In a flashback-heavy episode, we see the early weeks of Elena and learn if she and her father can possibly reconcile.

Director(s) Phill Lewis
Writer(s) Sebastian Jones, Andy Roth
Air Date 1/26/2018

Episode Focus: 2001 vs 2017 | Victor, Elena, Penelope, Alex

To further understand how puzzling and hurtful Victor’s rejection of Elena is, we see her early days when Victor was a doting father. A man who took initiative with holding Elena and being a real quality father. Even to the point when 9/11 happened, he re-enlisted just for her freedom. Yet, fast forward 16 some odd years and he is willing and able to spend almost a year not talking to her.

As you can imagine, for someone who often doesn’t get dotted on and who is a bit of the black sheep, not having the one person who would favor her hurts. Not having the man in her life who made her feel safe in such a mellifluous way, and in such a public manner, it’s devastating. Especially now with him sneaking around and making sure, like everyone else, Alex gets seen and validated while she is just waiting for an apology. If not, at the very least, him being like Penelope and maybe asking for some time to adjust.

Which is maybe what she got when she confronted him. It isn’t very clear. What is though is that Alex, during his secret rendezvous, did shame his dad for what he did. Heck, he even used Elena terms like “cis male.” For while he may not understand his sister much, you know he loves her. So anyone, including their father, making her feel bad – no bueno.



Elena noting to Alex that she and Victor may not be cool, but they're talking. Which is a start.I find myself continually hyping on how much Elena lost when Victor decided to be a bigot. Which especially became clear with this episode because, the more I see the woman of Alex’s family dote on him, it just makes it so clear how much Elena probably relied on Victor to balance the scales. But, it was nice that, despite getting alone time with his dad, it seemed he made sure to bring up Elena and push Victor to think over his decision.

However, you have to wonder, if it wasn’t for Penelope and Elena confronting him, would he have said anything to either? Especially Elena. With him thinking they are both mad at him, it seemed he was fine continuing the silence. But now, with reconciliation in progress, it does make me wonder if he may be around more or was this whole thing to close a chapter. Address an issue so it doesn’t feel forgotten, you know what I mean?

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