On My Block Season 2, Episode 9 Chapter Nineteen - Title Card

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Cesar does what he believes he has to so that he’ll stay alive, Monse is safe, and the rest of the crew aren’t haunted by Prophet$ for the rest of their lives.

Director(s) Lauren Iungerich
Writer(s) Eddie Gonzalez, Jeremy Haft
Air Date 3/29/2019
Introduced This Episode
Ruben Sr. Eric Neil Gutierrez

On The Run Again: Latrelle, Cesar, Oscar

Cesar almost shot Latrelle, but it seems Chivo doesn’t keep his guns clean so it jams on him. Leading him to run from the Prophet$ and somehow make it back home. However, despite how he pleads to Oscar, he puts the Santos before his brother and sends him on his way.

You Got To Move On: Ruben Sr., Ruby, Geny

Ruben Sr (Eric Neil Gutierrez) smiling.
Ruben Sr (Eric Neil Gutierrez)

With Mario having gone back to school, Ruby has his room back, and Geny pushes him to go in so that he can find a way to get back to his old self. However, Ruby would rather have comfort and time. Something that neither Geny is willing to give nor Ruby’s dad Ruben Sr. Partly because Geny says it is time to move on, and because he agrees. Leaving Ruby stuck with two parents who don’t seem willing to let him sulk, mourn, and take his time in figuring out if he can even revert to some form of his old self.

Desperate Choices: Oscar, Ruby, Jamal, Cesar, Monse

On Oscar’s birthday, he spends the night with the crew, and it’s decided he’ll go on the run. They cleaned the money, without Jasmine’s help, and they’re ready to give up their cuts to him. However, he doesn’t want that, he just wants to start over, at 15, seemingly in the northwest.

Something Monse wasn’t going to let him do alone, until Cesar reveals he slept with Paula. Thus breaking Monse’s heart enough for it to not be set on joining him wherever he goes. Yet, in the long run, he goes nowhere. Just as Jamal and Ruby try to speak with Oscar to change things back to normal, Cesar speaks with the Prophet$. However, handing over damn near all the Rollerworld cash doesn’t change things for Cesar and when it comes to the Prophet$? $50,000 doesn’t erase what Cesar has now attempted to do twice.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who is Cuchillos?
  2. How Monty get out of the Prophet$ and does he still have family in them? Heck, was one of the reasons Selena left him was because he was (even if just by association) a Prophet?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Monty has plans to send Monse to the northeast to the Mayfield school for girls.


Oscar Getting Emotional

Oscar saying he loves Cesar.

With no one around but him and his brother, even if he wasn’t crying, you could hear in Oscar’s voice how being pushed like this was getting to him. Cesar is the only family he has left yet with doing his best to survive for Cesar, his brother throwing that away makes things tough. And, in a way, it seems he has come to the point of being unwilling to sacrifice what he has worked for twice for his brother. He lost the dream of being a cook, and the life that he planned, and he can’t lose being a Santo for there is no backup after that. He has a record and can’t even get a job at Walmart, so what can he do?

Cesar’s Emotional Goodbye to Jamal and Ruby

Let’s just take note of the stress of being 14 or 15 with getting shot, your friend on the run, and trying to figure out, since the adults aren’t much help, how to keep him alive? For if it wasn’t for The Crew convincing their parents, or just bypassing them, Cesar might have been dead a long time ago. So can you imagine going through all that and not being messed up? Not being thankful as Cesar was? When the only blood relation he had left turned on him, the kid who took a bullet because of him took him in. Even says he’d take another.

Then, the weird kid of the group, who can’t keep a secret, is often paranoid, he too gave you a place to sleep and get a sense of family. All I’m trying to say is, the way romance movies give unrealistic expectations of love, On My Block will give you unrealistic expectations of friendship.

On The Fence

Who Are The Prophet$ & Cuchillos?

Monse revealing Monty's dad was a Prophet and raised by them.

With learning Monty, of all people, has family who are/were Prophet$, it only makes the question of what are their goals, how their community is, stronger. Especially whether Monse and Monty have family that are still Prophet$ and when is the last time they’ve interacted? Never mind the idea of why a former Prophet associated person would move to Santos territory and let their only child interact with the brother of one of their leaders?

All I’m saying is, there is a good amount of missing information here which makes the whole life and death situation feel secondary. Like, who the heck is Cuchillos? I thought Oscar was the head or is he just a notable foot soldier? One who is more so on the protection side than the drug dealing and all the stuff Cesar thought it would be best to expose to show he comes to the Prophet$ in good faith.

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Who Are The Prophet$ & Cuchillos? - 75%


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