something Alex has to say to Piper. However, due to Piper causing a massive headache for Fig by helping with the hunger strike, it seems whatever Alex wishes to tell Piper will have to wait for she and 11 others are going to Virginia.  Which Healy says isn’t a punitive thing but due to over population.

Topic 2: Sister Act 1970 – Sister Ingalls

Perhaps one of the dullest character back stories, outside of Piper, has to be Sister Ingalls. This former nun, who wanted a taste of stardom, makes it seem like being a nun was never really her calling. Not to say she became a nun for free meal sand free housing, but you can tell she wanted something more than the church could really give her. She wanted to be part of radical change, the face of the church even, but pursued such without an ounce of humility. This can be seen when she joins the hunger strike. For while her intentions in joining were originally good, for she wanted better conditions for seniors, as time goes on you can see that this is her last shot at glory, and unlike Rosa she doesn’t even make you interested in her 2nd chance at continuing where she left off, she really just seems like a time filler.

Topic 3: Know Thy Enemies – Vee

At this point it is rather hard to say who outside Black Cindy and Suzanne are loyal to Vee. But, it seems her time will come. Poussey and her square off verbally, again, and Poussey basically calls her a pedophile minus the sex and questions if things got too hard in the real world, hence why she is in prison; then Black Cindy tells Red that Big Boo is her snitch, and when Big Boo tries to join Vee since she is no longer part of Red’s family, Vee blows her off; with Taystee she continues to act like a jealous child because Taystee, while not actively Poussey’s friend anymore, still verbally defends her; and then, on top of all that, Red closes down the greenhouse and the golden girls are mad.

No one more so than Faslitz or Taslitz, I couldn’t get her name, who seems ready to shank a bitch. In fact, she stalks down Vee, with a sharpened toothbrush in hand, then jabs someone multiple times in their left side, perhaps their kidney to be specific. When the camera pans back though we see it wasn’t Vee. Likely it is just Janae again who seemingly is Piper’s polar opposite when it comes to luck.

So, with two episodes left the question remains: Will Vee see season 3? Will Sophia EVER interact with this woman? May Piper actually get punished for real? And what’s happening with Ms. Rosa? I miss seeing her.

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